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Chapter 290: One Punch Gamble

Fu Xing felt that he had been insulted.

At first, he was still very interested in this Heavenly game that this guy had introduced.

After all, he was Upper Spiritual Level while this guy was only mid-stage Origin Court.

He, as the mayors son, was someone with a strong sense of justice and would not do something like bully the weak.

But this guy, what had he been saying

Wasnt this the Rock, Paper, Scissors game that he had played so many times when he was still a kid

‘Are you treating me like an idiot, thinking that I did not have a childhood

‘Heavenly game…

‘Heavenly my ass!

Fu Xing was so furious that his face almost looked green.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly realized that this world actually had Rock, Paper, Scissors.

It was a bit scary.

Looking at the surrounding audience, who had also realized what was happening and displaying expressions of not knowing whether to laugh or not, Xu Xiaoshou straightened his tone and spoke again.

“Dont you like this game”

“How about we change to another game… Er, Black and White”

Fu Xings mouth twitched.

‘This guy… Does he really think I am a kid

‘The tone of this coaxing voice… You are insulting me!

“Lets duel!”

“There is nothing much left to say.”

He raised his sword, feeling that his momentum had been broken.

‘No way, why do I feel a lack of energy already just by lifting the sword!

Xu Xiaoshou shrugged his shoulders.

“If that is the case, then lets do as you wish.”

“Lets go!”

Fu Xing turned his head, wanting Xu Xiaoshou to follow him out of the ancient tower and onto the deathmatch battle stage in the city.

Why would Xu Xiaoshou want his plans to be delayed by this kind of a broken problem

He raised his hand and said, “Friend, please stop there.”

“The deathmatch battle stage is too troublesome.

How about we each throw one punch Whoever can make the other retreat the furthest wins.”

Fu Xing turned to look back and gave a cold smile.

“Cant…” The guard wasnt sure what to say.

“That…” Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at the guard.

“Just one punch should not be much of a problem right.

Dont worry, I will just let him punch me once.

I will not punch him.”

The guard hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Alright, then just do it here.

You guys fight.

I will watch.”

“Settle it quickly and dont cause any more trouble.”

He could tell that the youth standing in front of him had already lost the intention to fight after knowing the mayors sons identity.

He was a sensible person.

In Tiansang City, whoever dared to do anything to those with the surname Fu was asking for trouble.

This conflict would be settled as soon as possible.

If they were to fight on the deathmatch battle stage, they might be even more triggered by the audience to fight, causing an unstoppable battle.

This fellows life was not important.

But if the mayors son were to come to any harm, that would be big trouble.

It was best to settle things here.

At least he was watching.

Even if they fought, there would not be too much of a problem.

“One punch.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Fu Xing and seriously said, “You go first.”

Fu Xing put away the sword in his hands.

Even though he was a swordsman, he knows the limits.

After all, Xu Xiaoshou was a citizen, so he shouldnt kill him.

Even though punishment had to be doled out, as the mayors son, he had to maintain his demeanor.

“You go first,” he said magnanimously.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

“No, you first!”

Fu Xing thought this fellow had suddenly become polite, but then he heard him add, “If I go first, then you would have no chance to show your moves at all.”


“Arrogant!” Anger was written all over Fu Xings face.

Praised, Passive Points, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little worried and reiterated, “Just one punch.

You will not be using skills that throw many punches, right”

“Of course not!”

“Thats good, thats good.”

‘If that is the case, this guy should not die and only sustain some injuries.

Xu Xiaoshou was thinking as he looked at Fu Xing with eyes full of expectations.

‘Come, show me a punch of the Upper Spiritual Stage.

‘I also want to see my limits with my current skills Recoil and Toughness.

Fu Xings expression turned strange as he saw the young mans face seemingly glow with expectation.

‘No way.

The fact that this fellow dared to raise this request even though I am of Upper Spiritual Stage must mean that he has some backup plans or tricks up his sleeves.

He guessed that this fellows physique was not that simple, but he was unsure exactly what level it was.

‘No matter what, it cannot be the legendary Innate Level Physique!

‘One punch!

‘I shall give it my all!

Fu Xing stopped hesitating and raised his right hand.

A faint purple spiritual source started to surround it, slowly turning into a dragon with a fierce head as if possessed the power to move mountains and break oceans.

The audience started to retreat a little.

Even if there was a guard around, this fist still looked a little too powerful to be by.

“Is it the mayors mansions Master level spiritual technique, Purple Dragon Roar”

“That should be it.

I didnt expect the mayors son to actually master the Purple Dragon Roar.

Isnt he a swordsman”

“He is, but he cant possibly use a sword.

If he uses his sword, wouldnt the fellow opposite him be beheaded straightaway”

“Even though this purple dragon is smaller than Vice Commander Fus by a few inches, no matter what, it still has a form and is already good enough to punish unimportant people like the guy opposite him.”


Xu Xiaoshou understood what was happening a little as he listened to the crowd speak.

Even if someone said the mayors son had only learned this spiritual techniques basics, seeing its powerful aura, Xu Xiaoshou was afraid that it already exceeded all the Master level spiritual techniques he had seen in the past.

‘I can only say that the requirements to learn this technique are not low at all!

‘Come, show me!

‘Let me have a look at how powerful you are!

Almost as if answering Xu Xiaoshous inner calls, the purple dragon in Fu Xings right hand finished forming.

He immediately shouted, “Take this!”

Following that, he flew forward as the purple dragon on his arm swelled and roared ferociously.


Under the gaze of the shocked audience, with that loud and clear roar, Fu Xings punch landed heavily on Xu Xiaoshous chest.


As if an ancient battlefields war drums had been hit, that low and deep sound of explosion caused hearts to skip a beat.

Under this punch, the purple dragon had totally passed through Xu Xiaoshous body.

Wave blasts emitted from the point of contact between the fist and the body, rippling strongly into an explosion.

Dong, dong, dong…

Everyone retreated in shock, not expecting the purple waves from the blast to be abruptly stopped a few feet from them.

As if it was met by an invisible wall, it could not harm the audience at all.

“Power of the heavens”

“A Master”

Everyone looked at the guard, finally understanding why he had the confidence to let the two of them fight in this place.

As for the fight…

Different from what everyone had expected, Fu Xings face turned beet red as soon as the punch landed.

The purple dragon formed from Purple Dragon Roar looked like it passed through Xu Xiaoshous body but it did not.

This guys body was as tough as a piece of rubber that was full of viscosity and tenacity, absorbing all the force of the blow.

His skin was like an impermeable piece of outer covering that the purple dragon could not enter.

As such, how could Purple Dragon Roar bring any harm to him at all

Layers and layers of energy started to pile up.

It was as if Xu Xiaoshou had accumulated them beforehand.

At any time, it seemed they would be reflected back as an aftershock.

“Not good!”

In the next moment, Fu Xings facial expression changed.

Even after he had used up all the power from that fist, Xu Xiaoshou was still rooted to the ground.

Just as he had thought, the energy from Purple Dragon Roar…

All rebounded back at him.


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