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Chapter 449: Businessmen in the Eighth Palace

“Its a bit difficult to hold on…”

After sending off Elder Qiao, Xu Xiaoshou stayed alone in the Spiritual Site in silence.

The arrival of the two Spirit Palace bigwigs not only brought an extremely troublesome matter of leading the team but also informed him that he was going to face an opponent like the Seven Sword Deity.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was ridiculous.

With his current strength, he was probably not even qualified to carry the shoes of the Seven Sword Deity.

How could he face him directly

“No, its still too dangerous to obtain the Fourth Sword.

I cant fall into Elder Sangs trap.”

“The most important thing right now is to raise my strength.”

“Of course, hiding well may be the best way to save my life.”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was very glad that he had drawn the passive skill “Stealth”, but unfortunately, his remaining 50,000 passive points had already been used on the “Breathing Technique” during his previous training in the Yuan Mansion.

“Its alright, conceal yourself.

Theres still plenty of time in the future.”

“Most importantly…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly smiled confidently.

Three days of hard training was not in vain.

At least, after hundreds of attempts.

At the moment, he could barely control his mind after transforming into the Berserk Giant.

Although he had only succeeded once, the power he had displayed that time…

And Xin Gugu who had been caught off guard was still lying in his Yuan Mansion.

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou felt a little comforted.

The Berserk Giant was only a foundation.

With this foundation, as long as he was conscious, he could superimpose his other abilities.

These were not as simple as one plus one equals two.

If he could prepare in advance, he might be able to kill a Seven Sword Deity in the White Cave…

“Cough, cough, I got carried away.”

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his head.

This thought was a little scary.

He steadied his mind and continued to count the various abilities he had.

“I have yet to try the Berserk Giant with the Exploding Posture.”

“Theres no rush.

I can try it out in the White Cave.

After all, after transforming into a giant, Yuan Mansion is already on the verge of collapsing.”

“White Cave is good.

There are no rules.”

“Even if I was discovered, I will at most be treated as a monster that came out of nowhere and muddles through.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head in satisfaction.

Putting aside those dangerous accidents.

The extradimensional space without rules was really suitable for him.

Since the beginning, whether it was the Outer Yards “Windcloud Competition” or the “Tianxuan Gate”.

Or Tiansang City, and then the City Lord Mansion.

All sorts of rules that restricted Xu Xiaoshou were always binding him.

As a result, up until now, he had not even used all of his firepowers.

But the White Cave was different.

If he chose a path that was not the same as the people from the Spirit Palace, but a lone wolf…

Xu Xiaoshou was tempted.

“After using dual fire, Ive never tried to stack sword techniques, flames, and the Way of Spirit Array

“This time, I have to use it well in the White Cave

“At the very least, I have to test how far I can go after I unleash my full power.”

“… The Sovereign”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little uncertain.

What he lacked the most at the moment was the bounded domain of the Sovereign.

If he didnt have any means to break it, Red Dogs warning would be a heavy one.

As long as the other party took the initiative, he didnt even need to take it.

He just needed to open the bounded domain in the middle of the battle.

His various abilities would definitely be completely restricted.

“So, does it lack the means to open up a bounded domain”

Xu Xiaoshou straightened out his train of thought.

He felt that as long as this point could be resolved, he might really be able to rise up and slay the Sovereign under the contempt caused by the mismatch in strength between the two sides!


Narrowing his eyes, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of several methods.

“Sword cognition!”

First, it was naturally the scruffy-looking mans sword cognition.

He believed that breaking through the bounded domain would not be a problem.

However, the sword cognition was very mysterious.

It was not his thing.

Unless it was a critical moment, Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt dare to use it.

Not to mention the sequelae of its return to the body, just the fear of the unknown made him not dare to act recklessly.

“Is there really such a good thing”

“That guy prepared a sword cognition for me to use”

“Perhaps if I use it too much, there might be some potential consequences, such as being directly assimilated or being controlled…”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned and shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

After all, at this moment, he could not resist at all, so it was useless to think about it too much.

“The Sword Observation Manual is a good thing.

I should practice more and refine that lousy sword cognition as soon as possible!” Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

“Other than that, it should be thePassive Fist.”

Xu Xiaoshou checked the information pane.

“Passive Fist (accumulated power: 2.38%).”

After saving for so long, he hadnt even returned to the previous 3.14.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had experienced how terrifying this thing was.

It was a powerful skill that could kill a Sovereign!

Red Dogs shattered figure flashed past his eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou temporarily put it down.

This was his biggest trump card.

He was still accumulating power.

He could not use it unless it was a critical moment.


Xu Xiaoshou paused and took out two jade scrolls from his ring.

Elder Sangs gift.

“White Flames, Dragon Melting Realm!”

After a long silence, Xu Xiaoshou finally sighed.

“That darned old man, your calculations are too terrifying.

Even if you didnt calculate my other trump cards, you must have predicted that if I reached a certain level, I would have no choice but to practice it.”

It was too much!

Thinking of the terrifying “Dragon Melting Realm” that could force the Masked Man to retreat, Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

It had to be said that Xu Xiaoshou was still tempted in the end.

This domain-type flame spiritual technique not only had similar functions to an ordinary Sovereign bounded domain, but its offensive power was even more terrifying.

Once he learned this spiritual technique, it was equivalent to grasping the bounded domain ahead of time.

He would also have the capital to directly use Origin Courts cultivation to forcefully challenge the Sovereign!

Even if this capital could only be used for a few short seconds.

But if he truly encountered the Sovereign, if he was unable to instantly kill the other party in a short time, then no matter how many trump cards he had, he probably wouldnt be able to use them.

“So, in the end, I still need thatAdvanced Infernal Fire Seed”

At that time, he hated it for the sake of being alive, but now, for the sake of strength, he had no choice but to pursue it again.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and shook his head.

He had not been in this world for long.

But he already felt that he had fallen deeply into it.

“To be alive is the same as struggling in the swamp.”

“Either I shatter this day, or I drown and die.”


“Advanced Infernal Fire Seed…”

A cool breeze blew, and Xu Xiaoshou muttered as he gazed into the distance.

He paused for a moment, but he didnt choose to rest.

He didnt even bother with his favorite sleep-type cultivation.

Instead, he walked out the door.

The information that Elder Qiao brought wasnt just a warning.

The team from the Spirit Palace set off early, and Xu Xiaoshou was informed of the news that the White Cave would open in a few days.

“White Cave…”

With a smack, Xu Xiaoshou closed the door behind him.

After returning from a long journey, he went out again.

“The next target, the Eighth Palace!”

The next day.


The sky was dark and gloomy.

There was obviously no electricity, and the sky rumbled.

It was as if the sky was about to collapse.

At times, it would crack, and at other times, it would shatter.

It was as if some ancient creature was about to come out of it.

It was extremely horrifying.

“Ta ta ta.”

A series of footsteps came to a stop.

The small town within the Eighth Palace, which was filled with people, looking over one after another.

“Someone is here!”

Someone called out in a low voice.

His voice was filled with eagerness and desire.

“No, it should be said that the sheep are here.”

The eyes of these burly men, who were holding knives and axes, were almost overflowing with green light as they faced the young people who were slowly approaching the town entrance.

“Which Spirit Palace is it Would they be easy to deal with”

“Who cares which Spirit Palace it is Remember their faces first.

These young people will at least have a small exquisite stone on them.”

“When their Elders are gone, or when they are alone…”


“I heard that Old Dus group has already killed several disciples of the aristocratic families in this place.”

“Not only were their pockets full of exquisite stones, they even brought their meal bowls with them.

Ive heard that those bowls were specially forged with exquisite stones.”

“Hahaha, Old Du can do it.

After finishing those few tasks, they wont have to worry for the rest of their lives.”

“Im so envious.

When will I be as outstanding as Old Du and be able to auction exquisite stones at the auction”

“I heard that the last of the three stones have already been sold for over ten million, right”

“Tsk tsk!”

The people nearby suddenly laughed sinisterly.

Indeed, the opening of the extradimensional dimension this time was really different from the past.

Many people held the title of a Spirit Array Caster and used the Spirit Array Caster badge that they had snatched from God knows where even if it wasnt recognized by the authorities.

But at the very least, they had the right to live in the Eighth Palace.

And as the day of the White Caves opening gradually arrived.

The Eighth Palace had also transformed from an uninhabited desolate land into a place where Spirit Array Casters interacted with each other.

In this place, every person was a Spirit Array Caster.

No matter if you were a swordsman, a physique cultivator, or other miscellaneous cultivators, if you were not a Spirit Array Caster as a sub-occupation, you probably would not even have the qualifications to enter.

All of this came from Red Coats invitation to invite all the Spirit Array Casters in the world to come to the White Cave to break the array.

Admittedly, this move had indeed attracted several extremely powerful Spirit Array Casters.

But those who could exploit loopholes in the rules, no matter which world it was, were obviously many people.

And there were even more outlaws in the world.

After making sure that there were fewer Red Coats, and even disdained to interfere in low-level situations, some people directly started to engage in the black market business.

These days, the old foxes had already used their blood to teach the young people who were just starting out more than once.

Some things did not even have the qualifications to get their hands on if they were not strong enough.

There were some thresholds that even if you obtained the key, you did not even have the qualifications to walk out in front of them!

“Brother Lang, these fellows…”

A white-robed swordsman called out to the leader of the group, a young man with green hair and a wolf cut.

Facing those old foxes who were eyeing him covetously, there was already a hint of panic and fear in his voice.

After all, when he was in the Spirit Palace, even when he was out on missions, he had never met so many spiritual cultivators before.

Not to mention, these fellows in front of him looked fierce.

One look and one could tell that they were not good-natured people.

“What are you afraid of”

Luo Qinglang turned his head.

His cold brows were raised high, and his voice was filled with indifference.

“Those who have the time to put on airs here are trash.”

“Even if the White Cave opens and they can enter, they are probably the cannon fodder at the lowest level.

What are you afraid of”

“Besides, they dont have the qualifications to enter.”


He snorted coldly and closed his eyes slightly.

He glanced at the dark corners in various places.

“What you really need to be on guard against are those people who are secretly planning to attack.”

“This kind of person is the type of person who licks the blood from a knifes edge.

They will cheat, kidnap, and kill.

They will do anything they can.”

“Maybe when you fall asleep at night, they will stab you and then take the opportunity to take the three exquisite stones on you.”

“Hiss!” The white-robed swordsman felt a chill down his spine and shivered.

After pausing for a moment, he said in puzzlement, “But Brother Lang, I only have one exquisite stone!”


Luo Qinglang smiled but did not say anything.

Without further explanation, he stopped in his tracks.

His spiritual senses had already sensed the Elder hidden behind the team, but because he was a little nervous, his fluctuations were exposed.

“That darned old man, I already said that I will lead the team.

Theres no need to follow.”

“This is like a freaking pendant, hanging from a distance.

Do you really think that I wont be able to see you if you pull away”


He cursed silently in his heart.

He turned his head and smiled at a masked woman behind him.

“Miss Zhiwen, the Eighth Palace is up ahead.

Shall we go in”

Yu Zhiwens eyes were calm as she nodded calmly.

Before she could speak, another man holding a sword at the side glanced at Luo Qinglangs expression of affection and couldnt help but mutter.

“Were already in the Eighth Palace.

Why are you wasting time here and not entering”

“Cheng Xingchu, do you have any objections” Luo Qinglang turned around with a smile.


Cheng Xingchu touched his sword and resisted the urge to strike.

Did this fool really think that he could disregard his identity just because his cultivation level was a little higher than his

Such a stupid thing!

To break through to the Master realm at such a young age, wasnt this a waste of an opportunity to charge into the Holy Palace

He clearly had good talent, but for the sake of showing off his courage, what a joke!

Cheng Xingchu sneered.

If it werent for the high price he had to pay for his actions, he would have definitely taught this fellow a lesson no matter how strong Luo Qinglang was.


Forget it, just endure it.

After all, it wasnt easy to obtain two White Cave quotas from the Qinggang Spirit Palace.

“No objections, lets go in.”

He helplessly waved his hand.


Luo Qinglang did not intend to let him off.

He laughed and said, “I heard that the people from the Tiansang Spirit Palace came early and have already gone in.

Do you want to go over and greet them”

Cheng Xingchus pupils immediately constricted.

Tiansang Spirit Palace…

Wasnt that the Spirit Palace where Xu Xiaoshou was located

At that time, he was slapped in the face in front of everyone.

In the end, he failed to provoke them and ended up being slapped unconscious instead.

The image of Cheng Xingchus face flushed red.

His heart was clenched.

But a man could take it and let it go…

He had to maintain his attitude in front of Miss Zhiwen.

Therefore, Cheng Xingchu waved his hand nonchalantly.

“As you wish.”

Yu Zhiwens eyes also flashed.

At the mention of Tiansang Spirit Palace, that random guy had flashed into her mind.

At that time, she still couldnt forget the young mans “sword comes” in the great hall.

“Its not necessary.”

Yu Zhiwen shook her head very rationally.

“Different paths lead to different strategies.”

She had already obtained the White Cave quota that the Tiansang Spirit Palace couldnt get.

Presumably, when they met again, they would-be rivals.

If they met at this time, they might directly meet with weapons.

“No need… then its fine”

Luo Qinglang stroked his hair with his hands, and his gaze returned to the front, and his expression turned cold once more.

“So, Ill lead the way then”

With a few swishing sounds, the young men behind him immediately retreated.

This time, even Yu Zhiwen and Cheng Xingchu didnt dare to be arrogant, and they immediately dashed behind Luo Qinglang.

Keng Keng Keng!

Three sword sounds rang out as the three longswords were pulled out from the ring by Luo Qinglang.

Both hands and mouths were handed over one by one.


The moment the three swords were assembled, a terrifying murderous intent exploded and directly shattered the stone floor of the Eighth Palace.

This time, even the old foxes inside were all astonished.

“My God, Master”

“As expected of the guy from the Spirit Palace.

He is indeed different from the ordinary disciples of the aristocratic families.”

“A Master at such a young age Im jealous!”


The sharp-eyed pupils shrank, and shock appeared on their faces.

“Not just a Master, not just a Heavenly Image State.

This young man is in the Yin Yang State”


At this moment, the crowd at the entrance of the small town sucked in a breath of cold air.

Master realm, Yin Yang State

Even for an uncle like them, it was already not bad for him to reach the Heavenly Image State.

This young man in front of them directly surpassed the Innate cultivation of his peers by so much.

In fact, he even surpassed most of the people present.

Reaching the Yin Yang State

“Good heavens, his cultivation is at the Master stage, and he came from a powerful faction.

He should have the ability to challenge those of a higher cultivation realm, right”

“Judging from his murderous intent, this brat is definitely not a good person.

Im afraid that this wave of attacks is not something that the hidden forces of the Eighth Palace can handle.”

“Thats right.

Didnt Old Du and Cui Wei sneak up on the Tiansang Spirit Palace”

“That leader, tsk tsk…”

“Old Du started foaming at the mouth.

I heard that he doesnt even touch his wife anymore.

I wonder what kind of ability he lost.”

“What else can it be” Someone laughed evilly.

“I was present that day.

That girl named Rao Yinyin was too terrifying.

Although I cant see her cultivation level clearly, the guy in front of me seems to be quite strong.

I guess he wont be able to withstand her.”

“Are you guys crazy The information is so outdated.”

Someone mocked, “The one who is truly strong in the Tiansang Spirit Palace isnt Rao Yinyin, but a person called Tan Ji.”

“I heard that guy wanted to make a move that day, but he was suppressed.”

“However, after sunset, he charged into Cui WeisFengsheng Palace alone with a heavenly spear in his hand.

Blood flowed all over the place that night!”

“Darn, how could I not know about this”

“Isnt Cui Wei already at the peak of the Yin Yang State besides he has so many subordinates.

While that Tan Ji is alone”

“Thats right.”

“I dont believe it!”

“You dont believe it If you dont believe it, have you seen Cui Wei these past few days He must be resting somewhere!”


The onlookers were immediately attracted by the news.

It was true.

It had happened one day ago.

The Eighth Palace was not big.

However, the spiritual cultivators did not have as many interactions with each other as the common folk did.

Some of the information was not shared by others, but people who were close to each other did not know it either.

After all, many people had settled down in their own homes that day.

They had activated their largest protective spiritual array and were diligently cultivating.

Luo Qinglang was stunned when he saw the noisy scene in front of him.

He originally thought that these fellows looked ferocious and should charge forward with a single provocation from him.

With that, the three-shaped sword that he had taken out would be of use.

But why were these people talking about the sky

“Tiansang Spirit Palace”

“Tan Ji”

An existence stronger than him

Luo Qinglangs expression became fierce.

What a great opportunity to perform, but no one cooperated

He secretly lowered his head and stole a glance at the masked woman behind him.

Luo Qinglang indicated that even though he had seen countless women, he had never seen a woman with such good-looking star eyes in his life.

With just this pair of eyes, he was completely captivated.

Not giving him a chance to show off


He shall create his own chance!


A light projection of the exquisite stone was thrown up.

Luo Qinglang retracted his hand and caught it again.

However, in that instant, everyones gazes were immediately fixed on it.

“Exquisite stone”

Everyone had said that they were all from the “Tiansang Spirit Palace” Just a moment ago, but they had been blinded by the light projection of the exquisite stone.

“Dont you want this thing”

Seeing the crowd turn around, Luo Qinglang finally revealed a hunter-like smile.

“Come on, Ill set up an arena here.

Whoever can kill me can have it!”

“But, theres a price for challenging!”

He paused, bent his body and bent his sword, and said coldly, “The price is death!”

Yu Zhiwens starry eyes revealed a little confusion.

Wasnt he going to enter the Eighth Palace

Why was he setting up an arena here


Cheng Xingchu held his forehead with one hand.

He had long heard of Luo Qinglangs nickname the “Battle Maniac” in the Qinggang Spirit Palace, but he didnt expect that this fellow would go crazy and be so terrifying

He knew what Luo Qinglang was thinking!

But to challenge the entire arena just to get a smile from a beauty


“Oh my God!”

The white-robed swordsman who had been following Brother Lang at the beginning immediately felt his legs go weak.

He looked at the group of burly men whose eyes suddenly turned red as if they would pounce on him in the next second, and his scalp went numb.

“Brother Lang is starting it again.”

“Get out of the way!”

The people behind him immediately moved aside.

Luo Qinglangs fighting spirit was at its peak, and his murderous intent was rampant.

Even the broken lanterns hanging in the small towns Inn shook and cracked.

All the evil hands in the small town felt their blood boil.

The light and shadow of the exquisite stone in their minds, that desire, directly rushed to their heads.

In an instant, someone flashed and stepped out.

“Ill kill you!”


Right at this moment.

At this critical moment when the fighting spirit was burning, a slight sound came from between the two sides.

Everyones gazes couldnt help but be pulled.

It was a tall and thin figure wearing a straw hat and a thick black robe.

Behind him were two guys who were a size smaller but dressed the same.

Then, it was another person who had grown taller and dressed the same.

“Are you all looking over”

Accompanied by a low and hoarse greeting, the leader of the straw hat masked man waved his hand, and a short figure behind him did not move.

The other tall and short figure hesitated and hesitantly pushed away from the banner in his hand.

The letter:

“Masked Man Organization: straw hat.”

Below it was a line of small words: “– specializing in selling exquisite stones.”

This four-person group, what kind of stupid thing is this

Im here to start a war!

Youre here to advertise

Before he could speak, the next second, the pupils of Luo Qinglang shrank.

He wasnt the only one who reacted this way.

All the villains at the entrance of the town reacted the same way.

The leader of the straw hat organization, the Masked Man who was completely covered, sat down in front of the wooden table that was casually opened.


“Ta ta ta!”

The three exquisite stones were directly placed on the table.

Everyones eyes popped out.


The leader of the straw hat organization called out.

The wind whistled and the banner rustled.

“Take a look, come and take a look!”

“Exquisite stones, fresh exquisite stones.”

“Dont miss them when you pass by.”

“Exquisite stones, the last three are guaranteed to be authentic and not fake!”

“The rich ones can consider buying it while the poor ones can also take a look, come on.”


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