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Chapter 288: Human Scum

The Magic Pill Technicians Association…

Unlike the opulent Plenty Gold Company, the quaint pagoda-shaped building had more of an ancient aura.

This place was located in the center of Tiansang City, with many pedestrians and travelers passing by.

However, almost everyone slowed down their pace when they passed by this place.


After Xu Xiaoshou inhaled once, he suddenly trembled violently.

“What a strong medicinal fragrance! If ordinary people live here, they should also be able to prolong their lives!”

Mu Zixi sniffed while holding her twin ponytails.

After a long time, she was a little disappointed and said, “Yes, but the fragrant medicinal odor is gone, and I smelled it awhile earlier.”

The passers-by were baffled as well, wondering why the fragrant medicinal odor had suddenly disappeared.

The crowd began to discuss the matter, and their voices got quite noisy.

It awakened Xu Xiaoshou who was immersed in sucking the air wildly.


Mu Zixi glanced at him twice and asked suspiciously, “Did you do it”

“How is that possible”

Xu Xiaoshou showed an exaggerated expression, asking, “Can you breathe once and drain the air here”

Mu Zixi nodded her little head.

“Oh, youre right.”

“Lets go!”

Having said that, Xu Xiaoshou hastened to walk into the quaint pagoda.

In comparison to Plenty Gold Company, there were fewer there.

Yet, each one of them had a graceful and noble temperament, and they looked rather rich and honorable.

After Xu Xiaoshou checked out the place, he returned to the front counter and looked at the receptionist, who was rather pretty, and asked, “Hello, whats your presidents name”

“The president”

The female receptionist thought that the young man wanted some magic pills, so she didnt expect him to ask for the president.

She wondered what young mans status was and why he thought that he could see the president.

Although she was suspicious, she had to retain proper manners.

She replied with a smile, “Are you here to see the president, Shi Ti”

“Shi Ti.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned to Mu Zixi.

“Is the name right”

Elder Sang had given his junior sister a letter and told her to give it to the president.

Xu Xiaoshou would have liked to look of the letter, but the little girl held onto the letter like she was responsible for the safety of the world.

She didnt give him any chance to do so.

“Thats right!” Mu Zixi nodded.

“Have you read the letter” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.


“Then, how did you know his name is Shi Ti”

“I dont know.”

“But you just nodded your head!”

“The name is written on the outside.”

“Huh.” Xu Xiaoshou was furious that she didnt share the information with him, thinking that she was not a good junior sister.

“Please wait a minute.

Ill make a count.” After having said this to the receptionist, Xu Xiaoshou pulled Mu Zixi aside.

The female receptionist behind the counter was completely confused.

‘What is the situation

‘Are the young couple having a fight

Admired, Passive Point, 1.

“Tell me honestly, what exactly is written in it” Xu Xiaoshou blocked Mu Zixi in the doorway and viciously questioned her.

Elder Sang had always behaved oddly, and it was hard to figure him out.

What if the old man wrote the letter to sell the two of them out

It was entirely possible.

Mu Zixi said with her small face turning slightly red, “I really didnt read it.”

“You look me in the eyes and say it again!” Xu Xiaoshou slapped the door panel with one hand.


Mu Zixi didnt dare to look at him.

Her ear had even turned red.

She almost closed her eyes.

It was at the moment that a roar came from the door.

“You beast, let go of the girl!”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He was frozen for a while before he realized that the voice was addressing him.

After all, the postures of the two of them looked like the bad behaviors of delinquent teenagers.


There was nothing to be angry about.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head around slowly, feeling both annoyed and amused.

This place was the site of the Magic Pill Technicians Association, so who dared to mess around there

Besides, he was talking to his junior sister.

Why did an outsider interrupt them

‘Is it the so-called hero saving the beauty

The speaker was a gorgeously dressed young man.

He was wearing a white robe with the phoenix dancing among spirit clouds, a green hat with a purple jade hairpin, and a belt with the dragon-imaged jade on his waist.

He was holding a three-foot sword.

His clothes were fluttering, and his posture was elegant and outstanding.

Seeing all of this, Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback for a moment.

Though he had seen such a handsome man in the bronze mirror, it was the first time that he had seen such a man face to face.


Xu Xiaoshou turned his head around and said his junior sister in shock, “Little girl, your spring has arrived!”

Mu Zixi mumbled, “Uhhh…”

Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1

She inclined her head and stared angrily.

Where had he come from Why had he gotten involved in their private matter

“The morale of the world is getting worse, and the world is getting crueler!”

The young man held the sword and approached with a righteous expression on his face.

Xu Xiaoshous expression changed after he heard those lines.

The lines were very bad.

How can this guy save the beauty by quoting such terrible lines

As the young man in the white robe approached, Xu Xiaoshou stayed put.

He propped his body with one of his hands against the door frame.

The girl was still pressed in front of his chest.

‘I have already acted, but why…

‘Why didnt the lovely girl take the opportunity to flee

‘She must have been frightened too much!

The young man displayed a cynicism and hatred for low morality.

He had been traveling the world with his sword and drinking wine while singing.

The people he hated the most were those like Xu Xiaoshou at the moment.

“Let go of the girl!”

Xu Xiaoshou was silent for a long time before asking, “Should I let you do it”

The young man was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Point, 1.

Mu Zixi felt indignant and scolded him, “Youre shameless!”

The young man was confused.


He checked twice and was certain that the girl was scolding him.

‘Whats going on here

He tried to save the beauty as a hero, but he was scolded by her.

‘Im trying to save you!

The white-robed young man was a bit panicked and said, “Lady, lady, youre mistaken.

I didnt mean that.

I was going to…”

Xu Xiaoshou chimed in, “You were going to save the beauty as a hero and put me down at the same time so you can take the opportunity to befriend the girl.”

“Hey, wake up already.

This way of picking up a girl has been out of date for a long time.”

“Not to mention that you are not strong enough to put me under your feet.”

“Your way of thinking is no different from what you thought I was doing, even though you have polished it.”

“Human scum!”

The white-robed young man was taken aback.

It was true that he had the idea of saving the beauty as a hero, but he really wanted to…

But human scum

He grew furious instantly and yelled, “You!”

“What What”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes and asked, “Didnt I make it clear”

He checked the young man up and down and sighed.

“Its golden outside but rotten wool inside.”

The white-robed young man was so angry that he had almost passed out.

‘Is this guy really this rude

‘Can you let me say something

‘Just one sentence!

The young mans hand holding the sword was trembling, and his mouth was muttering something.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to look at the girl in front of him and asked, “Do you girls all think someone with such fancy clothes looks handsome”

Mu Zixi froze for a moment and surveyed the face of the young man.

She looked at Xu Xiaoshou with a flushed face.

“No, not handsome.”


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