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Chapter 263: Is Senior Brother Here

Plenty Gold Company, main entrance…

Three swordsmen surrounded a small girl.

The one in front, a swordless swordsman, was busy signaling with his hands, trying to express something.

“It is Sword Telepathy.

Do you understand Sword Telepathy”

“Do you not understand”

“Then… How about Sword Will You should understand Sword Will.

That person has Innate Sword Will at least.

Since he can come up with Sword Telepathy, he might be higher than that level, but he cant be a swordmaster.”

“Is there such a person… your master Or are you senior and junior brother or senior and junior sister, something like that”

Mu Zixi blinked her big eyes.

She knew the three were looking for Xu Xiaoshou as soon as they mentioned Sword Telepathy and Sword Will.


Were all killers so direct nowadays

They wanted to kill Xu Xiaoshou, but they came to ask his junior sister for help.

How could she possibly show them the direction

“I dont know the person.”

The little girl swung her twin ponytails a few times and pressed the conical hat lower.

The swordless swordsman in front was on the verge of lashing out.

“There must be such a person.

You are lying to me!”

“Im not lying to you.

Theres really no such person.”

“There is!”

“There is not!”


The swordless swordsman fell silent.

He turned his head around to look at his senior brothers behind him, sending a signal by rolling his eyes.

“What do we do”

The swordsman with nine swords tilted his head to the side, signaling for him to get out of the way and let him give it a try.

The swordless swordsman was delighted.

He saw his second senior brother approach the girl with his back hunched while rubbing his hands with a broad smile.

“Little girl, were really not bad people…”

The swordsman holding the sword was livid, thinking that his two junior brothers were ill-behaved.

He glanced at the two behind him and came before the girl, asking, “Can you tell me your name, little girl”

He thought, “To ask for some information, you must at least ask for her name!”

“Those two have no idea how to ask for information!”

“If you dont know how to respect people, how can you ask for something”

Mu Zixi became anxious.

Her heart tightened.

She was feeling more panicked.

She could tell that these three swordsmen, who were all misbehaved, were quite powerful.

Since she was someone in the peak of Origin Court Stage, she had no way to resist them.

At this moment, she suddenly missed Xu Xiaoshou a little.

“At least when that guy is here…”

“He would be more misbehaved than these three!”

“Bah, at least Id have some sense of security…”

The little girl hesitantly said, “I really dont know the swordsman you are looking for.

Maybe you have the wrong person.

Im just waiting for someone here.”

“Waiting for someone”

The swordsman holding the sword was delighted, thinking that he had a breakthrough and there was a chance.

Cupping his hands, he introduced himself sincerely, “I am Gu Qingyi.”

He pointed his finger toward the two people behind him.

“These are my two junior brothers, Gu Qinger and Gu Qingsan.

May I ask… Who are you waiting for, little girl”

The two swordsmen behind him showed an understanding expression simultaneously, thinking that he was indeed their big brother and knew how to ask questions.

“The two of us lack experience dealing with women…”


“We must continue learning from our big brother and will eventually learn the way of the world.”

Mu Zixi froze, puzzled by their names.

“Are you triplets But you three dont look alike!”


Our names were given by our master.

Were simply cultivation brothers…”

Before big brother could finish talking, Gu Qinger interrupted, “Youre right, little girl.

Although we are only cultivation brothers, our relationship is comparable to triplets!”

Gu Qingsan hurriedly added, “Little girl, you and second senior brother are right.

Although the three of us are not blood brothers, were closer than brothers!”

Mu Zixi was confused.

Gu Qingyi almost pulled out his sword to strike the two idiots away.

He silently yelled, “Did I tell you to talk”

“You two are not good for accomplishing anything.

You are only good for messing things up!”

He turned around and glared at the two junior brothers.

The two trembled and hastened to cover their mouths with their hands at the same time.

“Who are you waiting for, little girl” Gu Qingyi asked again.

Mu Zixi was speechless for a while.

“Shes waiting for me!”

After a long while, a voice came from the rear.

Mu Zixi was delighted and turned around to look in the direction of the sound.

Was her senior brother there

In the next second, the little girl felt disappointed.

“Another killer Why does Xu Xiaoshou have so many enemies”

The incoming person was nobody other than Xiao Sixteen.

He had been observing for a long time and finally couldnt help but come over.

The three swordsmen were clearly just passersby and could be completely ignored.

Although he hadnt seen Xu Xiaoshou, he knew Mu Zixi.

In Xu Xiaoshous profile, he had read about everyone who had some connection with him.

Although it was just a quick glance, he could still recall that the girl in front of him had some connection with Xu Xiaoshou.

It seemed that the information might have been wrong.

Someone who walked out of the Spirit Palace with Xu Xiaoshou must have had a closer connection with him.

“You three, get out of here!”

Xiao Sixteen came before the three swordsmen and waved his hand disdainfully at them.

“Are you the person this girl is waiting for”

Gu Qingyi sniffed with his nose and failed to smell any odor of Sword Telepathy from the guy.

He couldnt help but frown.

How could a person like him cultivate Sword Telepathy

Although the person in front of him had the aura of a master, Gu Qingyi thought that he, someone nearly at Master Stage, had defeated many opponents.

Judging by his age and appearance…

If he was the person he was looking for, he would be immensely disappointed.

Looking at the three flaunting swordsmen, Xiao Sixteen shook his head with a sneer.

He thought, “An Innate is an Innate.

No matter how many swords you put on your back, youre still garbage!”


What do you guys want from my junior sister”

Hearing this, Mu Zixi was flabbergasted, wondering why he claimed to be his senior brother.

This guy was not Xu Xiaoshou.

She opened her small mouth slightly in an attempt to speak, but she suddenly found that she couldnt say a word.

The master

The power of heaven and earth

The little girls pupils shrank as she grew more panicked.

Xiao Sixteen turned around at the right time and gently patted Mu Zixis conical hat.

“Junior Sister, dont say anything.

Let your senior brother deal with them.”

Mu Zixi was shocked.


“This is the real killer!”

She wanted to move and talk but found that her body was confined.

She thought that she, at the peak of Origin Court Stage, would have a chance to resist an assassin in the Occupied Void Stage.

But the Master…

“Are you kidding me” she wondered.

“Are all of Xu Xiaoshous enemies at the Master Stage now”

Mu Zixi wanted to call for help, but her line of sight was blocked by the body of the person in front of her.

Thus, she couldnt send an eye signal.

Xiao Sixteen stood before the girl and said with a sneer, “You three, if there is really nothing wrong, please go away.”

Gu Qingyi frowned and didnt say anything.

He felt that something was odd.

The person in front of him was not the one he was seeking.

That person had Sword Telepathy.

“Is this man concealing his cultivation level”

Gu Qingyi dismissed the idea before it could even form because he believed that no one could conceal ones temperament and something like that.

As long as this man had cultivated Sword Telepathy, it was impossible for him not to perceive it.

Had he failed to smell it

Thinking it over, Gu Qingyi narrowed his eyes slightly and took a step back.

“Sorry for the disturbance.”

“Get lost!” Xiao Sixteen rebuked.


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