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Chapter 381: What Is Xu Xiaoshous Background


Wen Song sensed his exasperation rising into a lump in his throat, and he sputtered out.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the saliva that rained in the sky and took a few steps back in disgust.

‘What a pity its not blood, he mused to himself.

He could not summon any good feelings about old men like this who had no achievements to show for but behaved so egoistically.

Not to mention, the two sides were on opposing camps.

The onlookers were surprised by the fearless Xu Xiaoshou.

“Is he… Is he not afraid of death Or is he going all in”

“Hes not stupid.

He knows that he has the cultivation level of the mid-stage of Origin Court, and he also knows that Elder Wen is the peak of Master Stage…”

“How dare he speak”

“Is he ignorant”

“Oh, he is dead meat!”


Respected, Passive Points 232.

Ridiculed, Passive Points 224.

Everyone exploded into a commentary on the spectacle.

Even the people who were as far away as the west side of the competition platform were attracted over.

Not understanding what happened during the banquet, everyone was eager to join in the gossip.

They quickly gathered around.

In a corner, Xu Xiaoji was warming up his body with stretching exercises.

He pulled and pulled before straightening up.

‘What is the situation where Xu Xiaoshou is He just stepped foot in here and is already making enemies for himself

‘Did he intend to cooperate with me like this

Everything went too smoothly for him, and Xu Xiaoshou was godsent help to divert attention away from what he was planning.

Looking around at his empty surroundings, Xu Xiaoji ran away and disappeared.

In the banquet, among the people…

Wen Song, who had eased his mind, flew into a rage realizing that he could not compete in the word-of-mouth dispute.

He moved with his palm, and the spiritual source soared.

“Stop it!”

Fu Yinhong yelled out.

She glanced at Xu Xiaoshou with a strange expression and turned to look at Wen Song.

“Elder Wen should know the rules of the City Lord Mansion banquet dinner.

If you want to attack, you can only wait for the Platform Competition later!”

Wen Song glared and hissed.

“This kid is rude!”

“Rules are rules!”

Wen Song was speechless.

After a long silence…


Wen Song was so furious that his spiritual source gathered dangerously.

The ground under his feet exploded, creating a large hole on the floor.

At this time, everyone was shocked.

They retreated backward.

Fu Yinhong frowned and said coldly, “Elder Wen, pay attention to your status!”

Wen Song narrowed his eyes and raised his chin.

“This old man cant hold back his strength!”

Fu Yinhong immediately thought to put on her armor.

Did this guy think that he could do anything since others called him his predecessor

With so many eyes on the City Lord Mansion banquet dinner, if everyone behaved as they wished, wouldnt this place be a mass grave tomorrow


She took a deep breath, suppressing her inner impulse.

After all, if they were to break out in a fight, she would also be going against the rules.

She could not set that precedent.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the girls heaving chest and turned his head to look at old man Wen Song.

He said in a teasing manner, “Old man, you have no outlet for your tantrum, so you decided to act up in front of a lass.”


Act up

This sentence offended two people at the same time.

Fu Yinhong and Wen Song froze in outrage and gawked at the young man who was still on his lengthy prattle.

“Its not right for you to behave like this.

You are already at the peak of Master Stage, yet you cant hold back your strength.

Dont you know that youre a guest here How can you be so arrogant even after smashing the floor of the hosts residence”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Fu Yinhong, who stood tall and looked like she wanted to speak.

He stretched his hand out and whispered.

“You dont have to thank me.

I have your back on this matter!”

Fu Yinhong was speechless.

‘You have my back Do I need you to have my back

‘I want to tell you, kid, to shut up in time! If you go on like this, I will be the first one to bet that you will be slapped to death by this old guy in anger!

Wen Song was livid with anger after hearing Xu Xiaoshou speak again.

His face flushed tomato red.

After seeing his reaction, Fu Yinhong chose to remain silent.

“Xu Xiaoshou!” Wen Song hollered.

“Juniors should not toe the line!”

Xu Xiaoshou covered his ears and stepped back.

“Are you hard of hearing Do you think that I cant hear you when you are speaking so loudly”

Wen Song was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.


The old man could not hold it in anymore and wanted to slap him to death.

The irritability in Wen Songs heart overflowed.

If there were a meter to measure his annoyance, it would have burst the scale.

“Are you thinking of attacking me”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered at him.

“What an outrageous old guy!”

“Do you understand the rules of the City Lord Mansion What is the dignity of the City Lord Mansion if you act like this How would this affect the White Cave quota of the City Lord”

As soon as this last sentence came out, Wen Song was stupefied.

The onlookers were also bowled over.

“Good fellow, this kid is right!”

“My God! If this happened, the Wen family is going to face hard times this year…”

Everyone looked at Wen Song, who was violently angry but had no choice other than to swallow it down.

That sight amused them for a while.

“This Xu Xiaoshou… His mouth is too formidable!”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled inwardly at the Passive Points contributed by everyone while he continued to increase the severity of his tone.

“I only said a few words to you.

At most, I have talked to you as equals, and you cant tolerate it.”

” I only spoke, and you want to attack.”

“Give an inch, and you want a foot.

If I started the fight, do you want to blow up this City Lord Mansion”

Wen Song felt a fire rising in his heart.

Unfortunately, he could not vent it out.

It hurt his body very much.

He asked with a hoarse voice, “What qualifications do you have to talk to me as equals”

“Oh, qualifications”

Xu Xiaoshou raised an eyebrow.

“What a noble word!”

“Do you have one more nostril than me, or do you have one more belly button”


“Are the qualifications you are talking about referring to the domineering and reckless behavior that you have exhibited and your clear disdain for the rules”

“If that is the case, what qualifications do you have to smash the floor of this City Lord Mansion”

“Since when was the Wen family more superior than the City Lord Mansion”

Wen Song almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face was dark, and even his eyes had lost their glint.

He wanted to refute.

At this time, if he even said a word, he would be verifying Xu Xiaoshous allegations.

It would amount to be claiming to be nobler than the City Lord Mansion.

It would be alright if it were on regular occasions, but tonight was the banquet dinner.

He could not ruin the opportunity for the Wen family to obtain the White Cave quota because of his mistakes.

Zhao Nong silently pulled the old man back from one side.

He and Wen Song were not on good terms, but as soon as Xu Xiaoshou appeared, the enemy of his enemy was his friend.

When he first saw that his opponent was dumbfounded, he wanted to speak out.

But now…

Forget it.

It would be better to step back.

When the Platform Competition started, there was a chance that this kid would die.


“When you are old, you should learn to calm down!”

Fu Yinhong looked at Old Man Wen in amusement.

He had singlehandedly dug the pit he was currently in from the verbal spar with Xu Xiaoshou.

She also knew that she should not pursue the matter, and she could not let Xu Xiaoshou go on anymore.

The way he spoke was an invitation for disaster.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Before she could say anything to dissuade him, the onlookers cleared away amidst a burst of noise.

All the people surrounded in the middle looked toward them.

They saw a gallant young man walk over quickly through the newly formed passage.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

His sound came before he arrived in person.

He laughed heartily.

Even if Fu Xing did not recognize Xu Xiaoshou, he saw the little girl with twin ponytails moving evasively toward the side, trying hard to avoid being dragged down by association.

If his junior sister was there, he had to be there too.

“Big Brother Shou, you have arrived!”

Fu Xing squeezed through the crowd excitedly.

As he expected, he saw Xu Xiaoshou trapped in the middle.

His call immediately sent everyone into a hush.

“Big… Big Brother Shou”


“Did Young Master call him Big Brother No wonder… No wonder this kid dared to anger the peak of Master Stage with an Innate Stage cultivation level!”

“What is Xu Xiaoshous background”


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