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Chapter 491: Your Entire Family Is a Pervert!

“Miss Mo, were here.”

When Rong Dahao led the group to the Spirit Fusion Swamp, the sounds of battle inside were deafening.

The pink mist array blocked their path.

Obviously, they werent heading in the direction where Yu Zhiwen had already opened the arrays door.

The monkey-faced man, Zhao Tai, who was following closely behind, was immediately frightened by the sounds of battle.

“Brother Hao, someone has already entered here”

“Could it be that the Guard has already returned That earthquake just now…”


Rong Dahao raised a finger to signal for silence.

“Are you stupid”

“Theres a battle, which means that there are already two existences who can contend against each other.”

“If you dont take the opportunity to sneak in at this time, when do you want to wait until”

“Wait for what When the battle is over, or when the Guardian looks at you, do you then take a step forward and run over to feed him”

Zhao Tais face immediately turned green.


“Theres nobut!”

Rong Dahao cut him off, turned around, and looked at the people who were also slightly terrified, shaking his head secretly.

These idiots did not have the determination to die.

Why did they want to enter the White Cave

If that was the case, were they really not wasting the precious white cave slot

“Miss Mo…”

His gaze fell on the woman in the white dress who was still calm and composed.

Rong Dahao praised her in his heart.

This was what it meant to be magnanimous!

This was what it meant to be unperturbed!

Even he was a little worried about the unknown situation inside.

But this woman who was holding a small copper furnace and burning Yao Yao Incense…

From the outside, he cant see the slightest bit of fluctuation of emotion in her.

“Miss Mo, theres a battle inside, which means that the fog array in front of us has been broken.”

“The array is very big.

Even my spiritual sense is unable to sense everything.”

“Since thats the case, lets change our direction.

As long as we find the place where the previous person broke the formation, without any effort, well be able to enter.”

Rong Dahao paused for a moment and felt the might of the array before him.

Shaking his head, he sighed, “The Spirit Array Casters in our team arent even at Master realm.

If we were to use brute force to break the formation, it would make us look like a group of fools…”


Not far away, a violent explosion occurred.

Everyone felt their scalps go numb from the explosion, and they couldnt help but look over.


There was another loud explosion

The formation shook violently.

“Ah –”

A voice came through clenched teeth.

It sounded very young.

But amidst the immature voice, the stubbornness could be heard.


Everyone came back to their senses and saw an extremely short and small monk at the entrance of the formation.

He was carrying a shining Buddhist ring saber on his back, and he was holding a small fist as he fiercely attacked forward.

Rong Dahao:”…”

“Who is this”

He had just said that it would be foolish, and now someone had started doing this

Monk Bu Le was full of energy.

He had seen the mighty group not far away.

But to him, the only and major thing he needed to do was to take back theEmpty Hell Magic Staff that he had lost.

This stupid array…

Was quite tough


Bu Le threw another punch and was bounced off into the air.

He bared his teeth and blew at his fist in pain.

“This is so hard to break”

Thinking of this, the “Power of Will” that belonged to the Kong Zen disciples of the Buddhist sect directly covered his fist.

The horrifying power shook the void until it began to distort.

“This is”

Rong Dahaos pupils suddenly constricted.

What did he see

“Penetrating Divine Senses”

“This little monk has actually grasped Penetrating Divine Senses”

“No, its not the form of the God Punishment Tribulation.

It should be a different form…”

“But, how is this possible”

Rong Dahaos eyes were filled with disbelief.

He subconsciously looked back and glanced at everyones reaction.

However, he realized that almost no one was like him and recognized this form of power.

That made sense though.

How could these bunch of people who grew up in the corner of a remote area recognize such a high-end “Penetrating Divine Senses”

Rong Dahao vaguely remembered that when this form of “Penetrating Divine Senses” first appeared, it was during the last competition for the “The Ten High Nobles of The Central Region”.

At that time, the “God Punishment Tribulation” that Kui Leihan used was the first generation of “Penetrating Divine Senses”.

With this method, he even overpowered the Eighth Sword Deity who was famous in the five continents at that time, and took the first seat of the “The Ten High Nobles of The Central Region”.


At that time, it was known as an unsolvable move.

After that, the Eighth Sword Deity was able to comprehend the swords intent through such, which was understandable.

After all, he wasnt an ordinary person.

But how could this little monk in front of him also have such great power

How many years has it been

Someone actually developed a similar power again

“Who is he”

Rong Dahaos investment fire burned in his heart.

This eastern region really did come to the right place.

In this small White Cave, two talented prodigies had actually appeared!

“What kind of power is this”

Mo Mo was at the side, and for the first time, she was so curious that she took the initiative to ask.

She had originally turned a blind eye to it.

However, the grey mist figure had actually given her a warning, making her realize that this kind of power could have a substantial destructive effect on her sealing power.

Mo Mo was shocked.

This was the first time she had learned from the grey mist figure that there is a type of power that could possibly destruct her sealing power.

Rong Dahao turned his head to look at this woman.

The others could be country bumpkins, and he could not be bothered to answer.

But this woman in front of him asked a question, and he did not want to avoid answering.

“Penetrating Divine Senses.”

“Penetrating Divine Senses..

what is it”

With Mo Mos question, everyone turned around.

Rong Dahao hesitated for a while, but he still explained, “Its a very special power that combines the three states of energy, will, and spirit.

It can take the form of the power of will and turn it into substance.”

“How should I put it…”

He tilted his head and gave a definite answer, “Theres no solution for those under the same level!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

No solution

How could this word appear on the Shengshen Continent

What kind of power was more unsolvable than a spiritual technique of the Sovereign Level or a spiritual technique of one that surpassed the Sovereign Level

“You really dare to say…”

Zhao Tai muttered.

In the distance, little monk Bu Le had finished gathering his spiritual energy.

He leaped up and once again punched the fog array.


This time, the fog exploded, and the terrifying shockwave spread out in a circular shape, creating an ellipse on the ground.

In the next second.

Everyone saw that the fog array, which had been created and maintained by heaven and earth, had been forcefully blasted open.

The opening was very small.

However, it was just enough to allow the small monks small body to enter.


After a sound.

The small monk with the Buddhist Light Saber on his back disappeared in a flash.

“He, he entered”

Even Rong Dahao was dumbfounded by what he saw.

He was able to learn about the power of thePenetrating Divine Senses from the elders.

However, wasnt it a little too exaggerated to be able to destroy the Heaven and Earth array with just one punch

This was the Heaven and Earth Array!

It wasnt set up by humans.

Even if Divine Sorcerers were to come, they would have to expend a great deal of effort in order to have the slightest chance of breaking it!

This fellow, with just one punch, he was able to break a hole

“So powerful…”

Mo Mo exclaimed in a low voice.

This was the first time she had seen such power.

Although they had never fought before, with just one glance, she seemed to be able to confirm that this had completely surpassed the strongest physical body she had ever seen — Xu Xiaoshou!

“Miss Mo, lets hurry and start going.

Lets find the entrance to the array.”

Rong Dahao was anxious.

“There are many capable people in the White Cave.

If we dont hurry, the treasure might be taken by someone else first.”

To be able to grasp divine thoughts, he must be a disciple from some large sects or factions outside.

It was impossible for such a person to come to the white cave for no reason.

He must have an aim.

And the person who had come to the spirit fusion swamp with an aim.

Wasnt his intention obvious

This little monks goal was the same as his.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity!”

The people behind him were also anxious.

Humans were like this.

Originally, they might still have something to fear, but once they saw that their peers had already set off, even if they were one second behind, they would become anxious.

They were afraid that what they wanted would be lost in a split second.

“Go, go!”

“Hurry up and run.”

“Should we split up and set off in two directions Whoever sees the entrance of the formation first will send a voice transmission to rush over” Someone suggested.

“Thats a good idea.

Since we have more people, the search speed will definitely be very fast.”


Amidst the flurry of footsteps, everyone began to stir.

“Miss Mo”

The leader, Rong Dahao, did not move.

He also thought that this idea was not bad, but he had to seek the consent of the girl next to him.

He would not leave Mo Mo so easily on this trip to the White Cave.

Even if he met someone worthy of investment, he believed that the disciples of the big sects would not be more valuable than Miss Mo, who was from a humble background and needed the support of a noble.

“Theres no need to search.”

Mo Mo held the copper stove and took a step forward.

She touched the fog array with one hand.

“What do you mean Could it be that you can also break the heaven and earth array with one punch like that little monk”

Zhao Tai could not help but laugh.

He had followed Rong Dahao into the White Cave.

He also had a vague idea of brother Haos terrifying background.

However, he really couldnt understand it.

How could this woman, who had always been so aloof that she wouldnt even respond to others when they spoke to her, enter brother Haos eyes

In terms of strength…

She wasnt much stronger than the people present!

There were many other Masters present, but brother Hao didnt have to fawn over them like this…

This was really strange.

“Shut up!”

Rong Dahao immediately berated her.

He turned around and looked at Mo Mo, “Miss Mo, you mean…”

Mo Mo shook her head and didnt reply.

The spiritual essence in her body gathered, and a grayish-white mist rose from her palm.

In the next moment, everyone saw that this pink fog was like a mouse seeing a cat.

Under this gray fog, it immediately wilted.

It curled up crazily!

It retreated crazily!

The strange pink color, which originally had a mysterious power, lost its luster in less than a few breaths after coming into contact with Mo Mos gray mists power.

In the next moment, a hole that was a few people wide was melted out.


Zhao Tais expression was shocked.

His tongue hung between his lips and teeth.

He was completely speechless.

What kind of power was this

She didnt even need to punch.

She just touched it.

And released the gray mist.

Then the Heaven and Earth Great Array had lost its effect

“Sealing power!”

Rong Dahao screamed in his heart.

He had long seen that Mo Mo wasnt simple.

But this was what his intuition told him so.

Rong Dahao would never have thought that the person he wanted to invest in had actually grasped the “Sealing power” that was rarely seen in hundreds of years!

This was practically comparable to the strongest attributes of the time and space elements!

In fact, to a certain extent, it was even slightly better.

Miss Mo…

Was she actually such a genius

“Im rich, Im rich.”

“This investment is stable.

Miss Mo, I must take it!”

Rong Dahao clenched his fists tightly.

Even the pain of his fingernails digging into his palm was completely unnoticeable due to his momentary excitement.

“Go in.”

Mo Mo said calmly.

She did not even turn around to look at Zhao Tai and took the lead to enter.

Zhao Tais face was flushed red.

He felt that this extreme ignorance was even more humiliating than the other party turning around to mock him.


“What kind of power is that!”

With just a glance, he felt that his energy reserve had fallen silent.

Before it even reached his body, he had an illusion that he could not use all the strength in his body.

If they were to really fight, how could he defeat the other party

Zhao Tai did not dare to be a demon anymore.

He did not say anything.

Under Rong Dahaos fierce warning, he retreated to the end of the team and entered the Spirit Fusion Swamp together.


“Aiya, how annoying!”

“This space fragment…”

A narrow crack in the void appeared above the white cave.

Then, a tall man in a red dress walked out.

He had a bitter expression on his face as he looked down at his beloved red dress, which had been cut several times by the space fragment.

“My body is exposed…”


The man in the red dress pouted his lips and bit his leopard-print fingernails with his pearly white teeth as he looked around.

“I originally wanted to walk slowly with my brother and leave right after we picked up the person, but I didnt expect the road to be so short and so impassable that I had to come in now.”

“Its fine if I need to come in, but why did I have to separate from my brother”


“Damn it…”

He lowered his gaze.


The empty white cave he expected did not appear.

On the contrary, a small fire was burning below, and a faint fragrance of meat was coming from the rack.

Sitting on the side were three men who were chatting.

Looking at their clothes…

Three Red Clothes!

“Space fluctuation”

The three people below didnt realize that something was wrong until the Storyteller appeared.

When they looked up, they saw him in the sky covering his skirt in panic.

“Damn it!”

“What are you looking at Im not wearing anything underneath!”

The three of them:”…”

This sudden coquettishness left the three red-robed men dumbfounded.

After about three breaths of buffer time, they came back to their senses and saw the space crack that had been completely repaired.

They suddenly realized something.

“Damn, its a perverted stowaway!”

“For the Sovereignty!”

“Take him down!”

With a bang, the spiritual flesh on the bonfire was directly shaken off by the force of the s[ritual energy.

The three red robes flew up together and pointed at the top.

The Storytellers expression immediately turned cold.

“What… Did you say !”


His pupils trembled as if he had heard the most intolerable humiliation in the world.

His delicate body trembled in anger.

“Bounded domain, open!”

Before the three could react, a dark bounded domain directly covered them.

In the next second, the three red robes surrounded him.

As their spiritual essence surged, fist force was already unleashed.

“Great Moon Fist!”

“Only a storm!”

“Annihilate the cold!”

“Boom boom boom…”

In the ancient scroll, the three red robes continuously wreaked havoc on their spiritual essence towards the void at the center point.

All kinds of spiritual techniques and Power of the Sovereign were unleashed, tearing the void around them into pieces.

The Storyteller was furious.

In the end, he slapped the ancient book and closed the paper.

“Perverts, you are the perverts.

Your whole family is perverts!”


He floated down.

He landed in front of the bonfire.

Sizzling sounds could be heard.

The golden crispy roasted meat had already taken shape.

The Storyteller ignored the heat and picked it up, biting it hard.


“Ill eat your meat, pervert!”

“F * CK you pervert, fight in there for 300 years before you come out…”


He muttered in a daze, and suddenly became irritable again.

“F * CK! F * CK! F * CK! F * CK!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With the last few angry shouts, the world directly collapsed.

The earth cracked, and gravel flew everywhere.

The more the Storyteller thought about it, the angrier he got.

In the end, he couldnt hold it anymore.

He flipped open the piece of paper, took out one of the red-robed men from the space on the piece of paper, and threw it on the ground.


The heels of his high-heeled shoes stomped crazily on the red-robed mans face.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blood splattered everywhere.

“Ill let you become a pervert!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Pieces of flesh flew everywhere.

“Ill let you call me a pervert!”

Bang Bang Bang…

The Storyteller suddenly stopped venting, because the corpse under his feet was already badly mutilated.

He looked at it and suddenly raised his orchid-like fingers.

He was so scared that his hands shrank to his chest and he retreated repeatedly.


“Im sorry, I didnt mean to…”

He pondered for a long time.

Only then did he manage to recover his frightened little heart.

The Storyteller sat next to the fire weakly.

His good mood of meeting his brother for the first time had been completely ruined.

At this moment, he was in a terrible mood.

He simply threw the corpse into the fire.

It was better to be out of sight and out of mind.

“Where should I go”

He took out the ancient book and turned to a brand new page.

He poured his spiritual essence into it.

The patterns on the top began to emerge and finally turned into a map with flickering light spots.

“Path Pattern Initial Stone”

The Storyteller was shocked.

His gaze focused on a certain light spot as he exclaimed in surprise.

“Good heavens, this White Cave really has something good.”

“But brother and the old woodcutter both went in the direction of the Fourth Sword, and my true body also went to set up a trap.

Im an incarnation with an unstable foundational root…”

“Theres no problem for me to fight, but when faced with something like the Path Pattern Initial Stone, which has a perfect Dao rhythm, if I forcefully take it, I might actually be crushed…”

The storyteller did not hesitate and directly shifted his gaze to the next jumping light spot.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity…”

“Cold Flame”

To be honest, he was not interested.

However, all of a sudden, besides the icy cold air, he vaguely sensed an extremely overbearing burning power.

His eyelids twitched, and the storytellers red lips opened in surprise.

“This is…”

“Second brothers fire”


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