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Chapter 431: Detonation, Night of Stars, 250 Wrapped Fire Seeds

“Xu Xiaoshou, Zhang Taiying seems to have sensed something and is probing…”

Xin Gugu used telepathic communication secretly.

Xu Xiaoshou silently nodded.

Zhang Taiying was too calm and vigilant.

Even if his spiritual senses couldnt detect any other clues, he didnt give up on investigating this place.

Although his spiritual senses were not useful, he could still rely on the Perception Spiritual Techniques.

In Zhang Taiyings view, Xu Xiaoshou was outstanding enough, being able to lure him here.

Without other ambushes, could only the two of them take him down

Zhang Taiying doubted that.

After all, this was the Xu Xiaoshou who was able to deceive the world and pretend to be weak in front of the three Great Sovereigns of Zhang Mansion!

Would someone with such a strong heart fool himself like this

Was it a suicide attempt



“Nothing else is coming up”

There was no response from the “Jade Profound Heaven Sound that was secretly activated.

This showed that there were nobody else here besides Xu Xiaoshou and Xin Gugu!

Zhang Taiying frowned.

“That young man…”

Was he no longer the straw-hat young man who forced Zhang Taiying to retreat in the Zhang Mansion

Zhang Taiying could not believe it.

But it turned out to be true.

He was not good at Perception Spiritual Technique and had tried his best in investigation.

If Zhang Duoyu was here, perhaps he would have found something better.

But now…

“Forget it.”

Even if there were other variables, Zhang Taiying could not let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Xu Xiaoshou had to die!


With a wave of his arm, an illusory light curtain instantly enveloped the entire sea of flowers.


Xu Xiaoshous heart trembled.

He had suffered from the Red Dog and knew how terrifying it was.

After taking lead in the Arena, the domains master was practically the god of this space, almost unstoppable.

However, at this moment, he was no longer fighting alone.

“Blood Sea summon!”

As expected, a cold yell came from behind him.

It was different from the traditional Sovereign domain.

Xin Gugus domain was not a closed spherical barrier.

Instead, it arose directly from the ground in the form of a Blood Sea.


Blood spread out from the ground.

As if floating on the lava, the boiling blood bubbles burst one after another and made cracking sounds.

Zhang Taiying was shocked too when he saw the instantly-overflowing Blood Sea.

“Special domain”

This kind of special ability wasnt something that ordinary people could cultivate.

Even though he had the Ancestral Bear Spirit body, he had only completed the ordinary barrier-type domain.

However, at this moment, the different forms couldnt be used to judge the strength of the domain.

On the contrary, as for Xin Gugus Blood Sea, at least his barrier-type domain could block out all the screams that would happen afterwards.

It would block out the last cries of the two people in front of him too!

Although Xu Xiaoshou stood out among the younger generation, but they were not on the same level.

Xu Xiaoshou had nothing else that could attract Zhang Taiyings attention apart from the incident of destroying the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion in Zhang Mansion.

Thus, Zhang Taiying was very clear.

Tonight, Xin Gugu was his only opponent, Xu Xiaoshou was nobody!

“Blood Sea”

Zhang Taiying looked at Xin Gugu.

“Youre very good.”

“It seems that you havent unleashed your full potential that day.”

Zhang Taiying praised from the bottom of his heart.

To be able to cultivate a special domain at such a young age, it showed that Xin Gugu was definitely a genius.

“Unfortunately, you followed the wrong person,” Zhang Taiying shook his head.

“Its, its alright.”

Xin Gugu didnt comment.

He also felt that he followed the wrong person.

But there was nothing he could do.

A fight would still be a fight.

An argument would still be an argument.

“For me, I wouldnt fight with disabled in the past.

Yet, Its different now.

Its indeed the first time Ive teamed up with someone to bully a one-armed man!”

Xin Gugu said while looking at Zhang Taiyings empty long sleeves.

Zhang Taiyings eyes instantly turned cold.

He didnt talk further.

Stalling for time wasnt good for his plan.

“If you cant get used to it, then you wont see me again!”

He waved his sleeves.

Under the pressure of his magnificent aura, the boiling Blood Sea under him was instantly suppressed.

In terms of cultivation level, Zhang Taiyings profound foundation was unrivalled by any Sovereign.

However, Xin Gugu was not a pushover either.

His combat strength was the same as Xu Xiaoshous, which was not measured by cultivation level too.


The Staff in his hand suddenly spun, and Xin Gugus entire body was about to propel forward.

Right at that moment, Xu Xiaoshou immediately gave him another glance.

“Just stand still.”

Why did this guy always have to be so impulsive

Couldnt he just be a mage

Xin Gugu held back his momentum, but it was obvious that he realized something.

At that moment, the spirit array might attack whoever moved first.

“Blood Pillar Technique!”

With a wave of the Staff, a blood pillar slowly broke through the suppression and moved towards Zhang Taiying.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

This guy didnt have to be so obvious if he wanted others to move!

Zhang Taiying was obviously not a pushover either.

He sensed something wrong here in the beginning.

Although there was no response from the “Jade Profound Heaven Sound”, the best way was not to play along with what the enemy wanted.


There was neither attack nor movement.

With just a frown, the blood pillar that was climbing up from below instantly exploded.

“Haha, one-armed guy, youve been tricked!”

Xin Gugu suddenly burst into laughter.

He threw the Staff, formed a seal with both hands, and pointed with his fingers.


The blood pillar fragments turned into countless threads.

They instantly cut out black space cracks in the air and headed straight for Zhang Taiying.

“Blood Thread Tear, order!”

Ten thousands of blood threads that were like blooming epiphyllum suddenly snapped towards the center of the sky.

The extremely sharp blood threads slashed across the sky like the huge mouth of a silent ancient beast.

Even Xu Xiaoshou felt a chill down his spine.

Such a sharp attack, even a Master might not be able to withstand it!

Zhang Taiying also noticed that.

He was not a Master.

If he solely depended on his physical body, the only outcome was be torn into pieces by the blood threads.


However, up until this moment, he did not move an inch.

With a furious roar, black fur began to grow on his body.

With an exploding violent aura, Zhang Taiyings cold eyes turned red and his body glowed with an illusory light.

“Heavenly Martial Vajra!”

With a shout, the light on his body instantly turned into a hydra-headed Vajra image.

It enveloped Zhang Taiying and waved its arms towards the blood threads that were slashing from all directions.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Vajra arm would appear in time to catch nearly every attack from the blood threads.

And every time it clenched its palm, it could directly shatter hundreds of blood threads.

With a terrifying explosion, the energy that were scattered everywhere and filled the space with beaming light.

“Spirit array”

At that time, Zhang Taiying finally realized that something was wrong.

The spirit array race that was affected by the aftershocks of the battle clearly couldnt hide anymore and began to reveal their true forms.


When the trap didnt work, Xu Xiaoshou let out an angry curse immediately .

But he was not upset.

He did not set this up earlier with the hope to kill Zhang Taiying directly.

It was no surprise that it would be discovered at this moment.

In fact, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt believe that Zhang Taiying took so long to notice this great array.

“As a Sovereign, isnt it a little too late for you to react”

Since the hidden spirit array failed to serve as a sneak attack, then just get in there and die!

Xu Xiaoshous expression turned vicious.


Five violent Refined Fire Seeds slipped out between his fingers abruptly.

It was different when he was conducting alchemy.

The fire seeds enormous energy shouldnt be suppressed in a battle.

In fact, under Xu Xiaoshous deliberate guidance, this thing was even more terrifying than usual.


Zhang Taiying, if you dont move, then I, Xu Xiaoshou, will help you!

Throwing the Refined Fire Seeds in his hand like a discus, Xu Xiaoshou pulled back his arm.

At that moment, in the whistling sound of the wind, Zhang Taiying and Xin Gugu could clearly see that this guy had five spirit threads in his hand, which were respectively guiding the five Refined Fire Seeds flying in front of him.

“What the hell”

Zhang Taiying was shocked.

Spirit thread

This was similar to spiritual vein, which was clearly the trick of a Spirit Array Caster.

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not use it to cast an array.

Instead, he used it in a real-time combat.

“What should I do”

Xin Gugu took Xu Xiaoshous attack seriously.

Although Xin Gugu knew that Xu Xiaoshous cultivation level was only at Innate Stage, his true combat strength could not be dictated by cultivation.

“Get down, hold your head!”

Xu Xiaoshou instructed.


Xin Gugu stood still for a while before he did it without a word.

Next, he used his spiritual senses to look at Xu Xiaoshou, who had an incomparably solemn expression.

With his arm pulled back, the flying speed of the Refined Fire Seed was immediately controlled.


With a gentle noise, the leading Refined Fire Seed slowed down hastily.

After that, it was caught up and engulfed by the fire seed behind it.


After nesting, a dauntingly scorching aura filled up the entire scene.


With another sound, the third fire seed also followed and engulfed the nesting fire seed in front of it.


With that, it seemed like it was going out of control.

“Double Nesting”

Xin Gugu turned pale.

It was good enough to withstand such a berserk energy for once, but Xu Xiaoshou actually used a Double Nesting

Zhang Taiyings heart shook a little.

What kind of background was Xu Xiaoshou from

At Innate stage, how could he own such daunting spirit technique

“Double Nesting…Thats it”

According to his plans, it was clearly more than this!

Xu Xiaoshou definitely had more than this.

That day, at the back street of Plenty Gold Company, he had indeed used aWrapped Fire Seed Technique.

However, the extremely high speed and failure to cause true damage to the enemy at that time made him reflect deeply.

What was the use of having a powerful spirit technique

It would only be great when it strike on the enemy!

Therefore, after upgrading his “Cooking Expert” to Master level, he leveled up again with his flame manipulation, in order to fight against the super powerful Sovereign, Zhang Taiying.

Right now, without further ado, he used the combination of “Cooking” and “Weaving” that had only existed in his imagination.

He used multiple nesting techniques along the way..

“Wrapped Fire Seed Lotus!”


With a loud scream, the super powerful energy could no longer be contained after the Double Nesting.

It emitted a crisp sound when it approached Zhang TaiyingsHeavenly Martial Vajra.



The fourth fire seed swallowed the third one.

The fifth one swallowed everything and turned into a scorching hot sun!

Right then, even with the protection of the top-tier Sovereign spiritual technique, the “Heavenly Martial Vajra”, Zhang Taiying thought that was end of his life.

He felt pins and needles.

Then, his bent his knees…

He couldnt see.

He couldnt see anything!

The white shadow covered everything.

In an instant, it covered the entire domain.

The daunting scorching energy instantly burned off Xu Xiaoshous spiritual thread and then blossomed under the white light.


A large, black lotus flower bloomed under the dazzling white figure.

Following that, a rumbling, earth-shattering sound was heard.

This was not the end.

Following the detonation of outer layer, the Wrapped Fire Seed that was incompletely fused during the forced compression suddenly exploded.


Xin Gugu was stunned looking at the space fragments, scattered all over the place.


He raised his hands and quickly glanced at Xu Xiaoshou, only to realize that this guy was already lying on the ground in a strange position.

Perhaps, Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to trigger the spirit array

Was spirit array still his concern at that moment

What was he trying to do

“Is he crazy”

“He actually called me over, but Im the one who has nothing better to do”

Xin Gugu was shocked.

He didnt know what was in Xu Xiaoshous mind, but the attack in front of him had indeed achieved the Sovereigns level.

It was even an attack that was far beyond the level of an ordinary Sovereign.

It was fatal!

Initially, not only did Zhang Taiying think that Xin Gugu was his opponent tonight, even Xin Gugu felt that Xu Xiaoshou was at most a spectator who could manipulate the situation.

Out of Xin Gugus expectation, Xu Xiaoshou only brought him here to use his domain.

Then, Xu Xiaoshou wanted to take a revenge on his own

“Crazy, insane, is he still a f*cking human”

“You are the Ghost Beast Host, right”

“With this damage, are you really a f*cking Innate level”

The explosion rose up and a huge black hole appeared.

Xu Xiaoshou survived in the first attack and his body was covered in burns.

However, with “Eternal Vitality”, this was not a big deal.

Others didnt know how the battle was going, but his “Perception” could clearly see it.

Just now, Zhang Taiying didnt plan to receive this attack!

When the “Wrapped Fire Seed Lotus” shot his face, Zhang Taiying didnt even try.

He directly stomped on the ground and flew out.

Of course, he was one step ahead.

As expected, the remaining explosion damage incinerated the “Heavenly Martial Vajra” in split seconds.

It even smashed this one-armed middle-aged man onto his own domain barrier.


The enveloping domain barrier showed signs of melting under this attack.

Xu Xiaoshou was just about to ask Xin Gugu to repair it.

He didnt want the sound of battle to be heard.

However, unexpectedly, the domain barrier that was about to melt was repaired immediately again.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”


Zhang Taiying flew back, opening his eyes wide in anger.

“I thought you were just here to be a bystander.

I didnt expect that you could become an attacker with your Innate level cultivation!”

“But, how many times can you hit me with this kind of damage”

“Cultivation and your spiritual source limits are your absolute weaknesses!”

Zhang Taiying, who was roaring toward the sky, actually didnt look too good.

His body was full of holes.

Even with the Ancestral Bear Spirit body and Sovereign cultivation, he was severely injured by this explosion.

Xu Xiaoshou was indeed a Innate level cultivator, but his moves could easily match a Masters spiritual techniques.

The most frightening thing about Xu Xiaoshou was that he could combine all the Master-level spiritual techniques and push them forward in battle.

He could even take it head-on and cause damage that was beyond the level of a Sovereign!

“Spiritual source”

Xu Xiaoshou checked his energy reserve.

It was true that this attack had emptied 99% of his spiritual source.

His cultivation was indeed severely injured.

Although he had “High Spirits”, it was too late to recover at this moment.


“Hey one-armed man, do I need so much to deal with you”

“You lost when you retreated.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and shook his head with a faint smile.

He said indifferently, “You knew that you shouldnt move.

But why didnt you dare to face the five fire seeds”

After saying that, he raised his hand.

The Double Nesting Spirit Array lit up by Zhang Taiying during his retreat shone bright again.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

The sound of explosions in all directions did not make Zhang Taiying change his expression at all.

When he heard the explosions that were much weaker than before, he showed a mocking smile, “Thats it”

Even Xin Gugu nearly burst out.

He saw Xu Xiaoji getting blown up before.

But why was the sound of the explosion this time so weak

“Thats it”

Xu Xiaoshou repeated as he slowly spread his hands.

Next, the densely packed threads at his fingertips instantly covered an endless sea of flowers.

After the spirit array exploded, the secrets within it were revealed.

There were nothing else.

They were all the same.

They were all Refined Fire Seeds!

As far as the eye could see, there were more than a thousand of them!

“Isnt it good to be alive”

“Must you give up the damage of five to suffer from so many of them”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

His face was drenched in sweat.

He didnt have much spiritual source left, but to control these Refined Fire Seeds that he had previously buried with the “Weaving Technique”…


But it wasnt to the extent that he couldnt make it!

Xin Gugu who was originally lying on the ground, instantly turned pale when he saw thousands of Refined Fire Seeds floating in the air.

“Damn it!”

“Holy **!”

“This guy, is he f*cking crazy!”

“Didnt you promise not to this spirit array unless it was absolutely necessary”

If he hadnt seen Xu Xiaoshous Nesting Technique just now, it should be fine for these thousands of fire seeds to explode.

They were able to cause some damage.

But they would not kill!

But if these things could be wrapped with Nesting Technique…

Then the damage would not be a thousand!

It was very likely to be a thousand in exponential form!

Xin Gugus legs went weak.

He wanted to ask Xu Xiaoshou to open the Yuan Mansion and let him in first, but he felt something pulling his leg.

He lowered his head.

A humble and pleading voice was heard.

“Protect, protect me…”

“Or let me out first…”

Xu Xiaoji was originally lying on the ground, but when he saw the thousands of fire seeds, he almost died on the spot.

He thought that Aje was terrifying enough.

He didnt expect that Xu Xiaoshou was the real devil!

Did he not want to live anymore

Did he really think that opening a domain would be able to stop all these

Did he really think that the domain was omnipotent

Based on Xu Xiaojis experience of the Sovereign Domain, if these fire seeds were to explode, even the City Lord Mansion would be gone, let alone the sea of flowers!

“You, you must be kidding, right”

Zhang Taiying looked at the Refined Fire Seeds that surrounded him like the vast stars.

At once, his mind was in a daze for a moment.

Thats it

Initially, he just wanted to mock Xu Xiaoshou.

But he never expected this to happen.

Could a person f*cking summon this amount of fire seeds

Zhang Taiying was afraid that he could only gather one-tenth of the fire seeds here even if he used up all his spiritual sources!

At that moment, he finally understood the faint palpitation in his heart just now despite not noticing anyone else .

If this thing was wrapped with Nesting Technique…


Zhang Taiying couldnt believe that he would have such thoughts when he was facing a young man with Innate level cultivation.


It was exactly the same thought as what Xu Xiaoshou when he saw the array wheel in Li Sevens ring.

When a Spirit Array Caster was well prepared, common sense wouldnt apply anymore.

He only used an hour to repair the spiritual array.

But the sea of flowers itself was the hard work of a Spirit Array Master after three to four years.

Xu Xiaoshou was merely utilizing it to keep the Refined Fire Seeds that he slowly condensed after consuming countless Elixirs.


His original idea was not to detonate the spirit array here.

Not to mention that he wouldnt be able to form so many spirit arrays so quickly.

Plus, the highest level of nesting here was only seven or eight layers, which wasnt enough to kill the Sovereign.

Thus, everything here was conveniently changed into a hidden spirit array.

It was meant to hide the thousands of Refined Fire Seeds, as well as…


“Are you running away”

Xu Xiaoshou expected it.

He glanced at Aje, who was standing still in the air despite the explosions that roared the sky.

He tilted his head.

He didnt have to speak.

But his message was conveyed.

“Stop hugging yourself, hug Zhang Taiying!”

Zhang Taiying was just about to move when he heard the cold wind blowing from behind.

This ghostly speed made him think of the young man instantly.

As expected, in split seconds, a pair of little bracelets appeared on his muscular chest.


Aje whispered softly like the gentle confession of the Grim Reaper.

Seeing the two of them sticking to each other, Xu Xiaoshou immediately turned into a weird expression.

His chest suddenly shook, flinging out elixirs.

After a light breath, the spiritual source in his energy reserve surged.

The densely packed spiritual threads on his hand instantly became extremely thick.

After that, the fire seeds went through Double Nesting, blending with one another.


Thousands of fire seeds were reduced by half, leaving only 500 of them.

Zhang Taiyings face immediately turned pale.

He struggled for a while.

However, Ajes arms were stronger than Xu Xiaoshous.

How could one-armed Zhang Taiying break free from them

“Are you crazy”

“If you hug me, youll die too!” Zhang Taiying turned around angrily.


Aje tilted his head, blinking with the same bright eyes.

“Are you crazy”

“Let go, or well all die!”

Zhang Taiying went mad.

However, despite using all his might, he still could not break free from Aje with his single arm.



Zhang Taiyings closed his eyes hard.

There was no other way.

Apparently, he could only use it!

While he was thinking, a drop of golden blood flew towards his mouth from Xu Xiaoshous fingers.


Ajes eyes flashed with a red light, and his tone became a few notches higher.


In Xu Xiaoshous previous attempts, the cold and merciless Aje only reacted to one thing in the outside world, and that was blood!

Right then, Aje opened his mouth to catch the golden blood.

Next, his put out his long tongue like a snake and swept away the golden blood.

Zhang Taiying was confused.

His legs went weak.

Right now, he went blank.

“Boom, Boom, Boom…”

The 500 Refined Fire Seeds surrounding Zhang Taiying condensed once again and turned into a beautiful number, Double Nesting.

“F*ck, I cant hold it anymore!”

Xu Xiaoshous expression instantly became ferocious.

With this great amount, it was impossible to do a Quadruple Nesting like before.

Certainly, the Double Nesting at the moment was built on the Double Nesting of each other.

In terms of power, it was probably not much weaker than the Quadruple Nesting Fire Seed just now.

There was no hesitation.

Xu Xiaoshou twisted his hand and the 250 Wrapped Fire Seeds merged with each other for the last time on their route.

Then, they completely slammed onto Zhang Taiyings face.

“250 Wrapped Fire Seeds!”

“Go to hell!”


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