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Chapter 304: This is the Normal Process



The two doors of the magic pill rooms were pushed open almost simultaneously.

Fu Yinhong had a frustrated expression on her face.

Her luck had been horribly terrible that day.

During the first exam, she had tried to make the Left Star Pill, which was ranked among the top seventh-grade magic pills.

However, the process of making it was very difficult and extremely complicated.

Yet, Fu Yinhong was confident in making it because she had already tried it at home.

Even though it was the Left Star Pill, which was very difficult to make, she believed that she had seven out of 100 odds to succeed as long as she could focus her mind on the task.


When the Magic Pill Pagoda shook, all of her efforts had been in vain.

During the second trial of making the magic pill, she attempted something that was the second-best.

She chose to make the Origin Court Pill, which was moderately difficult to make among the seventh-grade magic pills.

It was a popular magic pill often used by the public.

It had an excellent cost-effect ratio and was a good representation of the magic pills.

In comparison to the Left Star Pill, however, the difficulty of making it was considerably lower.

Fu Yinhong believed that she had an almost 100 percent chance to succeed.

But she was wrong again.

The surprising explosion in the magic pill room next door obliterated all of her efforts.

Her mood at the moment was as uncomfortable as opening her mouth to breathe fresh air and accidentally swallowing a mosquito.

Fu Xing followed behind her carefully.

The blast…

He was rather familiar with it.

He looked in the direction of Xu Xiaoshous magic pill room.

As expected, the door panel was blown through.

The remaining wooden spikes were extremely eye-catching.

“What kind of a person is this guy…”

Fu Xing felt his heart trembling.

He wondered if he could resist it even if he learned the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword.

Stroking the jade pendant around his waist, Young Master Fu suddenly reached out his hand and pulled out a second jade pendant from the ring and put it on.

After thinking about it, he still felt ill at ease and took out a third one from the ring.

“Well, in this way, I will have peace of mind.”

The first thing Mu Zixi did after she got out of the door was to find her way to Xu Xiaoshous magic pill room.

As expected, she smelled a scorching stench and saw a scorched bathtub…

And skylight.

She paused for a moment, shaking her head, and said to herself that the damage was not too bad.

“Xu Xiaoshou, where are you Are you okay”

The young girl sounded slightly panicked.

“Im fine.”

Xu Xiaoshous voice came from behind her.

The young man looked at President Shi Ti, who was behind Mu Zixi with a beard full of ashes, and saw his face appear happier than a child playing in the mud.

He forced himself to walk toward them.

It turned out that Mu Zixi didnt care about Xu Xiaoshou at all.

She looked past him at a spot behind him.

“Im not asking you.

Im asking the receptionist.”

Xu Xiaoshou held back his tongue.

‘Little girl, youve changed!

‘I cant believe that you dont care about your senior brother first and foremost!

He said crossly, “Im fine, and I can still breathe.”

Mu Zixi grabbed her twin ponytails and let out a relieved “Oh.”

Shi Ti was stunned.

After listening to the tone of the conversation between the senior brother and junior sister, he checked the expressions of the two, which showed an immense familiarity between them.

‘What about the gag of being able to breathe

‘What kind of talk is this

‘What the hell has happened here

He grew a little nervous.

Although Yun He had a limited qualification, he was an extremely hard-working old guy and had a considerably high position in the Pill Pagoda.

What did he mean by saying “can still breathe”

Did that mean he blew up everything

“Xu Xiaoshou, what happened over there” he asked through his gritted teeth.

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it for a while and said seriously, “Actually, its nothing.

Its just the normal process of making the magic pills.

Elder Yun He… stayed a little too close.”

Shi Ti held back his anger and walked to the door of his room to take a look.

He saw the exploded door panel, shredded skylight, and room full of gray smoke.

This was nothing short of blowing up the stove.

However, if it was merely the blast of the stove, why did it sound so terrifying

And, how come Yun He was unconscious

Shi Ti felt he was on the verge of losing his temper.

He was panting heavily.

He wanted to say something but couldnt speak at all.

After Xu Xiaoshou had been in the Pill Pagoda for half a day, the president seemed to have suffered from asthma.

“This… Is this what you call the normal process of making the magic pills” Shi Ti managed to come up with this sentence after a long while.


Xu Xiaoshou said seriously, “Although I feel a bit embarrassed, it is the way I make magic pills.

The commotion is probably… a bit too loud.”

“Heh, only a bit”

Shi Ti was furious.

He had the intention to throw the young man in front of him out of the skylight.

Although he was very angry, Shi Ti couldnt suppress the doubts in his mind.

As such, President Shi Ti asked through his gritted teeth, “How did you guys break the barrier of the magic pill room”

“How could this door shatter”

“Did you guys switch off the soundproof barrier Its affecting the other magic pill rooms now!”

Fu Yinhong looked that way at the right time.

That was the very question she wanted to ask the most.

Xu Xiaoshou felt a severe headache coming on and explained, “That door had nothing to do with me.

I told Elder Yun He to stay further away.

He opened the door, and I have no idea why he did it.”

“His injury had nothing to do with me either.

Before the condensation of the magic pill, I discouraged him repeatedly, but he insisted on coming close and chatting with me.

I was making the magic pills and had no way to deal with him.

What could I do”

“As for that skylight…”

With his face looking green, Shi Ti roared angrily, “I suppose it also had nothing to do with you!”

“Nothing had anything to do with you, and you had nothing do with all of these matters… You didnt blow up the Pill Pagoda, or beat up Fu Xing, or damage the magic pill room!”

“What the hell did you come over here for…”

Shi Ti suddenly choked and had a hard time breathing.

How could he pause when his emotions had reached their peak

He used the spiritual source forcibly and caught his breath to continue his yelling.

“Are you here to tear down my house”

The people in the main hall were silent in terror.

No one dared to breathe heavily, fearing that they might draw the anger of the president if they broke the silence.

The old men who fell in the back were all shocked.

It was the first time that they had seen President Shi Ti so upset during most of their long lives.


This young man…

He was indeed incredible.

As he watched President Shi Tis behavior, Xu Xiaoshou felt like he was again experiencing the scene where he met Elder Sang the first time after the master-disciple ceremony.

At that time, Elder Sang became someones master the first time and was in high spirits.

It seemed that Elder Sang could have everything in his control, including the clouds and rains.

It wasnt until Elder Sang planted a few Fire Seeds into Xu Xiaoshous nose that the nobleness of a master had gone through the roof.

However, Elder Sang didnt lose his temper because he wanted to save face and didnt dare to go crazy in front of his disciple.

Shi Ti was different, and he didnt have to take the matter of saving face into consideration.

If he couldnt get a satisfactory answer, the anger in his heart would be brought directly to his coffin.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt press the old president further because he was afraid that Master Shi Ti might drop on the ground if he was pushed too far.

Seeing Shi Ti calm down a little, the young man started to speak slowly.

“Master President, you misunderstood what I meant.

I wanted to tell you that it was I who blew up the skylight.

I will definitely pay you for the damage!”

Xu Xiaoshou bowed very apologetically and got up.

After he gave it some more thought, Xu Xiaoshou intended to explain a bit more.

“By the way, Master President, you have misunderstood me somewhat by saying that.”

He deliberated on how he should put it in an attempt to make himself sound kind and considerate.

Then, Xu Xiaoshou carefully said, “Im not here to tear down your house.

Im here to take the exam for the magic pill technician badge.”


The crowd fell silent again.

It seemed that they had even suppressed their heartbeats.


The old president spurted out a mouthful of air/ Xu Xiaoshou hastened to step back.

Seeing that what Shi Ti spewed out was not blood, he felt relieved.

Shi Ti felt a demonic force tearing at his flesh.

It was as if the force intended to split his body into five parts.

Yes, he felt like he was cracking open.

He roared, “Making the magic pills! But are you freaking making the magic pills here”

“What the hell did you make Can you show me what you have made”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head and didnt dare delay.

He rushed to the bathtub and rummaged around.

In the end, he pulled out a black and unpleasant pill.

He took a sip of water and absorbed the impurities of the surface of the magic pill.

He then exhaled and released the turbid air through the skylight.

A medicinal fragrance was spreading.

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and said happily, “I told you, this is the normal process of making the magic pills.

Ive succeeded!”


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