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Chapter 306: You Dont Believe Me Again

Suspected, Passive Points, 34.

Affirmed, Passive Point, 1.

Supported, Passive Points, 4.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and looked at Mu Zixi.

The little girl shot him an encouraging expression in her eyes.

She then clenched her fist and gave a thumbs-up.


Xu Xiaoshou asked with a smile, “Master President, do you still not believe me”

“Yes, I believe you.”

Shi Ti nodded his head deeply.

Xu Xiaoshou felt relieved.

“To be honest, with just this magic pill and the assurance from Yun He, I can give you the magic pill technician badge on the spot.”

Xu Xiaoshou was silent and looked at the old president with a smile, knowing that there would be a catch.


The old president stroked his beard and grabbed a handful of black material.

He sighed and said, “This old man wants to see you make the magic pill one more time.”

The onlookers nodded frantically, thinking that seeing was believing but hearing was not.

Even though Yun He had sworn that he saw the process with his own eyes, they still couldnt believe that a magic pill had survived the extraordinary blast.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand with a smile.

“There is no need to redo it.”

“Since Master President has said that you believe me and are going to give me the magic pill technician badge, why would I do such an unnecessary thing”

Shi Ti was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Point, 1.

The crowd was in awe.

‘There is nothing wrong with his brain, the crowd thought.

Admired, Passive Points, 36.

Shi Tis anger was stirred up again.

He opened his mouth and was on the verge of roaring again.

Xu Xiaoshou hastened to interrupt him.

“Master President misunderstood me.

I didnt mean what you think I meant.”

“Now that you are planning to give me the badge, I wont turn down your request.”

“Ill take the exam for the tenth-grade badge first, and later Ill take the exam for the ninth grade.”

He waved his hand carelessly, but everyone was stunned by what he had just said.

“Taking consecutive exams”

Suspected, Passive Points, 36.

Shi Ti paused in anger, raising his eyebrows high.

He had previously thought that Mu Zixi had the possibility of taking the exams consecutively, but it was merely speculation.

It was one matter if one could take the exam.

It was another matter if one could pass the exams.

Yet where did this Xu Xiaoshou get his confidence from

‘You are merely a shield for Mu Zixi and someone blocking the lines of sights of the others, but you start to think that you are a disciple of Old Man Sang.

‘With only a method of making the magic pills, do you think that you can conquer the entire Pill Pagoda

Xu Xiaoshou smiled lightly and said, “President, you dont believe me again.”

Shi Ti was again speechless.

Cursed, Passive Point, 1.

Everyone was amused by his words.

As onlookers, after they calmed down a little, they realized for the first time that this lad seemed to have a good temperament.

Even though he was misunderstood by the crowd, and even though he was roared at by President Shi Ti, he still behaved carelessly as if nothing had happened.

It seemed that nothing in the world could affect his emotions.

On the contrary, the crowds behavior…

All of them felt surprised when the lad said something so casually and grew outraged.

President Shi Ti was the worst of them all, even though he was usually as calm and steady as a mountain.

Shi Ti showed a sullen expression on his face.

It was true that he didnt believe this lad had achieved such a feat already.

“Its not important whether I believe you or not at the moment.

If you can make a stove of magic pills in front of our eyes, Ill believe you are indeed capable!”

Yun He rolled his eyes undetected, thinking that the truth was that Shi Ti didnt believe his words.

Xu Xiaoshou felt amused and said with a smile, “Okay, but you give me the badge first.”

“I cant give the badge to you for the time being, but you can make the magic pills according to your own plan.

If you can really make the ninth-grade pills…”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted excitedly, “Is President Shi Ti is going to place a bet with me and give me a reward”

Shi Ti paused.

‘I dont think I said it that way, he thought.

He gritted his teeth and had almost spoken the hysterical words in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshou felt sad and commented, “Alas, it is true that one who is not envied by others is a mediocre talent!”

“It is apparent that Ive made the Red Gold Pill, and Elder Yun He has confirmed it.

However, no one is willing to believe me.”

“Is it true that the life of a genius must be lonely”

“What about my peers Do you guys believe me”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They wondered why Xu Xiaoshou spoke the words that should have been kept in his mind.

Why was he so shameless

Mu Zixi clenched her fist at the side and said, “Xu Xiaoshou, I believe you.”

Everyone glanced at her sideways.

The little girl flushed and hid behind Shi Ti.

“Go, Xu Xiaoshou, go.”

This abrupt cheering sound was even more surprising.

The crowd looked in the direction of the sound.

Was the speaker Fu Xing

Fu Yinhong stared at him with her pretty eyes.

“Why are you getting involved!”

Fu Xing replied, “I believe Xu Xiaoshou.

I believe my big brother!”

Fu Yinhong was dumbfounded.

Shi Ti let out a sigh of relief and realized that he had no choice but to say something.

He thought that it would be hard to save face if what Xu Xiaoshou said was true, even if it was just a slim chance.

He said slowly, “If you can really succeed in making the ninth-grade pills, I will let you choose a condition.”

Everyone was surprised to hear that.

Why has he promised a condition so easily

The envious expressions were apparent in the eyes of the crowd.

Yet they wondered when Master President had become so casual and easy to give in.

However, when the crowd mulled it over, they realized that what Shi Ti said and did was a bit too outrageous if Xu Xiaoshou could actually do it.

In comparison, a promise was worth saving the presidents face.

Xu Xiaoshou looked exuberant.

Although Shi Ti and Elder Sang had a close relationship, it was obviously not a reason for him to do whatever he wanted.

On the other hand, if he could win the condition, the situation would be quite different.

‘As a result, I will have a backer in Tiansang City!

‘As long as I dont cash out the promise, who dares to touch me

He immediately replied, “Does Master President mean that I can choose any condition”

Shi Ti replied with a sneer, “The premise is that you can make the magic pill!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought,Its not so difficult to achieve it.

He had made ninth-grade spiritual pills back in the Spirit Palace a long time ago, and he had many of them in the ring at the moment.

Although he didnt have enough spiritual liquids, and some of the pills still looked scorched and black, they were nevertheless finished magic pills.

‘It looks like I can win his promise with ease.

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou asked again, “If I have made a ninth-grade magic pill, will Master President promise me one condition”

“What if I can make an eighth-grade magic pill”

There was a hint of longing in his eyes.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This lad…

They had thought that he had a good temperament not long ago, but it didnt take long for him to reveal his original nature.

He had many bad qualities, such as speaking nonsense, being overly ambitious, and causing destruction everywhere.

Shi Ti was so upset that he actually felt amused.

He said, “You speak without thinking it over.

How can you boast about making eighth-grade magic pills”

“How dare you say that!”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned as he said, “Master President, you dont believe me again.”

“Could you recall carefully if I spoke without thinking Which part of my words were false”

Shi Ti didnt reply.

He had no intention of talking at the moment.

He didnt want to recall the destruction of the Pill Pagoda.

He had no intention to do so at all.

Xu Xiaoshou said with a sigh, “You have always thought that I couldnt do this or that, but every time, something unexpected happened.”

“What if…”

“What if I can do it again this time”

“Ha-ha-ha!” Shi Ti laughed while tilting his head upward.

He could no longer tolerate the boasting words of the lad.

He spoke in a cold tone.

“If you can really make an eighth-grade magic pill, I will take you in as my disciple, all right”


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