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Chapter 451: I Am Full of Sincerity When It Comes to Business

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“Old Du…”

“Thats it”

In the back row of the small town in the Eighth Palace, everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Xu Xiaoshou struck a palm and Old Du disappeared.

No matter how defenseless he was, it shouldnt be to this extent, right

Old Dus spiritual source protection wasnt removed at all.

In fact, when he realized that there was someone behind him, he even subconsciously used a defensive spiritual technique.

Even though this spiritual technique was not fully formed, it was only half-formed.

However, as a Master, how could it be destroyed by a single slap

“Suspected, Passive Points, 424..”

Luo Qinglang snapped out of his daze and turned his head around.

What he saw was the scene where Old Du was directly buried in the ground.

The level of the explosion caused blood to splatter on his body, which was several meters away.

One could imagine how terrifying the force of Xu Xiaoshous palm was.

“Innate Level Physique”

Luo Qinglang was dumbstruck.

From the moment his hand was caught by this guy, he could vaguely sense that this persons physical body was not simple.

But maybe he used some secret technique

In short, he had never thought about the Innate Level Physique.

But the scene in front of him didnt allow him to stop thinking.

A super-powerful swordsman with Master Sword Intent and an Innate Level Physique

“Where the hell did this monster come from”

Although he couldnt see this guys face, he could tell that this guy wasnt old just from his naked eyes.

Maybe he was from the same generation as him.

However, in the past few years, when did such a person appear in the ten counties around White Cave

He, Luo Qinglang, had never heard of him before.

Yu Zhiwen, who had retreated to the back of the team from Qinggang Spirit Palace, frowned as memories flashed through her eyes.

Her star eyes were very unique, and she could basically remember everything she saw.

No matter how powerful her concealment spiritual technique was, it couldnt hide from her eyes.

The person in front of her vaguely reminded her of a certain figure in the Tiansang Spirit Palace at that time.

“This strange way of speaking, and this sword will, this physical body…”

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Yu Zhiwen subconsciously took a step forward, but she quickly withdrew her foot and stopped in time.

“No, Xu Xiaoshou isnt that strong.”

“Master Sword Intent, and this body that might have already reached the Master Physique…”

“Its only been a few days A month Less than a month… Xu Xiaoshou actually underwent such a huge transformation”

“Is it a coincidence”

Yu Zhiwen thought to herself.

To be honest, what truly made her let go of her doubts was not the rapid improvement of the person in front of her.

Ultimately, it was still the star eyes.

“In this world, theres no power stronger than these eyes.”

“If it cant even remember…”

Yu Zhiwen laughed in her heart.

“Youre worrying too much.

It seems like its really a coincidence.”

She pretended to glance at Cheng Xingchu who was beside her unconsciously.

If the person in front of her was really Xu Xiaoshou, then the person who was beaten up at that time would definitely have a stronger reaction than her.

After all, Cheng Xingchu was an outstanding talent from the branch of the Holy Divine Palace of the Dongtianwang City.

He had some special spiritual techniques that even Yu Zhiwen couldnt see clearly.

However, it was a pity that this guy seemed to only be surprised by the Masked Mans high combat strength.

After frowning slightly, his face lost all color.

“It really is a coincidence…”



Yu Zhiwen muttered unconsciously.

Perhaps others would mistake Xu Xiaoshous disappearance as being too fast.

She was the only one who could completely see that the spatial fluctuation in that instant was not something that could be caused by movement.


“Teleportation… why would such a character come to the Eighth Palace to sell exquisite stones Is he that short of money…”

“In Awe, Passive Points, 234.”

“Suspected, Passive Points, 128.”

In the arena.

Xu Xiaoshou calmly waved his hand.

He looked around.

This time, the subordinates of Old Du did not dare to act recklessly.

To catch a thief, one must first catch the leader.

These old sayings were indeed true.

The alpha was dead, and there was really only a motley crew left.

“Calm down, dont be nervous.”

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed his hand and calmed down.

Then, he said, “Ive said it before.

Im a businessman, and I dont like killing.

I like world peace.”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 334.”

“In Awe, Passive Points, 221.”

“How could this be called loving peace.

Ive gained some knowledge.”

“Mm, killing one person and suppressing the entire battlefield.

Strictly speaking, this fellow has indeed avoided more casualties.”

“Uh, what youre saying is…”

Those who dared to speak at this moment were naturally the unrelated people who had not made a move before.

They suddenly realized that they were too happy as spectators.

They thought that if Old Du made a move, the Masked Man with the straw hat would die.

They did not expect the situation to turn around in the end.

Yes, it seemed that it could not be said that it was turning around.

After all, that guy did not seem to be at a disadvantage from the beginning to the end

“Where… wheres Brother Du”

Old Dus men were still somewhat loyal.

At least after a moment of shock, someone finally spoke up.

They naturally saw the hole in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

But at that time, he was still crazily attacking.

Who would have thought that Xu Xiaoshou would instantly disappear and blow Old Du away


Xu Xiaoshou smiled and pointed at the hole in front of his feet.

In his “Perception”, Old Du did not die.

He did not use his full strength, so this guy naturally would not die.

And for him to be able to make a living, it was obvious that Old Du had some skills.

In just a few breaths time, he had actually completed self-healing in the hole.

At this moment, his face was ferocious as he flew upwards, about to break out of the hole.

“Thief, you dare to use a sneak attack on me I will teach you how to be a human… oh!”

Before he could even let out a furious roar, Xu Xiaoshou had already switched his leg with the spirit of a young man above him.

His left foot had blocked the entrance of the pit.

Old Du was shocked to discover that at the end of his flight, a footprint had suddenly appeared.

However, within the footprint, there was actually a spark of fire.

The Lesser Fireball fell off from the soles of his feet and made intimate contact with his slightly opened lips.

The timing of Xu Xiaoshou being stuck was too exquisite.

It was as if he could monitor Old Dus movements at all times.

The compressed Fire Seed had fallen at the moment when he was about to leave the pit.

Old Du was once again caught off guard and barely managed to raise that half-defensive spiritual technique again.


A series of explosions sounded on the ground.

Everyones bodies swayed rhythmically at the same time, and their faces froze.

“This is too ruthless, isnt it”

“What did this guy do Im afraid its not just the power of one kick”

“Hes also a pure spiritual cultivator”


Cheng Xingchu had originally been holding a high and indifferent attitude.

After feeling the warmth from the floor and smelling the burning aura in the air, his entire being was in a bad mood.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Wasnt this familiar smell of flames from Xu Xiaoshous special spiritual technique that had knocked him out at the entrance of the Council Hall that day

Yu Zhiwen was completely stunned.

Her beautiful eyes stared straight at the back of the Masked Man in a straw hat, and she was momentarily speechless.

Just now, she had used various conclusions to directly refute her guess, but she had never thought that it had only been a few breaths of time

It was a slap in the face!

“Is it really Xu Xiaoshou”

She tilted her head and asked.

Cheng Xingchus entire face was green.

He gritted his teeth and said, “This smell, I will never forget it in my entire life!”

Did her star eyes make a mistake

How was that possible

That was an existence that even the aura of a Sovereign could not recognize wrongly!


“Suspected, Passive Points, 1.”


As she was deep in thought, there was another explosion below the ground.

Yu Zhiwen looked over and saw that although Xu Xiaoshou did not move, the energy on his feet was directed towards where he was pointing.

As for Old Du, who had luckily survived the attack, he was now underground and could not come out at all.

He was like a gopher.

Even if this person did not appear, he was still hit by the compressed Fire Seeds one by one and was completely unable to find his bearings.

“Boom Boom Boom…”

Every time that brutal sound rang out, everyone felt their hearts skip a beat.

Looking at the floor that was about to shatter, everyones host body fell silent.

Such a terrifying attack, even the Eighth Palaces town gate was unable to withstand it!

“This is the legendary… am I a businessman”

“Theres more, theres more, world peace!” Someone added in high spirits.

“Impressed, Passive Points, 424.”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed happily and gave a rare explanation.

“Third times the charm!”

“After all, Ive already given him two chances before.

If I give him another chance, Ill lose reputation.”


When Luo Qinglang heard these two words, the corners of his mouth twitched and his body began to twitch.

If it wasnt for your “reputation”, I wouldnt have become a human-shaped club that was being swung around and bombarded!

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

It had to be said that Old Du was too strong.

This fellow had been toyed with by the Refined Fire Seed for so long like a cat catching a mouse, but he was still able to withstand it.

After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn.

The rumbling sound at the gate of the Eighth Palace did not stop.


When the gate collapsed, Old Du seriously realized that the Masked Man who attacked with his feet had more spiritual source than him!

Because at this moment, there was not a single drop of spiritual source left in his energy reserve.

“Young hero, spare my life!”

Old Dus humiliated voice came from underground.

He immediately gave up resisting.

Because from the words of the person above, he was not a cruel person.

He did not like to kill the innocent.

Perhaps this person was really just embarrassed.

Once he gave him a way out, he could retreat.

In the end, the remaining few Refined Fire Seed mercilessly shot into his nostrils, armpits, and between his legs.

“Boom Boom Boom!”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”


Old Du spat out a mouthful of blood in confusion.

His body was covered in wounds.

He raised his head and roared, wanting to cry, but no tears came out.

“Let me go!”

“Received Plea, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou received the kick.

At this moment, he realized that he had completely destroyed the underground of the Eighth Palace.

Even the vertical height of the ground had been reduced by several grades.

It was like a small basin.

“Tsk tsk.”

“What a tenacious fellow.”

Xu Xiaoshou poked his head down the pit.

Old Du could not see him clearly.

After his “Perception” had advanced, even though he was separated by such a barrier, he could still see the nervousness in this fellows eyes through the gaps.

“Have you thought it through”

Thought what through

I didnt think of anything at all!

After Xu Xiaoshou finished asking, he realized that he had a memory string.

Thought it through That should be the matter of the Luo Qinglang

He subconsciously turned his head, only to see the Luo Qinglangs body tremble and actually take a step back.

“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”

“Hehe, dont be nervous.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his hand to indicate that he was a kind person.

Then, he said loudly to the people below, “So, you want to buy my exquisite stones”

Old Dus entire body almost collapsed on the spot.

What the heck…

Just one exquisite stone!

What the heck did I do Why did I provoke this fellow

“Ill buy it!”

Everyone could hear this mournful roar.

It was 30% bitter, 30% resentful, 30% humiliated, and the last point of helplessness.

“Oh, if you want to buy, you should have said so earlier.”

Xu Xiaoshou gestured with his hand.

“What are you doing down there We have to discuss business in person.

Come up!”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“In Awe, Passive Points, 428.”

This time, everyone looked at Xu Xiaoshou with a gaze that was no longer puzzled, confused, or doubtful of his strength.

No matter what his cultivation was, this person…


This was a devil!

Old Du was filled with anger as he carefully protected the top of his head.

He tightly closed his lips and pinched his nose.

Only then did he dare to slowly fly out of the hole.

“Good guy!”

Everyones eyes were fixed on him.

The scarred man in front of him, who was covered in burnt crow, had his hair and eyebrows burnt off.

Even his spiritual clothing had been blown up, revealing his tattered body armor…

“Old Du”

Perhaps he had gone underground to reincarnate and changed into another person!

If it was not for the fact that the iconic scar had not decreased but had increased a few more times…

Perhaps the crowd would not have been able to recognize Old Du.


Old Dus subordinates were also stunned.

Wasnt this too tragic A Master had actually been blown up like this underground

“Boss, didnt you break through to the Star Worship State a few days ago”

“Why are you still being beaten up so…”

“Shut up!”

Before the conversation could even begin, Old Dus furious roar silenced his subordinates.


He still dared to speak!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Star Worship State!

No one present was ignorant.

They werent deaf, so how could they not hear this persons mutterings

“But isnt it ridiculous for someone at the Star Worship State”

“The explosion from before wasnt a very strong spiritual technique.

How could Old Du become weaker after reaching the Star Worship State He couldnt even dodge it”

Hearing the discussion, Old Dus vicious gaze swept over to the other side.

This “inhuman” existence that had truly “crawled up” from the “abyss” frightened everyone and did not dare to speak for a moment.

Old Du felt helpless.

What the heck!

Have you guys ever experienced what it means to have an energy dot with eyes

The movement of the underground was already obstructed, and this darned thing could even locate… could that fellow see it

Were his spiritual senses so special

Old Du looked at Xu Xiaoshou with lingering fear.

Xu Xiaoshou happily observed him, waiting for this fellow to speak.

The corner of his mouth twitched.

After hesitating for a long time, Old Du finally managed to squeeze out a sentence.

“Young hero, how much is the exquisite stone”

“In Awe, Passive Points, 454.”

Everyone sighed.

Sure enough, Old Du had submitted…

“Thats how it should be!”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

“If only your attitude was like this right from the start.”

Old Du had the intention of moving back into the pit on the spot.

But when he imagined that scene…

He swore that he would never have anything to do with the underground for the rest of his life.

From now on, even if it was his residence, he would have to move to a high mountain.

It was extremely cold up there.

It was so good up there.

It was so cool!

“Give me a price,” Old Du lowered his head and said in a muffled voice.

“You name it.”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

“Im a person who values sincerity the most when doing business.”

Old Dus body trembled.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Hes quite sincere…”

He muttered to himself, and his heart suddenly became lively again.

Usually, people who asked others to name a price were either very accurate in their positioning of the goods and could see the other partys first sentence and brush them off.

But this method was used when there were too many monks and too little meat.

Now that he was the only one buying, why would he ask this

Could it be that he didnt understand the market price of the exquisite stone

Old Du hesitated for a moment and squeezed out a look of embarrassment.

“Although I do need this thing, for now…”

“Cut the crap!”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him directly.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

Old Du gritted his teeth.

“I want one.

Ill give you one million Spirit Crystals!”


Before Xu Xiaoshou could speak, a series of gasps could be heard from behind.

Old Du is such an unscrupulous businessman!

Even at this time, he still did not forget to scam people.

This fellows body was so fragile.

How could his heart be so strong

However, this time, no one spoke.

After all, they were all born in the Eighth Palace.

Even if they had come a day earlier, they would still be natives.

If this Masked Man knew about the market, it would be fine.

If he didnt know, it meant that this fellow was just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

When Xu Xiaoshou heard the word “one million”, his heart jumped.

This broken stone was so valuable

Then he still had 16 stones on him.

Wouldnt that mean he would earn another 10 million in assets

This was freaking…


However, those guys behind him reacted in shock.

No matter how stupid Xu Xiaoshou was, he still realized something.

“Are you trying to trick me”

He lowered his voice.

There was a suppressed anger in his voice.

Old Dus heart instantly bloomed.

As expected, this guy was also a virgin!

He didnt know anything, yet he still came out to do business with others

Today, he had tricked you so much that you couldnt even touch your underwear!

“One million… five hundred thousand!”

Old Du raised his eyes and they looked at each other.

His expression was full of seriousness, and then he said solemnly,

“This is the market price.

I can only pay this much.

If its higher than this, I wont be able to do anything.”

Xu Xiaoshou “sensed” the people behind him.

He was indeed a newcomer and didnt know anything.

But this time, the people behind him didnt smile anymore.

Even their expressions showed a bit of affirmation towards Old Dus words.

However, when he glanced at the information bar.

Xu Xiaoshou was enraged.


Passive Points, 250.”

This group of people was like a nest of snakes and rats!

The exquisite stone was definitely worth more than this price!

“Are you playing with me”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt say anything else.

He raised his hand and used the Seeds on All Five Fingers.

Then, he used his claw to hit Old Dus head.


He once again sank into the ground with an explosion.


“Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom…”

Not far away, Mu Zixi and Xin Gugu shrunk their necks at the same time.

This… this time, even they didnt have time to react!

“Its this move!”

Cheng Xingchus eyeballs bulged out.

At this moment, he was absolutely sure that this person was Xu Xiaoshou.


How could Xu Xiaoshou advance so fast

Master stage, Star Worship State

Did he get slapped once

Or did he get slapped twice

“Doubted, Passive Points, 1.”

Old Du was stunned by the slap again.

“What happened”

It wasnt until the blood on his head splattered again that he realized that he was wrong again.

The person in front of him couldnt be cheated.

“Darn it…”

Cursing in his heart, the bloody Old Du rose into the air again.

This time, he didnt dare to hide it anymore.

He revealed an expression of grief and indignation.

“Five million!”

“Ill buy one for five million.

Thats enough.

Dont go too far!”

Xu Xiaoshou stared at him indifferently.

After a long pause, he suddenly turned to look at the onlookers behind him.

“Is what he said true”

No one dared to say anything.

Everyone could feel Xu Xiaoshous real anger.

They couldnt touch Old Du.

They couldnt afford to offend him either.

“You, say yes.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately pointed at the person closest to him.


That guy repeated a word in a daze.

“Deceived, Passive Points, 1.”

“Good guy.”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh in admiration.

He turned his head again, and his eyes were cold.


The Refined Fire Seed in his hand instantly appeared.

One, two, three.

Old Du suddenly felt a chill on his back.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but his pupils suddenly constricted.


With a soft sound, the two Refined Fire Seed were instantly nested.

The dense aura of death that was instantly emitted caused everyone present to be shocked.

“What the heck is this thing…”

The crowds cries did not end.

The wrapped fire seed that Xu Xiaoshou had turned black once again emitted a soft “thud” and was wrapped in another layer.

“What the heck!”

“Feared, Passive Points, 465.”

This time, even Yu Zhiwen did not dare to look directly at this double-nested wrapped fire seed.

Old Dus face was even paler.

He immediately retreated.

“Brother, I was wrong!”

“10 million, the market price is actually 10 million.

Ill buy yours at the original price.

Three, Ill buy three!”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed coldly.

“I dont feel like selling it to you anymore.”


Old Dus entire body nearly split open on the spot.

He realized that he might really have been wrong.

Who could withstand this thing!

If he was at his peak condition, he might still have a chance, but at this moment, his spiritual source had been drained dry!

“Theres hope, theres hope.

Dont panic.”

“He might not be able to shoot me.”

Old Du, who was retreating at the speed of light, only had this thought in his mind when he suddenly felt a piercing pain all over his body.

It was as if countless tiny swords had pierced into his body in an instant.

Even the tiny bit of spiritual source he used to fly was completely out of control at this moment.


White sword energy that shot into the sky directly froze his figure through the air.

“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”

“Stop, stop…”

He held back his panic and could only use the little spiritual source he had left to transmit his voice.

This was the Eighth Palace.

If he was really controlled, he would really be shot through.

No one could save him!

At this moment, Old Du panicked.

Life was more important than money.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his hand behind him and threw a javelin.

Old Du said, “Dont shoot!”

“20 million, Ill give you 20 million!”

“Ill buy all your exquisite stones!”

Buzz —

The air current surged, and the burning aura of the ember burned the entire area.

Everyone was scared half to death, but they were surprised to find that Xu Xiaoshous wrapped fire seed had not been released at all.

Xu Xiaoshou slowly put down his hand, and his eyes narrowed.

The sword energy dispersed.

“I am full of sincerity when it comes to business.”

He said calmly, “Just now, you transmitted your voice to me.

Tell everyone what you said.

Everyone should hear it.”


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