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Zhao Qingtengs knees buckled, and he fell face-first onto the ground, unconscious.

Hiding Paid had pierced completely through his chest, leaving behind a would as large as a fist.

His blood flowed down him like a waterfall, instantly dying the arena red.


“Help him!” Xu Xiaoshou immediately shouted at Xiao Qixiu when he saw how dumbfounded everyone was.

The judge waved his arm, and medical personnel immediately charged into the arena and surrounded both Xu Xiaoshou and Zhao Qingteng.

Xu Xiaoshou saw the four familiar faces around him.

Werent these people the ones whod saved the big watermelon during the previous match

“Dont worry about me.

Save Zhao Qingteng first!”

Xu Xiaoshou grew anxious when he saw the medical personnel fiddle with their bags and grab their scalpels, and quickly pointed to the other side.

“He has a hole in him.

And hes an Innate-stage fighter.

Hes more important.”

“Youre important too!” the medical attendant said with honor.


It was their job to save people, if the person they had to save was sick in the head.

“Got concerned for.

Passive Points 4.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked a little hesitant when he saw them start threading their needles.

Saving people was naturally a good thing.

However, the problem was he didnt need saving!

During the battle with Zhao Qingteng, only the Formless Great Cold and the Dark Ice Sealing Palm had really dealt any damage to him.

However, those attacks had already passed!

The Sword Will-infused snowflakes created by the former had stabbed into him and basically turned him into a beehive.

However, because of Eternal Vitality, he only sustained superficial damage, and his injuries healed almost instantaneously after the Sword Will-infused snowflakes stopped raining down on him.

The latter attack had instantly compressed him into a block of ice.

An average persons soul mightve even gotten frozen by the attack.

However, hed just consumed the Infernal Fire Seed, and he also had an Innate-stage physical body as well as Eternal Vitality…

Truthfully speaking, the damage inflicted onto him by the Dark Ice Sealing Palm was lesser than that of the Formless Great Cold.

“I really dont need it…” Xu Xiaoshou said weakly.

The four medical attendants glared at him.

“Who here didnt see you get beaten half to death” they thought.

“Look at your clothes.

Theyre all dyed red!

“Look at your face.

Its covered in patches of green and blue.

Its clear that youve been quite severely frozen.”


Xu Xiaoshou gave up resisting, and the medical attendants raised their needles and scalpels and immediately touched Xu Xiaoshous body.

“Got doubted.

Passive Points 4.”

The next instant, the medical attendants all stopped what they were doing at the same time and looked at Xu Xiaoshou in shock.


How was this possible

This person must be a monster.

Zhao Qingtengs barrage of attacks just now only did this little damage to him

Furthermore, the life force emanating from his body was never-ending, which was ridiculous.

It was even more ridiculous than him consuming a Red Gold Pill.

There was nothing to treat him for!

Even though he was bleeding all over…

How could this be…

Could the Innate-stage physical body really be this powerful

Xu Xiaoshou spread his arms and stood up.

Even though the surface of his body was still purple from being frozen, hed recovered his mobility during this brief period of time.

“I already told you that I didnt need treatment, but you guys didnt believe me!”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at Zhao Qingteng.

“Go and save him quickly.

Hiding Pain should have avoided his vital areas, so he wont die from this.”


The four medical attendants were extremely hesitant.

After being shocked by Xu Xiaoshous Innate-stage physical body, they were clearly at a loss for what to do.

“Ill tell you the truth.

That person didnt even deal any damage to me during our battle!

“Go and save him quickly!

At the same time, the medical personnel on the other side had completed their treatment, and all of them got excited.

“Hes awake!”

“Thats great… Oh”

The crowd wasnt excited for long.

Zhao Qingtengs expression suddenly darkened after he woke up, and he fainted once again.

“Got cursed.

Passive Points 1.”

The four medical personnel on the other side glared at Xu Xiaoshou, their eyes filled with murderous rage.

“Got attacked.

Passive Points 4.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“Got admired.

Passive Points 666.”


“Got admired.

Passive Points 888.”


As expected, Xu Xiaoshou received several notifications in the notification panel the moment he stepped out of the barrier.

Xu Xiaoshou saw the crowd rise to applaud him, and he happily waved his hands in reply.


He suddenly saw Elder Qiao and Zhou Tianshen.

The both of them were giving him a thumbs-up, and they almost charged down to give him a warm hug.

“Got praised.

Passive Points 2.”

Fortunately, this was the third match, so the spectators werent allowed to come down to the arena.

Otherwise, there wouldve been a manly hug.


Xu Xiaoshou smiled at them in reply.

However, he was filled with confusion on the inside.

He could understand why Elder Qiao would come and watch his match and encourage him.

But why was Zhou Tianshen here

Had he become a fan after their battle

Xu Xiaoshou returned to the waiting area.

Even though it was already late in the day, Xu Xiaoshou didnt immediately return to his manor.

After the arena was cleaned up, Xiao Qixiu no longer had to draw names, as there were only two contestants left in the battle for the top four.

Mo Mo!


An Innate-stage expert!

The person ranked first on the Windcloud Scoreboard!

In terms of ability, she was undoubtedly the strongest disciple in the Outer Yard!

Xu Xiaoshou had stayed behind, as he wanted to observe Junior Mo, who he had a high chance of facing in tomorrows battle.

In the arena, Mo Mo was dressed in a green robe, and her skin was fairer than snow.

She had a small bronze furnace in her hands that was burning purple sandalwood.

Mo Mo, being an Innate-stage fighter who had a pure, ethereal demeanor, completely eclipsed her opponent.


Xu Xiaoshou was looking forward to the match.

However, there was no excitement or thrills from the moment the match started.

In just a few seconds, Mo Mos opponent, who was at Level Ten, was sent flying out of the arena in two strokes.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

That darned Innate-stage fighter!

He angrily turned around and left the waiting area.

The path forked in two in the forest.

One led to Goose Lake while the other led to his manor.

The former represented mystery and the unknown, while the latter represented comfort and relaxation.

Xu Xiaoshou chose the latter without hesitation.

What a joke.

Hed just spent a great deal of effort to resolve the ordeal involving the Infernal Fire Seed, so why would he go to Goose Lake To eat another seed


He wouldnt do it even if he wanted to die.

It was too painful!

Xu Xiaoshou returned to his manor and lay down on his bed after taking a shower, and an indescribable sense of comfort washed over him.

Xu Xiaoshou took out a Spiritual Cultivation Pill and took a whiff.


It was double the pleasure!

The upgraded Breathing Technique had been strengthened, and he inhaled the entire pill in one breath.

Fortunately, hed already been trying his best to resist the high.

Even so, he still slipped into a daze from the sudden rush.

Then, a wave of spiritual strength coursed through his body, and the tides of his energy reserve rose.

His body trembled…

He had broken through…

Spiritual Cultivation Level Eight!

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.

Hed spent a great deal of effort to suppress his cultivation level after he finished refining the Infernal Fire Seed yesterday.

In the end, hed stopped paying attention for a moment and achieved a breakthrough…

“Forget it.

Let it be fast.”

“Perhaps my speed is nothing in front of true geniuses,” Xu Xiaoshou consoled himself and stopped caring about the situation.

After all, he could consolidate his cultivation level even while sleeping.

He willed the notification panel to appear in his mind.

Passive Points: 18882.

“Hm, its a little less than it was before.”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little disappointed, even though hed somewhat expected such a result.

Without the Infernal Fire Seed giving him a Passive Point every second, hed only gained roughly 4000 to 5000 Passive Points from the thousand-man crowd during his match.

And that was even after getting hit by Zhao Qingtengs Formless Great Cold.

Otherwise, he wouldve gotten 1000 to 2000 fewer Passive Points.

“The Infernal Fire Seed…”

Xu Xiaoshou started to miss that item.

However, the fire seed was a time bomb that could go off at any moment, so it was best not to think about it…

However, perhaps he might be able to control it…

Xu Xiaoshou stroked his chin as he deliberated, then finally did away with that bold thought.

Rather than think about the Infernal Fire Seed, he might as well mull over what intentions that detestable old man had had when he got him to swallow the item.


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