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Chapter 434: Absurd Battle Results, No Way to Raise Suspicions

A small hand was gently placed on Xu Xiaoshous shoulder.

This was the second time that Aje had seen the Monstrous Aura on “Mamas” body.

As one of its missions, it made a move again without hesitation.

However, before the absorption had begun, the red eyes of the Berserk Giant that Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into turned, and actually started having some clear consciousness.

“Wait, wait…”

He spoke with difficulty, as if he wanted to rely on his own willpower to endure the pain at this moment.

Aje stopped.

It looked at Xu Xiaoshou with curiosity, as if it was also surprised that “Mama” could endure it on his own.

However, the big guy on the other side was clearly about to lose control.

After recovering from the dazed state from seeing Zhang Taiying defeated, as the Ghost Beast Host that had already lost control, Xin Gugu could not control his desire to kill at all.

However, just as he turned his head and was about to attack the Berserk Giant beside him, Aje floated and pressed his palm against the space between his eyebrows.


A black beam of light followed Ajes arm and merged into its body.

Immediately after, the ancient bulls head on Xin Gugus back shook and shattered with a bang.

Without the support of its strength, the fellows body shrunk like a deflated rubber ball.

Then, his legs went limp and he fell from the air.

Aje withdrew his hand and its gaze moved downwards until there was a “bang” from the ground.

Then, there was an unconscious human.

“Argh –”

Xu Xiaoshou screamed in pain.

He remembered that the last time he entered the Berserk Giant form, he could already control this ability with some effort.

Originally, he had expected that this time, after activating the awakening skill, he would have enough experience to stabilize his mind.

It was a pity.

He didnt follow the proper channels.

Instead, he used an external object to enter the Berserk Giant form.

Obviously, it wasnt in his past experience.

“I still lost control…”

At this time, the various memories after transforming into the Berserk Giant had returned.

He didnt completely blackout.

He had made some progress!

Xu Xiaoshou read through the memories and clearly knew that they had used some ridiculous methods to attack the Empress Virtual Image.

This was simply too much!


It was too much of a waste of power!

If he was sober and could control the Berserk Giant on his own, then together with his other killing techniques.

It wouldnt have been such that he could not break Zhang Taiyings defense even after bombarding him for half a day!

Fortunately, Aje came forward in the end..

“One kick”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was already numb.

It seemed that every time Aje appeared, its combat strength would constantly change according to the changes of its enemy.

“That beriberi…”


“That Power of the Higher Void”

“Aje actually has the Power of the Higher Void”

Xu Xiaoshou held his aching head in disbelief.

Was it that after leaving Tianxuan Gate, this fellows combat strength had continuously improved following the passage of time

Or could it be that Aje itself was bestowed with such an ability the moment it was created

Xu Xiaoshou felt that the possibility of the former was not high.

His cultivation and combat strength had advanced at a rapid pace.

Perhaps in the world, it would be hard to find anyone who could compare to him.

But Aje..

He had never seen this fellow cultivate.

How could his combat strength breakthrough so quickly


If it was said that this fellow was bestowed with the Power of the Higher Void when he was created…

How was that even possible

If that was the case, who was the one who created Aje What method was used to preserve such spiritual intelligence

Most importantly…

Why was it in the double seal of Tianxuan Gate

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he might have really overlooked something.

When Aje was brought out of Tianxuan Gate, the terrified and slightly horrified reactions of Dean Ye Xiaotian and Elder Qiao surged into his heart once again.

“Thats right.

Why didnt I think of that at the time…”

“To be able to scare these two people, a supreme space-type Sovereign and a Spirit Array Grandmaster, just how terrifying is Aje”

Xu Xiaoshou had indeed thought of this question before.

But at that time, his knowledge about the Sovereigns wasnt that deep.

His thinking naturally couldnt reach such a depth.

But today, when he saw this fellow crush theEmpress Virtual Image with a single kick, then only did he realized just how terrifying this little boy who only knew how to callmama was.

“No, when I return to the Spirit Palace, I must find an opportunity to ask clearly.”

“Whether its the Dean or Elder Sang, they should all know.

They are all hiding something.”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt that Tiansang Spirit Palace was somewhat abnormal.

In the past, he was young, shallow, and ignorant.

He didnt understand the concepts of the so-called space-type Sovereign, the Spirit Array Grandmaster, and the seemingly invincible Vice Dean, Elder Sang.

Now that he thought about it, there was something wrong with these people!

How could a Spirit Palace be so powerful

At least, aside from those so-called founding elders, any one of those who were in charge would probably be able to beat the Sovereigns he had encountered so far.

And it was this group of powerful people, who gathered like snakes and rats… er, gathered in a nest, and even hid a big killer weapon, Aje

“Strange, too strange!”

He didnt think too much.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to think too much either.

As Xin Gugu landed, it was obvious that the bounded domain couldnt hold on much longer.

The power that was about to shatter probably couldnt even withstand a blow from an ordinary Sovereign.

But it was very obvious.

He himself wasnt the only person to be shocked by Ajes kick, the five… four great Sovereigns outside were equally as schocked!

From what his “Perception” saw, other than Fu Zhi, who had been sent flying by Ajes kick and was nowhere to be seen, the other four were still unable to recover from the sudden air-piercing shot.

Taking advantage of this gap.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly stuffed Xin Gugu, who had landed on the ground, into his Yuan mansion.

He also temporarily chased Aje into the Yuan mansion.

If not for the speculation just now, perhaps Xu Xiaoshou would have really let Aje take the blame.

But at this moment.

Ajes secret might be even more exaggerated than the Ghost Beast Hosts.

How could he expose Ajes existence and lose the greater for the less and

After finishing the remaining cleanup work, the golden giant that Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into could not hold on any longer.

His body shook, and the surface of his body began to crack, about to explode.

“Big Brother.”

At this moment, a pitiful cry came from the bottom behind him.

“Brother, theres still me.

Xu Xiaoji, have you forgotten me”

Xu Xiaoji was originally a little rock who had gained a human form.

He had planned to become a ten-thousand-year ground-crouching being.

The kind that only crouched but was not tough.

Unexpectedly, he was halfway through its process of being a ground-crouching being and was almost blown to death by the thousands of compressed fire seeds.

Then, Xu Xiaoji, who had recovered by relying on his powerful recovery ability, was probably the only existence present who had all four limbs intact and had a clear mind.

Then, he perfectly witnessed the crazy scene.

The Empress Virtual Image, The Ghost Beast Host, the Berserk Giant, Aje…

Only God knew how terrifying of an impression this bloody scene had left Xu Xiaojis tiny mind.

He was just a passer-by!

He only followed the call of his heart and wanted to pursue the traces of theCardinal Wheel!

Why, why did he have to see these things

It turned out that of the things on Xu Xiaoshous, “Lord Aje” wasnt the only one who was awesome.

The rest, including Xu Xiaoshou himself, were all existences at theLord level!

What had he done that he, Xu Xiaoji, was able to witness such a spectacular scene

“Theres no other way…”

If he still had thoughts of escaping earlier.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoji had completely dispelled this thought.

He wasnt stupid.

He knew that sometimes, as a human, if he saw something he shouldnt have, the best outcome would be to become a complete corpse.

But he didnt want to die!

Then, how to survive under the death gazes ofLord Shou,Lord Jie,Lord Gu and other peak existences became a problem.

“Yuan mansion!”

The moment he saw Xin Gugu and Aje enter the Yuan mansion.

Xu Xiaoji knew that his chance had come.

Unlike others, Lord Shou even had something as precious as Yuan mansion.

And with his intelligence, coupled with the Yuan mansion that was a unique existence that could be said to be unsolvable.

Perhaps, after the battle in the City Lords Mansion, he could still rely on his eloquent tongue to seize a chance of survival.

“I want to go in!”

“Brother, Big Brother Shou, I want to follow you!”

Xu Xiaoji almost cried out these words.

From the bottom of his heart, he felt that following Xu Xiaoshou was definitely not a good job.

But all of this seemed to have been destined from the moment he failed to extort this fellow at the entrance of the City Lords mansion.

If he didnt follow.

Then he would die!

Xu Xiaojie only hesitated for a second before he threw Xu Xiaojie, who had reverted to his human form, into the Yuan mansion.

At this time, he didnt have much time to deal with miscellaneous matters.

Whether Xu Xiaoji deserved to die or deserved to live.

These things could be resolved once he entered the Yuan mansion later.

“Good stuff!”

One had to admit that the Yuan mansion was indeed a good thing.

If he did not have this thing, he, Xu Xiaoshou, would not have dared to carry out todays plan!


As the cleanup work ended, the Berserk Giant that Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into exploded abruptly.

The golden light dots that filled the sky looked like flowing graupel.

It was a beautiful sight.

A heavy feeling of powerlessness instantly assaulted Xu Xiaoshou.

In this instant, Xu Xiaoshou felt as if his entire body had been hollowed out.

He did not even have the strength to move the corners of his mouth.

With a bang, he crashed onto the ground.

His eyelids became heavy and he wanted to faint.

“Lets sleep!”

There was no stopping him.

The best state he could be in right now was to fall asleep.

If he was unconscious, he could reject all conversations.

Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes.

The end!


“Its over.”

The red bounded domain in front of him slowly dissipated.

What was left was the endless spiritual patterns wrapped around it.

The Night Guardian did not deliberately destroy them.

He was also waiting.

He waited until the person who went to pick up Fu Zhi returned before he asked, “How was it”

Fu Zhis entire face was red.

As a Sovereign, he did not even have time to react.

He was directly smashed away by the sudden pair of buttocks from inside the bounded domain.

What a terrifying speed!

Returning like this, as expected, the battle had already ended.

Looking at the remaining spiritual patterns in front of him that restricted the Night Guardian from entering, Fu Zhis old face once again flushed red.

“It doesnt matter.”

He waved his hand and directly solved the spirit array that he had set up.

Everyone looked over.

Then, the corners of their mouths twitched.

This wasnt a battlefield!

Was this hell This was!

As far as the eye could see, there wasnt a single intact rock that was more than the size of a palm!

The deep pits that covered the ground were generally hundreds of feet deep.

Scorched dry, seeping water..

There were all sorts.

The most important thing was the completely shattered void.

The scattered spatial walls seemed to have been struck into a permanent state of injury.

Even though they were healing at a snails pace, black cracks still appeared from time to time.

The suction force of the black hole caused dust to fill the air, creating a chaotic mess.

“No one can enter this place for probably another three to five years.”

Feng Ma sighed.

This was the battle between Sovereigns.

The space couldnt withstand the full force of the attack.

Fortunately, these individuals still had a conscience and knew to open the bounded domain.

Otherwise, the most important thing for the City Lords Mansion to do next would be to hold a housewarming ceremony.

“The stench is too strong…”

The Night Guardian muttered.

When the bounded domain dispersed and the spirit array broke.

The undisguised rotten smell in here was so strong that it almost made people vomit on the spot!

“It was most definitely the Ghost Beast Host…”

“But this is the first time Ive seen a Ghost Beast Host that dares to show its fangs and claws in front of a Red Coat!” The Night Guardian snorted coldly.

Everyone fell silent.

They knew that letting the Ghost Beast Host into the city Lords mansion was a breach of duty.

However, since things had come to this, it could only mean that the Ghost Beast Host that came in this time was too strong, and everyones usual vigilance was too weak.

There was no point in pursuing the matter.

They just needed to reflect on it.


Liu Jing looked at a half-dead body that was almost not breathing floating in the water vortex in the deep pit on the ground.

She pointed and reminded the others.

Everyone tilted their heads and looked over.

Although the battle aura here was strong, the only one that still had a breath of life was indeed this one only.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

When they saw this persons face clearly, even the Night Guardian was surprised.

“Its really Xu Xiaoshou”

Feng Ma was in a bad mood.

He suddenly realized that the reason why Xu Xiaoshou asked him to talk to the Old City Lord was because of this moment


Xu Xiaoshous cultivation base was so low, how could he appear here

And he was lying here as the only survivor!

“Brother Shou”

Fu Zhis words shocked everyone even more.

Liu Jing and Feng Ma were still fine.

They had all heard Xu Xiaoshous nonsense.

Even if they didnt believe it, they were still mentally prepared.

But Qiu Xuan and the Night Guardian were shocked on the spot.

“Do you really know him”

The Night Guardian asked.

“Of course.”

Fu Zhi immediately recalled their encounter in the Sea of flowers.

“This guys attainments in spirit arrays, no, or rather, Divine Secrets, are extremely strong.

Even I cant compare to him.”

Fu Zhi exclaimed, “How can I not know him”

“Spirit arrays, Divine Secrets…”

The Night Guardians pupils constricted.

If he had doubted Xu Xiaoshous attainments in spirit arrays before.

Now that Fu Zhi had spoken, he was certain that this fellow was the real deal.

There was nothing more believable than the words of a Spirit Array Grandmaster present, and no other language could be more convincing than the affirmation given by the arrogant Fu Zhi that the Night Guardian knew.

Fu Zhi, in terms of spirit arrays, was an existence comparable to a Red Coat!

If he said such words, then Xu Xiaoshous ability to instantly solve the “Thirty-six Heavens Seal Array” was be a decided conclusion!

The Night Guardians heart was in turmoil.

So, the Red Coats group of Spirit Array Grandmasters conclusion that they obtained after studying for three months.

This fellow, he really and truly did it in a moment

“What should I do now…”

With this, even the Red Coat was in a dilemma.

Such a genius, such a figure..

Why did you have to be related to the Ghost Beast !

“The person who sent you flying just now was Zhang Taiying”He asked with a pained heart.

Fu Zhi nodded.

“How is he”

“He exploded.”

Fu Zhi replied.

Thinking of the competitor who he had fought in the past, he was a little stunned.

He was gone!

The head of the Zhang family had his head blown off in the City Lords Mansion!

It was the kind where not even his bones were left!

And the person involved, it was possible…

It was just a possibility!

It was Xu Xiaoshou..

“There are no other possibilities.”

He was different from Fu Zhi who was still slightly hesitant.

The Night Guardian immediately came to a conclusion.

He looked at Liu Jing and said, “It seems like its as the information you gave us.”

“Xu Xiaoshou and Zhang Taiying really started fighting in the City Lords Mansion.”

“However, the true contents within, the Ghost Beasts that were lured out, and the subversive results of the battle…”

The Night Guardian fell silent.

This stupid matter was too absurd and troublesome!

An Origin Court beheading a Sovereign

“Wake him up.”

The Night Guardian sighed.

If there was only one party that survived among the people involved, the matter would be very difficult to handle.

How could this be said

It would all depend Xu Xiaoshous words!

And Xu Xiaoshous words..

The Night Guardian felt desolate again.

He had completely experienced it when he was in the banquet hall.

“Theres one thing thats certain though.”

“At least, at that time in the bounded domain, there were at least two Ghost Beasts!”

Speaking of this, the Night Guardian looked at Fu Zhi and sneered, “If Zhang Taiying and Xu Xiaoshou are both Ghost Beast Hosts, then you probably wont be the City Lords Mansions master for long.”

The corner of Fu Zhis mouth twitched, and he waved his hand.

“Wake up, wake up!”

“Lets listen to Brother Shou… What this guy have to say first!”

Qiu Xuan responded and flew over, directly dragging Xu Xiaoshou, who was limp like mud, over.

“Exhaustion, shock…”

The Night Guardian probed Xu Xiaoshous wrist, nodded, and said, “Its suits for the performance of a Ghost Beast Host after its abnormal state is over.

Without a doubt, he is a Ghost Beast.”

“My thoughts are that things will change if we delay.

We might as well kill him on the spot and see what will come out of this kid.”

Fu Zhis face darkened.

But he also knew that the Night Guardian was joking.

Him being the only human witness, how could he be killed like this

“This is not a sure conclusion yet!”

As he spoke, he took out a pill and fed it into Xu Xiaoshous mouth.

“Hu ~”

“Hu ~”

The young mans body reacted.

As his breathing intensified, the reaction became more and more intense.

“Huff, Huff!”

“Uh uh…”

“En ~”

Everyone was stunned.

Hearing this increasingly strange sound, everyones expression changed.

“Uh Huh ~”

After an uncontrollable moan, Xu Xiaoshous convulsing body stopped trembling, and he finally ended that enticing throat sound.

In the next second, the energy reserve rose, and the spiritual source surged.

An invisible wind force hit everyones clothes, enlightenment arose, and the rhythm of Path when breaking through was born.

Xu Xiaoshou had broken through.

peak of the Origin Court Stage!


Everyone was silent.

Looking at the young man who slowly woke up and slowly opened his eyelids, even the Night Guardian didnt know what to say.

After fighting to death, he directly lay down and waited for someone to give him medicine.

And then, you even broke through.

Breaking through is fine, but whats with the series of moans perviously

After holding it in for a long time, the Night Guardian finally spat out a word with a sullen face.




When Xu Xiaoshou woke up again, he felt extremely good.

‘High Spirits andEternal Vitality shouldnt be able to eliminate the side effects of the Berserk Giant so quickly.

Combined with the fact that he had broken through.

Without a doubt, Fu Zhi had used a great medicine!

“Big Brother, thank you.”

“Thank you for making it in time.

Otherwise, you might not have been able to see me again.”

Fu Zhi was about to smile.


With a snort, the eyes of the Night Guardian suddenly turned cold.

“Thats right.

If we were a step later, you would have escaped back to your rat hole, right”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“Rat hole”

He seemed to have thought of something, and a look of realization appeared on his face.

“Youre talking about the Ghost Beasts, right…”

“Does senior Night Guardian believe me” He asked.


The Night Guardian was suddenly stumped by the question.

This wasnt a difficult question to answer.

But when it was asked from Xu Xiaoshous mouth, why did it feel so unsolvable


I believe you, my ass!

Dont believe


Do I have the right to not believe..

Can I

For the first time, the Night Guardian had some doubts about his own eloquence.

When he saw Xu Xiaoshous expression, he knew that this guy was going to quibble.

But, how could he behead the fellow on the spot without any evidence if he didnt give this guy a chance to speak


“There is evidence!”

The Night Guardian thought of the roars of the two Ghost Beasts.

One Xu Xiaoshou and one Zhang Taiying, it matched perfectly.

Now that Zhang Taiying was dead.

If he killed this fellow at the first opportunity, then all this would be over and done with.


That was just a conjecture after all…

“I know that senior Night Guardian doesnt believe me, but I might still have to say something…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the crowd and said hesitantly.

He knew that he couldnt quibble at this time, and he couldnt force an explanation.

An explanation was a cover-up.


“Zhang Taiying, I killed him.”

This definite statement made everyones mind go blank for a moment.

Even if they knew this would be the result, when a mere cultivator at the Innate Stage who had just broken through to the peak of the Origin Court Stage in front of them said this…

Everyone was still shocked.

“How did you kill him”

The Night Guardian coldly glared at him.

“Using my feet.”


The Night Guardian could no longer suppress the murderous intent in his eyes.

“Xu Xiaoshou, remember, you are now suspected to be a Ghost Beast Host.

There is a 99% chance!”

“I, a Red Coat, have the right to kill you on the spot!”

Xu Xiaoshou glared at him, refusing to show weakness.

“How dare you!”

As he spoke, he crawled into Qiu Xuans arms and looked at Fu Zhi.

“My Big Brother is here.

How can you act recklessly”

The Night Guardian was trembling with anger.

Fu Zhi felt that he could no longer remain silent.

He reminded, “The Night Guardian is also my big brother.”


This time, Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss.

It was as if he had just learned of the important status of the Night Guardian.

He trembled.

“Im sorry.

I was rash.”

“Tell me the details of the killing process.”

The Night Guardian was impatient.

“If there are any more unimportant minor details, Ill kill you on the spot.”


Xu Xiaoshou saw that he had finally turned into the person who could recount the whole story.

He assumed a grief attitude and immediately proceeded to tell them everything that had happened, in detail and without cover-ups.

“Its like this…”


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