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Chapter 40: Oh My, Did I See A Deity

Noon the next day.

The Tiansang Spirit Palace ushered in its yearly hot event.

The champion of the Windcloud Competition was going to be determined today.

Not only were the disciples and elders of the Outer Yard here to watch the match, but even a few Inner Yard disciples who had the time also came to have a look at the battles.

The crowds emotions were so high they were about to explode.

The people whod come early to reserve seats saw the influential figures of the spirit palace in front of them.

To the left were the elders of the Spiritual Affairs Division, Spiritual Medical Division, and Spiritual Military Division…

There were also a few unknown people who rarely showed themselves.

They were elders who looked like elders but werent really elders…

To the right were the people ranked in the top hundred, top ten, and top five of the Windcloud Scoreboard…

These were all people who had lorded over the arena with unparalleled authority since the very start.

They were all now sitting in the spectator seats, obediently waiting for the competition to start.

A female disciple had come to reserve a seat last night.

Currently, Zhao Qingteng was sitting to her left and Zhou Tianshen to her right.

She cupped her face and looked around her, then fainted from bliss.

The people around her were so envious that their eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

“Wow, she fainted.

Send her for treatment quickly.

Ill take care of her seat for her.”

“My God, who are these people.

Senior Du, Senior Ling… Theyre all ranked within the top ten of the Windcloud Scoreboard!”

“Quick, look! Thats the Inner Yards… Su Qianqian”

“Where Where”

The exclamation immediately attracted everyones attention.

The Inner Yards Su Qianqian was a legendary figure in the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

She was the most powerful genius of the Su family in the Tiansang Prefecture of this era.

She broke through to the Innate Stage when she was thirteen, and when she was fourteen she acquired the Innate-stage Sword Will.

She wielded one of the twenty-one most famous swords in the continent: the Epitaph of City Snow.

She was the personal disciple of the Spiritual Law Divisions Xiao Qixiu…

Any one of these titles would cause an average person to tremble, but someone with all of them was sitting right before their eyes!

Su Qianqian was dressed in white exercise gear, and her snow-colored giant sword was lying horizontally across her thighs.

She was swinging her feet from side to side, unfazed by the crowd.

She looked around but ultimately pouted in disappointment, as she didnt find Brother Little Beast, who she wanted to see.

“How unfortunate we cant see the senior from the Inner Yard.

I heard that she adores Su Qianqian and is always by her side.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Senior Rao is my goddess.

Not only does she have an otherworldly appearance and impressive figure, but her abilities are also the cream of the crop.

Its a pity that we cannot witness her splendor.


“Oh, I think Ive seen the person youre talking about.

She came during the group stages…”

“You must be dreaming.

How would Senior Rao have time to come walk around in the Outer Yard You must have dreamt it!”

“I really saw her!”


The crowd huddled together to look at the scene before them, constantly pointing out famous people from the Inner Yard that they recognized and whispering to each other.

To them, this was a rare scene not regularly seen, even during the past year.

It was only because the Outer Yard had a lot of break-out talents this year, with four Innate-stage fighters and Xu Xiaoshou, that many of the people from the Inner Yard had come to watch the match.

“Oh God, its Zhang Xinxiong! Hes one of the Inner Yard Thirty-Three, a living boss!”

“Inner Yard Thirty-Three Oh my, where, where!”

The crowd hurriedly looked around.

They looked in the speakers direction and saw a man with an overbearing aura not far away.

Zhang Xinxiong looked 27 to 28 years old and had a full beard.

He looked extremely masculine.

He was very tall.

He was a head taller than the rest of the crowd, even though he was sitting.

He was dressed simply in a light-colored shirt with a jacket draped over his shoulders.

Even so, under the sunlight, everyone could still see the alarming outline of his muscles hiding underneath his shirt.

“My God, hes too handsome.

Hes a true man!”

“Im in love, Im in love!”

This famous person from the Inner Yard didnt sit in the front row.

Instead, he sat near the middle of the spectator seats.

Beside him was Liu Zhen, who had been severely injured by Xu Xiaoshou in the past.

Liu Zhen was also a burly man, but he looked like a tiny bird sitting beside Zhang Xinxiong.

“The person who killed Ah Chong, Xu Xiaoshou.

Which one is him” Zhang Xinxiong asked.

“Let me find him…” Liu Zhen respectfully replied.

His gaze swept past several of the waiting areas before he finally shook his head.

“I dont think hes come.”

“Hah, he sure is calm.

Is he going to arrive last…”

Zhang Xinxiong laughed lightly.

There was no emotion in his voice, but the people around him felt that there was something strange here.

Ah Chong…

That wasnt a name someone in an ordinary relationship with Wen Chong would call him.

“I heard that Boss Wen knew someone from the Inner Yard.

Could that person be Zhang Xinxiong”

“I think so.

If thats true, isnt Xu Xiaoshou in trouble He killed Wen Chong!”

“My God, I seem to have seen Xu Xiaoshous doomsday…”

A ripple spread through the crowd after just one sentence.

Everyone lowered their voices and discussed the situation.

“You cant say it like that.

Zhang Xinxiong is one of the Inner Yard Thirty-Three.

Why would he attack a Spiritual Cultivation Level Eight fighter Wouldnt that sully his status”

“However, being marked isnt a good feeling!”

“You think too much.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou managed to become the champion, he might not be able to enter the Inner Yard because of his cultivation level.”

“Furthermore, he still has to fight Mu Zixi and Senior Mo.

Just getting into the top three would be decent.”

“But he has an Innate-stage physical body!”

“So what if he has an Innate-stage physical body Is there a future in that Youve seen an Innate-stage physical body, but have you seen a Master-stage physical body”

The crowd fell silent.

The level above the Innate Stage was the Master Stage.

There was a sliver of hope for a Spiritual Cultivator to reach the level where they could open up sects and schools.

As for the physical body…

It was too difficult!

Some might not have even heard of it, much less seen it!

In the panel of judges.

Xiao Qixiu gulped the contents of his cup down and flew into the arena, instantly attracting the crowds attention.

“The time has arrived.

The semi-finals will start now!”

He activated the array token with his spiritual source, and the screen flickered, then froze.

Two names in stark red were printed across the middle of the screen.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Mu Zixi!”

The crowd instantly erupted into exclamations.

The first match of the semi-finals was already a battle between fighters with Innate-stage abilities, which was something everyone was looking forward to.

One of them had broken through to the Innate Stage despite only being in the spirit palace for a year.

Her potential was almost as high as Su Qianqians.

The other had an Innate-stage physical body and had defeated Zhao Qingteng yesterday, which proved that he had the ability to stand up against Innate-stage fighters!

The doors of the waiting room were opened.

Mu Zixi was dressed in pale green.

She skipped toward the stage, as if she wasnt at all worried about the battle that was to come.

Every step she took oozed youthful vitality, and the crowd couldnt help but like her.

“She sure lives up to her reputation as Junior Mu.

An Innate-stage fighter… is always so dependable!”

The crowd looked at the other side.

That was Xu Xiaoshous waiting area.


The doors opened.

Two attendants steeled their nerves and walked out.

They spread their arms open to signal that Xu Xiaoshou wasnt there.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

“Why is it those two people Wheres Xu Xiaoshou”

“Oh, my God! Why did that guy disappear again!”

“Why is he always this tardy during important events.

Its already the semi-finals.

Can he not make us worry…”

“Hey you, where did Xu Xiaoshou go”

The two attendants were dazed.

“Dont ask us,” they thought.

Theyd arrived at the waiting area early to wait, but the candidate didnt show.

They sent people to look for him in his yard but only saw many sword marks on the ground and didnt manage to find him.

Just where did Xu Xiaoshou go

Xiao Qixius expression darkened.

He wanted to scream again.

Suddenly, the sword behind his back trembled.

He abruptly turned around and looked at the horizon.

The crowd also noticed this, and all of them raised their heads.

They saw a sword glow coming from far away.

It was as if a sword deity had descended upon this world.

On the sword was a figure whose robes were swaying in the wind.

That clean, pure demeanor.

That otherworldly form…

“Oh God, did I just see a deity” they thought.


Everyone looked more closely, and their eyes almost fell out of their skulls.

Oh my!

Xu Xiaoshou


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