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Chapter 428: Hes So Special

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“A mere Master spirit array”

Such arrogant words shocked everyone.

Everyone looked at the Nested Spirit Arrays that were trapping the four great Spirit Array Masters and felt their blood boil.

“Stop me, all of you stop me.

Otherwise, I will definitely rush out and beat Xu Xiaoshou to death.”

“This fellows words are too arrogant!”

“A Master spirit array can be broken with a single kick”

Someone couldnt control his temper anymore.

He grabbed the hand of the person beside him and made a movement as if he wanted to rush out.


he did indeed destroy the spirit formation with a single kick!”

The surrounding people were pulled by their sleeves and their eyes were blank.

“We wont stop you.

Quickly go and beat him up.

If Its Xu Xiaoshou, I think that everyone here… will support you spiritually.”

“Forget it.”

That person rushed forward and realized that his hand was about to be forcefully pushed away by the others.

He immediately felt discouraged.

“If its Xu Xiaoshou, his kick shouldnt be treated with common sense.”

“Thats a Masters body.

Even a casual kick would be equivalent to someone elses Master Stage Spiritual Techniques.”

“Not to mention, this guy has all sorts of weird things on him.

He can attack or retreat as he pleases.”

“To be honest, he doesnt seem to be exaggerating.”

“A mere Master Restraining Array is indeed a piece of trash that can be kicked aside…”

Everyone fell silent.

The silent scene was filled with resentment, but it was also filled with helplessness.

If someone else had said those words, he might be saying them to show off, but Xu Xiaoshou…

“He had just said an extremely ordinary truth, nothing more.”

The Night Guardian stared at Xu Xiaohe in a daze.

He was also shocked by this fellows brain circuits.

While everyone was still painstakingly using their brains to solve the array, Xu Xiaoshou used the most direct but also the most effective method.

He kicked it apart!

Thinking about it carefully, there was indeed nothing wrong with it.

Since it was a problem that could be solved by violence, why would one have to use circuitous tactics

Shaking his head, the Night Guardian did not dwell on such a trivial matter.

He said seriously, “Xu Xiaoshou, were you serious about what you said just now”

“Think carefully.

Tell me the truth if you obtained inside information from some other place, I can understand.”

“But if you really want to lie in front of me, when we go into the White Cave, and you dont know anything, you can consider the consequences yourself.”

The Night Guardians tone was very grave.

But Xu Xiaoshou didnt fall for it.

“If you dont believe me, then forget it.”

He rolled his eyes, placed the jade scroll on the table, and turned to leave.

Since he had already solved it, with his “Perception”, he probably wouldnt be able to forget the White Cave spirit array diagram for another three to five years.

Whether he took the jade scroll or not, it was just a matter of a few White Cave quotas.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, had more than ten White Cave quotas, so why would he care about this

“Im leaving, you guys play by yourselves!”

The Night Guardian looked at Xu Xiaoshous dejected figure as he turned around to leave, and he started to hesitate instead.

However, he really didnt believe that this kid could decipher the White Cave spirit array diagram at such a young age.

He absolutely didnt believe it!

But the truth was right in front of him…

“Stand right there.”

The Night Guardian shouted and made a decision in his heart.

He had never been a person who would make arbitrary decisions.

Since Xu Xiaoshou was able to say such professional terms like “Thirty-six layers of nesting” and “Divine Secrets” in front of him, even if he did not believe it, he would not shamelessly say that he wanted to take the White Caves quota.

He casually tossed the jade scroll over to Xu Xiaoshou and said, “Although you look like a kid who makes people feel uneasy, Ill believe in you this time.”

“Remember, youve been requisitioned.”

“When you go to the White Cave, there will be a special person who will contact you.

There will also be a professional spirit array caster to verify your identity.”

As he spoke, the Night Guardian tossed a piece of red jade over.

Xu Xiaoshou caught one in each hand, and his heart skipped a beat.


“What does that mean”

The Night Guardian chuckled.

“If you have the ability, dont worry.

When we go to the White Cave, we wont let you suffer any losses.

If you follow the Red Coats, youll definitely gain the most.”

The crowd below instantly turned red with envy.

From what he said, Xu Xiaoshou had been chosen by the Red Coat organization because of his extraordinary attainments in spirit arrays

That was incredible!

Who didnt know that the Red Coat organization of Holy Divine Palace was in charge of the ghost beasts and the extradimensional spaces.

These people must have done a lot of research on the White Cave!

If they could follow them, even if it was just soup from a pot of meat, they would definitely gain a lot.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think so.

As if he had caught a hot potato, he immediately threw the red jade in his hand back.

“Are you kidding me I havent agreed to it yet.

What the hell are you doing deciding on your own”


“Im not going with you.”

Putting aside the possibility that Elder Sang had other plans, just the fact that Greedy the Cat Spirit was still playing with fish in his Yuan mansion, did not allow him to have too much contact with the Red Coats!

He could fool the Night Guardian for a while.

But what if he came into contact with Red Coats who were extremely vigilant in the future

Perhaps if he climbed up along the line given by the Night Guardian, with his ability, he could indeed come into contact with the Red Coats and even enter the Red Coat organization.

From then on, he would soar.

But what if

If it was so easy to join the Red Coats, would its existence be so special in this world

Xu Xiaoshou felt that there was greater probability that he would only be the Red Coats tool during the opening of the White Cave.

When the matter was settled, most of the them would be abandoned as discarded tools.

Thus, for his current choice.

Either he gave up on Greed the Cat Spirit and became a tool to win that tiny chance to enter the most powerful official faction.

Or, he could continue to be free and go according to his own rhythm.

Without even thinking, Xu Xiaoshou chose the second path.

If he really needed to rely on his connections, he, Xu Xiaoshou, would have long promised Luo Leilei when he was at Tianxuan gate, he would then have became a part of “Saint Servant” which might also be a top faction.

The Night Guardian did not expect Xu Xiaoshous thoughts to spin so quickly.

Almost in an instant, he had already made arrangements for the rest of his life.

He was only surprised that the young man in front of him was able to give up the olive branch that the Red Coats had thrown at him so easily.

“Are you sure that you didnt act on impulse just now”

“Ill give you a chance to go back on your words,” the Night Guardian advised.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head decisively.

“Im sorry.”

There was an uproar in the crowd.

It could be said that none of the people present could understand Xu Xiaoshous choice.

Even Su Qianqian was confused.

The faction that the Red Coats belonged to was the Holy Divine Palace, and they were at the headquarters, and not the branches of major cities in the various regions.

Even within the Holy Divine Palace, it was an extremely transcendent existence.

Many people had worked hard their entire lives, moving and jumping from one faction to another, all for the sake of being able to join the Holy Divine Palace, the most official faction on the Shengshen Continent.

Even so, the White-clothed and the Red Coats were the two organizations that could only be seen from afar and were not within their reach.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had gave up on them so easily

“Is he crazy This is such a good opportunity.

I feel sorry for him.”

“If he agrees to this, he might have been able to leave Tiansang prefecture directly and go to the various regions to investigate.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, sigh, ignorant.

Hes still too young and doesnt know anything…”

In the crowd below, waves of sighing voices became noisy.

“Ridiculed, Passive Points 232.”

“Lamented, Passive Points 1211.”

The Night Guardian watched in a daze as Xu Xiaoshou turned around determinedly and left, until he returned to his seat.

Only then did he truly feel that this young man was different from the rest.

To be honest, even though he had the intention to recruit this kid from the depths of his heart at that time.

But the Night Guardian felt that he still had to retain some pride and hold back a little.

After all, the status of the Red Coats was too transcendent.

No matter how talented Xu Xiaoshou was, out of Tiansang Prefecture, people of the same age group who surpassed him was plen… er, it wasnt as if there werent others!

There were still quite a number of them!

However, that wasnt the main point.

The main point was that in the past, as long as the Red Coats intended to extend an olive branch, which young man wouldnt eagerly rush over

This Xu Xiaoshou was too crazy!

How could he reject him so straightforwardly

It had to be said that human nature was indeed despicable sometimes.

Previously, the Night Guardian still held a superior attitude, but when he was really rejected, he immediately felt that Xu Xiaoshou was special.

It was as if after he was used to others licking up to him repeatedly, he suddenly met a cold-eyed fellow who ignored him.

No matter how cold he was, he would still feel that something was off in his heart.

“Hes so special…”

The Night Guardian caressed the red jade in his hand.

In that moment, his interest in Xu Xiaoshou did not decrease in the slightest with the rejection.

On the contrary, the Night Guardian felt as if his heart had been stolen.

“Xu Xiaoshou, youve successfully attracted my attention.”

Suppressing the strange feeling in his heart, under everyones gaze, the Night Guardian actually stood up and walked towards Xu Xiaoshou.

“Eh Somethings not right.

Could it be that the Red Coat senior is still not giving up”

Everyone watched in astonishment as he walked closer and closer.

The strange feeling in their hearts suddenly rose.

“Oh my God, could it be that Xu Xiaoshou is so outstanding that even the Red Coats want to snatch him away This…”

“F*ck, I feel like Ive received a critical hit.

Why does no one think so highly of me I also lack someone who recognizes my talent!”


Everyone was chattering.

But no one dared to make a loud noise.

Xu Xiaoshou had just sat down and was about to speak to his junior sister when he suddenly felt that the atmosphere was not right.

He turned his head and saw that the Night Guardian had already arrived in front of him.

“What are you doing”

He crossed his arms across his chest and said warily, “I merely rejected you.

Youre not going to hit me, are you”

The corner of the Night Guardians mouth twitched.

This posture, these words..

Those who did not know would think that I was going to do something to you!

“I wont.”

He shook his head and said, “But, as a person who can come up with a part of theThirty-six Heavens Sealed Array, you are indeed worthy of having this jade.”

As he said that, the Night Guardian pushed the jade in his hand over again.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at it.

“I dont want it.”


The corner of the Night Guardians eyes twitched.

Under everyones watchful eyes, this fellow really did not give him any face at all!

As a Red Coat, when did it become someone elses turn to reject him

“Take it.”

He snapped.

Xu Xiaoshou shivered out of frightened and immediately took the jade.

“What can I do with this thing Im not planning on following you.”

“Besides, even if I want to follow you, there might be people who wont agree!”

The Night Guardian sneered, “Who dares to disagree”

Xu Xiao subconsciously wanted to push the blame on Elder sang, but he suddenly remembered the existence of the “three-point agreement” and immediately suppressed his thoughts.

“Shi Ti, President Shi Ti wont agree.

He also said that he wanted to take me in as a disciple, but I didnt agree.”

“I rejected him first, and then I accepted you.

Isnt that a disguised acknowledgment that President Shi Ti is inferior to you”

Shi Ti, who was sitting in the distance without any worries, almost fell from his seat.

This Xu Xiaoshou was crazy!

Even pulling an excuse didnt work like this!

Why is it that I still suffer damage even if I am so far away

He wanted to retort at the first moment, but when he thought of Elder Sang…

If the fellow found out that his disciple had come out to train and was forcefully taken away by someone, wouldnt Tiansang city be in an uproar

He would definitely look for the Red Coats, but before that, who would he vent his anger on

It would definitely be vented on him, the one who stood by and did nothing.

“Thats too much.”

Shi Ti stood up righteously and said, “The Red Coats is indeed a transcendent existence, but if Xu Xiaoshou has explicitly rejected your invitation, I think everyone should take a step back.”

At the very least, these things can not happen right under my nose.

If you want to make a scene, you can do it in private.

Even though the remaining two sentences that were not said, everyone could already feel that the atmosphere had become a little more subtle.

“Whats going on There are also sparks between Xu Xiaoshou and President Shi Ti”

“Didnt one bomb the others Pill Pagoda There should only be hatred between the two of them.”

“Could it be that something like an explosion can create feelings”

The Night Guardian also looked back in confusion.

Shi Ti actually spoke up for Xu Xiaoshou

Did the sun rise from the West

From the moment this fellow appeared, he was on a different path from Xu Xiaoshou!

The brat had already said such outrageous words likerejecting, yet he still stood on his side

But an argument wasnt what the Night Guardian wanted.

His expression froze, and he waved his hand.

“Youre thinking too much.

Im only giving you this jade because I want to keep in touch.”

“The White Cave is about to open.

As soon as there are any abnormalities, well use this thing to contact the relevant Spirit Array Casters.

Well gather everyone and break through the Spirit Arrays barrier together.”

At this moment, the Night Guardian, who was a layman of the Way of Spirit Array, clearly didnt understand that from the words Xu Xiaoshou said just now, he already had a great understanding of the “Thirty-six Heavens Sealed Array”.

He thought that this fellow was just like the others, only able to see through a little of it.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded as if he had understood something.

He already knew that hisWeaving Expertise was at an overly shocking level to others.

This point could be clearly seen from the four old Spirit Array Casters who have not even broken through the threshold spirit array.

Therefore, what he needed to do now was not to reveal his sharp edges.

Instead, he needed to hide them properly.

“Is that so.”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the Night Guardian and did not refuse.

“Then Ill accept it.”

The Night Guardian immediately nodded his head in satisfaction.

As long as Xu Xiaoshou accepted the jade, he wouldnt be lost.

As long as they were in contact, he could go and ask the Red Coats for their opinions, and if Xu Xiaoshous aptitude for the spirit array was really insane, then this person could still be found.

Heh, was there anyone in this world the Red Coats wanted but couldnt get

At that moment, he turned around and left.

The competition for the Way of Spiritual Cultivation wasnt over yet.

Xu Xiaoshous rapid resolution of the array was merely an accident.

Only when all the old Spiritual Cultivators in the arena had broken the array and obtained the qualifications to study the “Thirty-six Heavens Sealing Array” would his mission come to an end.

As he landed a step, Xu Xiaoshous nonchalant voice came from behind him.

“Is it good-looking”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Mu Zixi and raised the red jade in his hand.

“A little.”

Mu Zixi nodded.

This thing was like a ruby, and it was given by the Red Coat Night Guardian.

Even if it was a broken pebble, it would be good-looking in everyones eyes.

“If it looks good, then Ill give it to you.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and handed the red jade over.


The Night Guardian immediately staggered.

His face darkened as he stopped and turned around.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Huh” Xu Xiaoshou turned around.

“What do you mean by that”

The Night Guardian asked in a deep voice, scaring Mu Zixi so much that her outstretched hand shrank.

“This jade can be given to anyone”

Xu Xiaobei was stunned for a moment.

“It cant”

“Of course not!”


Xu Xiaoshous gaze turned and looked at his junior sister.

“But I didnt do it casually.

Besides, my junior sister isnt anyone else.”

The Night Guardian:

He was momentarily stunned, but he immediately came to his senses.

Was it the time to talk about this


Someone else

Why is your focus so weird What I meant was, this jade can not be given to anyone!

Shi Ti watched from afar as the Night Guardian got so angry that his face turned purple.

His chest was heaving up and down, but he could not utter a single word.

At that moment, he suddenly felt for the Night Guardian as he had experienced the same feeling.

However, in order to prevent Xu Xiaoshou from being crushed by a slap, he still spoke up and tried to persuade him.

“Tolerance is a kind of… ah uhm.”

Shi Ti felt that his words were like adding fuel to the fire.

He immediately suppressed his laughter and transmitted his voice:

“Bear with it, bear with it.”

“This fellow is like this.

Its your first time interacting with him, right Just get used to it and youll be fine.”

The Night Guardian smoothed out his breathing and his lips trembled.

He said hatefully, “You brat, dont act recklessly.

This thing is very important.

We need to use it as a basis to find you!”

He felt that he had already lost his composure.

He did not want to stay in front of Xu Xiaoshou for any longer.

After saying that, he turned around and was about to leave.


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He felt that the Red Coat had bad intentions.

How could it be good if it was forcefully given

“You mean, you want to use this thing to spy on me”

No matter how diffident he was, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he still had to confront the Red Coat until they made matters clear.

The Night Guardian felt that even his kidneys were hurting.

This guys brain was different from normal peoples, right!


He was so angry that he was trembling.

He said angrily, “Its just an ordinary communication stone, thats all! Of course, it can only connect to the Red Coats side.”

“Oh, OH.”

Xu Xiaoshou pouted and said suspiciously, “Then… it cant be that your spiritual sense is attached to it, right”


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

The Night Guardian felt powerless.

He felt that if he continued to stay in front of Xu Xiaoshou, he might really be unable to suppress the killing intent in his body and randomly find someone to kill to vent his anger.

“Hold onto it first.

This thing isnt as terrifying as you think.

Its really just an ordinary communication stone.”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Since its so ordinary, and I dont really need it, why cant I give it to my junior sister”


The night watchmans body slipped and he almost fell over.

This time, he wasnt the only one who was confused.

Everyone in the arena was also caught in the confusion.

“What he said really makes sense!” Someone exclaimed.

“If I dont look at this from a distance, my thoughts will really be kidnapped by Xu Xiaoshou until I dont even recognize my own home.”

“Oh my God, this Xu Xiaoshou is really courageous.

Hes already very strong to be able to have a jade.

Its fine if he doesnt want it, but hes still trying to belittle the value of the jade”

This time, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt take it anymore.

He turned around and looked at that person.

“Who said that I belittled it He himself said it wasnt important.”

The night watchmans fingers trembled as he shouted, “All of you, shut up!”

The entire place fell silent.

The silence was the kind where even a pin drop could be heard.

Shi Ti was sitting in front and suddenly had the urge to laugh.

So it turned out that watching others being taken advantage of by Xu Xiaoshou was such a wonderful feeling

Suddenly, he thought of that time in the Pill Pagoda.

When others saw him getting angry, did they have the same feeling

This time, he could not laugh.

He immediately stood on the same line as the Night Guardian and glared at Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou was trembling with fear.

“Ill was just speaking normally… cant I speak Did I break the law by speaking”

“Ah Ah!”

The Night Guardians anger turned into a helpless moan.

His expression turned solemn as he said in a muffled voice, “Hold onto the jade.

If you dare to give it away, Ill kill you!”

“Threatened, Passive Points 1.”

This time, Xu Xiaoshou was obedient and did not dare to be naughty.


He immediately snatched the jade from Mu Zixis hand and threw it into his ring.

Only then did the Night Guardian heave a sigh of relief.

So, the most effective way to talk to Xu Xiaoshou was to not waste time and use absolute force to suppress him

This fellow…

The Night Guardian admitted it.

After living for half his life, this was the most chaotic person he had ever met.

It was as if he would do anything that was chaotic.

Yet, he did it with reason and evidence!

Damn it…

After suppressing Xu Xiaoshou, he did not dare to delay any longer and directly walked up to the high platform.

After all, other than this brat, there were other Spirit Array Masters that he had to interact with and test.

“Once those old fellows come out, I should be able to obtain my White Cave quota, right”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

Looking at the situation in the arena, it didnt seem like it could be resolved quickly, and his heart immediately stirred.

“After the competition for the Way of Spiritual Cultivation ends, there seems to be only the final challenge competition left” Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and asked.

He had heard some of the rules that Fu Xing had mentioned before he fainted.

The last rule was after the end of the four competitions.

Because some people in the arena might have special combat strength, there would be a challenge competition at that time, which would give people one last chance to challenge the participants who had already obtained the White Cave quota.

This included the five major powers who had already obtained the White Cave quotas without participating in the competition.

In the past, this rule was basically a decoration.

After all, those who could obtain the quota under everyones eyes were all people whose strength could be seen.

But this year was different.

Su Qianqian was at the side.

When she heard these words, her pretty face began to turn solemn.


She nodded and suddenly smiled in relief.

She looked up, as if her eyes were shining with stars.

“I came here this time to face this battle.”

“Maybe, its not just one battle,” Xu Xiaoshou said.

Su Qianqian shook her head.

“Although the Su family has languished, with me here today, they will never be able to get a quota from me.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not comment on this point.

Instead, he asked again, “But have you thought about it The Su family only has you left.”

“As long as you fall tonight, the title of the number one genius in Tiansang City will be completely gone.

Only then will the Su family truly fall!”

“Out of the four great families, only if one truly falls, will the others have the chance to rise.”

Su Qianqian was stunned for a moment.

She had indeed thought about this, but she had already tried her best not to think of the worst.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was not as naive as she was.

Instead, he had directly torn open this layer of scars.


“Dont doubt it.

In the end, what you will have to face is not only the desire of the geniuses from the other prefectures for the White Cave wuota, but also the many aristocratic families in Tiansang City who will cripple you even if they have to take turns fighting you.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“The real difficulty has only just begun.”

Su Qianqians expression turned bitter.

She knew how terrifying this was.

However, from the moment the “Epitaph of City Snow” was lost, and from the moment when the masked man calmly told her the tragic reality at the back of the mountain.

She knew that all of this was something she had to face.

Reality was cruel, but in the end, who wouldnt have to face it with a smile

Su Qianqian smiled and looked at Xu Xiaoshou, “I know.

Big Brother Shou, dont worry.

Even if they take turns battling me to wear me down, I can do it.”


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