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Chapter 489: Digging Under the Eyes of the White Skeleton

“Here, this was what happened.”

Xu Xiao spread out her hands and said to the two women in front of her,

“Although the spiritual herbs here are of a high level, they are all mutated products, and the direction of mutation is to aphrodisiacs use.”

“Therefore, hiding in the white bone gate, not only do we have to avoid the white skeletons attack, but we also have to be on guard against the floating medicinal efficacy in the air.”

“Its best if you use spiritual essence to separate it, the kind where the whole body is separated.”

At the entrance of the white bone gate.

Yu Zhiwens face was as red as a peony.

She did not expect that after entering this Spirit Fusion Swamp, the biggest threat was not the white skeleton that had already arrived, but the medicinal fragrance of the spirit herbs.

To think that after she had just noticed the quality of the spirit herbs in this place, she had even deliberately inhaled a few more mouthfuls.

No wonder…

She secretly raised her eyes and glanced at Xu Xiaobei.

Seeing that there was still a faint trace of redness on his face, Yu Zhiwen quickly lowered her head, unable to say anything.

This was so embarrassing!

Mu Zixi stood at the door.

Although there was already a reasonable explanation, these words came from Xu Xiaoshous mouth.

Could she believe it

Of Course not!

“Why am I fine”She said angrily.

“How would I know that you…”

Xu Xiaobei shot a strange glance at Mu Zixi.

The medicinal effect was extremely powerful.

Even he was caught off guard and was about to fall for it.

If it wasnt for the “Breathing technique”, he might have already turned into Yu Zhiwen No.


But Mu Zixi…

She clearly didnt have the slightest bit of defense.

She must have swallowed a lot of medicinal aurae.

However, nothing happened!

“Your constitution, perhaps.”

Xu Xiaobei judged, “The Devouring Wood body might not be ordinary.

Your vitality is too strong.

Perhaps the medicinal effect has not had time to take effect and it has become your nourishment.”

Thinking about how this ladys silver teeth could swallow most of his vitality, Xu Xiaobei felt that this judgment was not wrong.

“Your life force is even more vigorous than mine, why…”

Mu Zixi was furious and wanted to say why he was also not affected.

However, when she looked at Xu Xiaoshou, this fellow didnt seem like he was affected.


Xu Xiaohe knew that this lady was blocked by her own thoughts, so he immediately smiled and said, “So Im fine too.

Do I look like Im not fine”

He was too lazy to explain anymore.

Sometimes, a white lie could cut off the trouble of talking too much nonsense.

Moreover, if he really wanted to explain the “Breathing technique”, it would be very difficult to explain it clearly.

He pressed Mu Zixi and squatted down together, hiding in the huge shadow of the white bone gate.

He turned around.

Inside was a bottomless hole that was gradually dug down.

It was obvious that this was the white skeletons resting place.

He wasnt sure what was going on inside.

But perhaps the true treasure that he wanted was inside.

“Stay down.”

Xu Xiao didnt act rashly and walked deeper into the pit.

He signaled for the two women to keep quiet and looked outside.

The other men and women who were controlled by lust clearly didnt have the guts like the three of them.

When they saw Aje holding back the terrifying white skeleton, they were startled and immediately fled outside.

For a moment, there was no sign of them.

The battle in the sky was still in a stalemate.

Aje and the white skeleton were fighting intensely.

The “Bang Bang” sounds were incessant.

It was obvious that this was the first time that both parties had encountered such an equal opponent.

It was to the extent that both parties had completely forgotten that there were actually three stealthy little ants on the ground.

“I think it can still stall for a little more time.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately deduced.

Aje was too strong.

Even the white skeleton, which even the two Sovereign Stages of the Zhang Manor were helpless against, was just like a slightly larger toy in front of him.

With its petite body, it moved abnormally nimbly.

Often, it would be able to smash a few large holes into the big guy on the opposite side.

However, the white skeleton was not to be trifled with.

It had the terrifying recovery ability of White Flames and the body of Sovereign Stage.

Even if it was injured, it would only be a small injury.

It could recover in an instant.

The battle had entered a white-hot situation.

Xu Xiaoshou could see it.

Even though Ajie had the upper hand, if he did not use other powerful moves, he would not be able to take down this big thing by himself.

As for the other powerful move…

Xu Xiaoshou did not know how to command them!

All he knew was to make Aje transform into a knife or a stone.

If that was the case, he might as well let Aje use his human form to fight with this guy!

“Advanced Infernal Fire Seed, I reckon it will be difficult to get it in a short period…”

“So, should we go in”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.

The three of them hid in this place, but the white skeleton did not discover them.

However, once its nest was invaded, that big fellow might just charge in without caring about anything.

At that time, if there was no exit, wouldnt they be completely trapped

Although he was not afraid, the two women beside him…

“If it doesnt work, Ill expose my Abrogated Origin Residence and take them in!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not hesitate and decided in an instant.

At this moment, every second was important, and he had to probe a little deeper.

But, before that…

Xu Xiaoshous gaze looked towards the spirit herbs not far away.

Grade five spirit herbs!

A chaotic place!

Even though these mutated varieties all had aphrodisiac uses.

If they were to be planted in the Abrogated Origin Residence, it would inevitably cause the space inside to appear out of whack.

However, a fifth grade was still the fifth grade.

Who would let it go

“Hehe, do you guys have any methods to collect those spirit herbs”

Xu Xiaohe turned his head and asked, “Take advantage of the fact that the big guy hasnt noticed us yet.”

Mu Zixi remained silent.

She pouted her small mouth and was unhappy.

She didnt want to talk to Xu Xiaoshou.

Yu Zhiwens thoughts were no longer above the spirit herbs.

She shook his head in silence.

“If thats the case, then I wont stand on ceremony.”

Xu Xiaojie chuckled and ran outside.

“You two wait inside.

Ill be right back.”

The two girls were stunned.

They did not understand what Xu Xiaoshou was going to do.

However, seeing that this guy still dared to go out, if he was exposed under the white skeletons eyes, based on his accumulated anger, wouldnt he rush down directly

However, the situation was completely different from what he had expected.

The white skeleton seemed to have discovered nothing as it continued to mindlessly rush towards Aje in the sky to vent its energy.

“He cant See”

Yu Zhiwens starry eyes blinked in shock.

She had been beside Xu Xiaoshou all this while, so she had not discovered anything.

However, at this moment, as she looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was becoming more and more indistinct, she suddenly closed her starry eyes.

In his line of sight, that person had disappeared!


“Its not invisibility.

Its something similar to the state of being one with heaven and man…”

“But this level of invisibility…”

Yu Zhiwens eyes were filled with astonishment.

Wasnt this method of disappearing in front of people something that only Cutting Path Level experts could do after they had a deep understanding of the Heavenly Dao


Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself that this was indeed the case.

Withconcealment, as long as he didnt intentionally make a scene, as long as his enemys attention was taken away,

Even if he was to casually walk around others, he wouldnt attract their attention.

And this was only an Innateconcealment.

If he was to advance to Master and even ascend to the Sovereign Stage…

Perhaps, he would be able to achieve an effect similar to Yu ZhiwensSky Screen.

Even if he were to brush past it, the other party wouldnt be able to notice it.

Furthermore, concealment was a passive skill.

In other words, his very existence was a moving sky screen!

“Too powerful.

I must practice this skill after this.”

Xu Xiao suppressed the excitement in his heart.

At this moment, it was not the best time to level up.

He quietly stepped forward and arrived under the large area of mutated Flaming Maple Trees.

After entering this place, Xu Xiao could finally see how big this place was.

There were tens of thousands of grade five spirit herbs of the weed grade.

It was estimated that one Abrogated Origin Residence would not be able to fit them all, not to mention the towering Flaming Maples.

“How do I store them”

With the previous experience of collecting the Zhang Mansion Spirit Pool.

Xu Xiao was informed.

As long as he covered this area with his spiritual consciousness, he could completely move it into the Abrogated Origin Residence.

But now, the problem appeared again.

The speed at which the Yuan Mansions space expanded on its own was too slow.

Even if the “Spirit Mark of Life” was continuously functioning, the area that it could hold at this moment was estimated to be only half of the area of this treasure land of spirit herbs.

It might even be less than half.

“Uproot it and put it into the Abrogated Origin Residence.

The spiritual medicine outside will be covered by the primal chaos fog.”

“As for the primal chaos fog that has unlimited assimilation power, even if a Sovereign Stage will probably be melted in a moment, not to mention this unprotected spiritual medicine.”

Xu Xiaojie only hesitated for a moment before making a decision again.

One layer was not large enough.

Then put them in the second layer!

The horizontal area of the YUANFU was indeed a little small.

However, the vertical area was still possible.

That Small World that had already recognized its owner and belonged solely to him only needed to spend a small portion of his attention to maintain it at all times.

He would be able to split the spiritual medicines here into three layers and float them in mid-air in the Abrogated Origin Residence.

“But if I were to collect them like this, the speed would be too slow.

It would attract the attention of the white skeleton.”

Xu Xiaobei probed into his energy reserve.

His spiritual essence was almost full.

In other words, he could use it at least three times to “Ascend to heaven “!

Xu Xiaobei calmed his mind.

He was going to make a big move!

All he could see were spiritual herbs.

But even if he couldnt see it with the naked eye, he could cover it with his spiritual sense.

And the place that his spiritual sense could cover could be reached in an instant by ascending to heaven in one step!



“What does he want to do”

Yu Zhiwen looked at Xu Xiaoshou in a daze.

The white skeleton was still there, if he were to collect the spiritual herbs one by one, no matter how fragrant they were, they didnt have the time to do so!

If they were discovered, that big fellow could have given up on Aje and endured a few attacks to capture Xu Xiaoshou in an instant.

“Pluck the feathers.”

Mu Zixi had seen Abrogated Origin Residence before, so she could guess Xu Xiaoshous intentions.

She didnt feel worried at all.

As long as this guy wanted to make a move, instead of worrying about him, it would be better to think about the consequences of the spirit herbs and what kind of ending the white skeleton would have!

As for Xu Xiaoshou…

Mu Zixi had already gone from being surprised and doubtful to being numb and believing.


“Bang Bang!”

In the air, the white skeleton was waving its fists in satisfaction.

It had almost lost itself in the fight!

Normally, there would be no opponents.

But now, it suddenly met a guy who was at the same level as it and could hurt it from time to time.

The white skeleton felt that it had met its best friend.

It wanted to stop and dance before continuing the fight.

But the guy opposite it was also very annoying.

It was too small and too agile.

Its reaction speed was already fast enough.

However, in front of an opponent with the same level of throne body, the big guys disadvantage was unmistakable.

When it waved its fist, it might not be able to hit the opponent.

The opponent casually attacked, but the fist hit the bone.


The white skeleton shouted.

This battle was very enjoyable, but it should be over.

With a bang, the air currents in the void exploded, and its entire body shot up into the sky.

At such a distance, even if the opponent was extremely fast, they would still need time to react and fly.

And during this period…


The white skeleton sucked in its huge mouth, and its skull expanded.

It immediately switched from a warrior to a mage.


“Its the time!”

Xu Xiaoshou was waiting for the white skeleton to fly up again, and his eyes shone brightly.

This big guy was too stupid.

If he flew lower, he might not dare to move.

But if he flew higher, he would need time to get down!


It was stuck in the range of Abrogated Origin Residence.

With a thought from Xu Xiaoshou, he dug out nearly a third of the mutated Flaming Maples, along with the trees, and sent it into the sky of his Abrogated Origin Residence.

This suddenly empty space immediately shocked everyone.

Yu Zhiwen looked ahead in a daze.

She had never thought that Xu Xiaoshous method of collecting spirit herbs would be so crude.

He just dug it out

Was his interspatial ring that big


Didnt interspatial rings require to contact to be collected

Telekinesis could indeed be achieved, but it shouldnt be done by a mighty figure who had extraordinary spiritual senses and had a deep understanding of the Dao of space

Xu Xiaohe didnt match these conditions.

His methods were even more similar…

“Abrogated Origin Residence”

Yu Zhiwen suddenly remembered that Cheng Xingzhu had lost a Yuan mansion to Xu Xiaoshou.

But that was a ruined Abrogated Origin Residence.

Without a space-type spirit array grandmaster, it was impossible to fully activate it.

Even if it was successfully repaired, there was no supreme treasure that could mend the Way of Heaven Myth.

The Abrogated Origin Residence would be completely useless!

At most, it would be a small interspatial ring.

Xu Xiaoshouj had so many resources to perfect that ruined Abrogated Origin Residence

She, Yu Zhiwen, couldnt even come up with it!

“Space element…”

Yu Zhiwen suddenly came to a realization.

“Ye Xiaotian”

The shock in her heart had yet to recover.

Xu Xiaoshous figure flashed, and he disappeared.

In the next second, another large piece of the tall Flaming Maple Trees was missing!


The white skeleton in the sky was stunned by the sudden bright color.

Before it could spit out the white flame from its mouth, its gaze fell on the ground.

Vaguely, it saw a familiar figure.


The third scene disappeared.

The spiritual herb bush that it had painstakingly cultivated and deliberately created a treasure ground for fire-type cultivation had completely disappeared!


After a cry of surprise, the white skeleton realized something, no matter how slow it was!

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Its entire skeleton collapsed.

Its screams were filled with pain, reluctance, and hatred!

After the ground had completely lost its cover, the hateful human that was like an ant actually pointed a middle finger at it!


The white skeleton couldnt take it anymore.

White Flames filled the sky as they whistled down.

The sky-toppling waterfall directly covered the precious fire-type land that it had painstakingly built previously.


Aje appeared in front of Xu Xiaoshou in a flash.


It stretched out its hand, wanting to receive the flowing flames.

“Theres no need.”

Xu Xiaojie gently patted Ajes shoulder.

He had long been prepared for the white skeletons methods.

“Keng –”

The famous sword was pulled out.

Xu Xiaohe crossed Ah Jie and pointed his sword into the air.

“Little thing, my ring treasure is already here.

If you only have such tricks, how can you play with me”


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