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Chapter 494: Three Days Frozen Calamity

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“Array formation completed!”

At the entrance of the remains of the white bone gates.

Yu Zhiwen looked at the completion of her Divine Array with satisfaction.

Now, when the sub-array sensed the movements of Xu Xiaoshou and Mu Zixi, she could immediately use the main array to teleport them out.

As expected, the battle between Ah Jie and the white skeleton had already reached the underground.

There was some successful delay.

She believed that the white skeleton would not be able to reach the underground so quickly.

And this period of time had provided Xu Xiaoshou enough time.

She believed that he would definitely be able to create a big commotion.


The Divine Energy suddenly relaxed.

Yu Zhiwen keenly sensed that the sub-array had been destroyed.

Her heart immediately jumped.

“This is… the two of them have already reached the location of the sub-array”

Thats pretty close to the deepest part of the ground.

If the two have already fought to that region, then Xu Xiaoshou was not left with much time.

Yet the next moment, Yu Zhiwens spiritual senses detected a burning hot energy, which made her realize that her judgment was wrong!


The ground hummed.

Its like a prelude to an eruption.

The destruction of the sub-array was not caused by a fight at all.

On the contrary, this was the result of the eruption of the white magma detected by her spiritual senses.

“What is this thing”

Yu Zhiwen watched as the energy shot straight up with a violent and uncontrollable explosive force in all directions.

In just a moment, it covered almost half of the central region of the Spirit Fusion Swamp.


Perhaps subconsciously, she was still worried about the safety of Xu Xiaoshou and Mu Zixi, but her rational side told her that If she didnt run now, there would be no chance at all.

She immediately took out the exquisite stone.

Such an explosion of energy was simply not something she could withstand.

If she didnt use the exquisite stone to teleport away, she believed that she would most likely have to leave her life behind.

However, once she teleported away…

What should Xu Xiaoshou do

She gritted her teeth.

Yu Zhiwen put away the exquisite stone decisively.

At this moment, the power of the Pearl Gem Star Eyes was unleashed to its limit.

As her hands flew around, countless afterimages were left behind.

“I cant make it in time…”

Yu Zhiwen was about to tear her lips from biting on them.

However, she couldnt keep up with the explosive speed of the lava.

“As expected, it still doesnt work”

“Im still too weak after all…”

She sighed softly.

She flew up into the sky.

Then, she slowly took out a purple spiritual jade pendant.




It was as if the world had turned upside down.

Following that, there was a deafening explosion.

The entire ground broke apart.

Soon after, a stream of white lava gushed out.

In an instant, it shot up to a height of several thousand feet.

The fiery liquid was like flowing graupel.

When it reached the highest point in the sky, it completely turned into an avalanche.

It whistled down with endless destructive power.


At this moment, forget about the icy realm and the white bone gate.

The entire central area of the spirit fusion swamp completely disintegrated.

The scorching high temperature instantly vaporized the gravel on the ground.

The air distorted due to the endless heat.

And when the magma landed, the ground no longer existed.

The earth disintegrated and melted away.

It was as if the lid of the large steamer on the ground had been lifted.

The billowing thick smoke and the air of dust first formed a white airwave that pushed upwards.

Then, when the airwave reached the highest point in the sky, the grayish-black airwave exploded horizontally.

A mushrooming cloud exploded layer by layer, continuously rising upwards.

Crack crack —

Space could no longer withstand this wave of damage.

The moment the crack formed, the high temperature directly evaporated the void.

In an instant, a black hole that was thousands of feet in size appeared completely in the sky.

A terrifying suction force attacked downwards.

Under such a spatial crack, endless space fragments slashed about.

It was as if everything in the world had met its end.

It was clearly supposed to be a scarlet white cave but at this moment, the region of the spirit fusion swamp was completely covered in darkness.



Amidst countless terrified cries, beams of light from the exquisite stone teleportation arrays flashed past.

No one understood what was happening here.

However, such a heaven and earth phenomenon was simply too astonishing.

Perhaps, if they stayed here, they would really be able to witness the appearance of a peerless treasure.

However, who would dare to do so

Even Rong Dahao, who came from a Higher Void family, crushed the exquisite stone without hesitation the moment he realized that the situation had completely gone out of control.

Ghost Beast…

Perverted man…

And this doomsday lava that appeared out of nowhere…

Who would dare to stay here! Unless their brains were fried!


“Oh my God…”

Storyteller flew high into the sky in shock.

As he looked at the spirit fusion swamp that had completely turned into a black dot on the ground, his eyes were filled with shock.

“Infernal power”

Such a terrifying white flame was clearly second brothers ability to completely suppress all the Spiritual Cultivators in the world!

At this moment, even he had no choice but to temporarily avoid the impacts when faced with such a heaven and earth phenomenon.

After all, strictly speaking, he was neither a swordsman nor a Spirit Array Caster.

He was definitely a stable spiritual cultivator.

Any ability required the use of the spiritual source.

Under such high temperatures, even Storyteller who was familiar with the terrifying white flame wouldnt dare to use his spiritual source to protect himself.


The red dress was burned into ashes in the sky.

Even so, Storyteller didnt dare to act rashly.

He only used the Way of the Heavens to cover his body and didnt dare to do anything else.

Even taking out a brand new dress from his spatial ring felt a little risky.

Using his spiritual sense would be the same as death!

“How could such a terrifying white flame erupt without a sound”

Storyteller fell into deep thoughts.

He remembered recalled when he met the three Red Coats, before he crossed over to this space.

The Yin Yang Life and Death Trap had given him guidance.

The treasures here were clearly just quietly lurking, waiting to be developed.

How could everything change when he arrived

Not to mention the Ghost Beast.

Perhaps others would think that this lava was a Heaven and Earth phenomenon and that a strange treasure had appeared.

Storyteller would not be so easily deceived.

The Heaven and Earth phenomenon occurs was when the treasure matured and had its own spirituality.

Only when it wanted to be born alone would it be punished by the Way of the Heavens.

However, this lava clearly did not fulfill such a prerequisite.

In that case, there was only one possibility left.

“Someone is causing trouble”

Storyteller raised his eyebrows, his face filled with disbelief.

Who would be so bold as to provoke the white flame beneath the Spirit Fusion Swamp

Wasnt this courting death


The lava had erupted, and there was no room for him to doubt it.

However, to say that he completely believed it…

What a joke!

Even if Storyteller went over by himself, it was still uncertain whether he would dare to use his spirit source in front of that white flame.

How did that unknown existence detonate this white flame in such an extreme manner

“Use your spiritual perception to sense it”

Although he really wanted to use his spiritual perception to probe at it.

Storyteller still chose to stop after hesitating for a moment.

“I cant act rashly.”

“Lets deal with that Ghost Beast First…”

He turned his gaze.

He saw that the Grey Mist Figures entire body had already completely penetrated through the ice barrier.

He used the ice power within to isolate the high temperature and temporarily avoided a calamity.

“Very smart.”

Storyteller secretly praised him on seeing that how when that guy broke through the ice layer, he used the sealing power to seal the hole behind him as he moved forward.

If the extreme cold power of the icy realm was allowed to collide with this extremely overbearing Infernal aura…

It was estimated that a radius of tens of kilometers would be blasted into dust by the big explosion! Not to mention a mere spirit fusion swamp.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Storytellers body rose rapidly.

At a height that could almost overlook half of the White Cave World, he could feel the dark lightning tribulation in the sky.

He stopped his ascension.

“At this height, the white flames shouldnt be able to affect me.”

He said as he took out a thick and heavy ancient book.

He flipped through it.

A brand new blank page appeared.

” Heaven Prison, seal.”

The power of the Way of the Heavens surged out.

Storyteller tapped his finger and blood splattered, forming lines.

In the blink of an eye, the blank page was burning with scorching heat.

In the next second, endless lava formed in it.

And underground, in the center of the Spirit Fusion Swamp the white flames that were wreaking havoc in all directions disappeared after Storyteller closed the ancient book.

“It should be enough.”

Storyteller stretched out a little bit of his spiritual source and realized that there was nothing wrong.

He immediately used his spiritual sense to cover himself.

The white flame of this intensity could no longer burn him.

He waved his hand and a spatial crack appeared.

He put on his red dress and stepped in.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of the ice barrier on the ground.

“White Flame…”

He glanced to the side with lingering fear.

Storyteller couldnt help but use his spiritual sense to look in that direction.

However, what followed was intense pain.


He covered his chest in pain and bit his finger to let out cold air.

“Theres more”

“Theres still White Flames”

Just now, he used his spiritual sense to look.

In his perception, the remaining white flame energy over there was even more violent and scorching.

He couldnt even see clearly what was going on inside before his perception was forcefully cut off.

“Go over”

Storyteller wanted to go over and find out.

After all, this power was useless to him, but if he could get it and give it to second brother, it might help him recover from his injuries.


“Ghost Beast!”

“The Ghost Beast with the sealing power is on the other side.”

Storyteller hesitated.

This kind of rare beast level existence was hard to come by in a hundred years.

If he could capture it and work for theSaint Servant, then even the Seven Sword Deity or the hall master of Holy Divine Palace might not be able to defeat the Chief.

They were both rare treasures that would be of considerable help to his organization.

One would not move.

The other would move.

And might even flee…

In just a breaths time.

Storyteller made his decision.

“The White Flame can wait.

Lets take down the Ghost Beast First!”

With a swoosh.

He turned into a shadow and charged straight inside.

Although the high temperature had dissolved the ice barrier, the Divine Path Energy in this place had not been completely broken.

Storyteller had to expend some energy.

He formed a hand seal.

“Heaven escape, Open!”



“Hurry up, hurry up…”

Xu Xiaoshou stood on top of the famous sword Flame Python.

The white flame whizzed past his body and split off from the tip of the famous fire-type sword, shooting towards the back.

It was true that this white flame attack was not man-made and could not burn Xu Xiaoshou in the slightest.

However, even if the white flame did not land on his body.

The burning power in his body that he did not have time to exhale had already burned his tendons, bones, and meridians into pieces.

“Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle”

On the surface of his body.

His clothes were torn apart and disintegrated.

Under such a high temperature, his streamlined muscle lines directly withered and eventually turned into ashes that splattered away.

“Attacked, Passive Points 1.”

“Attacked, Passive Points 1.”


The damage warnings kept coming from the information window.

Even so, Xu Xiaoshous action of pressing his hands into the air wasnt affected in the slightest.

He was like a sea calming stone that had experienced many vicissitudes of life.

No matter how big the waves were, they were unable to cause him to move.

“Hurry up…”

He urged in his heart.

Looking at the milky white flame seed below being continuously dissolving into white flames, Xu Xiaoshou was anxious.

He had indeed only tried a few times before he successfully used the heaven and earth as a furnace to train this flame seed.

But who could have imagined that just the single step of refining the medicinal liquid would cause the heaven and earth to crack and magma to erupt

Thats right!

The fluctuation in the outside world just now was merely caused by Xu Xiaoshou trying to refine the medicinal liquid.

Speaking of “condensing the pill”..

Xu Xiaoshou was not even sure if he should continue at this moment.

He felt that.

There was indeed a very high probability that this wave of furnace explosion would blow him to death.


“Riches are sought in danger!”

He clenched his teeth.

He threw all the thoughts of danger to the back of his mind.

Even though he didnt know what was happening in the outside world at the moment.

He also knew that after the eruption of the magma, no one would dare to stay there.

If anyone dared to stay…

They would just be burned to ashes by the white flames.

And once he completed the condensing method of infernal heavens, it would blow up the milky white flame seed underground.

Once he obtained the treasure, he would immediately escape.

Aside from himself, only Heaven and earth would know.

No one else would know the truth about what had happened here and the destruction that had been caused.

“Little Yu…”

“If its Little Yu, she should have already left!”

“Ah Jie…”

“Mm, rather than worrying about Ah Jie, I might as well think about myself more!”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted his wild thoughts.

He held his breath and focused his mind, trying his best to control the endless pool of white flame.

Suddenly, his expression became joyful.

He actually saw the white flame start to gather into the flame seed.

“Medicinal liquid is flowing back”

“Thats great!”

“Ive finally waited until this step.

I believe that after a short while, this thing will completely simmer away its juice and directly condense a pill out of the furnace!”

Xu Xiaoshou was so excited that he clenched his fist.

“Come on, charge!”


In the icy land.


The grayish-white sealing fog turned into a sphere.

Once the realm appeared, the rest of the world was isolated.

Even the Divine Path was blocked outside this realm.

Only then did the Grey Mist Figure regain his composure.

“That was close.”

“Who is that guy”

“This little white cave, a stowaway, actually has the strength of a peak Cutting Path Level expert”

“And hes completely survived the Nine Death Thunder Calamity…”

“Im completely unable to defeat someone like him at this moment.”

The Grey Mist Figure frowned and lowered his head.

Mo Mos strength was too low.

Even if he had an even more powerful trump card due to the limitations by this body, the strength he could display at the moment was only at the ordinary Cutting Path Levels.

This kind of cultivation wasnt even one ten-thousandth of his peak.


He believed that this hunter and preys identities would be directly reversed.

He shook his head.

He didnt think much about it.

The sealed realm should be able to withstand the Cutting Path spirit cultivator outside for a short period of time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he predicted he would be able to obtain the treasure soon.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity…”

The Grey Mist Figure muttered.

He looked around.

This was a mystic ice realm with a different world.

The lofty snow mountains connected to the distant sky, and the frost fog was dense in the air.

Dozens of ice sculptures of different shapes were running, flying, and standing..

Standing in front of the Grey Mist Figure.

Obviously, someone had broken the array in this place before.

However, after entering this place, they were all frozen to death.

“Hu ~”

He shivered slightly.

The Grey Mist Figure immediately used the power of the seal to isolate the world.

It was the same sentence.

With Mo Mos body, he was restricted in every way.

“Snow Mountain.”

His gaze was fixed on the peak of the snow mountain.

If nothing unexpected happened, that should be an extremely cold place.

If the “Three Days Frozen Calamity” had to be born in a certain place.

Presumably, it would only be at the peak of the Snow Mountain.


At this moment, the realm suddenly rumbled.

The Grey Mist Figure couldnt help but look back.

He knew that the person outside had already started to attack.

“Theres not much time…”

With a clap, the Grey Mist Figure pressed his palms together.

He didnt choose to set off directly.

Instead, after a soft sound, his entire body exploded with black fog.

“Black Death Mark!”

With a thump.

After the black fog gushed out from his body, it quickly retracted and turned into a black ball of light on the Grey Mist Figures palms.


The word fell.

The black ball of light disappeared with a swoosh.

When it reappeared, it was already in the highest sky of this world.

It was like an unremarkable black sun.

If one did not intentionally look, one would not be able to detect such an existence.

“Hu Hu hu…”

Snowflakes fell from the sky.

It was as if it had never stopped since ancient times.

But at this moment, with the appearance of thisBlack Death Mark, it seemed to have some new changes.

A few inconspicuous black spots appeared on the big Snowflakes.

When the snowflakes with black spots landed on the ice sculpture,in just a breath, the ten-thousand-year-old firm ice was blown away by the wind, turning into black fragments and drifting away.

“Sizzle sizzle…”

The black-spotted snowflakes landed on the ground.

The thick layer of ice and snow melted and formed small pits.

In an instant, the area within a radius of tens of miles had sunk more than ten feet.

But the snowflakes were endless!

When the sinking speed could not keep up with the falling speed of the black-spotted snowflakes.

The height of the ground was once again piled up by the layers of snow until it was completely restored to its original height.

The Grey Mist Figure laughed.

There did not seem to be any changes in this place, but if outsiders entered, even if it was a Cutting Path expert, they would be directly sealed by theBlack Silk Mark until they died!

“Its enough to make you suffer.”

He laughed softly.

The Grey Mist Figure flew towards the peak of the snowy mountain.


“Hu hu ~”

He had barely used his Sealing Power to block the high temperature attack of the white magma, and in the blink of an eye, he had entered such an extremely cold state.

To be honest, even Grey Mist Figure could not completely adapt to it for a while.

But the Sealing Power could seal anything.

Even the white flame that was enough to burn his spiritual source could be directly sealed and dissipated.

Such a severe cold, but it was something that could be overcome with just a few shivers.

“Cluck Cluck Cluck…”

The Grey Mist Figures teeth were chattering, but he jumped from the foot of the mountain to the waist of the mountain without any form, and finally reached the top.

“Pop –”

It was as if he had broken through some bottleneck.

With just a leap, a thick layer of ice suddenly formed all over his body.

“Crack crack –”

In the next second, the gray mist aura became even more majestic.


The ice layer that had trapped him cracked open and then exploded.

The Grey Mist Figure looked at the ice shards in silence.

When he reached the summit, the temperature here was so low that he had to use all his strength to isolate it in order to barely maintain his mobility.

And this layer of ice, which should have been broken down into ice by the power of the seal.

Its not gone.

It just cracked and exploded.

This means that the energy density of this layer of ice is so high that even Sealing Power cannot directly eliminate it within a certain time.

“Is this the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity”

A fervent look appeared in the eyes of Grey Mist Figure.

He swept his gaze across the room, looked up quickly, and his eyes were immediately drawn to it.

He saw the shadow of a towering tree hanging upside down in the sky above his head.

An ice-blue flame that was like a snow lotus dancing in the wind was extremely beautiful!

“With the low temperature of the ice element, you are the first to plant a seed in the sky tree and descend into the form of Heaven Fire.”

The Grey Mist Figure couldnt help but exclaim in admiration.

Even in the past, when he was at his peak, he had never possessed such a treasure.

Now, with his help… As long as Mo Mo swallowed this Three Days Frozen Calamity, her strength would definitely rise by several levels.

Perhaps, she might even be able to reach peak of the Master realm or even break through to the Sovereign level.

This way, he would be able to unleash his own strength to a greater extent.

By then…

The Grey Mist Figure pondered for a moment before turning his head around.

The sealed realm was still shrinking and resisting the attack.

The intensity of the attacks from the person outside was increasing.

However, spiritual cultivators were meant to be killed by him..

“When I swallow the Three Days Frozen Calamity, you will die!”

The Grey Mist Figure sneered and flew up.

He stretched out his hand and touched the ice-blue cold flame.

“Roar –”

At this moment.

A furious roar came from the belly of the snow mountain, shaking the mountains and earth.

An avalanche descended.


The Grey Mist Figure narrowed his eyes and continued advancing without being moved.

He was about to remove theThree Days Frozen Calamity in one swoop.

However, he suddenly felt a chill on his back, causing him to give up on this idea and dodge to the side.


As expected.

An icy-blue light beam shot out from the belly of the snow mountain.

The void directly exploded.

The Grey Mist Figures entire body was sent flying.

In the next second, he focused his eyes on the hole pierced by the beam of light and saw an incomparably tall figure whizzing out.

“White skeleton”

In front of him was a huge fellow that was over 300 feet tall and was emitting icy blue fog.

If it wasnt the white bone giant, who else could it be

“You are the guardian of this place”

The Grey Mist Figure laughed softly and slowly shook his head.

“You are too weak.

You cant withstand a single blow.”

He slowly raised his hand.

The several hundred meters tall ice-blue white skeleton, which was supposed to move very slowly, quickly formed seals at a speed that was completely beyond the comprehension of the world.


A Upanishad spirit array was formed in the seal.

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…”



Ten Power Upanishad spirit arrays were formed!

The Grey Mist Figure was shocked.

With the speed of forming seals in ten formations in a blink of an eye, perhaps no one in this world could match up to it!


The white skeletons expression was very serious.

It didnt give the Grey Mist Figure any time to react.

At the moment when the ten Upanishad spirit Arrays were formed.

It clasped its palms together.

The ten Arrays became one!

“Hum –”

Right at this moment, the Three Days Frozen Calamity that was quietly by the side trembled.

A chill that seemed to be able to freeze ones soul suddenly bloomed.

“This is…”

The Grey Mist Figure couldnt believe it and said in shock, “You little white skeleton can actually control the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity”


There was no reply.

The instant the icy blue aura swept through this world, the Grey Mist Figures hand froze in midair and instantly became an ice sculpture.

Even his consciousness was stunned for half a second.

The Sealing Power surged on its own.

When he came back to his senses.

The cracking sound became louder.

The Grey Mist Figure suddenly broke through the ice layer and wanted to counterattack, but his entire body froze.

He raised his eyes in a daze and looked at the cobweb-covered sealed realm.

His pupils constricted.

“The realm….



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