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Zhao Qingteng didnt approach Xu Xiaoshou.

Instead, he lifted his Ice Stream Sword and looked up as he muttered, “Galaxy!”


The snow on the ground instantly floated and swirled up into the air before shattering to become a sword aura.

Zhao Qingtengs attack seemed to tear open the galaxy, and it sliced toward Xu Xiaoshou amidst the hovering snow.

The sword behind Xiao Qixius back trembled, and the judge looked startled.

Acquired-stage Sword Will!

To think that it was an Acquired-stage Sword Will!


In the previous battle, there was Zhou Tianshens Acquired-stage Blade Will, and now there was Zhao Qingtengs Acquired-stage Sword Will.

“Is this Xu Xiaoshou the key to unlocking the secrets of winning” he thought to himself.

“How does he expose all of his opponents trump cards”

Zhou Tianshen hugged his sword while sitting in the spectator seats, looking worried.

To think that it was a Sword Will!

“Faced with a Sword Will, how can Xu Xiaoshou, whos trapped within an ice sculpture, defend himself

“Is Xu Xiaoshou, who defeated me, about to be taken down by Zhao Qingteng in three moves

“Then wont I be…

He hit himself hard on the head, no longer able to sit still.

On the other side, Mu Ziqi grabbed her pigtails.

She was standing on a chair in the waiting room, craning her neck to see how strong Xu Xiaoshou, who hadnt cared to greet her, really was.


In the end, she saw that hed become an ice sculpture the moment the battle started.

Elder Qiao sat silently in the spectator seats.

This was the second time hed come to watch Xu Xiaoshous battle, and it was also the second time hed felt that he should go and console Xu Xiaoshou after the battle.


Under the crowds gaze, the galaxy-like sword aura sliced the target into two.

The sword aura flashed past the arena, and the ice sculpture immediately exploded.

However, the crowd was shocked to find that the ice sculpture hadnt been cut by the Sword Will.

Instead, an arm had sliced out from inside the ice sculpture, breaking it from the inside.

Zhao Qingtengs eyes narrowed.

“An arm” he thought.

The arm had a transparent glow about it, as if the flesh of the arm had a spiritual quality and was made out of treasures.

The arm grabbed onto the fiercely approaching sword aura.

Everyone was shocked.

It grabbed the attack


A piercing sound rang out.

Xu Xiaoshou looked as though hed just been reborn, and jumped out of the ice sculpture.

He somersaulted in the air, then tossed the Galaxy Sword Aura back at Zhao Qingteng!

“Oh f***!”

Zhou Tianshen, who was outside the arena, was shocked, and his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

This scene was extremely familiar.

In their battle, Xu Xiaoshou had reversed his Deity Mountain-Lifting Technique with his sword technique, which had ultimately led to his defeat.

In just the one day he hadnt seen Xu Xiaoshou, he didnt expect him to now be able to reverse his opponents techniques without even using his sword.

“Grabbed onto a sword aura with his bare hands” he thought, incredulous.

“Are you kidding me”

Xu Xiaoshou knelt weakly onto the ground and trembled as he slowly expelled the chilly energy in his body.

Fleeting White Cloud Two: Modified Sword Style!


Thats right.

This was the Sword Will attack that hed learned during his battle with Zhou Tianshen yesterday.

It was just that Xu Xiaoshou had executed it with his Glow of Sharpness.


He gathered the transparent glow on his arm and turned it into a blade.

Its sharpness was comparable to that of Hiding Pain.

Snow fell in the arena.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

It wouldve been fine if Xu Xiaoshou had used his sword.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had grabbed onto the sword aura with his bare hands, which shocked everyone beyond belief.

Even Zhao Qingteng was unable to react for a moment.

The sword attack sliced toward Zhao Qingteng, and Zhao Qingteng narrowly managed to avoid it.

The Galaxy Sword Aura blasted onto the barrier instead, causing it to ripple, and the barrier was almost torn apart.


Everyone was shocked and couldnt believe that Xu Xiaoshou had been able to grab onto such a ferocious attack.

At the same time, the Innate-stage physical body rose in their estimations.

There was frost on Xu Xiaoshous face, and his lips had turned purple.

Hed clearly been severely frozen.

However, the wound on his palm that hed gotten from the sword aura made him feel wide awake.

The scorching energy in his energy reserve spread through his body and quickly dispelled the cold, which was a pleasant surprise.

“Ill take his life now that hes weakened!” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt let the opportunity to launch consecutive attacks slip by.

He immediately grabbed onto Hiding Pain after throwing the sword aura out.

A moment later, he gracefully sliced his sword through the air, and his Sword Will immediately pressed onto the surroundings.

Fleeting White Cloud One: Sword Web Style!

Hed thought up these names for two attacks while frozen, and during that time hed also thought about how to use them!

He, Xu Xiaoshou, knew more than just close-range combat.

Zhao Qingteng had just avoided his own Galaxy Sword Aura when he saw the web of swords pressing toward him.

He immediately sliced forward with his Ice Stream Sword, and the clashing of swords rang out in the arena as they hit.

Creak, creak, creak!

Streaks of red blood appeared on Zhao Qingtengs white robes.

The reality was that Xu Xiaoshous Sword Will had become more powerful after refining it over the course of his battles.

Even though Zhao Qingteng also had an Acquired-stage Sword Will, he couldnt defend against Xu Xiaoshous intensive barrage of attacks.

The next second, Zhao Qingteng gave up resisting, and the web of swords sliced past his body.

Zhao Qingtengs ice sculpture appeared once again, and it instantly crumbled from the attacks of Xu Xiaoshous sword.

It appeared!

The unknown substitution technique!

Xu Xiaoshou had been prepared for this.

His Sense had constantly been concentrating on the movements of the snow.

Sure enough, he saw some of the snow in one area abnormally stagnate.

Its there!

The crowd watched in shock as Xu Xiaoshou shot a palm toward the air beside him, and they grew so anxious that they almost cursed at Xu Xiaoshou.

However, the next instant, Zhao Qingteng appeared where Xu Xiaoshous palm had struck!

“Oh, God!”

The crowd became confused at that moment.

What was going on

Xu Xiaoshou had hit Zhao Qingteng.

One of them was willing to attack, while the other was willing to get hit


Zhao Qingtengs expression changed.

He knew that his opponent had seen through his Snow Traversing Technique with his attack just now.

Xu Xiaoshous ability to analyze the battle was terrifying!

Caught off guard, Zhao Qingteng couldnt even lift his Ice Stream Sword.

All he could do was meet Xu Xiaoshous palm with his own.

Xu Xiaoshou snickered.

He twisted his right palm and made the Glow of Sharpness circle it.

His palm instantly transformed into a claw as it pierced fiercely into Zhao Qingtengs comparatively tender palm.


Blood sprayed into the air.

Zhao Qingteng had already conjured an ice mirror so their palms would collide, thus defending himself against the attack.

However, how would that stop the Innate-stage Sharpness

The claw directly ripped apart the ice mirror and left five bloody holes in Zhao Qingtengs palm!

Xu Xiaoshou finally understood the difference between a palm strike and a claw attack.

Now that his Sinister Skeletal Claw had landed, his opponent would be left with one finger if he pulled his hand back.

His opponent would be left with his shortest finger!

However, Xu Xiaoshou held back.

It was just a thought.

He didnt really do it.

Even so, Zhao Qingtengs face contorted with pain, and his body instantly disappeared.

This time, he didnt dare be careless.

He immediately shifted his body to the furthest point away from Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally couldnt catch up to him.

“There really was a problem with this snow…”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

He turned to look at Xiao Qixiu.

“I already told you that he was cheating, but you didnt believe me.

If it was me, I wouldve immediately judged that hed lost.”

Xiao Qixiu pouted but didnt say anything.

The crowd was shocked.

To think that Xu Xiaoshou was the first one to make Zhao Qingteng bleed during the Windcloud Competition.

No one had expected this.

“So Zhao Qingtengs teleportation technique was really done through moving around in the snow as Xu Xiaoshou said”


The spectators all had odd looks on their faces.

If that were the case, then Zhao Qingteng really had cheated.

No one wouldve thought it inappropriate if Zhao Qingteng had made the snow fall before the battle started to add to his charisma.

In fact, they wouldve even been envious of his ability.

But, because the snow was connected to a technique that required charging up or a technique that was done in secret, his actions sparked the crowds ire.

At that moment, people started switching sides.

It was clear that Zhao Qingtengs actions didnt sit well with them.

“Do your best, Xu Xiaoshou! I know that youre the best.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, defeat Zhao Qingteng and Ill bear you a child!”


“Xu Xiaoshou! Ahhh, youre so handsome!”

Zhou Tianshen looked over in shock, only now realizing that he had unknowingly left the arena to observe the battle.

Was the crowd always so fierce


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