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Chapter 334: You, Go Save The People

Xin Gugu felt like his head was about to explode from the rage.


‘Why must he be the way he is Xin Gugu thought.

‘There is room for negotiations!

‘Business is not done like this, he thought.

“And this is beyond business.

There is life and death involved in the process!

It was out of line to reveal Xin Gugus identity because they disagreed.

‘Hes going to let me die here, he thought.

Xin Gugus eyes were red with fury.

In other circumstances, such as being in the midst of battle, to have his identity revealed was tolerable.

In that case, Xin Gugu had an excuse to take the enemy down with him.

However, for the scruffy man to reveal him in this situation was displaying his cards before Xin Gugu tried to play them.

He felt like it was a joke.

As the man finished his words, Xin Gugu could almost see the shell-shocked face of Yuan Sandao.

He could also see a memory that he had buried in the depths of his mind.

It was something he was unwilling to recollect.

“Red Coat!”

Xin Gugu was overwhelmed with rage.

His blood energy dispelled into the air around him.

He predicted that a huge unavoidable battle was about to start.

Even if he died, he swore he would bring the disgusting scruffy-looking man down into hell with him.

With a fling of his staff, the killing intent that filled the air begun to explode.

The instant he launched his attack, the onlookers flipped over and fell from their horses.

The ones with a weak heart fell immediately because of the attack and exploded on the spot.

“Die! All of you!”

Xin Gugu roared as he waved his staff violently.

The ground started to vibrate and cracked.

Black blood water was rising to the surface.

The earth in the 10-mile radius had turned into nothing but red.

It looked as if they were in the depths of hell.

The masses had delved into madness.

Many were running for their lives, yelling, crying, and groaning in pain.

The battlefield was filled with a terrible mixture of sounds.

Xin Gugu withdrew the staff and realized he had passed through the man in front of him.

Despite standing so close to him, the person in front of him was no longer the terrible person he had seen.

Was he a phantom

“Have you realized anything”

The figure of the man started to fall apart.

Rays of bright sword light peaked out from behind the pieces.

His voice sounded like it had traveled from the heavens.

It was a voice that transcended the dimensions of the universe.

It was otherworldly.

“You saw the future because of your choice!”

“I already gave you the best option, but you chose death.”

“Wake up rascal! You dont have a right to reject me.”

With a clear slap on his face, Xin Gugu woke up from the dream.

His cheeks still hurt from the slap.

He shook his head and repositioned his vision only to make the shocking discovery that nothing had changed.

Xu Xiaoshou remained on the ground.

Yuan Sandao still stood in the distance, and the onlooking crowd was still bustling with anticipation.

More importantly, the ground was not overflowing with blood.

‘Was I mistaken

Xin Gugu focused his vision.

His mind was blank.

‘That is impossible, he thought.

‘It was not a mistake.

This must be the mans creation.” He had not known that the man had the ability to influence the cognition and thoughts of others.

There was also a possibility that the man had awakened the ability to travel through time and viewed the future of his actions.

Had he appeared before him as a time traveler

His body was covered with cold sweat.

The sweat gave Xin Gugu chills.

He suddenly felt his strength leave him as he clutched onto the golden staff tightly with a pant.


“How did you do that”

There was a possibility for both methods.

Therefore, he had underestimated the mans abilities.

He feared that even Yuan Sandao was still caught under the immense pressure of Xin Gugus knowledge.

‘I see you have this trick hidden up your sleeves, Old Man!

Xin Gugu felt a mess of emotions in his heart.

He watched the man and was unsure about how to react.

“How did you do that”

The sides of the scruffy-looking mans mouth lifted.

He was on the edge of a smirk.

He hummed and paused as if he wanted to hold something back.


With a small cough, he calmly turned around with his hands behind his back.

“You dont need to know how I did it.”

“You should definitely reconsider my proposal to you!”

Xin Gugu gritted his teeth, but he was unwilling to accept.

“My time is tight.

I cant accompany this fella and stay by his side for a whole year.”


Unexpectedly, the man changed his mind.

“Actually, as long as he needs you, you cant be late, thats all.”

Xin Gugu was kind of surprised.

He suddenly recalled the cough just now.

He frowned and tried to ask for more explanation.

“I have my own duties.

I could only help him as much as I can in my spare time…”

“All you need to do is block the attacks from the Sovereigns and those above his level.

It should not take much time.” The man continued to pace about.

Xin Gugu raised his eyebrow.

The man was asking a bit too much.

“How many times”

“The number of attacks is not limited!” The man rejected Xin Gugus proposal.

The man laughed.

“Whats wrong I had already given in.”

The scruffy man stilled his footsteps and turned around slowly.

His gaze shifted to Xin Gugu.

He stared at him mercilessly.

“You at most can say one more word to me.”

“Of course, the cost of it is, death.”


‘Are you joking Hes just Xu Xiaoshou, yet he expects me to beck at his every call.

Are you crazy I have already seen through your messed-up acts.

If it was not for that sword attack just now, I wouldnt have even bothered with you, you nutjob!

Xin Gugu maintained a calm and composed expression, but he was cursing the man to no end in his heart.


The uncle laughed coldly and lifted his sack up.

He peeked at the Sovereign at the far end and said, “Ill pass the sack to you.”

“Pass it to me”

Xin Gugu tilted his head in confusion, but he did not have the courage to question it.

“Pass what to me”

“This rascal is a ticking timebomb.

There are four Sovereigns ahead watching me.

Do you want me to hold him”

“How do you expect me to carry him”

Xin Gugu was filled with questions and resignation, but he did not dare to voice them.

Besides, the scruffy-looking man was not interested in offering any explanation.

Step by step, he dragged the sack toward where Yuan Sandao was standing.

The scruffy-looking man asked with a smile, “Hows the delay going Has backup arrived yet”

Yuan Sandao touched the blade of his sword.

He sensed that something amiss.

The man had been in discussion with someone else for a while, yet the City Lord had not rushed to the scene yet.

Additionally, there was no backup sent for Yuan Sandao, not even any updates or letters about the current situation.

“Did something happen”

Yuan Sandao narrowed his eyes, which were full of the intention to strike the man down.

He could not wait any longer.

It did not matter that the City Lord had not arrived yet.

He was ready to take the man down on his own.

“Dont be so hasty.”

The scruffy-looking man had not yet reached out.

He had simply cast his vision downward, yet Yuan Sandao felt like he was trapped by an invisible pair of hands.

He turned to the man and said with a sneer, “You hurt men and destroyed Tiansang City.

You will not escape today.”

The man replied calmly, “Save this talk for later.”

He stopped his words and looked out.

The sun had set from the faraway mountains.

He shifted his vision in the direction of the City Lord Mansion.

“Your people are still not here yet, but mine have almost arrived.”

Yuan Sandao gripped his blade tighter.

The three Sovereigns behind him reacted in shock.

As if it was on the scruffy-looking mans command, a loud explosion came from the direction of the City Lord Mansion.


A ray of black shadow cut through the sky and the earth and landed.

It was like a colossal godly hammer had struck down.

The light and the dark were separated, and the chaos began to unravel itself.

The City Lord Mansion vibrated and instantly exploded.

Every onlooker looked petrified in response to the explosion.


The scruffy-looking man dragged the sack and took a step in preparation for departure.

“Go save the people.”


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