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Chapter 271: Subduing the Cat

Upon hearing this, Mu Zixi, who was standing behind Xu Xiaoshou, was unknowingly delighted.

Her ponytail seemed to float a little.

Jiao Tangtang held back the strong urge to kick him, took a deep breath, and pointed at Greedy the Cat Spirit.

“It cannot die!”

“Dont you worry.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“That goes without saying.

I, Xu Xiaoshou, am a peace-loving person who never gets into any trouble.

Greedy will definitely get the best treatment it deserves by my side, including eating all the best foods!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took out a portion of cooked beef from his space ring and subtly tempted Greedy the Cat Spirit.

“Hey little cat, want to have a taste”

Jiao Tangtang fumed and almost blew up.

She immediately snatched the meat from his hands.

“There is one more condition you have to agree to.

You cannot feed it any meat!”

Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

“Why so”

“Do not ask.

There are some things you cannot know.”


With a twirl of his hand, Xu Xiaoshou retrieved the cooked piece of beef from her hands and muttered, “Well, I did not intend to give it to her anyway.

I did not get this for her from the start.”

He turned around and said, “Here.

This is for you.”

Mu Zixis face brightened up into a huge smile immediately, temporarily forgetting all the anger from earlier.

“What is this”

“I bought it just now.”

“It looks so good!”

She took the wrapped beef from him and grinned from eye to eye as she obediently ate it.

She took a step back to patiently wait for Xu Xiaoshou to end his conversation with Jiao Tangtang.

Seeing this sight, Jiao Tangtang thought, “Perhaps this is not such a bad decision after all.

If this lad can treat Greedy the Cat Spirit as well as he treats this lady…”


A loud cry brought her back to reality from her imagination.

Her face turned dark as she saw Xu Xiaoshou forcefully shove Greedy the Cat Spirit into his arms.

“Xu Xiaoshou! Cant you use less force”

“Dont worry, I know what I am doing.”

“You do not look like you know what you are doing at all! Oh, I want to kick you so much,” Jiao Tangtang thought as her eyes twitched.

She was too angry to speak.

Xu Xiaoshou yawned and said, “Alright, I have already generously agreed to your requests.

Now, it is your turn to show your sincerity.”

“What do you mean by sincerity”

“Are you going back on your word We agreed earlier on that if I help babysit this cat, you will compensate me regularly!”

Jiao Tangtang clenched her fists and then released them silently.

She thought, “Forget it.

Isnt it just some compensation Even though we already spent a lot on Greedy, there are still some savings left.”

“How much do you want”

“What do you mean by how much I am not interested in money.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his brows and casually said, “Give me a way to contact you!”

Before Xu Tangtang could speak, a sound of grievance came from the back.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what do you think you are doing”

Mu Zixi was furious.

She thought, “Do you think a single piece of beef can bribe me How dare you ask for another womans contact information in front of me, your junior sister!”

“What does a child like you know” Xu Xiaoshou pinched her cheeks and sent her back to where she came from.

Jiao Tangtang looked at him weirdly and jokingly asked, “Do you want my communication jade device”

“Of course!”

Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed, “How else am I supposed to contact the both of you if I want your help to kill someone or something in the future”

Jiao Tangtang was puzzled.

“Is that all”

“What else were you expecting” Xu Xiaoshou bafflingly asked.

Suddenly, he took a huge step back and covered his body with his arms.

“What were you thinking of”

Jiao Tangtang stared at him with her beautiful eyes wide open and thought, “This rascal… How could he look like he is the victim when he is the one asking for my communication jade device You are the one who asked, so how come now it looks like I want to do something to you”


She threw the communication device to him angrily as she turned to leave.

Locked-on, passive points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou caught the device and saw the latest notification update appear on the Information Bar.

“Just as I had thought.

This woman seemed chic and cool but secretly did something to me without me knowing,” he thought.


“Was it to prevent me from doing something out of the blue”

“What a joke!”

“I am a wholeheartedly upright man.

What kinds of problems could I cause”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed to himself in disdain, not taking this secret lock-on to heart at all.

After thinking about it, Jiao Tangtang was probably doing this just in case as a last resort.

What could she do even if something happened, and she returned after she left

With Greedy the Cat Spirit in his hands, these two were bound not to be able to do anything to him.

On the contrary…

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the communication jade device in his hand and smiled.

He thought, “Things are going so smoothly today.

After killing a person, I managed to recruit two helpers of unknown but strong cultivation levels.”

“With a call through the communication jade device, they will not dare to not come.”

“If I am getting hunted by someone or have the intention to kill someone, with just a quick call, these helpers will come to my aid.”

“Ha-ha, I have never thought the day would come when I could order two helpers around like a boss.” Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

In actuality, these two were very high-level helpers.

Xu Xiaoshou shifted his gaze from Jiao Tangtangs back to the cat in his arms with a troubled mind and thoughts.

“A being similar to the grey mist figure…”

“Is this cat worth it or not”

Amongst the crowd, the three swordsmen had sensed something was wrong and left the place early.

Seeing that the two did not fight, the rest of the crowd were disappointed and also left.

In no time, the crowd gathered outside the Plenty Gold Company had dispersed.

For Tiansang City, events like a crowd gathering to watch a fight that ended up not happening were considered commonplace.

For the very busy City Guards, it was even more common.

In reality, if Spiritual Cultivators were to battle, those with common sense would usually bring the battleground to the sky.

As long as no innocent bystanders were hurt or killed, or if the City Guards were busy, there would be no trouble.

Of course, the huge commotion that Xu Xiaoshou caused earlier was a different case.

Xin Gugu rested his staff on his shoulders and followed Jiao Tangtang closely behind.

After they were a distance away, he asked, “Is it really a good idea to let that guy babysit Greedy the Cat Spirit”

“Theoretically, no.” Jiao Tangtang replied simply without turning her head.

Xin Gugu was momentarily speechless and realized that he felt the same way.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou was not very obedient and thought differently from regular people, it seemed…

That he was the best choice for now.


There was still one more.

“Actually, his junior sister seemed like a good choice too,” Xin Gugu said.

Jiao Tangtangs lips curled.

When she had turned back to look after walking away from Xu Xiaoshou, she realized something.

As an enemy, this kind of person would have been very troublesome.

But if he was an ally…


If Xu Xiaoshou did not appear, then that might have been the case.

Since there is a better choice for us, why not”

“The little girl might be good, but she is too weak!”

Xin Gugu stopped walking.

“Xu Xiaoshou is also…”

“Have you forgotten how he easily snatched Greedy from your hands”

Jiao Tangtangs eyes flashed coldly at Xin Gugu, scaring him and causing his neck to retract.

“That was because I wasnt paying attention!”

Hearing this, Jiao Tangtang smiled coldly.

“Even though he is slightly weird, if you try to ignore his biggest flaw, his abilities, intelligence, and agility are all rather superior!”

Xin Gugu scratched his head and thought for a while before lifting his head.

He hesitated but said, “But, this flaw, I cant seem to ignore it…”


Jiao Tangtangs face stiffened.

She took a deep breath and positioned her dress to reveal her snowy white leg.

She thought, “Out of so many things you could learn, you had to learn the wrong one.”

“Stand properly,” she commanded.

“What for”

“I said to stand properly!” Jiao Tangtang raised her slender and straight leg.

Xin Gugu was confused, “Uhh…”



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