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Chapter 465: Confronting the Spirit Crystals

The famous sword had an owner

The crowd, which was still a bit noisy, fell silent after the Night Guardian finished his words.

After a while, the crowd started discussing again.

“Hey, you must be joking!”

“There are a lot of opportunities here.”

“Those who are fated will obtain their treasures.”

“Even this great sword fellow can sense it.

He relied on the fluctuations from his birth just now to attract so many people.”

“Now that everyone has arrived here, youre saying that the famous sword already has an owner”

“Even if the famous sword recognizes its owner.

It cant possibly be so fast, right”

“What about the phenomenon”

“No one has noticed it yet.

Other than the appearance of the famous sword just now, theres a second wave of power!”

Quite a number of swordsmen rushed over at that time.

Clearly, they had never eaten pork before.

At the very least, they had seen pigs run.

None of the famous swords had ever regarded them as masters, but they knew that once the phenomenon happened, something shocking was bound to happen.


“Well, you cant monopolize the treasure just because youre in red!”


The speakers gaze shifted to the man and woman behind the red-robed person.

To be honest, these two people who stood behind the red-robed person and wore their own clothes were too eye-catching.

“Would anyone break the rules for his own clans disciple”

The moment this strange voice sounded, everyones gaze shifted.

“Receiving attention, passive value, 192.”

“Receiving suspicion, passive value, 162.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a quick glance and realized that he didnt know most of the strangers in the first wave of people.

Besides the second and third of the three swordsmen, the rest were basically people he had met once in the city lords mansion.

The rest of them were all unfamiliar faces.

Evidently, these were all disciples from the clans that had rushed over from the nearby prefectures.

“Their cultivations are not very special… it wont attract peoples attention.”

The crowd looked around.

Among the first batch of people, there were some who were at the Grandmaster realm.

According to their estimation, there were only about ten to twenty of them, most of whom were at the celestial phenomenon realm.

There was no need to fear them at all.

The only ones who could pose a threat to them were the two swordsmen and a fellow whose entire face was completely wrapped up.

Just then, Xu Xiaozhu looked over.

It was very obvious that this youth was not old.

He looked as if he wanted everyone to not recognize him, but he was trying to cover up his identity.

Undeniably, this fellows cultivation power was very strong.

Most importantly, Xu Xiaoshou could smell a faint sword intent that was not inferior to the dual swordsmen from his body.

“Is he also an ancient sword cultivator”

As expected, the famous sword could attract people.

Other than those who were close, the others were definitely people of the same path!

When Xu Xiaoshou saw that everyone was looking at him, he immediately took a step forward and wanted to speak.

At this moment, a large hand was placed in front of him.

Once the Night Guardian stopped Xu Xiaoshous actions, he shook his head slightly.

Following that, he cast his gaze on the fellow who had mocked him the most ferociously just now.

“As I said, the famous sword has its owner.


His tone was cold, but at this moment, everyone could feel the condensed killing intent of the Night Guardian.

Under that invisible deterrence, the majority of the people in the stadium could not help but take a step back, their hearts beating wildly.

The person who was targeted by the Night Guardian fell to the ground with a thud, unable to say a single word.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

This old man on the Night Guardian was simply too domineering.

Even in the face of so many peoples doubts, he actually did not intend to explain anything.

It was as if what he had uttered before the public was merciful enough.

However, it was also true.

With the strength of the red-robed man, even if all the people present added together, it was probably not enough to fight him.

“Senior, this is too much.”

Amidst the chaos, a tall figure stood out among the crowd and refuted, “I have a famous sword as well.

I can still clearly remember how I snatched it back then.”

“Now that the flame Python has appeared, no matter how beautiful seniors words are, if you dont give us a chance, Im afraid that no one will be willing to leave.”

Everyone looked at the young man with the sword wheel on his back in astonishment.

Gu Qinger wasnt afraid at all.

In terms of the situation, he had seen many people much bigger than this.

Just a word from the Night Guardian could scare others.

However, it obviously couldnt scare him.

Right then, the Night Guardian turned his head.

As his gaze settled, he remembered this person.

During the night banquet at the city lords residence, the three brothers with the two famous swords were really eye-catching.

Similarly, he also knew the background of the person in front of him.

That was the burial sword tomb!

It could be said that if it wasnt necessary, he wasnt willing to have any entanglement with this kind of powers traveling Daoist.

However, he had promised Xu Xiaoshou before, so it was impossible for him not to complete it.

“Ill repeat it one last time.

The famous sword has an owner.”

The Night Guardian didnt intend to explain at all.

In a cold manner, he said, “Ill give you ten breaths of time.

Those who still remain here, die!”

There was an uproar in the hall, and whispers broke out one after another.

“Senior, youre going too far.

The dignified red-robed man is here to protect us.

How can he disregard everyones lives in the White Cave and only think about his own benefit”

“Yeah, this is too disappointing!”

“I spent so much effort to get the exquisite stone, and I even thought that if I was in danger,the red-robed seniors would come and save my life.”

“In the end…”

Many people were sighing in despair.

Because of that one sentence, everyones attitude towards the red-robed person changed drastically.

The youth wearing the ugly mask stood in the crowd.

He was originally going to say a few words, but when he heard those words, he was at a loss and couldnt sit still.


Everyone was silent.

As the Night Guardian opened his mouth, everyone could feel the heavy killing intent.

Everyone was shocked to realize that the red-robed man in front of them had no intention of joking at all.


“How dare he do this”

“The rule of the red-robed man is to hunt ghost beasts, not us!”

“If the upper echelons of the sacred divine hall were to find out that you broke the rule like this, do you know what kind of descendant you are…”


Gradually, the Night Guardian turned his head to look at the person who had spoken, and that person immediately fell silent.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was at the side, was utterly shocked.

This Night Guardian was too daunting!

When he interacted with the Night Guardian in the past, he didnt feel this kind of domineering air at all!

How could the Night Guardian be so awesome today

Of course, he also understood that the mans disdain to explain might really be due to their arrogance.

However, he definitely could not let the Night Guardian bear such a bad name just because he wanted to take the famous sword.

Putting aside his lack of merit, if the Night Guardian forcefully took the sword for him, would he receive any punishment.

If the news of the Night Guardian killing people for the famous sword spread out, even if only one person said it, this old man would probably be severely punished.

Rumors were terrible; rumors killed people.


Xu Xiaoshou looked around and saw people falling from the sky.

She felt that her idea was a little unrealistic.


As expected, the countdown for the Night Guardian had not stopped.

There were already people who could not hold back the anxious atmosphere and chose to retreat strategically.

However, most of the people still stood firmly on the spot.

Clearly, they did not believe that such a bug who killed for profit would appear in an organization like Hong Yi, which had strict rules and even strict selection procedures.


With a whoosh, most of the people in the area dispersed in an instant.

Gu Qingsan looked at the originally crowded space beside him in a daze.

In an instant, there were not even many people left.

He pursed his lips as if he had a toothache.

“Hey, this…”

“The enemy this time is a little special!”

Gu Qingsan remained silent.

He looked at the Night Guardian once again and spoke.

“Senior, weve passed!”

“If the famous sword is yours, pick it up and let us take a look.

As long as it recognizes its master, well turn around and leave without saying a word.”

“But if it doesnt recognize its master…”


Immediately, Gu Qinger turned his head to look at Gu Qingsan, who still didnt know whether to retreat or fight.

“Draw your sword! Quick!”

In an instant, the overwhelming sword intent attacked from all directions, directly pushing up the cold killing intent in the world.

Gu Qingsan was still a little hesitant at first, but after hearing his second seniors sword, he knew that the so-called sword cultivator needed to press forward with indomitable will!

“Ultimate sword, show me your power!”

An Invisible Sword Dao chain appeared around Gu Qingsans body and materialized.

After its sound landed, it directly exploded.

At this moment, the sword intent that filled the sky gathered and retracted onto Gu Qingsans body.

“Heaven knows nothing about me.”

After a silent pop, Gu Qingsans figure directly turned into nothingness.


However, in the next second, the heaven and earth collapsed, and a several thousand feet long hanging sky sword was directly locked onto the Night Guardians head.

Everyone was shocked.

Even Xu Xiaoshous heart was beating wildly.

These two brothers were really too rigid.

Two mere sword sects actually dared to do it so easily.

Even the red-robed man who was at least at the path-slayer realm was able to pull out his sword after he finished speaking

“I can control it for now.

The rest is up to you!”


Gu Qinger narrowed his eyes and raised his chin.

All of a sudden, the eight spiritual swords on his back suddenly flew up, before the extremely elegant blood-red sword showed up.

“Nine sword technique!”

A faint echo rippled through the world.

All Gu Qinger put his palms together, all the nine swords in the sky, except for the peerless weapon, were unsheathed.

The eight swords revolved and sat in all directions, nailing themselves to the eight positions above the Night Guardians head.

As sword rays crisscrossed, ripples appeared.

It was as if everything in the world had slowed down.

Those who had retreated to the distance to spectate were all stunned.

This kind of method clearly surpassed the spirit techniques of spirit enhancers.

Unquestionably, the absolute use of sword intent made it so that they were unable to find a way to break it in a short period of time.

At the moment, they couldnt even tell what the two brothers sword techniques were used for.

Some people wanted to turn around and discuss it.

However, they suddenly realized that under the suppression of the Sky Sword, not only did the space around them crack, it was also frozen.

As the target of the hanging sky sword wasnt them, the grandmasters who had comprehended the Heavenly Dao finally managed to break through the immobilization technique after struggling for a while.

However, when they took a step forward, they realized that other than their thoughts, they were still moving swiftly.

This world was truly too slow!

As soon as they took a step forward, it was as if they had sunk into a quagmire, for even their movements were slowed down by dozens of times.

“Is this the time effect of the weapon Tianchi”

After comprehending this point, everyones eyes narrowed.

Looking at the figure of the nine swordsmen, their gazes turned from doubt to shock.

Such a young fellow had comprehended the time attribute


The Night Guardian was also shocked by the teamwork of these two brats.

However, time and space could suppress grandmasters and even the throne.

Against him, the Night Guardian was helpless!

In the end, no matter how powerful these two peerless warriors were, they still had to abide by the rules of the heavens.

As for his Night Guardian, it was as if he was beheading the Dao!


A voice without the slightest fluctuation appeared.

Gu Qinger and Gu Qingsan were both shocked.

Nonetheless, they saw Night Guardian slowly raise a finger.

Clearly, there was no spiritual essence attached to it, and no spiritual skill had appeared.

Just the raising of a single finger caused the world to shake.

Even the Sky Sword in the air began to crack, and Sword Qi wantonly flowed out.

The Night Guardian was indeed affected.

However, his movements were only reduced by 1% … less than that!

“Is this dao execution”

Gu Qinger watched as the spiritual yuan aura on the Night Guardians body was instantly adjusted.

He no longer dared to be careless and instantly disappeared on the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already in midair.

His hand was also holding onto the famous sword, a peerless beauty!

“In the end, is it time to unsheathe it…”

The look between Gu Qings brows was instantly shattered when the Night Guardians mouth, which had already turned into the word “Break”, appeared.

He no longer hesitated and separated his index fingers.

The beautiful enchantress was about to be born.

At this moment.


Xu Xiao felt the rebound force that he extended a hand and almost caused him to bleed.

Even so, the two who were ready to attack didnt listen to her at all.


A sword cry broke through the sky, and all kinds of blood arrived.


With a single word from the Night Guardian, the space-time Heavenly Dao collapsed.

At this moment, everyone resumed their actions, and they watched in horror as the blood mist in the sky surged and gathered on Gu Qingers body.

The red-eyed Gu Qinger charged down with his sword, and instantly arrived in front of the Night Guardian.

With a smile, the The Night Guardian yelled, “Scram!”

Following an explosive boom, the spiritual essence gathered by the golden mouth and jade words instantly blasted towards Gu Qinger.

However, Gu Qinger seemed to have expected this.

“Nine sword technique, Sky Nine.”

In an instant, one turned into three, three turned into nine.

The nine Gu Qingsan finally merged into one.

In the sky, a huge blood-colored sword was summoned.

The huge sword fell from the sky and stabbed in front of the two people, blocking this violent attack.


The sound of the wind was chaotic, and the earth disintegrated.

However, Gu Qingsan completely ignored it.

With a flip, the beautiful enchantress in his hand imprinted this blood sword Phantom.

“Nine Swords Technique, show your power!”

Nine scattered figures suddenly appeared in the sky and Earth.

In the next second, Gu Qingsan, who was standing in front of the Night Guardian, disintegrated.

The other Gu Qingsan behind him moved the famous sword in his hand.

“You will die today!”

The sword slashed downwards, and the huge blood-colored sword shadow that had been imprinted on the sword shadow attached to it.

When this sword slashed down, it was as if the mountains and rivers were about to collapse, and the sky and earth were about to be torn apart.

Night Guardian was astounded by this young mans method.

However, even though he was deceived at the first moment, the reaction speed of the Dao of beheading was also something that others could not imagine.

Without even turning around, an energy barrier condensed with killing intent was about to wrap around his entire body.

At this moment, the hanging sky sword that seemed like it was about to collapse suddenly stabilized.


As soon as the word was spoken, the Night Guardians actions froze.

In just an instant, that peerless beauty slashed her sword from head to leg!

Following a rumble, the blood-colored giant swords phantom was slashed down, and a deep trench was torn open on the ground.

Even the underground water was cut out, as if it was about to split this place into a deep sea.

Xu Xiaoshou was right in front of him.

Even though he didnt participate in this battle, he was still shocked by the two brothers fighting strength.

This was the ancient sword technique

This was the path of pure sword intent that was passed down by the true powers

In fact, Xu Xiaohe didnt even see Gu Qinger having any spiritual essence fluctuations.

All of his sword techniques were forged from sword intent.

Frankly speaking, even if Xu Xiaohe was proficient in sword arts, he had never thought of such a thing!

“Space-time, doppelganger, displacement… and illusion”

Gu Qingers last nine displacement not only fooled the Night Guardian, but even if Xu Xiaoshou had the ability, he still couldnt react in time.

He could also tell that this guy didnt use teleportation.

It was an illusion created from space from the very beginning.

“Is this the Fantasy Sword Technique…”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that among the nine great sword techniques, this technique was the most difficult to deal with.

But today was the first time he saw it, and it was really an eye-opener.

“Not bad, not bad.”

A faint sound came from the position where the Night Guardian was split,

gu Qingers pupils constricted.

After that sword strike, he knew that it was cold.

That sword strike had no sense of touch at all.

In other words…

It was empty!

He had clearly already achieved this step, and he had clearly not held back at all.

Why did he feel like he had been struck by a sword strike, yet he did not feel like he had been touched

“You are outside the six realms, not in the Heavenly Dao.”

Night Guardian gave his rare praise, “With your sword intent, its impressing that you could behead the opponent.”

He paused, and his expression became cold.

“Of course, daring to attack me proves that you are brave and fierce, and also proves your potential attributes…”


His voice fell.

As the Night Guardian raised his mysterious palm, a vast spiritual essence surged, which turned into nine nether light patterns that covered his right arm.

He clearly didnt sense the slightest bit of terrifying power undulations.

But everyone could be completely certain.

This performance didnt mean that the spirit technique wasnt strong.

On the contrary, this was the Night Guardians extreme performance of compressing and controlling the spiritual essence.

The power was so strong that it could hardly be broken.

“Senior brother, be careful!”

Gu Qingsan called out, and the hanging sky sword descended from mid-air.

“No need,” Gu Qinger hurriedly dissuadied his junior brother from ending up like this.

He knew that with his current Ultimate Sword Dao body, he still wouldnt be able to withstand the attack of the first strike of the Dao Slayer.

Immediately after, Gu Qinger held the sword hilt of the peerless beauty with both hands, and his clothes and hair began to fly in the air.


Xu Xiaozhong spoke again, and this time, he was in front of their attack.

The two of them seemed to be calm as they slightly glanced at him.

The next second, they looked back.


Passive value, 2.”

Xu Xiaohe was furious.

Once or twice.

Why did he not listen to their advice

There was no need to fight this battle.

At that time, no matter which side died, he believed that he would be involved!

He, Xu Xiaoshou, should not be a scapegoat.

“Nine Stripes Pioneer!”

“Heavenly Interpretation!”

Ignoring Xu Xiaohes two shouts, Xu Xiaoshou grabbed out with his big hand.

“Set it for me!”

In response, two soaring sword qis directly trapped the Night Guardian who was about to strike out with his palm.

At the same time, they also stopped Gu Qingsans sword intent, which had gathered back and crazily surged into the peerless beauty.

Surprisingly, the Night Guardian was still fine.

Even if he did not realize that his teammate would hit him from behind, he was still able to stop the chaotic spiritual essence in his body in an instant.

Gu Qinger immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

The heavenly sword liberation was an unparalleled infusion of sword intent.

Everyone tacitly let the other party complete their killing move without even thinking about a sneak attack.

This was a battle of the righteous path, a display of martial virtue.

In the end, Xu Xiaobei did not say a word and directly charged out.

Who could withstand this

“What are you doing!”

Wiping the blood from the corner of his lips, Gu Qinger glared at Xu Xiaoshou fiercely.

“Why are you meddling in the battle between us”


Xu Xiaobei laughed.

“The famous sword is mine.

I dont even know the meaning of the fight between the two of you.

What is it”


This time, not only were Gu Qinger and Gu Qingsan stunned, but the hundreds of people watching behind them were also stunned.

The red-robed man had fought for so long, and you F * cking came out to tell us that the famous sword was yours


Passive value, 226.”

Everyone looked at the Night Guardian

The Night Guardian took a deep breath and suppressed the internal disorder in his sea of Qi.

He said softly, “Its his.”


Everyone gasped.

Gu Qing er was stunned for a while before he finally calmed down.

He said in surprise, “His famous sword.

Why are you fighting with me”

“The famous sword is his.”

The Night Guardian paused for a moment.

“I said it.”

What a guy!

This time, everyone looked at Xu Xiaoke with a different look.

What kind of background did he have!

He could actually make red shirt support him so openly.

Who exactly was this unknown kid

“Suspected, passive value, 210.”

“Respected, passive value, 185.”

“Blessed, passive value, 1.”

The youth in the crowd, who was covered in a large mask, froze.

He could not understand when Night Guardian had become like this.

Obviously, he was an example of justice and righteousness!

When did he say something like this for his own benefit

Was it because there was no red shirt here

Was he going to force himself to take off his mask


If he took it off, he might really die.

Leaving the main group and acting on his own accord This was not a joke in the realms rules.

“Who is this fellow…”

“Subject to speculation, passive value, 1.”

Gu Qinger finally managed to shift his gaze back to Xu Xiaoshou.

He could not believe that he was going to fight to the death and even use Tianjie.

In the end, the one who fought was not the real one.

“Is this your famous sword” he sneered, “Wheres the evidence How do you prove that its Yours”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment and laughed, “Are you crazy Why do you always want to prove it Are you the spokesperson to prove your image”

“I also like that famous sword in your hand.

Prove it for me.

Is It Yours”


Gu Qinger was stunned.

He immediately infused his sword intent into it, and the famous sword in his hand buzzed.

At thatmoment, ten thousand swords chimed in unison.

“How is it”

He raised his head.

“Ive already proven it.

Its your turn.”

“Oh, youve proven it.

Then youre very good.”

Xu Xiao was symbolically clapped.

“But why should I compete with you Are You a child Do you have to compete with everything you do”

“Do you want us to squat down and compete to see who is faster at homework”

“You!” Gu Qinger was once again choked by this guys sharp tongue.

he shouted angrily, “You dont talk about martial virtue!”

“Is that a martial virtue”

Xu Xiaobei paused for a moment and pondered for a moment.

Then, she grinned and said, “What is martial virtue Can you prove it for me”

Instantly, Gu Qingers eyes widened and he was unable to say a single word.

Yu Zhiwen, who was by his side, finally couldnt hold it in any longer.

She had always felt that even though she had just witnessed an earth-shattering battle, when Xu Xiaobeis mouth moved, it was still more exciting than it was.

Everyone present held their breaths and focused their attention.

This time, half of them didnt dare to make a sound for Gu Qinger.

They knew it from Xu Xiaobeis wave of verbal attacks.

Even if everyone focused their fire, they could be slightly angered, or they could be morally reprimand the Night Guardian.

Even if they combined, they probably wouldnt be able to defeat this guy who used his mouth to fight.

“Respected, passive value, 121.”

“Second senior brother, dont quarrel with Xu Xiaojie.

You Cant win against him.”

Gu Qingsan removed the posture of the hanging sword and landed on the ground.

He advised, “Since the sword isnt red-robed, lets directly snatch it”

“Do you really want to snatch the Sword”

Xu Xiaojie immediately guessed what the two of them were thinking.

He waved his hand and said, “The red-robed senior is right in front of me.

Even if I were to duplicate ten famed swords for you, you might not be able to defeat him.”

“You should know that youre only grandmasters.

You dont even have a throne.”

“Honestly, youre too weak to defeat this old man.”

The Night Guardian glared at him.


Passive value 1.”

The others remained silent.

Looking at the relationship between the two of them.

It was obvious that even if they tried to snatch it, the Night Guardian would help to block it.

With that, the famous sword was ruined!

“If you want to take the famous sword, thats fine! Why must you snatch it”

When they were in a desperate situation, Xu Xiaoke spoke, “I just dont understand.

Why are all of you so rough Im a businessman.

Everyone can trade.”

“I dont have to have this famous sword.”

“Huh” Everyone was stunned.

Gu Qinger was moved.

The vigil was like a mountain standing in front of Xu Xiaobei.

He was not a fool, and he did not have the time and energy to move it!

Would Xu Xiaobei be so open-minded

“How do we trade” he asked out of curiosity.

“Its a very simple trade!”

Clapping his hands, Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the famous sword.

“All of you come over and try to pull out the sword.

One million crystals each time.

As long as you pull it out, the famous sword will be yours.”

“One million for a famous sword.

Its not a loss, right You can all come and try it.”

“Of course, everyone only has one chance.”

“But I also thought that you guys are noobs.

You might not be able to pull out the famous sword.”

After thinking about it, Xu Xiaoshou got inspiration.

“Well, every time you have an opportunity to pull out the sword, you add a zero after the one million.

What do you think”


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