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Chapter 433: Empress Virtual Image, Ghost Beast Host Body, Berserk Giant, One Aje!

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[10000 words update for the “Five-clawed Golden Dragon 88” Sect Master, all in one!]

“Higher Void Family”

“Virtual image”

Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and saw the fear in Xin Gugus eyes.

“What is a virtual image”

He asked in a low voice.

“Virtual image, strictly speaking, is also a spiritual technique.”

“But its different from ordinary spiritual techniques.

To cultivate this thing, one has to be bestowed by others.”

“And those who have the ability to bestow the virtual image on others are at least at the Higher Void Stage!” Xin Gugu explained.


This time, Xu Xiaoshou was also shocked.

Higher Void

He knew that Sovereigns were actually divided into three stages, namely the Path Stage, the Cutting Path Stage, and the Higher Void Stage.

And because the difference between the three stages was really far apart, the ones that people referred to as Sovereigns were usually referring specifically to those in the Path Stage .

Within the Path Stage Sovereigns, it could be said that there were also differences like clouds and mud between each cultivator.

Putting that aside, it was needless to say how powerful the Cutting Path Stage was.

To be honest, currently, the only person Xu Xiaoshou had seen to have the power of the Cutting Path Stage was Cen Qiaofu alone.

From what he had seen that day, the old woodcutter had only displayed a tiny bit of his ability.

As for the rest, such as the Night Guardian, Xu Xiaoshou also felt that they were at the Cutting Path Stage, but after all, he had never seen them make a move.

Now, the concept of “virtual image” actually involved an expert of the Higher Void Stage

Xu Xiaoshou instantly felt that his mouth and tongue were dry.

He had some confidence in going against Sovereigns.

If he encountered Cutting Path Stage cultivators, he might turn around and leave immediately.

However, Higher Void..

How could he match against them!

They were not even on the same level, okay

“No, theres still hope!”

“After all, the virtual image is just an illusion.

Thats just an item bestowed by Higher Voids.

Its not like the Higher Void himself came here.

We still have a chance…”

However, Xin Gugu shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Theres none.”

Xu Xiaoshou was momentarily stunned.

“How powerful is the virtual image”

“By mastering the virtual image, one will be able to master the power of the Higher Void at… 10% !”Xin Gugu said firmly.

“10% ”

Xu Xiaoshou was delighted, but looking at the extremely heavy expression of the person in front of him, he realized that perhaps his concept was wrong again.

“10%, what kind of concept is that”

Xin Gugu looked at him and sighed deeply.

“10% of a Higher Voids power can instantly defeat a Cutting Path Stage cultivator and instantly kill a Sovereign.

What do you think 10% is”

Xu Xiaoshou sucked in a breath of cold air.

This time, he looked at Zhang Taiying who was slowly rising into the sky.

His intuition told him that he was seeing a Saint descend to the mortal world.

His body, which had already been blown to pieces and was less than thirty to forty percent of its original size, was clearly still unconscious at this moment.

However, the virtual image behind him was gradually climbing higher and higher and lifted Zhang Taiying up.

“Virtual image…”

Xu Xiaoshou involuntarily gulped.

As Zhang Taiying rose into the air and the virtual image solidified, he could already see the real face of the virtual image behind him.

It was a giant-like tall virtual image of an Asura.

It had three heads and six arms, holding a halberd and a saber.

Its eyebrows were wide apart and its eyes were fierce.

It was as if it had descended from heaven.

The overwhelming and irresistible power of the Holy Path around it made people feel subservient just by looking at it.

They couldnt resist it at all.

“So this is a virtual image”

Xu Xiaoshou murmured.

“If Im not wrong, this should be theEmpress Virtual Image from the Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace of the Grand Yuan Mansion.

This way, I can guess the power that Zhang Taiying is connected to.”

Xin Gugu was also amazed.

“Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace of the Grand Yuan Mansion”


Xin Gugu nodded.

“Its not a faction from Tiansang prefecture, its not even in the Eastern Sky Realm.

So naturally youve never heard of it.”

Xu Xiaoshou silently agreed.

He stared at the three-headed and six-armed powerful virtual image and could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Then, the Empress Virtual Image, is she… is she a woman”

Xin Gugu was immediately shocked.

“Bro, what situation are we in Your focus…”


“I meant to say, this power…”

Xu Xiaoshou coughed lightly and carefully observed the substantial energy surrounding the Empress Virtual Image.

He had never seen such a terrifying power that could be condensed into something just like celestial power, using higher energy alone.

This power was from the same roots as the spiritual source, as keenly captured by Xu Xiaoshou.

However, in terms of status, it was countless times more noble than the spiritual source.

It was as if the spiritual source energy flowing in his body was no different from the sewage in the mud when it was compared to the higher energy that was like a snow spring on the Heavenly Mountains.

They were on completely different levels!

“That is the Power of the Higher Void.”

Xin Gugu knew what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking and said, “After breaking through the Cutting Path Stage, ones level will begin shifting towards the Holy Path.”

“Spiritual source that was qualitatively changed from spiritual strength in the past will undergo a second transformation at this time, and will then formthe Power of the Higher Void.”

“The Power of the Higher Void is the strongest energy below the Holy Power.

At this time, the Spiritual Cultivators would have come into contact with the Holy Path.”

“How can an ordinary person defeat a Higher Void Master, who is akin to a demi-Saint”

Xin Gugus words were full of bitterness.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored the stabbing pain in his eyes and stared straight at Zhang Taiying who was under the virtual image.

It was true that this guy had summoned this terrifying virtual image at the critical moment.

However, at the same time, the power of a Sovereign and his body seemed to be unable to bear the terrifying energy that had already touched the Holy Path.

At least, what Xu Xiaoshou witnessed with his own eyes was that this virtual image was not formed in one go.

Instead, it was slowly accumulating and evolving bit by bit.

Otherwise, Zhang Taiying, who had summoned it at the first moment, would not have been blown into pieces by the explosion and only be left with some bits and pieces.

“There is still hope!”

Xu Xiaoshou said firmly.

If Zhang Taiying was indeed awake at this moment, then he would definitely not have a good ending.

However, no matter how strong the virtual image was, if the controller was unconscious, what kind of physical damage could it do to him

“You still want to continue”

Xin Gugu was shocked.

“Dont just see that Zhang Taiying is unconscious and cant attack, with the protection of the virtual image, we cant hurt him at all.”

“How would you know if you dont try” Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists.

“Try my ass!”

Xin Gugu panicked.

“When the virtual image is formed, it will only take a breath of time to communicate with the Holy Path.

Zhang Taiyings injuries will be healed in an instant!”

“At that time, with just a point of the finger from this guy, the two of us will have to meet the King of Hell.”

“Now, instead of wanting to turn and run, you still want to be reckless”


It seemed to him to still be alright..

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his greatest enemy was right in front of him.

All he needed was to give him another stab.

The most important thing was that this person was still temporarily unconscious.

At a time like this, if he still didnt dare to make a move, then how could he be worthy of the name Xu Xiaoshou

Might as well call him Xu Xiaoji (a chicken is a word for cowards)!

“Xin Gugu, open your bounded domain and stop them,” Xu Xiaoshou instructed.

“Stop who”

Xin Gugu was stunned.

The person was unconscious, who else was there to stop

“Are you stupid!”

“The explosion was so loud just now, do you think the people in the City Lords Mansion are all deaf”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but curse.

“You mean…”

Xin Gugu finally reacted.

This Xu Xiaoshou clearly did not have the intention to end this and turn around to leave!

He still wanted to fight!

“Damn it!”

Xin Gugu cursed in his heart.

He felt if not for the sloppy uncles advise, and the fact that Greedy the Cat Spirit was behind them.

The first thing, he, Xin Gugu, would do at the moment, was to rip off Xu Xiaoshous head first.

This was completely crazy!

You also knew that the explosion would attract people over.

Yet you still refused to let go

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

Even though he was cursing in his heart, when Xu Xiaoshou still decided to make a move, Xin Gugu still did not hesitate to lend a hand.

“Blood Sea summon!”

With a wave of his hand, the dark red blood stains underground that had dried out from evaporation began to bubble again.

In the blink of an eye, the Blood Sea appeared again!

Xin Gugu flew up and faced the virtual image that had the Power of the Higher Void, unafraid of letting go of the staff in his hand.

The invisible shackles were broken, as if a heavy iron chain that was wrapped around him had been broken.

At this moment, Xin Gugus hair danced in the wind, and his aura was soaring.

“Blood Hell Prison Cage!”

The vast Blood Sea below suddenly stirred with hundred thousand feet wide waves with this soft cry.

In the next second, the wave of Blood Sea that rose into the air wrapped around them and transformed into a spherical region, directly surrounding the three of them in the sea of flowers.

In the banquet hall.

Even though Fu Yinhong begged him multiple times, the Night Guardian was unmoved.

As a Red Coat, he was responsible for solving the White Cave spirit array.

He had to make this task his first mission.

If it were any other time, he would have helped out with the affairs of the City Lords mansion.

But at this moment, the place was in turmoil.

His duty was obviously to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the old Spirit Array Masters who were comprehending the spirit array.

Even if the sky were to fall, it wouldnt be as big of a deal as this!

But right at this moment, the Night Guardians nose suddenly twitched twice.

“This stench…”

An indescribable nauseating smell came invading, and the Night Guardians expression immediately changed.

He abruptly looked in the direction of the Sea of flowers.

Shockingly, he discovered that after the first bounded domain had exploded, a second one had formed there!

“A dual bounded domain”

“A battle between two Sovereigns”

The Night Guardian frowned.

He didnt care about a battle between Sovereigns.

However, the stench of a Ghost Beast that originated from a predestined relationship moved him.

“Is there a Ghost Beast on one side of the battle”

In that instant, the discussion in the banquet hall that was clearly agitated due to panic suddenly became quiet as if ice water had been poured over it.

Murderous intent!

That cold murderous intent, which was so cold that it was tangible, made everyones hair stand on end.

Even a Master at the peak of his level, under the pressure of the murderous intent, was unable to stop his legs from turning into jelly and falling to the ground with a bang.


Fu Yinhong was sent flying by the formless aura.

She cried out in surprise as she didnt understand what was going on.

Finally, the Night Guardian regained his senses.

The Night Guardian looked back.

The ruined banquet hall, which was supposed to be filled with rubble, had been flattened by the murderous intent!

The faint powder floating in the air, as well as the shocked expressions on everyones faces, caused the Night Guardians aura to momentarily stagnate.

“Im sorry.”

“I made a mistake.”

He glanced back at the four great Spirit Array Masters, and with a wave of his hand, the four of them were awakened from the process of cracking the array, their faces full of confusion.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

With a wave of his sleeve, another four red jades flew out and landed in the hands of the four Spirit Array Masters.

“Lets put the matter of cracking the spirit array aside for now.”

“Now, my main task is here.”

After saying that, he closed his eyes and the figure of the Night Guardian instantly shattered into starlight and disappeared under everyones shocked gazes.


At the same time.

Liu Jing, who had already searched ten miles outside of the City Lords Mansion, received Fu Yinhongs message and immediately led her troops back.

A group of black armored city guards came from all directions to provide support to the City Lords Mansion.

“Qiu Xuan, this is your negligence.”

Liu Jings beautiful eyes glanced at Qiu Xuan, who was holding a black snake spear.

If this guy did not try to suck up to her by forcefully following her to carry out the search.

Then perhaps such a thing wouldnt have happened in the City Lords Mansion at this moment .

“Its my fault…”

Qiu Xuan similarly had lingering fear towards that terrifying explosion.

He didnt understand.

Clearly, the City Lords Mansion still had elder Feng and the others, and the person who stole the “Cardinal Wheel” had probably already run out.

How could such a thing happen

“Luring the tiger away from the mountain”

Qiu Xuan tightened his grip on the snake spear.

This strike was too painful!

It could be said that the moment the explosion descended, the City Lords Mansions face was completely gone!

However, what shocked the Yin and Yang Guardians even more was that when they flew back and arrived in the direction of the City Lords Mansion, they almost lost their way in midair.

“What is this!”

Liu Jings face paled.

As far as they could see, there were no tall and magnificent palace walls, no elegant and unique pavilions…

It was a wasteland!

With the Sea of flowers as the center, other than the forbidden grounds that were far away and protected by special spirit arrays, more than half of the City Lords Mansion..

Was completely destroyed!

Scorched marks were everywhere!


The Yin and Yang Guardians who were initially still laughing in their hearts that someone actually dared to attack the City Lords Mansion almost fell from the sky on the spot.

This was not a question of whether he dared or not.

At first glance, this was akin to wiping out the entire family!

“Its over.

If Boss Fu finds out about this…”

“Whoosh, Whoosh!”

At this moment, two whistling sounds of wind came from afar at high speed.

Qiu Xuan immediately turned his attention to the side, but he was completely shocked on the spot.

“Big Brother Feng”


His gaze fell on the charred figure of a savage in front of Feng Ma, and his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets!

“Boss Fu”

Liu Jing also cried out involuntarily.

This kind of explosion actually blew out the missing person, Fu Zhi

This, this, this..

How serious was the situation!

“City Lord Fu, this is my negligence.

Its all my fault for not keeping watch and running out after…”

Qiu Xuan immediately wanted to take the responsibility.

But Fu Zhi raised his hand to stop him from continuing to speak.

“Well talk about your negligence later.”

“The most important thing now is the special bounded domain in front of us!”

Fu Zhi looked at the blood-red bounded domain in front of him and fell silent.

To be honest, it wasnt as if he had never seen special bounded domains in his long life.

However, he had only seen them from the tip-top experts of the top forces on the continent.

However, such a figure…

Why would he attack the City Lords Mansion

“When I wasnt around, did Fu Xing, that fool, provoke some Holy Lands Holy Maiden”

Fu Zhis heart was gloomy.

His view of things was different, so what he saw was naturally different.

What others saw was that the City Lords mansion had been blown up.

However, he, Fu Zhi, could see from this special bounded domain alone that the City Lords mansion had been dragged into the deepest power struggle of the continent!

As expected.

In just a few breaths time.

Another figure with magnificent aura rose up without any concealment.

Fu Zhi was slightly surprised.

“Brother Night Guardian”

The Night Guardian also saw the slightly familiar barbarian in front of him.

This time, his monstrous murderous intent paused for a beat.

“Fu, Fu Zhi, Little Brother Fu”

“Is it really Big Brother Night Guardian”

Fu Zhi was delighted.

“Why are you here”

This time, the Night Guardian did not have the joy of reuniting with his old friend at all.

He only snorted coldly.

“Little brother Fu is leading a happy life, to directly go missing once youre unhappy with managing the Mansion.”

“Now, the City Lords Mansion is big and rats have sneaked in.

You dont even know that”

“Rats” Fu Zhi was stunned.

In the next second, he realized what the rats the Night Guardian meant were!

“This thing…”

Looking back at the blood-red prison cage in front of him, Fu Zhi seemed to understand something.

“Ghost Beast Host !”

Thats right!

If it wasnt for the Ghost Beast Host, how could a special realm that was so very rare even among the Sovereigns aappear in front of him so easily


“Fu Xing, that foolish son, what do you want !”

“Its fine if you flirt with the Holy Maiden of the Holy Land, but how dare you flirt with the Ghost Beast”

“Are you crazy”

Fu Zhi swore.

If Fu Xing were here right now, he would definitely beat the ass out of this foolish son.

It was one thing for him to set up a Restraining Array in front of the house to tempt him, but he actually dared to provoke a Ghost Beast

Was this something that a mere Tiansang prefecture and a mere City Lords Mansion could resist

That was something that even the Holy Divine Palace had a headache over!

“Lets skip the small talk for now.”

The Night Guardian glanced at the four Sovereigns in front of him and nodded slightly.

“Since this rat dares to cross the street today, theres no need for him to think about returning to his den.”

As he spoke, he looked at Fu Zhi.

“Little brother, I wont say anything unnecessary.

Lets put aside the casualties of the City Lords Mansion for now.

Now, all of you listen to me.”

The Night Guardian suddenly took out a red command token and shouted coldly:

“Red Coats requisition, target, Ghost Beast Host!”

Within the bounded domain.

Xu Xiaoshou used his spiritual source to take out a black-patterned bronze engraved shard.

This was a treasure that he had obtained from the devil box on the top floor of the Zhang Mansions Hidden Scriptures Pavilion after slicing the place apart with a single sword strike.

He still remembered that the moment he came in contact with the shard, he had been brought into the purgatory scene of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

If not for Aje, he might have been forced by the monstrous aura to explode and die on the spot.

However, this was a blessing in disguise.

It was also the existence of this shard that allowed Xu Xiaoshou to grasp the only way to enter the awakening skillBerserk Giant voluntarily.

He glanced at the virtual image that was about to solidify in the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little hesitant.

To be honest, it was indeed a little out of his expectations that things had come to this point.

It wasnt as if there were no ways to deal with it.

But it seemed that those were basically useless now.

It was hard to say whether it was right or wrong to continue targeting Zhang Taiying.

But sometimes.

Didnt people live for the sake of impulsiveness

A completely rational fellow who had lost his emotions and hatred, wasnt that just a.



Bah, wasnt that just a machine !

“Xin Gugu.”

Xu Xiaoshou called out.

“Whats the matter”

Xin Gugu wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked at him.

The sweat wasnt because he was tired, it was because he was panicking.

“How many Sovereigns have come”

“Five… Oh, let me calculate, four.”



“Did the Night Guardian come” Xu Xiaoshou looked at him intently.



Xin Gugus reply didnt have the slightest bit of hesitation, but it was extremely calm.

It was as if there really were only four Sovereigns coming from the outside.

Yes, four plus one!

The only terrifying one…

Someone could become a Red Coat and hunt Ghost Beasts.

At the beginning of the Cutting Path Stage, and may even go further than the Higher Void!

But, so what

In the life of a person, death was inevitable.

Either for love or hatred, or loyalty.

For Xin Gugu, perhaps the first time he came to support Xu Xiaoshou, was only for the safety of Greedy the Cat Spirit.

After that, because of that sloppy uncles death exhortation, he had no choice but to temporarily get rid of his business in the White Cave and separate from Jiao Tangtang.

But after spending these few days with Xu Xiaoshou.

It was very obvious that the hot blood in Xin Gugus heart was indeed ignited by him.

This was a madman!

It seemed that in Xu Xiaoshous dictionary, there was really only to press forwards with indomitable will.

Fear, regret..

None of them existed!

Other than to take the battle head on, it was still to take the battle head on!

However, while he was arrogant and domineering, Xu Xiaoshou could also have rather ingenious plans.

At the moments when he was happily taking his vengeance, this fellow could still take care of everyone and their emotions properly at the same time.

“Lets just say its for the house that can be calledstable…”

Xin Gugu smiled in relief.

He was not old.

On the contrary, in terms of age, he was only a few years older than Xu Xiaoshou.

However, it was such an ordinary fellow that showed him lifes excitement when he was by his side, and it was not something that his past experience of cowering like rats on the street could compare to.

The exciting life that Xu Xiaoshou was experiencing was the real deal, it could be said to be really living life.

It was as if he himself was not the Ghost Beast Host, but the other party was!

And this was what Xin Gugu truly wanted in his heart.

“Are you sure there are only four”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced from the corner of his eyes at the golden staff that had already been let go and was floating in the air.

Then, he looked at Xin Gugus upper body that had completely broke through his clothes, revealing his muscular arms.

It was awe-inspiring.

Although he could not smell the stench from that the Night Guardian mentioned, he could see it with his eyes.

Xin Gugu smiled and shook his head.

He did not directly respond.

“As long as youre happy.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and said nothing more.

He used his “Perception” to look at the five people outside the bounded domain who were already charging up their energy to attack.

He only asked, “How long can you still last”

With a “bang” sound, the muscles on Xin Gugus body instantly swelled up.

His neck twitched, and his expression seemed to start to become strange.

However, his eyes that were filled with fighting spirit were staring straight at Xu Xiaoshou.

“You should be asking, how long do we need to fight side by side before we can shatter this virtual image!”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned momentarily.

In the next second, he saw Xin Gugus body abruptly grow taller.

His right hand turned into a bloody blade and slashed towards himself.


Blood splattered.

The body that had been cut in half by the knife turned into two bloody figures.

One stood where he was and abruptly inserted his hands into the Blood Sea prison cage.

Then, his body and the bounded domain coexisted and became one.

The other exploded the golden staff on top of him into pieces with a bang.

Then, a black, cold aura surrounded it.

“He he…”

Xin Gugu laughed strangely in a hoarse voice, as if he had lost his mind.

But at this moment, his eyes turned red again, and he stared at Xu Xiaoshou.


With just one word, his back exploded, and a strange reddish black bull head slowly emerged from it.

Even Xin Gugus body grew three degrees higher, turning into a giant that could look down on the world!


With just one word, the blood in Xu Xiaoshous heart seemed to be ignited as well.

Without hesitation, he withdrew his spiritual source and tightly gripped the bronze shard in his hand.

In that moment, the familiar Monstrous Aura that was like a nightmare once again invaded his body.

The scene of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood flashed past.

Xu Xiaoshou felt the clarity in his spiritual altar was destroyed in an instant, and endless raging intent came rushing over.


A furious roar that seemed to come from an ancient forest giant instantly shattered the land.

A wild and violent golden light descended like an emperor.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly transformed into a Berserk Giant.

His red eyes had completely lost their sanity.

With both his hands, he assumed a pose of fist-to-fist.

“Bang –”

The world trembled.

Even the bounded domain suddenly trembled as if it was about to collapse.

Xin Gugu, who was still moving forward and struggling to resist the Ghost Beast form, could no longer suppress the violent emotions in his heart when he heard this sound.

“Hiss –”

His body height climbed up once more, and he actually reached the height of Xu Xiaoshou.

Immediately after, the extremely ear-piercing shrill hiss reverberated in the nine heavens!

Aje stood in a daze at a distance.

It had been bounced away by the virtual image.

After being bounced away, it stood obediently with its arms folded across its chest, waiting for Xu Xiaoshous next instructions.

Who would have thought.

The two people in front of it exchanged a few words, and each of them actually began to transform, and even became so out of reach!

The surging and loud battle roar made Ajes eyes glow red, and it excitedly opened its mouth..

“Ma ~”

There was no reaction.

“Ma ~”

Not to mention getting bigger, he did not even transform.

Aje was furious.


After a moment of silence..

Yes, there were no earth-shattering changes.

The scene became quiet.

Different from Ajes joking cry.

The roars and hisses of the two giants in the bounded domain instantly penetrated the barrier and directly swept towards the five approaching people outside.

The four Sovereigns, who had gathered up their spiritual source, felt their blood and energy flow backwards in an instant with the roar.

Their surging spiritual source almost went out of control and exploded on the spot.

Just as they were about to stabilize themselves, the hissing sound, which directly invaded their minds, directly disrupted everyones thoughts.

This time, the four were unable to suppress the strength within them.

With a bang, they were sent flying backwards into the air, and fresh blood continuously spurted out.

“Pu Pu!”

“Tsk…” The Night Guardian frowned.

This was the disadvantage of not having any experience in fighting Ghost Beasts.

These fellows had no idea that the moment a Ghost Beast Host transformed, its hiss could even cause a Higher Voids breath to become chaotic.

At this time, it was obviously best to not gather strength and attack.

However, when the Night Guardian realized this point and wanted to tell the others, it was already too late.

Fortunately, these guys had decent foundations and were able to withstand the roar at the beginning of the battle.



The Night Guardian became even more anxious.

It was precisely because he was familiar with Ghost Beasts and had experience in hunting them that he felt such soul-stirring emotions.

The cry of a Ghost Beast could only be fixed.

How could there be two onomatopoeic words,roar andhiss, appearing at the same time

What the hell…

There were actually two Ghost Beasts in the small City Lords Mansion

At this moment, the Night Guardian felt a chill run down his spine.

He turned his head to look at Fu Zhi.

He even had the heart to rip his little brothers head off at this point.

How did he manage the place

So this is the so-called harmonious Tiansang city and City Lords Mansion under your rule

The Blood Sea Prison Cage.

It was like a scarlet extradimensional world.

Inside and outside the bounded domain, it was really two different worlds.

Looking into the void.

Behind Zhang Taiyings body with closed eyes was the three-headed, six-armed, Asura-faced, sword-wieldingEmpress Virtual Image.

The terrifying Power of the Higher Void turned into a real fog that covered the empresss body like a veil.

And under the virtual image.

One was the arched back burly figure of the head of the ancient bull that was dozens of feet tall.

Its black fangs and fingernails were like steel blades that gave off a ghastly color as it desperately grabbed onto the cracked earth.

The ghostly energy that was rising was like a phantom possessing a body, adding a sense of recklessness and terror to Xin Gugus posture of bared fangs and brandished claws.

The other was the Berserk Giant that was completely different from the sinister-colored Ghost Beast Host who was standing side by side.

The dazzling golden light was like a scorching sun, burning the night sky.

The smooth, perfect, and robust muscles, the stance of fist-to-fist and the angry roar, as well as the brilliant golden light spots that surged around his body…

He was like a reckless monk who had escaped from the Buddhist sect, the Berserk Giants body exuded an overbearing aura!

Almost at the same time.

When they felt the suffocating aura above their heads, even if they had lost their rationality, the Ghost Beast Host and the Berserk Giant immediately aimed at the Empresss virtual image.

“Boom! Boom!”

The floor exploded again.

Riding the hurricane, the two giants shot out at the same time, resisting the oppressive power of the Higher Void.

One raised its claw, the other raised its fist, and they directly shot towards the Empress Virtual Image which was in the air.

As the strange-colored energies pushed forward, they actually began to interweave, forming a torrent that shot straight at Zhang Taiying.

Zhang Taiying still had his eyes closed.

His injuries were too severe.

Xu Xiaoshous250 wrapped fire seed was really not something that an ordinary Sovereign could handle.

Even one was able to take the attack, he would then become like an idiot (250), becoming motionless.


Even so, the Empress Virtual Image, which had no one controlling it, could still feel the the special power torrent with intersecting overbearing and sinister aura.


The six arms crossed, and the illusory weapon directly blocked in front of the unconscious Zhang Taiying.

The purple-black and golden energy torrent directly struck the six arms of the Asura.


With a violent boom, the sky and earth changed color and the void collapsed.

Just the aftershocks of the punch and claw were enough to shatter the space.


Facing the Empress Virtual Image that possessed the Power of the Higher Void.

Even if it was a terrifying combined attack from the Ghost Beast Host and the Berserk Giant, it couldnt even force the person in front of it to move the slightest.

It was a qualitative suppression!

The ghostly energy of the Ghost Beast Host was strong, and the Berserk Giants berserk energy was also very strong.

But in its essence, the original hosts of these two were only Sovereigns…

Uhm, the Sovereign Stage and the Innate Stage.

How could the light of a firefly compete with the radiance of the bright moon

If Xu Xiaoshou still had consciousness at this time, perhaps he would really consider merging the power of himself and the Ghost Beast Host.

Perhaps, he could really rely on accumulating “Numbers” and “Degrees” to achieve a qualitative change.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs.

The two red-eyed giants were like bulls in heat.

When they realized that they could not even lift the yarn skirt of the Empress virtual image with all their strength.

They were both furious!

Moving in the air, their four arms that were raised backwards were like the calm before a storm.

In the next second, the wind whistled past.

“Boom, Boom, Boom, boom…”

The terrifying sound was as if the bell-ringer in the ancient battlefield had gone mad.

Twitching, it directly met the war drum formed by the six arms of the Empress virtual image.

The originally shattered space was about to heal itself.

Who would have thought that the two giants attack just now was only a prerequisite!

When the rain-like drumbeats sounded in the void, the space within the entire bounded domain could no longer withstand this force.

It exploded!

It was like a fairy was scattering flowers.

With every punch, the sparkling domain fragments were blasted out and fell to the ground like it was free.

The Blood Sea Prison Cage shook.

Xin Gugu, in human form, had his hands on the bounded domain wall and they had fused into one.

His body was twitching crazily as the bell tolled.

However, the ghastly ghostly energy that emitted from his body would supply a flicker of energy to support the domain each time it was about to be blown apart.

It wasnt much, but it was just enough.

It was enough to stabilize them.

“Boom, Boom, Boom, boom…”

The five people outside the bounded domain had just adjusted their states and gathered their energy.

However, the crazy drumbeat almost blew them away.

“Whats going on”

Fu Zhi turned his head as he asked.

Didnt they say that the transformation of a Ghost Beast was only accompanied by a roar

When he turned his head, he saw that even the Night Guardian had fallen victim to the trap.

He was trying his best to recover his unstable breath.


A hint of awkwardness flashed across the Night Guardians face.

“Theyre killing each other” Fu Zhi didnt bother with the details and went straight to the point.

“It doesnt seem like it.”

The Night Guardian shook his head.

From the sound, it was true that there were two Ghost Beasts inside.

Their strength was so strong that even the bounded domain was not able to suppress them.


This was not the sound of killing each other!

Instead, it sounded more like two people beating the drums together

What kind of drum was so powerful that it could withstand the crazy attacks from two Ghost Beasts

Even if he, the Night Guardian, went, he would not have the confidence to do so!

After listening for a while, the crowd outside was indeed dumbfounded.

“No counterattack”

There was only the sound of attacks, but there wasnt even the slightest hint of resistance

“What kind of inhumane thing is happening in this small black room…”

Fu Zhi murmured and suddenly looked at Feng Ma.

“If they are Sovereigns…”

“Are there any experts beyond the Sovereign Stage in the city Lords Mansion that have managed to sneak in” He asked.

Feng Ma pondered but didnt have an answer.

Instead, Liu Jing who was on the side suddenly seemed to recall something.

“Zhang Taiying!”

“It might be Zhang Taiying inside!”

“What” Everyone was surprised.

“Are you kidding Zhang Taiying will be crushed by two Ghost Beasts!” Feng Ma said in surprise.


Fu Zhi lowered his voice and thought as he said, “When Zhang Taiying was young, he did fight his way out of the Eastern Sky Realm.

At that time, I remember that he seemed to have come into contact with the people of Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace.”

“Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace” the Night Guardian was surprised.

“Those muscle mans”


Fu Zhi nodded.

“But it should be impossible for him to have got in close contact with them.

So, there is no reason for Zhang Taiying to be able to resist the crazy attacks of two Ghost Beast Hosts…”

Liu Jings face turned red.

The Night Guardian narrowed his eyes and agreed, “Those guys from Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace are too arrogant.

Its impossible for them to think much of Zhang Taiying.”

“If that guy could get the inheritance, he wouldnt be living in the little Tiansang Prefecture…”


Seeing everyones face suddenly turn black, the night watchman paused and said, “Im not criticizing you.

I mean… just, just…”

“Just that.”

He suddenly felt relieved.

Everyones teeth itched with anger, but there was nothing they could do.

Fu Zhi did not become caught up in anger and continued to ask, “Liu Jing, why are you so sure that Zhang Taiying is inside”

“The little Princess said it!”

Glancing at the Night Guardians puzzled eyes, Liu Jing explained, “Yin Hong said it.

She said, said…”

“What did she say” Everyone looked over at the same time.

“She said that… Zhang Taiying is not the only one in there.

Xu Xiaoshou should also be there.”

“The movement in this place is actually the battle between these two people”

Fu Zhi:

Big Brother Shou

He was not the only one who was surprised.

Everyone was stunned.

The Night Guardian was the only one who came from the banquet hall.

He knew a little about the situation.

However, even though he was a little suspicious then, after seeing such a movement, he no longer thought that it was something that Xu Xiaoshou could do.

But if that was the case…

“Xu Xiaoshou”

“Ghost Beast”

The Night Guardian suddenly thought of the scene when the two of them first met at the City Lords Mansions entrance.

As well as the smell of a Ghost Beast that he smelled…

“He lied to me”

If he was a Ghost Beast Host, then there would be a direct answer to the question as to why Xu Xiaoshou could have such combat power at such a young age.

Fu Zhi didnt believe it.

But now, whether he believed it or not would depend on the moment the bounded domain was broken.

If there was a space-type Spiritual Cultivator present, perhaps everyone could cross the special bounded domain and see the battle inside.

But unfortunately, there wasnt one here.

“Brother Night Guardian, lets work together.

After we break this thing, the answer will naturally be revealed!” Fu Zhi asked.

The Night Guardian slightly raised his sleeve and only smiled lightly.

“Theres no rush.”

“If there are two Ghost Beasts inside, and there is an existence that is comparable to the combat power of two Ghost Beasts, why do we have to take the extra step and break the bounded domain ahead of time”

He waved his hand, signaling for everyone to relax.

“Do you have a tea set”

“Lets drink some tea to wake up and then play a game of chess.

When the black and white in the game are all finished, wont the situation be solved then”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and an expression of sudden realization appeared on their faces.

They secretly sighed that this wave of taking advantage of the situation was really a good tactic!

“Very well.”

Fu Zhi raised his hand, and spiritual patterns flew out from his hand.

“Brother Night Guardian is right.

In that case, Ill set a trap for them first!”

The Night Guardian nodded with a smile and looked up at the Moon.

Two Ghost Beasts in one night.

This contribution..

Tsk Tsk!


“Boom Boom Boom…”

The two giants didnt know that the outside world had already started to set up an inescapable net, and they were still desperately attacking the Empress Virtual Image in front of them.

It was true that the relentless attacks were completely effective.

Although the Empress never moved.

However, the protected Zhang Taiying who was still missing some parts eyelids twitched and he woke up.


The moment he opened his eyes, the ferocious Ghost Beast and the dazzling giant in front of him gave him a fright.

Zhang Taiying was completely dumbfounded.

It was as if he had lost his memory.

He felt that the explosion just now not only blew up more than half of his body, some memories that did not belong to him also emerged.

“Was I not fighting with Xu Xiaoshou”

“The two people in front of me… What the hell are these two things”

He could not be blamed for his heart palpitating.

It was true that any species, when faced with two huge monsters at the same time which both appeared within sight the moment one opened his eyes, and they were still in a berserk attack state…

No one could be as calm as an elk.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Realizing that he was indeed under the protection of the Empress Virtual Image, Zhang Taiying carefully looked at the two monsters in front of him and finally saw something familiar.

Wasnt this berserk power an enhanced version of Xu Xiaoshou

Wasnt that bloody smell also the abnormal mode of the young Sovereign beside Xu Xiaoke


Although he wasnt sure in his heart, the change in the two people in front of him made Zhang Taiying realize it.

Not only did he have a trump card, but these two young people also had extraordinary strength.

But unfortunately…



“Hahahaha –”

Zhang Taiying pulled his broken body upright, and a sick smile appeared on his face.

“Xu Xiaoshou, no matter how powerful of a trump card you have, how can you compete with me”

“How can you compete with the virtual image that the Great Void Family of Zhaoluo gave me”


Great Void was the honorific title for a Higher Void Stage cultivator.

Zhang Taiying trembled and wanted to clench his fist, but he realized that he didnt even have a fist anymore.

However, the life force of a Sovereign made him unable to die even if only half of him was left.

Moreover, he still had the protection of the “Empress”!

“Power of the Higher Void, bestow!”

He shouted without hesitation and began to control the Empress Virtual Image.

In just an instant, the grand image of Asura shook slightly.

Then, a holy light blessing descended.

In an instant, Zhang Taiyings injuries all recovered!

“I have used 30% of my full strength…”

Zhang Taiying grimaced in pain.

This Empress Virtual Image was a treasure bestowed to him after he had saved the Holy Son of Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace by chance when he was young and traveling the world.

This thing had a power restriction.

When all the power was exhausted, he, Zhang Taiying, would truly lose this heaven-defying tyrannical spirit technique.

Normally, he wouldnt even be willing to activate this virtual image.

But now, just defense and healing alone had used up 30% of his power…

Zhang Taiyings heart was bleeding.

But at the same time..

He looked at his left arm.

It was no longer empty, but filled with a feeling of fullness.

Previously, he was limited by the lack of a “Rejuvenation Pill”, coupled with Elder Zhous Buji Blade Will, his physical body, which even a Sovereign could not recover on his own, was actually restored at this moment.

“As expected of the Power of the Higher Void…”

Zhang Taiying praised.

Then, he looked at the two monsters in front of him with a ferocious expression.

“Since youve forced me to summon theEmpress, then both of you can go to hell!”

His heart skipped a beat.

Zhang Taiying, who was about to make a move after shouting, suddenly felt a moment of heart palpitations.

The sound of the wind…

This speed…

He turned his head to the side.

As expected, the head of the little boy, who might be appearing in his nightmares often in the future, popped out again.


Zhang Taiying retreated in fear.

Just now, a hug from the little boy almost sent him to Heaven.

But now, he looked at the other party.

Under such an explosion, there was no damage at all

“What kind of monster is this”

Zhang Taiying was shocked.

Everything that was done and could be done by Xu Xiaoshou and the people or things surrounding him had truly exceeded his expectations.

It was as if in front of this fellow, his world view and so on couldnt be established at all.

Any action of his, no matter how small, could destroyed and annihilate everything at will.


“Hahaha, little brat, can you come in now” Zhang Taiying said ferociously.

Under the protection of the “Empress”, unless Aje could break through the Power of the Higher Void, then no matter how terrifying the nightmare was, this guy couldnt get close to him!


Aje tilted its head and called out softly.

It had already given up on the dream of becoming bigger, but this person in front of him, “Mummy” had given him instructions that he could be killed.

Slowly, Aje lifted his little feet.

Zhang Taiying was immediately amused.

“Are you kidding me”

He pointed at the two behemoths that were crazily attacking the six arms of the Empress.

He stretched his neck and said happily, “Even these two monsters cant break through the defense.

Do you really think youre invincible”

“Break through the Empress”

“With what With your beriberi”

Aje blinked and a red light flashed.

In the next moment, an earthy yellow aura gushed out from its feet.


Zhang Taiying was stunned.

This scene was too dramatic.

A little brat actually released its beriberi in front of the Empress Virtual Image, which was even taller than the two behemoths

And it was earthy yellow

Zhang Taiying almost fainted from joy.

However, when the earthy yellow beriberi had reached a certain level, Zhang Taiying became diffident.

A familiar power emerged.

That was..

“The power of the Higher Void”

Zhang Taiying was driven mad.

Ajes beriberi actually emitted a smell that originated from the same source as the Empress Virtual Images Power of the Higher Void.

“This is impossible!”

Zhang Taiying hugged his head, stared blankly, and shouted in alarm.


It was another gentle call.

This time, Zhang Taiyings hair stood on end.

“No, dont…”

How could Aje understand human language!

It directly passed by the two red-eyed giants.

Its bare little feet carried an earthy-yellowish aura as he kicked out in a very ordinary manner.


After a dull sound.

The wild and restless scene suddenly became deathly silent.

Crystal-clear space fragments shot out along with the attack, but bizzarely slowed down in the void.

The battle fragments that fell to the ground also stopped making banging sounds.

Instead, they were silent.

The Ghost Beast Host and the Berserk Giant stopped their attacks at the same time.

They looked at each other and seemed to be dumbfounded as well, as if they still had consciousness at this moment.

The Empress Virtual Image which had been hit by Ajes little feet, suddenly stopped moving with a sound of “crack”.

“The sound has appeared”

Zhang Taiyings heart was in his mouth.

He only hoped that this sound of “crack” was not the one he thought it was.

But in the next second, his hopes were dashed.

After only half a breath, the Empress Virtual Image began to dim.

When the light was less than a certain degree, cracks began to appear on the virtual image.


Zhang Taiyings eyes were bloodshot.

He screamed, but it was useless.

Ajes little feet were still there.

After the Empress Virtual Image was broken, the remaining Power of the Higher Void was not enough to withstand the earthy yellow foot aura.


A swirling cyclone appeared.

The Empress exploded!

Zhang Taiying was the first to bear the brunt.

Having lost his defensive ability, he disappeared into the cyclone like he was teleported in the blink of an eye.

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

His figure could no longer be seen at all.

However, the sonic boom that was kicked out by Aje in the air drew out the trajectory of his movement very clearly.

Under Aje, the two red-eyed monsters turned their heads at the same time, their eyes following the trajectory of the sonic boom.

Their appearance actually had a hint of cuteness amidst the malevolence.


When the sonic boom connected to the bounded domain wall, there was no doubt that the human-form Xin Gugu couldnt hold on any longer, and his entire body exploded into a pool of blood.

And the Blood Sea Prison Cage didnt even have the effect of hindering the sonic boom.

It was broken with just a touch.


Fu Zhi was already in the air, gesticulating and manipulating the spirit patterns.

When the explosion inside suddenly became a little strange, he already felt that something was wrong.

However, the bounded domain was actually blasted apart by this small explosion.

This was something that he could not understand even until he died.

Thus, Fu Zhi, who was stunned with his mouth agape, could only see a pair of bloody buttocks that flashed by in a flash.

Immediately after that, there was darkness in front of him.

“What the F*ck!”

A sharp pain hit him, and he was flung up into the sky.


A ray of light exploded in the night.

The explosion was too far away, and no useful signals could be heard at all.

The entire place was dead silent.

Those outside and those inside were all silent.

One kick, goal!

The battle was over!

Only Aje, who only tilted its head slightly and remained emotionless, looked at the blood-red bounded domain above its head that was beginning to heal on its own and murmured softly.



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