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Chapter 484: His Name Was Wen Ming

Outside the Eighth Palace.

In the wilderness.

The tent of the Red Coat rustled in the cold wind.

The rain poured down.

In recent days, other than the day when the White Cave extradimensional space opened, the rest of the days almost rained continuously.

This place was already quite desolate.

As the White Cave opened, the number of people staying decreased sharply, and the surroundings became even more gloomy.


In the secondary tent, a wheel suddenly shook violently, waking up the drowsy Red Coat guard.

It was a middle-aged man wearing a hood.

His hands were curled up between his sleeves, and he was drooling.

However, when the wheel shook violently, he bounced up as if he had been electrocuted.

“Hes here”

The Red Coat couldnt hide his panic.

Lan Ling, the Red Coat manager of the White Cave, had once said that this “Heaven Origin Spirit Detecting Wheel” was used to detect the stowaways above the Cutting Path Stage.

In a radius of 30 miles, as long as someone above this level appeared, the Heaven Origin Spirit Detecting Wheel could instantly sense them.

Now, Lan Ling, Xin, and the Night Guardian had all entered the White Cave.

Only Lord Black Soul was left in charge of this place.

“Someone, quickly invite Black Soul…”

The Red Coat man only called out once, and the tents curtain was immediately lifted by a hand covered in black armor.

“Lord Black Soul!”

The man immediately bowed.

“Whats the matter”

Black Soul was a man fully equipped in black armor, and his face could not be seen at all.

His voice was deep and powerful.

The Red Coat that was worn by others was draped over his shoulders.

The coat that was long enough to drag the ground barely touched his calves under his tall and muscular body.

It fluttered in the wind.

He lowered his head and entered the tent.

Four Red Coat men entered the tent one after another and stood to the left and right.

With a rumble, the silver snakes in the nine heavens danced.

The rain became even heavier.

“The Heaven Origin Spirit Detecting Wheel has moved!”

Red Coat Shen An looked at Lord Black Soul, who was two heads taller than a normal person, and his heart settled.

He pointed at the wheel, and his voice stabilized.

Black Souls eyes, which were hidden under his helmet, looked over, only to see that the wheel was extremely quiet.

“Are you sure that it has moved”

He lowered his voice again and Shen An felt his legs go soft.

“It moved.

It definitely moved once just now.

I couldnt have seen wrongly.”

“What were you doing just now” Black Soul turned around.


Shen Ans face immediately turned red.

He had been sleeping just now.

Because he had been worrying day and night, he had been afraid that this thing would move.

So, what he saw was an illusion

“It cant be an illusion!”

Shen An said seriously, “Although I was in a state of dozing off just now, but…”

“Dozing off”

Black Souls tone became a little higher.

The Red Coat attendants behind him raised their eyes at the same time.

The cold wind outside the tent blew, directly sending the murderous intent that filled the sky into this small space.

Shen Ans strong outer shell directly shattered.

He sat back on his seat with a thump.

But when he thought of Lord Black Soul was still standing, how could he sit down

He jumped up and took a step forward.

His hand supported the back of his seat, and only then did he stand up straight.

“Im certainly not mistaken!”

“TheHeaven Origin Spirit Detecting Wheel has moved, and it caused a huge tremor.

In other words, more than one Cutting Path may have entered the White Cave boundary.”

“At this moment, the area within a radius of 30 kilometers should be searched carefully.”

“Its my fault for dozing off, but I should also be punished after the event.”

He forced himself to stick out his head.

However, his tone became weaker along with the cold killing intent in the air.

“Are you teaching me how to do things”

Black Soul did not move.

He directly walked in front of Shen An and lifted his neck.

Only when the person in his hand was flushed red did he say in a cold voice.

“You people are spoiled by Lan Ling.”

“Such a good Red Coat organization has grown into such a lazy and exhausted state.

What a disgrace!”

With a bang, the spiritual power in his hand struck out.

Shen An flew backward like a cannonball.

He spat out a mouthful of blood in the air and then smashed into the barrier of the tent.


The human body slid down.

Shen An felt as if his throat had been crushed as he spat out blood again.

“The power of a Red Coat is not used to hit our people!”

He coughed twice.

Shen An raised his head once again with a resentful expression.

Although it was difficult to speak.

His tone was a little more forceful.

“This is the reason why you, Black Soul, was dismissed.”

“If Lord Lan Ling was here, she definitely wouldnt have attacked so indiscriminately!”

He was furious in his heart.


Black Soul sneered.

“Reward those who deserve it, punish those who deserve it.”

“You almost made a mistake, yet you want to make up for it and punish those who deserve it later”

“If there is such a good thing in the world, wouldnt the people who did harm be forgiven by Heaven and earth”


His finger gently swept across the Peeping Tom.

In the dark space, Black Souls gaze was so cold that it could devour people.

He bypassed the few people beside him and arrived in front of the wheel.

He stopped and started to ponder.

“The Sovereigns perception cant be wrong…”

“Although Lan Ling has been doing nothing, there is nothing to say about the Way of Spirit Array…”

“So, Cutting Path or higher void…”

Black Soul placed both his hands on the wheel and injected spiritual sources into it.

After a moment of buzzing, a light screen was projected from the void.

“Three people!”

At this moment, everyones line of sight was taken away by the three figures on the screen.

However, before they could see the faces of those people clearly, the screen shook and disappeared.

Even the wheel that was trembling violently returned to its calm state.

“They sensed it”

Black Souls heart trembled.

Even though they were so far away and the Way of the Heavens was acting as a cover, those three fellows were actually able to sense the existence of the “Heaven Origin Spirit Detecting Wheel” with such keen senses!

“I already said that there was someone…”

Before the overjoyed Shen An could finish his sentence, Black Souls gaze swept over him and he was instantly silenced.

“Shut up, you derelict!”

The rain fell, and the entire place fell silent.

“Lord Black Soul, what are your plans”

The four Red Coat men behind him couldnt help but speak.

Although the Red Coat men had come from the White Cave, each of them had their faction.

However, when faced with a place like the White Cave, where accidents often occurred, everyone had to stick together at a critical moment to solve the problem.

“The three Cutting Paths…”

Black Soul immediately assumed the worst-case scenario.

If it was the three great Cutting Path, then he could only withstand two people at most.

If the remaining one was left to the dozens of Sovereigns here to deal with.

He reckoned that even if he could succeed in the end, countless people would die.

Black Souls heart settled.

He raised his head and said to the four people in front of him, “First lock down all the space in this place to prevent people from sneaking in.

Then open the protective spiritual array in the Eighth Palace.

The rest, come with me…”

His voice suddenly stopped.

“Where to”

The four Red Coat men were stunned.

Why did he stop halfway through his words

“Just that scene just now… Lord Black Soul, could it be that you have already figured out where they are” someone asked.


A high-pitched voice suddenly came from outside the curtain.

“How long has it been, and we still havent found them!”

“Not to mention your Lord Black Soul, even you silly fools should know where he is now.”

“Who!” The Red Coat man turned his head in horror and shattered the curtain with his spiritual force.

However, there was no one outside the door except for the pouring rain.


A high-pitched male voice appeared inside.

The four Red Coat men looked sideways and saw an extremely slim man in a red dress half-squatting in front of the Red Coat man who was lying on the ground and slowly extending his orchid finger.

“Get up, the ground is very cold.

Ill give you a hand.”

Shen An was so frightened that his entire body trembled twice.

He was clearly already in front of him, but he actually waited until his voice came out before he completely discovered this persons existence!

Cutting Path!

It was definitely a Cutting Path!

This persons comprehension of the Way of the Heavens might even have reached the peak of Cutting Path, and was an existence on the same level as Lord Black Soul!

With a bang, the floor under Shen Ans butt exploded, and he was about to fly towards Lord Black Soul.

At this time, how could there be any Red Coat faction to speak of

To be able to let him live, he was the best leader!

However, before he could fly far, Shen An felt something grab his clothes and pull him back.

“Why are you running”

“Did I scare you because I dont look pretty”

When Shen An came back to his senses, he realized that he had already sat on the thigh of the man in the red dress.

The man in the red dress was very tall.

As soon as he sat on the chair, a pair of beautiful long legs appeared in front of everyone.

Shen An could only touch it with his buttocks, and he could feel the absolute heat of the male hormones underneath.

Coupled with the delicate sound by his ears…

He could not control himself at all.

Goosebumps rose from his feet to his head.

“Hehehe, are you afraid”

The man in the red dress covered his mouth and chuckled.

“Dont be afraid.

With me around, no one can hurt you…”

His voice suddenly paused.

His gaze fixed on Shen Ans face, and he seemed to be in a daze.

“Brother, youre so handsome…”

“TSS –”

This time, Shen An felt as if not only was his body covered in chicken skin, but even his soul felt as if it had been touched by ice water, and he almost ascended into the sky.

“Darn, get lost!”

Shen An struggled with all his might, but he realized that the power in his body was no longer usable.

It was as if his soul and body were separated.

He could only watch helplessly as his body became softer and softer as the other party hugged him tighter and tighter, sinking bit by bit.

“What the heck!”

“What had happened!”

“Black Soul!”

“Lord Black Soul, save me –”

Shen An roared.

But in the end, he realized.

No matter how much he tried to cry for help, nobody else could hear his voice!

“Black Soul…”

He was desperate.

Way of the Heavens!

This was the isolation power of the Way of the Heavens!

Under such absolute control, his cultivation at the Sovereign level couldnt even resist at all.

This was a true Cutting Path expert.

A peerless existence that could not be resisted by numbers.

“Lord Black Soul, Shen An he…”

The four Red Coat men looked at Shen An in the arms of the Red Coat man and were completely shocked.

From the moment the red dress man approached, Shen An flew up and into that guys arms, everything was smooth and natural.

They even suspected that Shen An was a spy.

He was the one who called the man in the red dress.

Black Soul did not respond.

The four of them realized that something was wrong.

“Lord Black Soul”

They called out again, but Black Soul still did not respond.

This time, everyone panicked.


“Enemy attack –”

The alert and the cry for help instantly resounded through the void.

However, in the past, as long as they shouted, there would definitely be a response from the Red Coat camp base.

At this moment, there was no sound at all!

“Its over…”

The four peoples hearts turned cold at the same time.

The person who came this time was actually not an ordinary Cutting Path expert.

Instead, he was an existence who had used the Way of the Heaven to its highest level.

Such a person, let alone a Sovereign.

If an ordinary Red Coat Cutting Path expert came over, he would most likely be courting death!

At this moment, they could only place their hopes on Lord Black Soul in front of them.

“Lord Black Soul!”


“So noisy! So noisy!”

The red dress man was helping Shen An wipe off the saliva on his face that had yet to be wiped off.

He rolled his eyes at the noisy fellows.

“Your Lord Black Soul cant even take care of himself.

How would he have the time to save you”

He waved his hand, and the void isolation was unlocked.

The four Red Coat people were shocked at the same time.

Above Black Souls head, a dark dragon head that was thousands of feet in size was currently at the top of the tent of a demigod.

The dragons mouth opened wide.

Below it was Lord Black Soul, who had been submerged by endless saliva.


From the looks of the situation, didnt it mean that once the dragon head closed, Black Souls head would be separated from his body

The faces of the four Red Coat men instantly turned extremely pale.

What kind of existence was this

Even Lord Black Soul had been taken down unknowingly

Was this still Cutting Path

Could it be that the person who had come had already reached that supreme realm

Higher Void

“Brother Black Soul!”

The red dress man finally turned his gaze towards the armored man in front of him and softly called out, “Long time no see.”


Black Souls heart sank to the bottom.

He expected the strength of the person who came before.

But he did not expect that the person who came was actually a Saint Servant who had stirred up trouble in the central region at that time!

The nine Saint Servants all had extremely high cultivation.

And the Storyteller in front of him was ranked seventh.

How could he contend against such an existence

Even though he knew that the person in front of him had yet to reach the higher void stage.

But how could the gap between two Cutting Paths be so narrow

At the very least, he did not dare to touch the Nine Death Thunder Calamity before he reached the higher void stage.

Just by looking at this comprehension of the Way of the Heavens, the Storyteller was probably not far from the final tribulation!

And for him to appear here.

This meant that all the Red Coat people in the tent couldnt have the chance to come over and support him.


Black Soul was confused.

There must be one of the three figures he saw in the wheel.

But why could someone who was dozens of miles away be teleported to the Red Coat tent without triggering the alarm

Was it the same person!

Or was there a spy among the Red Coats

“Brother Black Soul, stop guessing.”

The Storyteller held Shen An and shifted his position.

Then, he pointed at the wheel and said, “Open the projection for me first.

I want to see where my brother is.”

Black Soul was so angry that he was trembling.

He felt humiliated.

A moment ago, he thought that he could take on two people by himself.

Now, he felt that he was completely out of his mind.

How was this an existence where he could fight against two people by himself

This was something that he could not do even if he went up and pulled a strand of hair down with him!

“Open it!”

The Storyteller tugged at his red dress, allowing his jade-like legs to be exposed to the light.

They were shiny and pleasing to the eye.

Black Soul tried to struggle, but the moment this thought flashed through his mind, the man in the red dress in front of him spoke again.

“Dont think about finding him!”

“Your White-clothed helpers havent arrived yet.

At this moment, youre like clay bodhisattvas crossing the river.

You cant even protect yourselves.”

“If you dont cooperate with them, theyll strip them one by one.

Theyll strip you too and tie you up here until the Red Coat men come out to rescue you.”

He paused for a moment and said, “Dont worry.

My brother said that we cant kill people, so as long as you cooperate, they wont die.”

“But if they dont…”


The Storyteller covered his mouth and chuckled.

His gaze moved around the Red Coats, revealing an exciting glow.

Black Soul remained silent.

He carried the dragon head on his head and slowly took a few steps forward, reaching out to touch the wheel.

The Storyteller took out an ancient book from his chest at the right time, placed it on Shen Ans face, and looked at him with a smile.

Black Soul hesitated for a moment.


The light curtain appeared.

The patter of rain entered the tent again.


Only then did the other Red Coat men feel that they had been released from another space.

They panted heavily, and their faces were still in shock.


The Storyteller praised and lowered his head to look at Shen An.

Shen An felt that he might as well not be released.

The moment his soul returned to his body, he felt the heat coming from the pair of jade-like legs below him, almost scalding him.


“Brother, you dont have to speak.” The Storyteller caressed his face.


Shen An had not moved when the four Red Coat men in the distance shuddered and sucked in a breath of cold air.


Fortunately, the red dress man did not fancy the four of them!

This was really… was it something worth celebrating or not


After the image appeared clearly, a soft sound was heard.

Everyone turned their heads in unison and fixed their gazes on the wheel.

In the next second, everyones faces were filled with shock.

They saw that there were still three people walking on the barren ground!

Other than the Masked Man in the lead.

Following closely behind was an old man with a small ax at his waist, as well as…

A man in a red dress!

Everyone tilted their heads in disbelief.

This man in a red dress was clearly sitting in front of them.

Why was there another person in the picture

Faced with such attention, the Storyteller seemed to be shy and covered his pretty face with his orchid-like fingers.

“Why are you looking at me like this…”

“Do I look good”


They turned their heads away at the same time and did not dare to take another look, afraid that they would attract a crime in the next second.

Black Soul stared at the scene and could not speak for a long time.

The Chief Saint Servant!

The fourth chief saint servant, Cen Qiaofu!

The seventh chief saint slave, the Storyteller!

If this lineup was placed in any forbidden grounds in the central region, it would be enough to cause a world-shaking wave.

How did it appear in a mere White Cave

Was the Fourth Sword so attractive


He stole a glance at the man in the red dress who had already touched Shen Ans chest.

“An avatar…”

“Isnt this a technique that only demi-saints can master”


“Brother, were here! Were here!”

The Storyteller pointed at the collapsed gate of the Eight Palace ahead and excitedly held onto the arm of the Masked Man.

“Hows the situation” Cen Qiaofu asked without turning his head.

“Brother, the Eight Palace should be ahead.

Weve been rushing for so long, and weve finally arrived!”

“Are you happy”

The Storyteller bent his body slightly and raised his head, looking at the Masked Man with stars in his eyes.

The corner of Cen Qiaofus mouth twitched, and he said while holding his breath, “Storyteller, let me ask you, hows the situation!”

“Come, come, come.

This place had collapsed.

It doesnt look like it was struck by lightning.

There must have been a fight earlier.”

“And there…”

The Storyteller pointed into the distance.

“They saw the location of the teleportation array.”

He slightly tightened his grip on the small ax on his waist.

The Masked Man moved his hand backward to stop him.

“Hows the situation on your side”

The voice was so hoarse that it sounded like it had been sawed by a chainsaw.

It was so piercing that everyone outside the scene felt their scalps go numb.

“Its pretty good.

Were watching us chatting!” The Storyteller smiled sweetly.

Cen Qiaofu finally could not hold it in anymore.

“Storyteller, can you talk about people…”

The Masked Man suddenly raised his hand.

The scene fell silent.

“Whats wrong”

Cen Qiaofu was shocked.

“Brother, whats wrong”

The Storyteller said worriedly.


The Masked Man put down his hand.

“You guys are a little noisy.”

Cen Qiaofu felt lonely.


“Brother, youre so bad!”

The Storyteller clenched his fist and was about to hit the Masked Mans chest.

The latter flashed and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already at the remains of the Eight Palaces gate.

“Aiya, Brother, wait for me!”

The Storyteller pinched his elbow, raised his orchid finger, and sprinted over.

Cen Qiaofu saw everything and gritted his teeth.

Even the veins on his neck were almost bursting.

“Dont look, dont look…”

“Dont be angry, dont be angry…”



“Old Woodcutter, youre badmouthing me again!” The Storyteller suddenly turned around in the rain and said in embarrassment and anger, “Weve been watched!”

Cen Qiaofu almost chopped off the face of the red dress with his ax.

“Shut up.”

The Masked Man spoke again.

He squatted down and picked up a stone on the ground.

“Whats wrong”

This time, the two of them did not dare to act recklessly.

The chief must have noticed something by his words and actions.

“Sword energy…”

A hint of a smile appeared in the Masked Mans turbid eyes.

“He really came.”


The Storyteller keenly hugged the Masked Mans hand and was filled with jealousy.

“A man or a woman”

The Masked Man pulled his hand away and moved his feet.

He said, “A man.

You should like him.

A very handsome young man.”


The Storytellers eyes immediately lit up.

“Who is it that can earn my Brothers appreciation I want to go and see him”

He paused for a moment and said, “But brother, dont worry.

Im just going to see him.

I wont make you jealous.”

“Its okay.

You go ahead.

This is also part of the plan.”

“Its best if you can bring him back completely.” The smile in the Masked Mans eyes grew wider.


This time, even Cen Qiaofu was surprised.

Sword energy

Young man

He immediately thought of the hedgehog he bumped into when he barged into the Tiansang Spirit Palace that night.

It was the first time he had met a person who could make the Chief reject such a kind invitation.

So, that guy was also a swordsman

However, there was only one swordsman in the world who could catch the Chiefs eye!

That hedgehog…

“Bring him back”

The Storytellers loud and clear voice pierced through everyones eardrums.

He could not believe it.

Bringing him back meant bringing back the Saint Servant.

So, the little guy that his brother had taken a fancy to had already become so outstanding

“Whats his name”

Even though they hadnt met, the Storyteller felt his heart beating faster.

“Lets go in first.

When the time comes, well split up.”

The Masked Man said and looked at Cen Qiaofu, “Were not going to use the teleportation array.

Lets just kill him!”

Cen Qiaofu nodded.

The Storyteller wasnt happy.

He grabbed Cen Qiaofus hand that was pulling the ax.


“Tell whats his name first”

Cen Qiaofus face darkened.

He felt as if he had been defiled.

He bounced away as if he had been electrocuted.

“Storyteller, dont touch me with your dirty hands!”

“Hmph, Ill touch, Ill touch!” The red-dressed man angrily grabbed the Old Woodcutters hand.

“Get lost –”

“Ill touch, aiya, its so rough!”

“Me! Ill cut you!”

“Come on, chase me!”

The Masked Man had a headache.

This was the consequence of the Storyteller suddenly running over.

Two people who did not get along together always gave people a headache.

“Whats his name”

The Storyteller ran and ran behind the Masked Man again.

He grabbed his shoulder and exhaled beside his ear.

“Say it, say it!”

His eyes were filled with anticipation.

The Storyteller urged him, “Whats his name”

The Masked Man finally could not help but react.

As if he was using a shield, he blurted out, “Wen Ming, his name is Wen Ming.

He is very outstanding.

You can go and meet him!”


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