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In the battle…

The violent golden giant was moving at lightning speed as he swept back and forth.


Red Dog was slapped and sent flying, only to bounce off the bounded domain barrier wall.

Later, the giant palm that struck once again pinched him.


From the tightly clenched five fingers, blood and flesh oozed out from the gaps.

Red Dog had a twisted, painful smile on his face.

His smile was spine-chilling.

Even though he nearly became squeezed to pieces, his eyes were glinting fervently.

The pain seemed to stimulate him, causing his agitated emotions to rise further.

He let out a pained hiss.

His memory was addled, and he could not help muttering.


“No, this is not possible.

Lord Black Snake, Black Snake… Heh, heh…”

Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he roared with a grimace.


“Sorry, I forgot that you are dead!”

With a bang, Red Dog, who had just finished roaring, was hurled to the ground by the giant.

The tables turned.

This time, it was Red Dogs turn to be on the receiving end of the blows.

He was assaulted until the floor broke, and he ended bouncing like a ball.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into the golden giant, clasped both palms together.


The airwaves in the void split into vertical ripples, akin to a disk that could slice the sun.

It directly penetrated Red Dogs bounded domain.

In that instant, the people in the outside world could see a golden airwave disk radiating from the storms eye.

It promptly wrecked the surrounding buildings into pieces.

Chong Dongs figure flew out.

His speed suddenly increased again.

“Damn it!”

With just one blow, he could predict how many people nearby were killed.

He could no longer ignore the battle of the Sovereign Stage.

It was because he saw it with his own eyes.

When the bounded domain split, a gigantic golden silhouette was visible in the background.

He could not see the other person, but he had never experienced such terrifying and blasphemous pressure throughout his long lifetime.

“Sovereign Stage spiritual technique”

Chong Dong was horrified.

The golden giant looked like it originated from his worst nightmare.

At the same time, there was a niggling doubt at the bottom of his heart.

It was such a terrifying spiritual technique.

How come the cultivator who activated it had a weak breath

“Innate Stage”

He denied this idea without hesitation.

How could an Innate Stage go up against a Sovereign Stage

As soon as the bounded domain opened, there had to be a Sovereign Stage there.

Yet, he only saw a golden giant who was an Innate Stage.

Did that mean that the Sovereign Stage, which there was no trace of, was beaten

‘What a sh*tty joke!

Chong Dong shook his head and cast aside this absurd idea.

He rushed to the center of the battle.

‘This battle must end immediately!

The bounded domain sealed itself.

It was a self-healing attribute that was unique to the Sovereign Stage Bounded Domain.

As long as the owner did not wish to open it, it would remain shut unless another Sovereign Stage attempted to open it forcibly.

Otherwise, it was even more difficult to break open the bounded domain.

The attacks raining down from the violent giant stopped without warning.

It was simply unbelievable.

After Xu Xiaoshou morphed into a violent giant, he still could not control his consciousness for the time being.

So, why did he stop like this




At the point where the giant golden palms met, there was finally a sound.

Red Dog, who was enveloped in a spiritual source, managed to extricate himself from his reach.

“Xu Xiaoshou… Hahaha, Xu Xiaoshou!”

Red Dog howled savagely.

His mangled face was so ghastly that only blood was visible.

Never in his wildest imaginations would he have envisioned the outcome of this mission to turn out like this.

It was already bad enough that he had shed blood.

Not only was he was beaten from the sky to the ground, but he was also finally slapped by a mere Innate Stage.

“You are finished!”

“Even if the king of heavens comes now, he cant save you!”

Red Dog bellowed in his wrath.

He could feel that the power emanating from Xu Xiaoshou did not belong to him at all.

Such a tremendous outburst of energy came at the cost of losing consciousness.

Xu Xiaoshou might never find himself if the bounded domain was to be isolated.

But was that possible

‘Who would be fiercely slapped again and again from the sky and still have a good temper

At this moment, Red Dog could not wait to yank Xu Xiaoshou out of the golden giant immediately and rip him into shreds.

How could he wait a few more minutes

If he waited this time before he made his kill, he would surely reach his goal.

But how could that appease his anger

“Innate Stage!”

“I have never expected that at the Innate Stage, you could exhibit a power beyond the Master Stage!”

Red Dog supported himself with both hands and bestowed the power of the Way of the Heavens on his body.

The colossal power of the Great Path had already repelled this irrepressible and formidable force, even if it was not a Master Physique.

He sneered and said, “But, so what if you could exhibit the power beyond the Master Stage”

“If your cultivation level is not enough, you can never kill me!”

“Today, I will show you the power of the Sovereign Stage–”

“Roar!” Before he could finish speaking, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly bellowed.

At such a close distance, he almost shook Red Dogs spirit out of his body.

Above the glowing golden giant, there was yet another explosion after Xu Xiaoshou bellowed.

The force of that explosion sent golden stars sparkling into the sky.

That was the…

Exploding Posture.

Red Dogs voice stopped, and his complexion instantly paled.

He felt the surging power from his opponents hand again.

That explosive power, combined with the primitively violent power of the golden giant, unexpectedly doubled.

It instantly blew his Way of the Heavens power to pieces.

At this moment, Red Dog admitted that…

He had panicked.

Feared, Passive Points 1.


Xu Xiaoshous gigantic palms clapped and crushed Red Dog until his arms broke.

After that, he was squeezed into the golden flesh wall in between the giant palms once again.


He squeezed his 10 fingers, and the person inside burst like a meatball, creating a disgustingly thick squishing sound.


Red Dog was speechless.

He felt his consciousness wane, and he was blank for a moment.

Even with the continuous strengthening of the Way of the Heavens power, he still felt the severity of the injury inflicted.

He had not experienced that in a long time.

His internal organs were under immense pressure, and his bones were misaligned.

How many years had it been since he was last severely injured

“He was just an Innate Stage…”

Red Dog only felt bitterness and horror in his heart.

He did not care at first, but he had not expected that after the Sky Stab move, this sudden twist would occur and…

He would be forced into this situation.

If there were a rare occasion he could catch his breath, he would not end up like this.

“Im the Sovereign Stage!” Red Dogs temper exploded.

However, his thoughts did not last long.

Xu Xiaoshou launched his horrifying technique of Exploding Posture.

After several explosions, the impact blasted Red Dog to the ground.


The golden palms swiftly separated.

The sudden gesture formed a bone-chilling wind that resonated in the ears.

The moment he escaped the golden palms, Red Dog was elated.

He immediately realized that this was a turning point for him.

As long as he could grasp this fleeting opportunity, he would be able to take the lead and seize his chance to strike this giant.

However, he had miscalculated.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his palms and created a tremendous gust of wind with that action.

As a result, Red Dogs body was trapped in mid-air for a brief moment.

When he recovered, all he could see was Xu Xiaoshous massive golden head and his mouth, which was bearing a constantly trembling black and gold…

Pure Energy Bead.

Red Dog was shocked.

“No, please dont…”


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