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Chapter 302: Where Did Yun He Go

However, an alchemists technique was extremely important.

How was it possible that Xu Xiaoshou was just randomly waving

Yun He immediately brushed his thoughts aside.

He continued to observe the magic pill refining and felt strangely immersed in the process.

It was such a big difference.

It was completely different from other alchemists.

It was as though Xu Xiaoshou had discovered a new path.

As Yun He was deeply immersed in his thoughts, he was shocked by himself.

To think that he could possibly discover a new path in a mere tenth-grade examination…

That was such a joke.

Even the president did not have such prowess.


He examined Xu Xiaoshous seemingly chaotic waving hand movements in detail and tried to discover if there were traces of the Great Path and its seal.

He failed to discover anything.

“Am I not knowledgeable enough” Yun He thought with frustration.

Yet, he was not discouraged.

This was a completely new discovery.

For the time being, he could not tell if the alchemy method was on par with the Great Path, but it would qualify as a new road.

This new road… Well, he believed that if he examined it hard enough, he would be able to find inspiration and enlightenment.

This was also the reason why the old guys on the seventh floor dedicated their time to serving young prodigies.

Often, these geniuses, who had extraordinary and innovative ideas, could spark these old guys to steer away from their dated methods and point them in new directions.

Xu Xiaoshou concentrated hard on his task.

The medicinal solution was refined very quickly, which was many times faster than the average alchemist.

Five minutes passed.

The contents of the alchemy cauldron started to gurgle cheerily, and the elixir bubbled in the heat.

With a flip of his palm, Xu Xiaoshou extended his spiritual source to collect the liquid with the cauldron lid and continued to cook away.

The spiritual energy circulated.

At that instant, Yun He was struck with inspiration.

He stared at Xu Xiaoshou with beady old eyes, realizing that he might have something to gain this time.

Xu Xiaoshous hands were flipping and flying in the air swiftly.

The old mans eyes followed his movements keenly, not wanting to miss a single moment.

He almost teared up from staring so hard.

‘Its a new technique!

‘This must be a new alchemy technique!

Even if he did not manage to observe what Xu Xiaoshou was up to, Yun He endeavored tirelessly.

He wanted to seize this opportunity to uncover the secret of this young mans rapid extraction of an elixir.

Bloop, bloop…

The elixir boiled louder.

Even so, it still had not turned into ashes as one would have expected.

Xu Xiaoshous precise control of the flames was so exceptional that the quality of the pure spiritual liquid was still being continuously refined.

Yun He was practically losing his mind.

What kind of technique was he using that could achieve this step

He opened his eyes so widely that they were about to fall out of their sockets.

Glancing at the boiling cauldron, he could not help but to sniff the smell wafting out of it.

The aroma was strangely reminiscent of vegetarian dishes.

He felt as though Xu Xiaoshous technique resonated deeply with the Way of the Heavens alchemy method.

Yun Hes mind wandered off track.

Inexplicably, when he watched the young alchemist at work, he was reminded of a chef.


Yun He was stunned.

Once this vision took shape in his mind, he could not control himself from comparing the similarities.

He secretly visualized this young lad holding a spatula in his hand and making similar motions and gestures.

He thought,Doesnt he look like a chef frying vegetables

‘What a joke!

It was too strong of a blow for Yun He.

He had spent so long observing Xu Xiaoshous movements, yet that was the only thing he had taken away from his observing.

It was no wonder the president said that his understanding of the art of alchemy was really poor.

But if he were honest, it made sense.

He was consumed with guilt and shame for not being able to comprehend the sacred art of alchemy despite spending so many years immersing his mind and consciousness in it.


He took another look at Xu Xiaoshou, who was solemn and occasionally wiped sweat off with his sleeve.

‘How similar though…

‘He really looks like a chef holding a spatula and cooking up magic pills…

Yun He was once again led astray by his thoughts.

He was consumed with that odd picture in his mind of Xu Xiaoshou cooking and could not help but admit that his focus on the art of alchemy was rather off.

He was lost in thought.


‘I must not think about it anymore! I am clearly going off the track!

Despite being treated to such a grand display of innovation in alchemy, how could he possibly be thinking of cooking

Perhaps it was true that old dogs could not be taught new tricks.

Yun He touched his belly and sighed silently.

He must have been partaking in abstinence for far too long.

Yes, that had to be it.

“Be careful…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly said, “Im collecting the elixir!”

Yun He was speechless again.

Was he already collecting the elixir

Yun He almost fell to his knees.

His old face was flushed with shame.

How could this kid know what he was thinking Did he have mind-reading skills

Xu Xiaoshou ignored the man.

This old man had a very overbearing manner.

He was almost comparable to Mu Zixi.

Except for not cursing him, Yun He had already bestowed various emotions dozens of times to him.

From Respect to Doubt to Admiration…

This old man simply had a knack for awarding Passive Points.

It was a simple task for Xu Xiaoshou to refine the elixir, so he was easily able to monitor the Information Bar at the same time and keep tabs on Yun Hes reaction.

For the next step, he had to focus his full concentration on the task at hand.

Pill condensation…

The youth narrowed his eyes as if he was looking at the most dangerous enemy.

However, the old man, Yun He, did not retreat after Xu Xiaoshous warning to be careful.

Instead, he moved closer as if he were planning to observe more closely.


This old man was remarkably brave.

Xu Xiaoshou repeated himself.

“Stand back! Im going to condense the pill!”

The elixir collection was over.

To prevent the golden honey from condensing into a teardrop-shaped pill, he did not dare linger at this step for too long.

Yun He smiled brightly and said, “Young friend, you are too distant with me.

The art of alchemy is a collaborative exploration.

With such a special alchemy technique, you must share the knowledge so we can make progress together!”

As he spoke, he took a few steps forward and was standing right before the giant tub.

Xu Xiaoshous face paled.

What on earth did Yun He mean by a special alchemy technique What did he know about it

The waving hand movements he made to control the flames in alchemy were merely an attempt to imitate a chef using Cooking Expert.

He had always felt that something was missing from his hands during the process.

It was as though there was a sense of emptiness due to the lack of grip.

Despite that, the flames obeyed his bidding with his hand gestures.

He was not sure what principle that was, but it worked.

After all, relying on Cooking Expert for practicing alchemy was an unexplainable concept on its own.

That was why he could not teach it to anyone.

At any other time, he would have been completely fine if this old man wanted to discuss techniques and methods.

But now, it was the crucial moment of condensing the magic pills.

Did this old man have a dying wish by seeking participation at this moment

Xu Xiaoshous face turned dark.

If he did not condense the pill, the elixir would be fully collected.

By then, the jelly shape would be apparent.

He would also fail the examination.

He finally advised Yun He, “Old man, get away quickly! Im going to condense the pill!”

Yun He smiled and sat down next to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Its fine.

Im an assistant.

Ill take care of everything for you.”

He took out the tray and asked in a low tone, “Little Brother, what is that technique Teach me, and I guarantee that you will pass the examination!”

Did he still need to pull strings to pass

Xu Xiaoshous face turned pale.

He could no longer hold back, but he was at a loss for words.

He immediately drew his hand to a close.

The suppressed Fire Seed in the tub suddenly bounced and turned into a raging fire.

The success of the Infernal Heavens condensing method was dependent on one-hit wonders.

Through the instantaneously increased temperature, the coal covered the surface.

Condensation then took place within it to form a magic pill.

That notion was deeply rooted in his heart from the jade scroll Elder Sang had given him.

Xu Xiaoshou regarded that nugget of information as a classic.

He tore open the cauldron of spiritual source, and the flame suddenly danced ablaze.


A faint white light pierced through the skylight, drawing sunlight into the room.

Xu Xiaoshou not only felt a blow to his mind, but he was also violently shaken in his soul.

He was not one to admit defeat.

He had Toughness.

Even if the elixir blew up and scorched his face, he was unmoving.

There was a fragrance of medicine, and Xu Xiaoshou was immediately thrilled.

This time, it felt wonderful.

Although the explosion was inevitable, he was confident that what he produced was certainly not Red Gold Liquid but a Red Gold Pill.

As for its quality… He could tell that it had to be excellent from its smell.

He got up excitedly and started to pry the magic pill out from the cauldrons channel.

Suddenly, he realized that the side of the alchemy cauldron, which led the magic pill from the channel outwards, was somewhat empty.

‘Oh, thats right!

Wasnt Old Man Yun He sitting beside him just now

Where did he go


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