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Chapter 460: A Famed Sword Under Their Feet at the Start

“Under our feet”

Yu Zhiwen was obviously very smart as well.

She immediately thought of the same thing as Xu Xiaoshou.

Since the two of them were destined to not attract such a White Bone beast tide.

Then, these sensitive guys must have smelled something powerful enough to make them stronger, which was why they swarmed over.

The two of them lowered their heads.

Yu Zhiwen first sent her spiritual sense down, but found nothing.

Xu Xiaoshou had an even stranger expression.

Before he opened the hole, he had already compressed the range of his “Perception” and scanned the area below.

He was afraid of encountering a terrifying mutated species — the version of a White Bone Giant excavator.

But just now, let alone the White Skeleton, there wasnt even a strange stone that emitted special spiritual energy.

How could this treasure be hidden under their feet

“Could it be that its even deeper”

His heart trembled.

Sensing that the area above had quieted down, creating a wave of White Bone beast tide that seemed to be like the calm before a storm, Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to let his imagination run wild.

He once again compressed the range of his “Perception” and extended it in a linear shape, rapidly striking downwards.

He still found nothing!


In the pit, the man and the woman looked at each other, speechless.

Yu Zhiwen had even secretly used her Star Eyes, but other than calmness, there was nothing else.

“Could it be that the beast tide is tired, so they stopped to rest”

She blurted out these words in a daze.

After saying that, her face began to blush.

Had she been with Xu Xiaoshou for too long and was she infected

Such absurd words were actually coming out of her mouth..

Xu Xiaoshou was not in the mood to joke anymore.

Unable to see the movements below, he immediately returned his attention to the pile of white bone giants at the top.

The beast tide was too huge!

Even though his perception range was great, he still could not completely cover it.

One could only imagine how spectacular the number of White Skeletons that had come to surround them this time was.

Xu Xiaoshou could not understand the situation in a large area.

However, he could clearly see the movements in small areas.

Xu Xiaoshou held his breath and focused his attention, quietly waiting for the following actions of the White Skeletons above him.

As expected, after the group of Giants rested for a moment, they really did have follow-up actions.

It could be seen that the White Skeletons, who were usually irritable and sometimes even began to fight just because they looked at each other.

At this moment, they were completely silent while squeezing around and did not make a single sound even if their feet were crushed due to the squeezing.

In the end, after some pushing and shouting, finally, many toes were left in the middle of the beast tide, and a small space was made.

“Roar, Roar, Roar…”

Surrounding this small empty space, the White Skeletons roared hoarsely.

Their bodies seemed to be moving rhythmically, as if a group of barbarians who were surrounding a bonfire and getting ready to dance.

This scene which looked sacrificial was really too eerie.

Xu Xiaoshou felt a toothache as he watched.

When he suddenly came to, he realized that he was using his “Perception” to probe upwards.

In other words, this small piece of empty land was directly on top of the two of them

“Im a little scared…”

Yu Zhiwen, who had opened her Star Eyes, obviously also saw this scene.

The girl was really panicking.

Even if the White Bone Giants dug and wanted to scratch the two of them out, it might not be as horrifying as this scene.

After a wave of beast tide, they stopped their encirclement and began a sacrificial ceremony

“Thats not right!”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly constricted.

The White Bone Giants would definitely not start such an act for no reason.

And if it was a sacrificial ceremony, these guys did not even have an altar.

On the contrary, looking at this group of excited and expectant big guys who occasionally looked to the ground..

“What are they waiting for”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt his heart stop beating.

White Bone Giants, fire-type supreme treasure, underground, waiting..

“The f*ck, it cant be a volcanic eruption, right”

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

He suddenly saw the big cuties jumping up and down above suddenly stop moving together.

As if they were frightened by some special aura, they retreated again.

“Ambushed, Passive Points 1.”

This sentence suddenly appeared on the information bar.

At this instant, even without this reminder, Xu Xiaoshou could feel a scorching energy rising from the depths of his feet.

The speed was so fast that it was rarely seen in the world!

“Not good!”

Xu Xiaoshou pounced, hugged the girl in front of him, and hid her under his arms.

With a collision!

With a “Bang”, the two of them instantly flew several feet away from the side of the deep underground.

Yu Zhiwen was stunned.

She had naturally felt the same burning energy.

Just as she was about to react, Xu Xiaoshou had already flown away with her in his arms!

This was the first time she had fallen into the arms of an unfamiliar man.

To be honest, the throbbing feeling of dizziness had directly impacted her perception of the outside world.

Xu Xiaoshous embrace… Yu Zhiwens heart was beating wildly.

She completely did not feel the feeling of warmth and gentleness described by novels and stories which would come with protective desire.

On the contrary, there was only the intense pain that came back from the impact of her body hitting the ground in an instant.

But even under such circumstances, Yu Zhiwen knew that Xu Xiaoshou was already doing his best to deflect the force.

Otherwise, the other party might unconsciously exert a force, catching them off guard, and she might shatter on the spot.


“Charge –”

Almost at the instant that Xu Xiaoshou pounced and flew, the pillar-shaped lava light energy from underground rose rapidly from the spot where the two of them had originally landed.

In less than half a breaths time, it completed the leap from the Abyss to the Heavenly Court.


The moment it broke out of the ground, the lava light pillar instantly overthrew a group of White Bone Giants who thought that they had already retreated far enough, and connected to the sky.

At this moment, almost the everyone in the White Cave had discovered this Heaven and Earth phenomenon.

The mountains shook and the earth shook, and the four seas buzzed.

The burning and scorching aura spread out in all directions, instantly melting the nearest White Bone Giant into ashes.


The brainless, physically well-developed cuties panicked.

Stepping on one anothers feet and their shoulders rubbing against each others, they wanted to leave.

Even if it meant putting their companions under their feet, they would not hesitate.

But it was too late!

After the lava light pillar reached its highest point, it finally could not suppress the energy of the light beam and exploded horizontally.


At this moment, it was as though a disaster had arrived.

Lava poured down, and a fiery rain fell from the sky.

The dust within a radius of tens of miles instantly exploded, followed by a fiery lava wave that could be seen with the naked eye.

It was as though it had been struck by a Deitys heavy hammer.

This kind of destructive energy spread out, and the Earth was destroyed on the spot, the void suddenly split open.

A black hole enveloped and swallowed everything.

A small part of the White Bone beast tide was directly destroyed, and not even their ashes could be seen.

The rest, who had resisted the energy shockwave, were also swept hundreds of miles away.


“My God…”

Yu Zhiwen watched all of this happen in a daze.

She didnt understand, this kind of energy, which was enough to kill a Sovereign, had just exploded a mere few feet away from her.

How did she survive

Not only did she survive, but she was also unharmed !

She stood up shakily.

As far as the eye could see, it was like the end of the world.

Under the black void, countless black-spotted pythons made of the black and red lava moved around wantonly.

Clearly no intelligence could be sensed from them, yet they seemed to be alive as they moved their shockingly huge bodies.

An abyss that was dozens of miles wide spread out from the center of the lava light pillar.

The scattered pieces of the White Bone Giants corpses fell randomly, indicating that the world was no longer the same as before.

“Im still alive”

Yu Zhiwen felt that it was extremely absurd, as if everything was a dream.

The sudden beast tide, the sudden two-persons world, and the sudden outbreak…

Her heart was suddenly in turmoil.

“Oh right, wheres Xu Xiaoshou”

At this moment, a ray of golden light appeared at the bottom of her eyes along with the disappearing black void.

Only then did Yu Zhiwen realize that she was no longer underground.

Instead, she had flown into the sky.


Not Flying

The sense of solidity at the bottom of her feet when she touched an object would not lie.

Yu Zhiwen was stunned as lowered her head.

Shockingly, she saw that she was also stepping on a layer of golden light.

She finally realized something.

She looked back.

She raised her eyes.

A red-eyed golden giant

At that moment, Yu Zhiwen was shocked beyond words.

In the absurd world of Doomsday scenery behind her, a golden giant was protecting her with both hands

And the scene she saw just now was the world between the giants fingers

Yu Zhiwen would probably never forget this scene for the rest of her life.

She stared blankly at the face of the golden giant.

After a long time, she finally saw a familiar trace.

She immediately cried out in shock,

“Xu Xiaoshou”


“Called, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual altar trembled.

Finally, he found a life-saving straw in the endless sea of pain.

Grasping the source of the sound, he managed to pull his consciousness back from the brink of collapsing.

“Crack crack –”

The Berserk Giants body cracked.

After a slight tremble, it exploded with a bang.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was covered in blood, could no longer hold on and fell directly from the sky.


Yu Zhiwen was quick-witted and caught him in a flash.

She slowly landed on the ground and helped him up.

Only then did she ask in surprise and concern,

“Xu Xiaoshou”

It seemed that other than repeating these three words, there was nothing else that could express her shock and bewilderment.

That golden giant…

What kind of spiritual technique was it

Xu Xiaoshou could actually transform into such an existence with his Innate cultivation and then receive such a violent attack

“Heaven and Earth phenomenon…”

Yu Zhiwen smiled bitterly.

She knew about the Heaven and Earth phenomenon.

This was a special phenomenon that would only occur when a peerless treasure that was parasitizing on the Heaven and Earths nutrients was born.

Basically, every time it appeared, a nearby city or even a prefecture would be wiped out.

However, Yu Zhiwen never expected that in her life, she would actually encounter a situation where a Heaven and Earth phenomenon would explode beside her.

If one were to say that this was bad luck, perhaps the number of people in the world who would encounter such a situation could be counted on ones fingers.

But if one were to say that it was extremely good luck…

Yu Zhiwen knew that without Xu Xiaoshou, she would have already been dead at this moment.

The treasures that accompanied the Heaven and Earth phenomena were indeed powerful.

However, under the circumstances of losing ones life, who would dare to talk about good or bad luck

“I owe you my life…”

Yu Zhiwen muttered with some grief.

She hugged Xu Xiaoshous cold head and looked at the desolate world.

Finally, she could not suppress the sadness in her heart and buried her chest and sobbed.

However, only after a while the sobbing sounds rang, a trembling groan came from her chest.



Yu Zhiwens sobbing stopped.

She let go of Xu Xiaoshou slightly and did not dare to make any big moves in case she hurt him again.

Then, she was shocked to see that this guys broken body was being repaired at a speed visible to the naked eye.

If she hadnt left so quickly, perhaps even her own body would have been repaired!


“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, youre not dead”

Yu Zhiwen wiped her tears.

She didnt expect that Xu Xiaoshou would be able to protect her under such a strike, and that he himself wasnt dead either

That was an injury that even a Sovereign couldnt have withstood!

Xu Xiaoshou looked up in confusion until he regained some consciousness.

Then, he moved his head to the outside and saw Yu Zhiwens tearful face.

He abruptly realized something and turned his head back.

“I can die a little longer.”


Yu Zhiwen was instantly angered to the point of laughter.

She directly pushed away the head of the fellow that was trying to take advantage of her.

Then, she said blushing, “Looking at the situation now, and youre still not serious”

With a “thump” sound, Xu Xiaoshou fell to the ground.

In the past, he had only experienced the situation where one of his passive skills “High Spirits” was completely empty.

But now, he had tasted everything.

Just the fact that his head fell to the ground was enough to make him grimace in pain.

He was unable to speak for a long time.

This explosion was too strong.

It almost crippled Xu Xiaoshou.

He had bombed many people back in the day, so he was going to be bombed eventually

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

Yu Zhiwen saw his head hit the ground and panicked again.

“Are You… Are you alright”

She wanted to help him up, but Xu Xiaoshou pushed her hand away in annoyance.

“Im fine.”

“I saved your life.

Is this how you repay your Savior”

“Im fine.

Im very well.

My head, my hands, and my entire body dont hurt at all!”

Yu Zhiwen:”…”

She looked at Xu Xiaoshou struggling with his head in his hands and suddenly broke into a smile.

“Youre like a child.”

Xu Xiaoshou was instantly enraged.

“Youre the one whos like a child! Youre like a child from head to toe!”

His gaze suddenly stopped.

“Except for this…”


After being slapped in the face, Xu Xiaoshou who managed to struggle up halfway was pushed to the ground by Yu Zhiwen again.

After the girl finished her attack while her earlobes were burning, she realized that she had used too much strength.

“Are you, are you alright”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

Did this girl had short term memory loss

This sentence again

“Im fine.”

“I saved your life.

Is this how you repay your Savior”

“Im fine.

Im very well.

My Head, my hands, and my whole body dont hurt at all.”

Xu Xiaoshous tone didnt even change a bit.

Yu Zhiwens beautiful eyes blinked.

She vaguely felt that these words were familiar.

On second thought, wasnt this what Xu Xiaoshou had said just now

Word for word

“Good Lord!”

Her smiling eyes immediately curved.

She raised her fist and threatened, “Keep talking nonsense!”

“You want to beat me up again”

Xu Xiaoshou glared at her.

Yu Zhiwen had already learned not to accept any of Xu Xiaoshous rhetorical questions.

She raised her chin and pursed her lips.


“Deceived, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous flirtatious words were suddenly interrupted by the information bar.

The lava light pillar was still shooting up into the sky beside his ears.

The black hole sizzled, and the space was quickly repairing itself.

The White Bone Giants screams rang out and died down one after another, which was probably what the scene of apes on both banks could not stop crying would sound like.

And within the apocalypse, the scene that the two of them had frozen in place seemed to have really quieted down.

Xu Xiaoshou looked with some infatuation at the girl who was holding her fist and feigning anger.

The cherry lips were like a touch of vermillion on her oval face, and her messy black hair fluttered in the noisy wind.

She had bright eyes and white teeth, the traces of tears on her face were slightly cold.

There was a trace of anger that had risen from being provoked on the face of the weeping beauty, just like how there was still some peace and quiet left for the two in this apocalypse.

“Youre quite good looking, why wear a veil”

Xu Xiaoshou retracted his gaze and pushed away her fist.

Feeling that his body had recovered a little, he slowly stood up.

“What do you mean by pretty, veil…”

Yu Zhiwen was puzzled.

Suddenly, her beautiful eyes widened and her palms patted on her cheeks in a panic.

With a touch, she knew that the veil was gone.


There was no sunset glow, but Xu Xiaoshou had seen this girl blush countless times during this short period of time.

Was she not too shy

He smiled as he said, “I thought there would be some unique scars or marks left behind from your insensible youth, but in the end, there were none.”

“Youre so beautiful.

Why are you wearing a veil Are you afraid of provoking other girls”

“I…”Yu Zhiwens pretty face turned red again.

She could tell that Xu Xiaoshou was praising her.

But why did the words coming out of this guys mouth sound so awkward

“Shut up!”

She cupped her face and turned her head away.

The scene of the Apocalypse seemed to be more beautiful than Xu Xiaoshou at this moment.

Yu Zhiwens heart pounded wildly.

She knew that there was a spare veil in her ring, but she suddenly couldnt remember it.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed but didnt say anything.

He didnt continue to tease the girl, but instead shifted his gaze to the lava light pillar that had blown him away.

His reaction was very quick.

When he realized that this thing would explode again, he had actually thought of taking out his Yuan mansion.

But at that point, it wasnt that it was impossible for Yu Zhiwen to find out about the situation of his Yuan Mansion.

It was that he didnt know if the Yuan Mansion space couldnt withstand this attack and shatter.

Then, would he, who was in an extradimensional space, die on the spot, or be exiled into the void


Be transported again

Xu Xiaoshou could not afford to gamble.

His academic qualifications were not high.

In regards to space and physics, he only knew the simple maxim “give me a fulcrum”.

He could not even remember the next sentence.

Something like three-dimensional, four-dimensional, or folded space theory..

He couldnt figure them out.

Since he couldnt figure them out, the best way to receive this attack was to use his body!

Therefore, after putting on a layer of turtle shell from Elder Sang, he grabbed the bronze shard.

As expected, the turtle shell was blown away in an instant.

He had no choice but to transform into the Berserk Giant and then barely protect Yu Zhiwen.

“So, wheres the Big Bathtub”

Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” spread out and finally found the square cauldron that had been blasted into the ground far away.

Unexpectedly, there was not a single crack on this thing.

“As expected of that old fellows thing…”

Xu Xiaoshou used his sword will to control the big bathtub to fly back.

It was because the explosive force was too strong and he could not pull onto the big bathtub anymore.

Otherwise, if they were really covered by this thing, he might not have been injured so badly at this moment!

He quietly put away the bathtub.

Yu Zhiwen was also silently watching from the side.

The two of them did not speak.

At this time, the energy of the lava light pillar seemed to be about to be finished releasing.

A faint shadow appeared in the light pillar.

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to use his perception to probe.

It was too hot.

He felt as if his soul was burned at the touch.

This aura seemed to be even hotter than his Infernal aura.

Even if Elder Sang came, he might not be stronger than this flame aura.

“What is it”

He frowned and narrowed his eyes.

Before he could see the faint shadow clearly, the ground in the surroundings suddenly began to tremble.

“This is…”

Yu Zhiwen and Xu Xiaoshou looked at each other.

Both of them were surprised.

“Sword will”

The shadow hidden deep in the lava light pillar was actually a sword

“The Fourth Sword”

Xu Xiaoshou blurted out at the first moment.

This time, he even had the urge to pull out the Black Scabbard to check it out.


However, Yu Zhiwen shook her head directly.

Her pair of Star Eyes became lively as she stared straight at the lava light pillar.

Finally, she could not help but cover her red lips in shock.

“What is it”

Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“The Flame Python!”

Yu Zhiwens voice contained unconcealable shock.

“The Flame Python… What is it”

Yu Zhiwen tilted her head and looked at Xu Xiaobei in shock and disbelief.

Only then did she slowly exhale and say,

“Famed sword, third place!”

“Famed sword”

Xu Xiaoshous heart suddenly tightened.

He had seen famed swords before!

Su Qianqians Epitaph of City Snow, Lei Shuangxings Divine-beating Crutch, Sword-hugging Swordsmans Yuelian, the Swordsman with nine swords Bewitching Demon…

But those were not his swords!

As a swordsman, it was not a lie to say that he could cultivate “Hidden Bitter” into a famed sword relying on his own heart energy.

Xu Xiaoshou really thought that he could.

But similarly, as a swordsman, when he saw that the other swordsmen could hold famed swords in their hands, but he could only hold a mere eighth grade spiritual sword from one of the sheaths of the Eighth Sword Deitys previous swords…

He would be lying if he said he wasnt sad.

Xu Xiaoshou needed a sword.

One which would allow him to not have to give up on his strongest sword skill, and turn to use the Way of Spiritual Cultivation and the Way of the Forged Body under the circumstances where “Hidden Bitter” couldnt be used.

At this moment, in the Heaven and Earth phenomenon that had exploded beside him and blew him into pieces that he almost died on the spot.

Fire type!

Famed Sword!

Wasnt this made for him

Xu Xiaoshou was ecstatic.

This time, he could not calm down.

He wanted the “Fourth Sword” because although the sword was known for its ferocity, it was not listed as a famed sword.

It was a peerless existence which surpasses the famed sword.

And at this moment, he had a second path.

A simplified version of the path!

That was to completely give up on fighting for the “Fourth Sword” and completely abandon all the risks that he might encounter.

Instead, he would choose the one in front of him…

A famed sword!

“Flame Python…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the wriggling pythons in the surroundings that were formed from the black and red lava.

For the first time, he felt what “a blessing in disguise” meant.

“Are you a swordsman”

He suddenly turned his head and looked at Yu Zhiwen.

Yu Zhiwen was taken aback.

She immediately thought of Xu Xiaoshous Black Scabbard.

If she was not a swordsman and an admirer of the Eighth Sword Deity, why would she want the black falling scabbard Why did she have to go through so much trouble to come to this small place of Tiansang Prefecture and suffer


She shook her head with a smile, and spirit patterns jumped out from between her fingers.

“I told you, Im a Divine Sorceress.”

“Deceived, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous excited mood paused.

He swore.

If this information did not appear in the information bar, even the self-proclaimed Master Xu who had the absolute ability to see through peoples hearts, would not be able to tell that Yu Zhiwen was actually lying with a smile.

After taking a deep look at the girl, Xu Xiaoshou said solemnly, “The famed sword is mine.

In the future, if theres anything you want, tell me.”


Yu Zhiwen agreed immediately.

She tilted her head slightly and smiled like a flower.

“Thats a famed sword.

In the future, I wont hold back on my request.”


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