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Chapter 296: Elder Sangs letter

President Shi Ti paused.

He was on the verge of losing his temper.

It was as if his anger was forcibly being held down by someones hand.

“Elder Sang”

Shi Ti uttered incredulously and frowned.

Seeing his frowned eyebrows, Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

No way.

The letter from the old man Sang was his best insurance.

‘If the letter cant calm Master President down, and the two of them didnt have any close friendship before, what should I do then

‘Is it true that the nasty old man really tried to give me a hard time, and the letter was intended to sell me out


‘Its impossible for him to sell both of us out.

Even though its possible for him to sell me out, the nasty old man is definitely unwilling to sell out my junior sister, who is so cute and lovely.

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment before he confirmed, “Yes, its Elder Sang.”

“Are you from the Tiansang Spirit Palace” Shi Ti asked.

He looked at the little girl.

“You too”

Mu Zixi nodded her head.

“Has Old Man Sang found his heir”

Xu Xiaoshou was relieved to hear this, thinking that someone who knew that Old Man Sang had no heir must have a close relationship with him.

‘He is either a great friend or a great enemy!

According to the old mans character, the latter was obviously not very likely.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his chin a little.

“Well yeah, my junior sister is the old mans heir.”

“Your junior sister”

Shi Ti gazed past Xu Xiaoshou and fixed his gaze on the young girl behind the young man, who had been keeping a low profile.

She had a surging life force with a rich wood attribute.

At such a young age, she already had the cultivation level of peak stage of Origin Court State.

Shi Ti narrowed his eyes and thought that she was indeed a perfect choice for being a magic pill technician.

‘How come I didnt notice her earlier

‘Even though she kept a low profile, she would be someone like a crane among the chickens at a different time and in a different place!

Shi Ti gazed past Xu Xiaoshou and realized that it was because Xu Xiaoshou was too showy, so the little girl kept a low profile.

‘Is it a measure to protect her

Shi Ti understood why at once.

Elder Sang must have been afraid that his precious disciple might be snatched by others, so he had some protective measures in place even though she was merely out to take the exam for the magic pill technician badge.

Since Xu Xiaoshou was out in front and so noticeable, the peoples lines of sight were blocked.

As a result, it became an unnoticeable and excellent layer of protection.

It was rather successful that he, the president of the Magic Pill Technicians Association, failed to notice the little girls qualifications at first.

As expected, Elder Sang was a sly old fox.

“Did he go back to the Spirit Palace” Shi Ti asked.

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to answer the question but shut his mouth when he found that this president was looking in the direction of Mu Zixi.

‘Come on, junior sister!

Mu Zixi turned solemn before she nodded deeply.


“Whats your name”

“Mu Zixi!”

“Its a pretty good name.

Have you ever thought of having a different master”

“Have I… Eh”

The little girl hastened to close her mouth.

Seeing the smile on President Shi Tis face, she felt that her heart was instantly lifted.


She looked at Xu Xiaoshou because she had no idea how to answer such a tricky question.

The crowd was a little stirred up.

All of them started to discuss what was happening.

Even Fu Xing was slightly surprised.

“Who is this little girl President Shi Ti has even suggested taking her in as his disciple.

The respectful Shi Ti seems to have no personal disciple yet!”

“Yes, but he has instructed many people.

Ive also been instructed by him.

I am at most his named disciple.

Usually, I dont dare to tell others about this.”

“You Even if you dare to tell others about it, I dont think that the others would dare to believe you.”

“Dont interrupt.

Its getting more complicated now.

It looks like President Shi Ti is going to snatch someone elses disciple.”

“It turns out that this girl is the main character after we have seen the show for so long.”


Xu Xiaoshou didnt expect that Shi Ti would come up with such an idea.

Most of all, he didnt expect that Mu Zixi would have such an ambiguous reaction when facing the question.

“What a great opportunity this is! Hurry up and bow to your master!”

“This is a great time to get out of the clutches of that demonic old man!”

Xu Xiaoshou told her all these by signaling with his eyes.

If she changed her master, and her boss was not the one with big black eyes, she would feel much happier.

Shi Ti was a kind-hearted and great magic pill technician with high status, great strength, and respectability.

It was an opportunity given by the heavens.

Seeing Xu Xiaoshou squint and wink his eyes, she suddenly realized something.

‘Does he want to drive me away


“Elder Sang is my master, and its impossible for me to have you as my master.

Im terribly sorry.”

Mu Zixi bowed deeply to Shi Ti to show her gratitude.


Xu Xiaoshou felt disappointed and murmured, “Youre such a silly girl.”

The crowd of onlookers, likewise, was agitated at once.

“Has he been rejected”

“My goodness, she dares to turn him down.

He is none other than the Master President.

Its the first time that Ive seen such a peculiar woman!”

“I heard that Vice Commander Fu has wanted to be a disciple of the president for a long time, and she has not taken in by him no matter how hard she begged him!”

“Well then, do you know the name they mentioned earlier, Elder Sang”

“Why What about the name”

“He… He was the former dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

I heard that he is seemingly the honorary vice president of our Magic Pill Technicians Association but has never appeared here.”


Not to mention that the young people were astonished to hear this, Xu Xiaoshou was also astounded.

The Honorary Vice President

That old man with the conical hat had a respectful status even here.


Xu Xiaoshou felt a headache coming on as he realized that he couldnt stay out of the control of Old Man Sang no matter where he was.

On the other hand, he could understand why Elder Sang had such a reputation outside when he remembered that the old man had been traveling the world and only came back to the Spirit Palace recently.

The Spirit Palace was merely a post station perhaps as far as the old man with the conical hat was concerned.

He would leave the post station after he stayed there for a short time.


Shi Ti grew angry when he realized that he was not as attractive as that old man.

“In that case, you two go back to the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

You are not welcome here at the Pill Pagoda.”

Xu Xiaoshou was displeased.

He couldnt take the exam for the magic pill technician badge at the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have come there in the first place.

President Shi Ti might have had some grudge against Old Man Sang.

He was a pretty nice person, and he did not need to get so upset because she has refused to have him as her master.

Why had he suddenly become so small-minded

Besides, she already had a master, and it was not proper behavior to snatch someone elses disciple away.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think much about it.

He handed over the envelope, saying, “Master President, have a look at this first.”

“What is it”

“Its Elder Sangs letter.”

A letter

Shi Ti took the letter incredulously, wondering when Old Man Sang had become so polite.

Had he changed after leaving the Divine Hall

‘Why couldnt you let your disciples recite your words for you You can also transmit your voice thousands of miles.

Lastly, you can send a jade scroll for the purpose.

A letter…

Shi Ti opened the envelope and saw two lines of large, distorted words.

“Tolerance is a virtue.”

“Generosity reflects ones civilization level.”

Shi Ti was surprised.

What was this nonsense

If he hadnt noticed the authentic infernal force hidden in the letter, he wouldnt have believed it was something that nasty old man wrote.

‘Tolerance and generosity

‘I do not need you to teach me.

“Heh!” Shi Ti let out a sneer and was about to wave his hand to drive them away.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and saw the hole in the ceiling of the Pill Pagoda.


‘What do you mean

‘Did that nasty old man predict all this


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