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Chapter 331: The Cangqing Sword

The battle was sparked by those two sentences.

Qiu Xuan and Liu Qing launched from the left and right sides.

They were the Ying Yang guardians of the City Lords Mansion.

They had over decades of teamwork with Chong Dong, so they had to respond diligently in this situation.

The two lurched out to attack before Chong Dong could finish talking.

In that instant, Chong Dongs finger had been severed.

In a battle between Sovereigns, this distance was hardly worth a sweat.

They gathered the rules of the Way of the Heavens and transformed.

Qiu Xuan retrieved a black snake spear, and Liu Qing summoned an outrageously huge ax from the sky.

The two instantly appeared before the scruffy-looking man.

“High Sun Strike · Thorn Shadow!”

The onlooking crowd was riled up.

This was Qiu Xuans famous spiritual technique.

At its peak, it was able to tear through a dimension of a void and pierce the energy centers of three great Sovereigns.

That was the battle that officially hailed Qiu Xuan as a God of War, and it was the battle that solidified his status as one of the core pillars of the City Lords Mansion.

However, only a portion of the masses was watching the spear.

The majority of the attention was given to the attractive Liu Qing, who wielded three axes that were large enough to cover the sky.

“Is that the new guardian Liu”

“Wow, so violent!”

“This technique… It must be a Sovereign spiritual technique too, right Does anyone recognize it”

“It severs human limbs!”

The knowledgeable voice suddenly went mute.

Before he could explain, the crowd watched as one of Liu Qings hammers slammed down and split open all the void in the way.

The explosion was massive.

Black energy seeped out in a spherical form from the center of the exploded spiritual source into the surrounding area.

It was quick to explode as well.

Yuan Sandao clapped the back of his hands, and he wielded his large sword for the attack.

He held on and hoped to use the remaining waves of the bounded domain to conceal his attack.

To his surprise, he heard a plain raspy spoke from the center of the explosion.

“Easy peasy.”

The elder felt his pupils shrunk as he watched the black energy be torn apart.

Two beams of vertical Sword Aura revealed themselves amidst the black energy.

The two pillars of Sword Aura seemed like two giant swords headed into the sky as they sliced through the cloud layers above and pierced into the hell below.

The appearance of the two swords immediately caught the attention of the onlooking masses.

The swords flew into the heavens.

It was accompanied by a deafening and piercing hum.

For many who were on the lower level, the impact caused their ears to bleed immediately.

The worse could be said for the ordinary person who was experiencing pain like never before.

They realized that the remaining waves of the battles impact were out of the question.

Even the sounds of it were too much for the masses.

Yet, many persevered to watch the battle.

“So, is this a battle between Sovereigns”

The opportunity to witness a showdown between Sovereigns was once in a lifetime.

No one was willing to give up on this opportunity to observe.

It mattered little whether they would go deaf.

Any problem, even bankruptcy, could be solved with an elixir.

Weighing the significance between the outcomes was as easy as a piece of cake.

Hence, the crowd covered their ears as tight as possible and waited for the next battle development.

Concentration was written all over their faces as they set their sights on the battle.

All of them proclaimed being awed and stunned.

In the center of the black energy, Qiu Xuan fought valiantly with his spear in his hand.

It was truly a sight to behold.

His body was filled with nourishment from the spiritual source.

If he were to increase his intake a bit more, his figure would be akin to a majestic golden statue that could overwhelm Tiansang City.

Liu Qing, who was wielding the ax, was no less of a sight.

The graceful figure had intricately and perfectly complemented and been accentuated by the attacks from the giant ax.

Without any extra movement, the sharp blade of the ax was able to cut through the void.

However, this was not the true shocking sight.

The unbelievable sight to witness was how the two of them were completely held down by the Sword Aura.

The two endless pillars of white Sword Aura had trapped and encapsulated the two from head to toe.

In that instant, the fearless and out-of-control void stiletto emerged and sliced through the bodies of the two.

Blood splashed haphazardly, painting the void a sheet of red.


Chong Dong shrank back in fear.

He was lucky to have stopped his steps in time.

If not, he would have ended up in front of the scruffy-looking man.

He was unsure if he would be able to resist this level of suppression if he got too close.

Since he did not have any knowledge about when this type of skill emerged, nor was he aware of how long it took to cultivate this skill, it gripped him with fear.

It was a skill he had never encountered.


He swallowed his saliva and exchanged spiritual senses with Yuan Sandao.

His mouth felt dry as he recalled his previous command of “Sovereigns! Attack!”

He changed his words.

“This is beyond the powers of a Sovereign.

Please move carefully.”

Qiu Xuan and Liu Qing were enraged.

They could have been able to stomach the physical pain, but the added betrayal from their teammate was unbearable.

The scruffy-looking man turned to Yuan Sandao with a smile.

“I dont plan on hurting anyone.

If there are no questions, I guess I will see you again.”

Elder Yuan could not hold back any longer.

“Who are you” he asked.

The definitive Sword Aura was all too familiar to Yuan Sandao.

In his mind, he immediately recalled a myth.

He shook off his thoughts.

The person in mind had already passed.

It was impossible.

However, there was no one else that could fit this profile.

The blade Yuan Sandaos hands turned lightly, but he hesitated.

The Eastern Region spanned many lands.

Many great individuals had cultivated in the Ancient Sword Technique, and certain individuals had cultivated to this present level.

The Burial Sword Tomb and Fringe Moon Immortal City combined had less than a few dozen individuals.

There were a few visitors from Burial Sword Tomb.

However, if it was regarding White Cave, they would not have sent someone of this caliber for it.

‘Fourth Sword was invisible.

Moreover, they were all related to each other…

He had a realization.

‘Yes, the people from Burial Sword Tomb had come, but those from Fringe Moon Immortal City had not!

The others might not have known the details about Fringe Moon Immortal City, but Yuan Sandao had clear knowledge of the place.

After the fall of the Eighth Sword Deity, the next in line was a rising master of the way of the sword.

He was associated with the creation of the way and the anonymous head disciple in Bazhunans olden days.

“Are you from Fringe Moon Immortal City” Yuan Sandao asked.

The scruffy-looking man walked past the standing figures of the other two men and shook his head with a smile as a reply to the elders question.

“Youre wrong.”

“Second question.”

“Are you at Cutting Path or Higher Void” Chong Dong held up a tough front, but he was shivering on the inside.

He was terrified.

He was someone even Yuan Sandao feared.

Chong Dong started to regret his previous rash actions.

It was true that an aggressive front was not always to his benefit.

There was a chance that the man really had the intention of eliminating him.

The scruffy-looking man glanced toward Chong Dong.

A spark of killer intent flickered in his pupils.

No one had survived after pointing a finger at him.

In the face of such a character, it was needless to say that on top of the previous kill intent, he was more than willing to banish this man from his line of sight.

“You dont have the right to ask.”

Chong Dong hesitated.

He was about to speak when the man raised his voice and shouted, “Be gone!”

The sky instantly changed.

Wind and storm clouds were pulling together chaotically.

The cangqing sword manifested from the void.

It was capable of taking down stars from the sky.

It slowly rotated itself into position.

“Watch out!”

Yuan Sandao yelled as he sprinted to defend Chong Dong.

He could not defend himself against an attack of this scale, and less could be said for Chong Dong.

However, he was too late.

Everyones vision started to slow down.

The figure of Chong Dong evading the attack had slowed down too.

Yuan Sandao was included.

Every step he lifted seemed to take billions of years before it hit the ground.

‘Time rule

In that moment, fear clutched Yuan Sandaos heart.

The fear was overwhelming like a tsunami washing out the mountains.

Every lifeform had slowed down, but the cangqing sword levitating above the head of the scruffy-looking man did not reduce in speed.

The man moved the fourth finger that he had hidden within his wide robe sleeves.

There was a sound of an exhale.

A half-moon chopped down.

From far away, there was a sound of a void hole being destroyed.

It sounded as if the realm of the gods had crumbled.

Afterward, a tearing sound was heard.

Chong Dong had been sliced into two.


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