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Chapter 49: Atmosphere Changed Again

Her jade-like fingers danced as she completed the complicated hand seals, and Xu Xiaoshou felt the temperature of the chains rise.

“Smelt!” Mo Mo softly chanted, and lava erupted from the four openings by the sky and quickly flowed down along the chains.

“Oh my god, is that really okay”

The audience was dumbfounded.

They were all at the Acquired Stage, so none of them could understand an Innate-level battle.

If an ordinary Spiritual Cultivation Level 10 were to fight in his place, hed probably be defeated in an instant!

Xu Xiaoshou also felt a little troubled and pleaded, “Please, spare me!”

Mo Mo ignored him and further fired up her power.

In a flash, the lava covered Xu Xiaoshous body.


Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously let out a heartwrenching scream, but then realized suddenly that it wasnt that painful and stopped screaming.

What was going on

Why did this sensation give him a sense of déjà vu

He suddenly thought of the situation at Goose Lake when hed tried to cultivate the Infernal Fire Seed.

The seed had burned him from the inside.

That was the real pain!

This lava was invading his body from the outside, and, frankly speaking, it was nothing compared to the Internal Fire Seed.

Although it was painful, it wasnt painful enough to make him cry out in pain.

Hence, he immediately regained his cool.

At most, it looked really horrifying to be covered in it.


His body was burned through but immediately recovered.

This lasted for quite some time in a cyclical fashion.

Besides the pain he had to endure, this move actually didnt deal any substantial damage to Xu Xiaoshou!

“Heh, this is no big deal!”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused, but his reaction made him looked like a masochist, as he was in fact being dealt an extreme sentence of death by burning.

Even though he was smiling, the spectators that were present in the arena couldnt totally relate, and even Xiao Qixiu looked very stern and serious.

“How many challenges has Xu Xiaoshou overcome to reach these heights today How can he not feel the lava burning him!”

“Objectively speaking, he has my respect.

Those who work their way up to acquire the Innate physical body are indeed tenacious and determined monsters.”

“Phew… Xu Xiaoshou really had more than just luck to reach this new height today!”

Su Qianqian covered her eyes, as she couldnt bear to see him suffering.

She didnt dare to open her eyes.

Zhang Xinxiong looked indifferent, and it was hard to tell his current emotional state, but he had stopped teasing Xu Xiaoshou.

“Impressed, Passive Points 666.”

“Cared, Passive Points 888.”


Shocked, Mo Mo stared at him on the ground.

Nobody knew better than her how hot this lava could get, yet Xu Xiaoshou took it as if it was an ordinary cold shower.

She looked over at Xiao Qixiu, as she couldnt bear to increase the heat anymore.

The judge in the void shook his head.

Nobody could stop such a man with true tenacity and perseverance from attaining victory.

Xu Xiaoshou was still able to withstand it, so how could he intervene in the battle and stop it abruptly


Mo Mo clenched her teeth and doubled the temperature of the lava!

A hint of a pitch-black mixture suddenly appeared in the crimson lava, and this muddy liquid instantly flowed into Xu Xiaoshous clothes.


A pained expression finally came over Xu Xiaoshous face.

This sudden increase in temperature surpassed what he had experienced last time.

No, he could not let this go on, or he would really die!

His eyes darted as he remembered the cultivation method hed used that day.

Why not…

Cultivate and incorporate this lava into his body

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up, and he decided to tolerate the pain to absorb the lava!

His chest quaked as a Red Gold Pill emerged.

Xu Xiaoshou bit it in one bite and sucked onto it hard.


That surging hot energy instantly melted Xu Xiaoshous mouth and nose, but they were recovered the next moment.

Another gush of burning energy had been incorporated into his energy reserve and was completely assimilated.

“Its doable!”

Xu Xiaoshou was thrilled and recklessly continued doing this.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this.

It was…


The sight made everyone choke up and fall dead silent.

In their hearts, everyone couldnt help but cheer for Xu Xiaoshou.

Mo Mo couldnt bear it anymore.

Xu Xiaoshou could bear it, but she as the aggressor couldnt take it anymore.

This was just too cruel.

“This isnt how I, Mo Mo, do things!”


“If World Sealing Chains couldnt defeat him, must I use that…” Mo Mo subconsciously caressed her right arm.

Xu Xiaoshou noticed it!

His leg trembled.

Lava couldnt even move him an inch, yet Mo Mos subconscious action almost made him kneel.

What was she thinking Breaking the seal

What nonsense!

“Stop!” Xu Xiaoshou roared angrily.

Mo Mo looked up, surprised that he knew what she was thinking.

“That shouldnt be the case…” she thought.

“Never mind that.

Lets free him of this suffering soon!”

Mo Mos left hand started making a complicated combination of hand seals.

Xu Xiaoshou felt terrible.

“Please, dont do that,” he thought.

“Im not worthy of that!”

He didnt know what was sealed within Mo Mos right hand, but she was already so incredibly powerful, even with her seal in-tact, so breaking the seal would mean…

Things would take a major turn for the worse!

“What can I do, what can I do…” Xu Xiaoshou started brainstorming, as he had to stop her!

His gaze suddenly fell on the four chains that were restricting him…

Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes.

The next moment, thousands of spiritual swords, that had been sedated just a moment ago, started vibrating again.

Xiao Qixiu was shocked.

“This dude…”

“He learnedAll Things Are Swords just like that

“Is he a monster He just learned “Reverse Sword Subduing” in the afternoon!”


Thousands of spiritual swords levitated again, and Xu Xiaoshou breathed out burning air as he controlled every swords consciousness.

Soon, he felt a special sword aura…

It was that uncultivated sword aura that Mo Mo had swallowed just now!

Xu Xiaoshou frowned, as he sensed a kind of complicated energy suppressing this sword aura and preventing it from unleashing its power.


“Reverse Sword Style!”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled suddenly, and Hiding Pain on the ground teleported toward his hand!

He abruptly stopped the pulling, and the black sword fell onto the ground.

The audience was dumbfounded, confused by his action.

However, the next moment, they all saw that something was wrong with Mo Mo.

Her left hand, which was making the hand seals, was interrupted.

Her face was flushed, and her torso was swelling, as if something was about to burst out of it.

“Xu! Xiao! Shou!”

Mo Mo knew right away that he was pulling some tricks and was infuriated.

She could only stop making hand seals and start suppressing the sword aura.


Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have found the solution.

“Reverse Sword Style!”

The black sword stood up but was interrupted before it could fly, falling to the ground once again.

At the same time, Mo Mos body quaked momentarily but soon calmed down.

She was frowning, and let out a sigh of relief.

Luckily, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt multitask now…

However, was that really the case

“Reverse Sword Style!”

The black sword stood…




Mo Mos body shook again as she looked up, finally realizing something.

The audience was still shocked, but they seemed to have realized the same thing…

“Cant it be! Xu Xiaoshou”

“Oh my god, thats a little cheap!”

Xu Xiaoshou also realized something.

Heck, not only had he realized it, but he had even come up with the idea!

“Reverse Sword Style… Stop!”

“Reverse Sword Style… Stop!”





Mo Mo was shocked twice in a row, and she was completely bushing.

“Xu Xiao…”

“Reverse Reverse Reverse!”

“Stop Stop Stop!”

“Dang Dang Dang!”

“Ugh Ugh Ugh!”

Mo Mos whole face turned red, even her neck.

She was both ashamed and angry at Xu Xiaoshou!


“Reverse Reverse Reverse!”

“Stop Stop Stop!”

“Dang Dang Dang!”

“Ugh Ugh Ugh!”

The finals battles atmosphere changed abruptly, and everyone was completely puzzled.

Xiao Qiqiu stumbled and fell from the sky.


Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but lose his cool as he listened to Mo Mos rhythmic burping, and he finally burst into bloody laughter.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1…


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