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Chapter 378: You Are Small, So You Dont Understand

He was damned if that was a person.

Xu Xiaoshou pretended to pounce on the ground.

As the clouds passed and the moon unveiled, Xu Xiaojis shadow was visible on the floor.

‘So, is he not a ghost

‘My God, what kind of creature is this

Xu Xiaoshou was scared out of his wits.

He had never encountered such a situation before.

It was better to be naïve and ignorant.

If one did not know much, one could at least live a happy life.

Like before, Xu Xiaoshou could still tease the young man in front of him openly and honestly.

Now, even if he wanted to show off his mouthiness, he could not muster that up anymore.

‘The built-in lie detector in the system… Sure enough, there is no good product from this lousy system.

‘Since it can be detected, it is probably a big secret.

‘People cannot know too much…

Xu Xiaoshou trembled as he stood up and looked at the young man in front of him whom he had christened Xu Xiaoji.

He shuddered as he thought if this guy wanted to hold him at fault.

“Big Brother!”

Xu Xiaoji faced him with streams of tears running down his face.

He sobbed woefully and lamented.

“Big Brother, please dont pull my feet any longer.

I only want to enter the City Lord Mansion this once.

If you dont want to bring me along, then forget it.

You dont need to be so insulting!”

“I am a human being, and I also have feelings!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought in his heart,I would be a fool to believe you!

‘If you are human, then how can the system be wrong

The lads reasoning and explanation, however, made him a little puzzled.

Based on the results from the systems lie detector, this guy was not only not human but also a killer.

Therefore, if he wanted to enter the City Lord Mansion, he should have a target.

But that target did not seem to be him.

Otherwise, this guy would not need to spend so much time beating around the bush with him there.

Xu Xiaoshou rationalized the events and calmed himself down.

After all, he had uncovered the secret of this guy, but the other party was still in the dark.

Now, he naturally could not make it known that he knew too much.

Therefore, he pretended not to care and flung his sleeves.

“Little Brother.”

“Although I have almost forgotten your looks, you and I get along so well.

I also recognize you as my missing… Bah, I meant my long-lost Little Brother who was separated from me for many years.”

“Do you want to enter the City Lord Mansion” Xu Xiaoshou quickly changed his words.

“Yeah!” Xu Xiaoji gritted his teeth and nodded in humiliation.

Upon seeing this, Xu Xiaoshou quickly comforted him by saying, “This way, I can bring you into the City Lord Mansion.

After you enter, what do you do or where you go is entirely up to you!”

“But everything will have nothing to do with me.”

“How about this”

Xu Xiaoji was surprised.

How could this guy suddenly be so kind

Wasnt this the best outcome he had desired

However, would there be anyone so kind to not only play along with him and acknowledge this fraudulent Little Brother but also bring themselves into the City Lord Mansion without asking for anything in return

That was impossible.

Xu Xiaoji darted his eyes around as he pondered Xu Xiaoshous motives.

He was not stupid.

He could tell that Xu Xiaoshous words and actions were far too bizarre.

It was as though this guy was about to do something major, and he was afraid of being held back by himself.

No matter how major his plans were, could they be more important than his own

Xu Xiaoji did not continue thinking about it.

After all, this proposal was the closest to a perfect scenario for him.


He agreed instantly, and Xu Xiaoshou did not continue talking.

He hurriedly turned around and tossed his head.

“Keep up.”

Mu Zixi looked at these two guys who first dove to the ground before getting up.

They then behaved as though they were blood brothers.

She was dumbfounded.

Not only her, but the 36 door sentinels were also a little flabbergasted.

Could such a strong bond between people be successfully established in such a short time

Looking at those two guys who had their arms on each others shoulders, whoever did not know what was going on would really think that they are blood brothers.

The door sentinel stood with his spear in front of him.

He was hesitant to retract it back or direct it out.

Xu Xiaoshou walked toward him with a smile and pushed away his weapon.

“Ive confirmed it.

He is indeed my little brother.”

“If I bring another person, its not too unreasonable, right”

The door sentinel swallowed his saliva.

Black lines seemingly appeared on his head.

He sized up the two of them.

A weird expression gradually formed on his face.

“Have you reached a special arrangement”

Suspected, Passive Points 1.


At this point, he could not stop them since they were on the same page.

‘It is fine to bring another person with you… Xu Xiaoshou thought and nodded slightly.

Under Mu Zixis suspicious stare, he led his little brother and junior sister into the City Lord Mansion.

The banquet room…

It seemed that the banquet room was fashioned from a large competition platform for the event that night.

It was very spacious on one side.

The purpose was simple.

It had to accommodate many distinguished guests.

At the same time, it was also convenient to assign the White Cave quota after the eligible candidates emerged successfully from the fight.

On the eastern side of this open-air banquet room, there were hundreds of dining tables.

Countless night pearls adorned the surrounding walls, which lit up the place so brightly that it was as if it were daytime.

The ambiance was festive with singing and dancing.

Most of the people in attendance were middle-aged men and women of distinguished status.

They all had extraordinary strength, and the number of guests was increasing by the minute.

On the western side of the banquet room, there was an enormous competition platform in its original state.

It was different from the dining and partying area on the east.

The young talents from the major cities stood on the competition platform in Tiansang Prefecture.

Although the fight had not started yet, the young people on the stage were already quietly sizing up each other.

The brilliant white stars of the barrier reflected the various figures beneath it.

There were people warming up and others who were showing off their skills.

Some people assumed a high-and-mighty demeanor and walked around disdainfully.

Some were fledgling and darted their eyes around anxiously.

Under the guidance of the attendant, Xu Xiaoshou flew over a distance for a quarter of an hour before he finally arrived at the banquet room.

This time, he could no longer recoup his amazement.


“It is too big!”

The City Lord Mansion was so big that it was almost terrifying.

This place did not need any spiritual arrays for protection.

If they did not reveal the map, it could function as a Miniature Restraining Array on its own.

With no one to lead the way, any intruders would be lost within the walls very quickly.

“We have arrived.”

The attendant bowed and said before he retreated to continue his duties.

“We have arrived.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Xu Xiaoji and said the same to him.

His tone hinted that they would no longer have anything to do with each other, and they would part ways.

Xu Xiaoji was speechless.

How could this guy disapprove of him more than himself

Forget it.

Parting ways was indeed more beneficial.

He thought for a while and turned his unwilling eyes to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Big Brother, I shall leave now”

“Go, your wings are now mature, and you have to learn to conquer the skies.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled reassuringly as though he was a benevolent senior.

Xu Xiaoji was speechless once again.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

With a toss of his head, he walked toward the west side of the banquet room.

He made his way toward the gathered youths.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the departing figure, the benevolent smile on his face instantly turning into one of relief.

Finally, he got rid of this leech…

“Lets go!”

Without saying anything else, he led Mu Zixi to the banquet on the eastern side.

“Are we going to the banquet”

Mu Zixi was a little bewildered.

This behavior was not in line with the usual antics of her senior brother.

Shouldnt he jump into the crowd to make a scene and then slam those guys who had triggered his annoyance on the ground one by one

“Xu Xiaoshou, did you go the wrong way” she asked.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and glanced in the direction where Xu Xiaoji had disappeared off.

He patted Mu Zixi on the head.


You are small, so you dont understand.”

“Some people… Well, I should say some humans and non-humans are beyond the level your brain can comprehend or discern.”

He conveniently omitted the fact that if he did not have that lie detector, he also would not be able to figure that out.

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback by the sudden influx of notification popups.


Did he say anything uncalled-for That reaction was inexplicable…

He held the stormy face of the little girl in his hands and took a closer look at her.

“Do you have a fever”

“Or is there water in your brain”

Mu Zixi lowered her head and looked at her toes.

She squeezed her pink fists tightly.


Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…


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