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Chapter 285: Servant Status

Zhang family residence…

The second house in the eastern part of the city…

It was cool in the early morning.

The birds were singing, and the flowers smelled fragrant.

This was the courtyard belonging to Zhang Xinxiong, which was very large and luxurious.

Those who could come in and out of the place were his maidservants, in addition to Zhang Xinxiong, the master of this courtyard.

“Its been three days.”

He Yuxing couldnt help but speak as he looked at the black-skirted woman sitting in the pavilion.

He turned his head toward the rising sun.

It was the third day since they came to the Zhang familys residence.

They spent all three days there.

They didnt even have a place to rest.

Although the two of them did not need a resting place, it was problematic for the Zhang family to treat two of the 33 people from the Inner Yard of Tiansang Spirit Palace in such a manner.

Just because…

The maidservant

Lan Xinzi raised her chin and asked gently, “Cant you wait any longer”

“Its not that I cant wait any longer.”

He Yuxing shook his head and said, “My will cant be demolished in three days.”

“Not to mention three days, I can wait for three years or 30 years!”

“As long as…”

He gazed at Lan Xinzi, but he could only see her pretty profile.

He couldnt help but let out a sigh.

“As long as I get up, this Zhang family, which dares to treat you like this, has no value to exist anymore.”

Lan Xinzi curled up the corners of her mouth and lowered her head with a smile.

He Yuxing was mesmerized by the scene.

“Lets go!”

The black-skirted woman suddenly got up and looked toward the east.

The east had just woken up.

The sky and earth were in the broad daylight as soon as she stood up.

“Where to” He Yuxing asked.

“After having waited for three days, where do you think we can go We cant just go home.”

“Has the old man, Zhang Taiying, agreed to see you”

He Yuxing was a little surprised.

He looked around and didnt find any commotion or sense any trace of Sword Will or spiritual senses.

How had Lan Xinzi learned the news

“Its just a mind transmission between a master and a servant.”

The black-skirted woman spoke in a low voice.

She seemed to have figured out his thoughts and walked out of the courtyard.

As He Yuxing was about to follow her, he heard the woman in front of him say, “Wait for me here.

Dont go anywhere.”

“Wait here”

He Yuxing paused, but he didnt feel at ease.

At the bottom of his heart, the thing he hated the most was waiting.

He moved his feet.

“Wait for me!”

The unquestionable voice rang out again.

He Yuxing took a deep breath and finally stood still, watching Lan Xinzi leave.


A flash of mockery appeared on his face and soon disappeared.

At the moment, he had the most determined expression on his face.

He Yuxing sat down and knocked on the table with his hand.

His eyes had a burning blaze in them.


The main hall of the Zhang family…

Sitting at the head seat with the golden scales was an extremely tall man dressed in flamboyant clothes.

He had a pair of horrific eyes.

His right arm was broken at the shoulder.

However, his temperament was as strong as a giant when he sat at the head seat.

His terrifying aura was powerful enough to crush everything and could make everyone lay on the ground.

“How are the preparations for the night banquet at the city lords mansion”

Zhang Taiying rested against the back of the chair with his eyes closed, looking slightly lethargic.

The caretaker of the house approached with his body hunched and hurriedly said, “All have been prepared properly, and the sole scroll of the Heavenly Mechanics, which was specially requested for City Lord Fu, has also been obtained.

Thus, the plan has been carried out perfectly this time.”

“In addition, the Zhang family has been flourishing in recent years, so we will be able to get more White Cave quotas this time.”

“It may even be possible to get double digits quotas!”

The caretaker smiled broadly in an attempt to make the man in front of him feel thrilled, but it was in vain.

“The White Cave quotas…”

Zhang Taiying rubbed his eyebrows and opened his eyes.

His terrifying aura made the caretaker take a step back in shock.

“Do you think that sometimes preparing so much is useless”

He seemed to still be talking to the caretaker, but his gaze was fixed on the black-skirted woman kneeling in the hall.

His tone was morose.

“Those who should still be alive havent come to see me, but those who have messed up are often here!”

With a thud, the caretaker knelt on the ground.

“This subordinate deserves to die!”

Zhang Taiying gave a cold laugh and looked back at him.

“Deserves to die What did you do wrong this time”


The caretakers face turned green.

His back was damp with cold sweat, and he couldnt say a word.

Zhang Taiying waved his hand, indicating that he had no intention of giving this old caretaker, who had been with him for more than 10 years, a hard time.

He just couldnt control his emotions at the moment.

“Thats all.

You will host the meeting inside on my behalf, and dont make any mistakes for the night banquet of the city lords mansion this time.”

The caretaker stood up and nodded his head repeatedly.

“Yes, yes.”


A female voice suddenly rang out, which halted Zhang Taiyings footsteps.

The caretaker looked at the woman kneeling on the ground with a grave face.

It was as if his gaze could devour someone.

‘Cant you see that the master is not in the right state right now

‘How dare you speak in such a situation!

‘Cant you wait a little longer

Lan Xinzi couldnt wait any longer.

Seeing Zhang Taiying inclined to leave after a pause, she spoke out again to make him stay.


The caretaker took a step back.

His face was as pale as white paper.

He was afraid that the blood might splash onto him.

Zhang Taiying finally stopped and glanced at the black-skirted woman on the ground.

His eyes were cold.

He spoke in a mocking tone.

“Now that Zhang Xinxiong is dead, you want to release yourself from the maidservant status.”

No sooner had the remark been spoken than all the other maidservants waiting in the hall knelt down on the ground in unison with trembling bodies.

It was easy to imagine how hard it had been for the Zhang family to survive each day since they heard the news that Zhang Xinxiong died.

Although the family head didnt mention it, anyone who said anything related to “death” and “Xinxiong” might lose their life.

However, the maidservant who had left the family for seven years had come back asking to be released from her maidservant status after Zhang Xinxiongs death.

If this was not courting death, what was this

The crowd in the room had a chill in their hearts.

‘If you want to die, you shouldnt do it in such a frightening way!

‘If you are really tired of living, you can just go find a rope yourself.

Why do you want to come here and make things difficult for us

In the eyes of the crowd, Lan Xinzi was also trembling.

She didnt dare look up.

She could face anyone calmly and with ease, but Lan Xinzi couldnt help but tremble while facing this man.

Zhang Taiying, the head of the Zhang family, was a man who had outlived tens of thousands of people.

With his own strength and ability, it took him several years to lead the Zhang family to the top of the four major families in Tiansang County.

This was…

Not important.

The important part was that Lan Xinzi, who had low self-esteem, couldnt raise her head to look at her master while speaking…

Even if she had already become one of the 33 and reached the Master Stage.

“It has nothing to do with Young Master Zhang.

It is my personal matter…”

“My” Zhang Taiying raised his voice.

Lan Xinzi was interrupted, but she didnt respond.

She lowered her body even more.

“This is a personal matter of this maidservant.

Even if Young Master Zhang didnt have the mishap, I… This maidservant still mentions such a matter!”

She had almost spoken through her gritted teeth.

It was a dream of hers for seven years, and it was also a humiliation for seven years.

All of this had to come to an end.

As a Master, she would be an honored guest in any famous family, but…


Zhang Taiying grunted, which was like thunder in the hall.

He raised his left arm, twisted his wrist, and spoke in a calmer tone.

“In that case, did you have this idea even before Xinxiongs death”


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