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Chapter 466: Isnt It Easy to Make Money

“Did I really pull out the legendary sword”

Gu Qinger was shocked on the spot.

He glanced at a famous sword in a daze.

This was the first time he knew how it felt to hold the famous sword in his hand.

The onlookers also rushed forward.

“Brother, are you sure you are not joking”

“You are the fated one”

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded with a smile.

He glanced at the Night Guardian before turning his head.

To his knowledge, the Ghost Beast and the red-clothed Night Guardian had all been defeated by this famous sword.

He did not believe that among these young fellows, there was a strength that could surpass Dao beheading.

“Suspected, passive value, 239.”

Without a doubt, after receiving a positive reply, everyone was dumbfounded.

Gu Qinger touched the ring and realized that he did not bring any spirit crystals with him when he went out.

Immediately, he cast his gaze on his junior brother.


This exclamation directly ignited the flame for everyone who was stunned.

Soon, everyone realized that as long as the red-clothed person was in front of Xu Xiaozhu, they would not have the slightest chance.

Since that was the case, Xu Xiaoshous words were the rules.

And now, the rules were actually so simple!

The legendary sword was unresistable.

“Let me do it!”

Accompanied by a loud roar, a figure instantly rushed out of the crowd.

He did not even have the time to explain further as he directly jumped to Xu Xiaoshous side, as if he was afraid that if he was a second late, the ownership of the famous sword would change.

“One million.”

His trembling fingers squeezed out a card.

He didnt even need to transfer the money and directly threw it to Xu Xiaoshou.

Then, with a big hand, he blocked everyone behind him.

“What if I pull out the famous sword”

Staring at Xu Xiaojie, he anxiously asked, “The people behind…”

“Well, they wont have a chance,” answered Xu Xiaoshou happily as he took the card.

This was a spirit crystal card that could be directly cashed in.

It didnt need to recognize its owner, nor did it have a password.

It belonged to those who picked it up.

Obviously, those who could take out such a card didnt lack money at all.

“No way!”

When the crowd at the back heard Xu Xiaoshous answer, they immediately became anxious.

“Ill offer two million.

Ill take the first move.”

“Two million What a f*cking joke.

Ill offer five million.

Brother, let me draw this sword first, okay”Another person immediately rushed in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

“Ten million!”

“Twenty million… No, thirty million.

Ill pay thirty times the price.

Let Me Do It!”

“Fifty million!” Gu Qinger covered his junior brothers pained mouth.

He hated how this fellows hand speed was so slow, so he shouted loudly.

“Brother, you cant play like this.

Havent we agreed on the rules”

The man who spoke first looked at Xu Xiaoshou, knowing that he had gained a huge advantage, “How about I increase it to ten million”

“Request received, passive value, 1.”

“Expected value, passive value, 233.”

Instantly, the information bar was flooded by this group of excited fellows.

The red-robed Night Guardian, who was at Xu Xiaobeis side, also looked at this young man in shock.

As the person involved, he was extremely clear about the situation.

This sword landing here was indeed very strange, for even he himself couldnt pull it out.

These hungry wolves that were rushing over were essentially a bunch of money-givers!

However, why did it turn out like this

The Night Guardian looked around at the originally tense situation, and after Xu Xiaoshous voice rang out, the atmosphere changed drastically.

Fighting Killing None of it existed!

A famous sword appeared out of nowhere, and it was actually a treasure gathering event for this fellow

“Good fellow…”


Passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the pairs of red eyes in front of him and pressed his hands together.

“Everyone, please calm down.”

The entire place fell silent.

Everyone looked at Xu Xiaoshou anxiously.

Finally, they could not help but speak up.

“I bid 100 million!”

At this moment, everyone felt their hearts skip a beat.

Yu Zhiwen looked over.

She could not believe that Xu Xiaoshou could receive so many replies with just a few words.

When did making money become such a simple thing

“100 million…”

Her beautiful eyes turned back to Xu Xiaoshe.


Passive value, 1,” said Xu Xiaoshou casually.

To be honest, 100 million was enough to move his heart.

However, as a businessman, rules were rules.

If it was set, he would not change it.

In business, the most important thing was to flow slowly.

Moreover, earning money was not his real goal.

What he really wanted to do was to attract attention again and again.

Then, he would collect all the passive value from every crowd he met!

Money… Was this thing so important

It wasnt important.

Earning money was just a trivial thing.

As long as this thing had a hand, it was fine.

The passive values were the most important

“Thank you for your support, brother.

But my words carry weight.

If I say one million, it means one million.”

As he spoke, he saw the man closest to him and said, “Since this fellow has already obtained the first move, then the first sword draw will be his.”

“If it can be done, the famous sword will also be his.”

The man was so moved that he almost burst into tears.

“Brother, you are a good person.”

“Praised, passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous face turned black.

You have already made the first move, and you still want to give me the good person card

He pushed the man angrily.

“Hurry up, you only have three breaths of time.

If you cant pull it out, then the next person.”

“Okay, okay.”

The man was pushed until he staggered.

Without blaming him, he walked past the vigil and arrived in front of the famous sword.

He calmed his mind and prepared himself.

He even deliberately brushed his bangs.

He wanted to pull out the famous sword in front of him in the most unbridled manner and become the admiration of all the sword cultivators in the world.

Bearing that in mind, he felt that it was definitely a tense moment.

However, before the preparations had even begun, Xu Xiaojie had already spoken.

“Time starts.”



The man was so frightened that his body tensed up.

His hand directly grabbed onto the famous sword.

Unknowingly, a wave of scorching energy instantly passed through the sword handle and transmitted into the palm of his hand.

With just this grip, he knew that the famous sword in front of him was definitely not a fake.

Even if this world-beating sword intent aura only leaked out a tiny bit, it was not something that those ordinary swords could compare to.


Xu Xiaoshou yelled quickly, not giving anyone any time to react.

The man did not dare to delay, and he exerted force with his hand.

“Chi ~”

His palm was burning hot, and the friction was extremely moderate.

Clearly, in an ideal world, this force would be determined by the famous sword.

However, the actual situation was…

He exerted force with his hand, and with that sizzling sound, he directly broke away from the handle of the famous sword.

In response, his entire body was thrown backward due to the force exerted, and he almost fell backwards.

For a moment, he was unable to immediately grasp the sword in front of him.


“Times up, next please.”

Xu Xiaoshou received the emotionless notification screen, which made him look like a robot.

He did it in three seconds.

Achievement unlocked!

Instantly, the mans face turned green.

There was something strange about this sword!

“Was there a restriction placed on it No wonder, no wonder this guy was willing to use a mere one million to transfer the ownership of the sword.”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

The Night Guardians expression was as expected.

When he saw the expression of the man who drew the sword, he knew that regardless of the level of cultivation, as long as it was the person who drew the sword, the situation would probably remain the same.

“Could it be that the famous sword has really recognized its master”

“Or could it be that it has already set its eyes on a target, and if it isnt that person, no one will be able to pull it out”

The Night Guardian looked suspiciously at Xu Xiaoshou.

Could it be that this fellow had already recognized the famous sword as its master before he came.

Then, he designed that situation.

In the end, he set up a trap for everyone who came to pull out the sword and began..

Was he pulling wool

“Suspected, passive value, 1,” uttered Yu Zhiwen in shock.

After counting three numbers, Xu Xiaoshou earned a million yuan, leaving behind many curious faces and the unwillingness of that fellow.

Clearly, this one million yuan was just the beginning.

After that, he didnt know how much more it would be!

“Admired, passive value, 1.”

“Let me do it!”

In the crowd, there were countless voices holding the cards, fighting to give them to Xu Xiaohou.

They knew that there was something strange about this sword, or else that Grandmaster-Realm expert wouldnt be able to pull it out in three breaths.

But this was definitely Xu Xiaoshous doing.

As long as it was a trick, they were confident that they would be able to break it if given a chance.

It was a legendary sword!

But what if it was a trick

If they missed this opportunity, they would never have this shop again!

“Subject to competition, passive value, 242.”

Upon hearing that, Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

The group of people in front of him who were jumping around and giving out cards made him have some bad memories.

This scene was so familiar.

Are you all aunties from the market

Everyone on the spot was agitated!

He calmly looked at the people before him and took a step back.

“Everyone, calm down!”

“Can you all form a line first This way, it will be more orderly.

If you want to take out a famous sword, take your time.”

However, those who were already in the upper echelons didnt listen to his advice at all.

Even Gu Qinger was carrying a gold card and squeezing his way in.

This time, Xu Xiaohe felt a headache coming on.

“Stop squeezing!”

“If you squeeze any more, all of you will lose the right to draw your swords!”

“Line up!”

Immediately, everyone stopped talking.

In the blink of an eye, a small line was formed in front of Xu Xiaohe.

However, many people in the middle were squeezed out.

This time, everyone became anxious again.

“Brother, this is my position!”

“Your position Can you prove it”

“Y-You sneaked up on me just now and pushed me out!”

“Sneak attack Wheres the evidence”

“Me! I have scars!”That person pulled open his clothes.

“Are you sure I hit you Wheres the evidence Give me the evidence”


Everyones attention was focused on Xu Xiaoshou.

What a good fellow, hes learning from his mistakes!

“Are you still arguing”

“You guys are still arguing, there are still disputes.

Hurry up, go out and fight for me first.

Solve the ranking problem yourself before coming back.”

“Be careful, dont let anyone die.

As long as anyone dies, all the parties participating in the battle will be disqualified!”

Dead people, then the number of passive contributors would be reduced!

“You must not die!

After saying this, no one dared to make a sound.

The first few people who took up positions felt like they were the chosen ones.

Those who were still fighting at the back pulled their opponents outside without saying anything.

In an instant, the scene became much more orderly.

“Brother Xu”

The guy standing at the front bowed slightly and respectfully handed over a gold card.

Upon showing a slightly flattering smile, he rubbed it and the gold card turned into two.

“Small details”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

He liked small details.

This guy was too good at being a person!

If it werent for the fact that the famous sword really didnt do it himself, he would have had the urge to take special care of it.

However, the card was still not accepted.

In response, Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to look at the desperate man standing in front of the famous sword, who was the first to draw the sword and turned around to see a long dragon.

Obviously, if this guy didnt give him a chance, he would have to turn his head and wait for a second time.

“Brother Xu!”

When the man saw Xu Xiaoshou turn his head, he immediately became agitated.

“Didnt you say just now that if you failed, there would be a second chance”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded with a smile and slowly stretched out two fingers to rub it.

“I understand.”

That person took out two more spirit crystal cards, totaling two million.

Xu Xiaobeis expression immediately changed.

“Youre kidding me!”

“I just said, if you want to try a second time, add a zero after one million!”

“Who taught you math”

“One million plus a zero, is it two million”

The man was stunned for a moment, and his uncertain head poked out.

“One, ten million”


“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

The mans expression immediately changed.

This was too much of a scam!

1,000,000 the first time, 10,000,000 the second time.

The third time, wouldnt that be 100,000,000,000

If he couldnt pull it out even after three tries…


What a guy!

What a f*cking good guy!

It turned out that this fellow was playing such a trick!

“Suspected, passive value, 241.”

“Cursed, passive value, 235.”

This time, even the people in line had directly calculated Xu Xiaobeis trick.

The Night Guardian was the same.

Just now, he was also attracted by one million.

Now that he thought about it, he almost smashed his thigh.

Thats right!

How could Xu Xiaoshou accept this guy and sell the famous sword for a mere one million

Using the gamblers mentality, he would first use one million to lure people in.

As long as that person tried and failed..

Even if there were people who could stop the car.

But in most cases.

Under the temptation of the famous sword, who could control themselves well

The Night Guardian glanced at the long line of people who were constantly lining up.

Putting aside those who were still fighting, there were at least sixty to seventy people, right

He calculated with his fingers.


The Night Guardian was stunned.

He had lived for more than half of his life, but he had not accumulated such a considerable amount of pure spirit crystals!

This was indeed a shocking scene.


Passive value, 1.”

“Are you coming”

Xu Xiaoshou held onto his two cards impatiently.

Seeing the hesitation in his eyes, she pushed them away.

“If youre not coming to take them, dont waste your time.

There are still so many people waiting in line!”

The man glanced at the long line behind him.

He felt extremely fortunate that he could actually snatch the first person.

Although he had money, his father had said that money could not be spent recklessly.

But at this moment, it was a famous sword before him…

In the face of such a treasure, who would not be tempted

“Eight million!”

He gritted his teeth and took out eight more spirit crystal cards from his ring, handing them back together with the two million that Xu Xiao had been pushed over.

Only then did he have a hint of flattery on his face.

“Brother Xu, how much time”

Everyone felt their hearts clench.

“You f*cking dare to earn it!”

“Cursed, passive value, 232.”

The mans face was also a little pale.

“Brother, give me more time.

I feel like Im almost done.”

“If you dont want to do it, then do it and leave.

My time is very expensive.

Dont waste my money!”

This is f*cking my money… The Man roared in his heart, but he didnt dare to voice his anger.


Aloofly, Xu Xiaoshou counted down.

This guy did not dare to waste any more time.

He directly flew in front of the famous sword and poured out all the spiritual essence in his body without hiding it at all.

In an instant, half of a Golden Dragons shadow appeared behind him.

It was more than a hundred feet tall.

The Golden Dragons shadow only appeared for an instant before it turned into golden light and surged into the mans left arm.

“Great Dragons whisker claw!”

One Arm grew scales and turned into a claw.

The Man released a peak-level Grandmasters spiritual skill.

The man confidently used his claw to clamp the handle of the famous sword and suddenly twisted it.

All of a sudden, the air current surged and the one-word long snake array was instantly beaten until it swayed.

After all, Grandmaster-Realm experts were still considered a minority in this place.

Innate talent was the common realm of everyone.

As for the spiritual technique used by Grandmasters, very few people could withstand it.

“The Great Dragon Whisker Claw, I remember that it should be the peak grandmaster spiritual technique of the Bi family in Kunwen County.

This person… could he be the young master of the Bi family, Bi Kong”

“If this move goes on, would the famous sword be snatched away”

“F*ck, isnt that the same as Bi Kong spending 11 million to buy the famous sword”

“As expected of the richest family in Kun Wen County!”

Everyone was looking forward to it.

But secretly, they were cursing Bi Kong to never succeed.

If the famous sword was taken away, as per Xu Xiaobeis rules, this long line would be completely wasted!


Amidst the booming sounds, it was still Xu Xiaobeis indifferent tone.

Bi Kong was anxious.

Even if he used the great dragons whisker claw, he still couldnt move the sword in the slightest.

But, it couldnt!

That was 10 million!

Others might think that 10 million was exchanged for a famous sword value.

But in the Bi familys view, if they bought the item they wanted at a market price, then it was already a failure of the investor.

It definitely couldnt be more than 100 million!

Bi Kong shouted in his heart.

He exerted force and his left arm was bleeding.

His dragon claw cracked.

However, the sword did not move at all.

“F*ck me, open it for me!”

Bi Kong roared and took a deep breath.

“Dragon Vein!”

A golden light flashed through the depths of his eyes.

His body suddenly grew taller and his entire body was covered in dragon scales.

He transformed into a half-dragon battle form.

Fang wanted to use more strength, but Xu Xiaobeis robot voice appeared.


“The timer has ended.

You have failed.”

“You!” Bi Kong roared angrily, not letting go at all.

Holding the sword in his hand, he stomped on the air, trying to pry the sword out.

Xu Xiaoshou was enraged.

How could this ever happen

He directly moved to Bi Kongs side and spit.

Bi Kong was caught off guard.

As the spiritual essence in his body exploded.

he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The dragon scales disappeared.

Xu Xiaoshuo lifted his chin with one leg.


Bi Kong turned into a shooting star and flew away.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What was this operation

It turned out that the guy in front of him was not just a favored son who was protected by the big boss in red.

Even if Bi Kong was in such a form, he was still able to break through in an instant

While everyone was astonished by the truth, they once again examined Xu Xiaoshou carefully and realized that they couldnt see through his cultivation.

“At such a young age, could it be that he is still able to ascend to the throne”

Everyone was astonished.

Even Gu Qing and the others who knew of Xu Xiaojies trump card were shocked beyond words by his actions.

“Second senior brother, what kind of sorcery is this”

“I-I dont know.”

“I think he seems to be able to absorb spiritual essence from other peoples bodies.

This is sorcery, right”

“Dont panic, we dont have spiritual essence.”

“Oh, thats true.”

The faces of those who were ranked behind immediately turned green.

You two guys dont have spiritual essence, but we do!

Just from Xu Xiaoshous exposed move, they understood that even if they didnt keep watch, even if they wanted to snatch the sword in front of this person, it would still be an extremely difficult task.

“Suspected, passive value, 233.”

“Admired, passive value, 142.”

“Feared, passive value, 202.”

“This is the consequence of exceeding the time limit.”

Pointing at the sky, Xu Xiaoshou told everyone, “Dont do it again next time.


Being an emotionless money-counting machine was really happy.

Xu Xiaobei looked at the full passive value and the satisfaction in his heart was simply incomparable.

The most important thing was that not only did the passive value increase, but the spiritual crystals in his pocket also increased explosively!

Becoming rich overnight could no longer be used to describe Xu Xiaoshou.

This number was over ten million.

Xu Xiaobei felt that at this moment, he was definitely more awe-inspiring than a vigil.

“Let me do it.”

Before the person at the front could finish speaking, a figure flew over from the sky.

“Hold on.”

Bi Kongs shirt was stained with blood, but he did not dare to curse.

“Brother Xu, hold on.”

“Just now, I was insensible and broke the rules.

I apologize to you.”

“I dont accept.”Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

“For a person like you, I Wont give you a chance.

Everyone is waiting at the back.

If you break the rules, you might waste the chance for others to reverse fate.”

Bi Kong panicked.

“100 million, Ill give 100 million.

Brother, give me another chance, Ill definitely…”

“Give me the money.”

Xu Xiaobei stretched out her hand, and the whole place fell silent.


“Suspected, passive value, 233.”

Bi Kong had a look of doubt on his face.

He thought Xu Xiaobei was serious, but this guy…

There was no need for an apology.

Were those crystals useful

Bi Kong endured the pain and took out a golden card.

One hundred million… He had to transfer the money.

No matter how rich he was, he couldnt carry so many crystals cards on him.

It was unrealistic.

The transaction was completed smoothly.

Smilingly, Xu Xiaoshou patted his shoulder.

Bi Kong had seen Xu Xiaoshous face-changing speed.

He flew up silently and the golden light on his body bloomed.


As expected, Xu Xiaohe was a time-blocking machine.

If he wasted more time, he would be able to take half the time of three breaths away.

“Golden Dragon Bloodline! Activated!”

This was the last chance.

Bi Kong would not be careless.

Not only did he reveal his trump card, but he also revealed his trump card.

“Spirit body”

This time, even the Night Guardian was shocked.

Spirit bodies were rare on the continent.

High-level spirit bodies were even more so.

Golden Dragon Bloodline.

This time, Bi Kongs talent was undoubtedly at the forefront of the geniuses in the nearby counties.

The Night Guardian, on the other hand, only watched silently.

No matter how talented he was, he knew that this 100 million..

“Mighty Whip!”

The Phantom of the Golden Dragon appeared again and possessed him.

This time, the Phantom of the dragon tail on Bi Kongs tailbone surged into his right leg.

With a flip, he didnt plan to draw his sword.

Instead, he used a heavy whip kick to ruthlessly whip the handle of the famous sword!

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

T-This fellow did not play by the rules!

He was really drawing his sword!

He was not joking!

What Was he serious Did he really ned to do that


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