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Chapter 260: Royal Guard, Fu Yinhong!

Xu Xiaoshou was silent.

A long while later, the frustrated young man finally breathed a sigh of relief and awkwardly withdrew the Thousand Leaves Style that he was about to use to strike.

He thought, “Damn it! Who told you to strike”

“It was a chance to test my technique, a so-called whetstone for my sword!”

“I havent tried my sword skills yet or fought with my flesh!”

“I finally met a Master Stage swordsman and wanted to see what kind of combat power I had, but the opportunity was taken away from me.”

Yet, he learned something from Ajes slap.

As a matter of fact, if the physical body could achieve such a feat, fancy fighting was unnecessary.

A palm slap could fix many kinds of defiant behaviors.

“Can I achieve such a feat” he wondered.

Xu Xiaoshou was hesitant when he checked the passive points at the bottom of the information bar.

It was not a question of whether he could do it or not.

It was totally not out of the question.

It was simple since the passive points increased.

All enemies could be dealt with easily.

“The passive technique is really powerful.”

Xu Xiaoshou stopped thinking about it after he put the Hidden Bitter and scabbard back into the ring.

He approached Li Sevens corpse and took the array plate from his hand, which he never had the chance to use.

He then pulled out the ring and set it on fire.

Ajes clothes had been severely damaged.

Even though it was merely a slap, the terrifying recoiling force had shredded the ordinary clothing to tatters.

The remaining strips of clothes hanging on its body looked rather indecent.

Fortunately, Xu Xiaoshou was prepared for this situation.

He took out 0.01% of the remaining clothes in the Yuan Mansion and put them on Aje.

He picked up the conical hat from the ground.

The conical hat had also cracked.

Xu Xiaoshou put a new conical hat on Ajes head and complained, “I told you to watch the battle, didnt I Wasnt it more comfortable to watch us fight while sitting down Why did you strike out”

“Ma Ma!”

When Aje heard the word “strike,” it became instantly excited with red eyes.

It was ready to act.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled and said, “Do not mess around.

You have just killed a person.

Isnt that enough for you I dont want to fight with you!”

“Ma Ma.”

After he subsided the puppet child, Xu Xiaoshou let out a low sigh and cleaned up the site.

This assassin, who had the family name of Li, should have entered the Heavenly Image Stage not long ago.

However, he was obviously more profound than Zhang Xinxiong.

Yet, he wasnt able to do any damage to Xu Xiaoshou.

Perhaps he still had some other techniques that he hadnt employed.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoshous simple Innate Level Physique had put the man in an impossible situation.

In addition, Xu Xiaoshou could employ various attacking methods.

As a result, swordsmen in the early Master Stage were no longer a match for him.

“Heavenly Image, Yin and Yang, Star Worship…”

“I dont dare to think about the Yin and Yang Stage, but I might be no match for those in the Heavenly Image Stage!”

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists, feeling somewhat excited.

Even though the combat had come to an abrupt end, the fact that he had resisted someone at Master Stage while he was in the early levels of Innate Stage had already surpassed everyones expectations.

It was something that Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to imagine before.

When he gained the Master Physique, he, at most, wanted to fight against those at the Upper Spirit Stage.

“Lets go back to get some food.”

After calling Aje, Xu Xiaoshou walked toward the tavern.

After the control of the silencing barrier was lost, it immediately disappeared.

The illusionary array on the black street gradually faded away as many confused faces looked around.

Xu Xiaoshou no longer cared about that.

He sat down in the tavern.

The tavern owner didnt come out since he was still cooking the beef in the kitchen.

The tavern owner had heard the blast, but he had not dared to come out.

“Boss, hurry up.

Im hungry!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

Hearing the call, the tavern owner finally came out with a plate in his hands.

When he saw two people with conical hats remaining, he paused for a moment.

The man in black was nowhere to be found.

Judging by the sound of the blast, the tavern owner knew where the man in black had gone without asking.

But how was that possible

How could the young man in front of him, who sounded like he was in his early twenties, have killed the black-clothed assassin

Even though the tavern owner was an ordinary person, he could tell the stages of Innate, Master, and so forth after having lived long enough in Tiansang County.


The plate was brought to the table by two trembling hands.

Seeing the weak knees of the tavern owner, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but smile.

He raised the conical hat to reveal a row of white teeth and said, “Dont be afraid.

I am a good guy.”


The tavern owner was startled by the broad smile and took a deep breath.

The tavern owner didnt believe him.

He didnt think that someone who was able to kill the man in black could be a good guy.

On the other hand, the young man looked friendlier than the man in black, who had a formidable aura.

As such, he felt a lot more relieved.

“Hurry up and bring me the two packed meals I ordered!”

Xu Xiaoshou took out a spirit crystal with a smile and asked, “Is this enough”

“Its enough.

Its more than enough!” The tavern owner was terrified.


Two more spirit crystals fell on the table.

The tavern owners heart almost jumped out of his chest.

He was not afraid that the young man would renege on the bill.

He feared that he had paid too much.

“This one is a tip, and this one…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the horizon and slowly said, “Youll know it later.

Go now!”

He authoritatively waved his hand.

The tavern owner didnt dare to say no.

He picked up the spirit crystals and retreated with a trembling body.

The cooked beef with dipping sauce was on the table.

Xu Xiaoshou got up and washed his hands.

He ate the beef with his hands.

Grease was dripping from his mouth.

“Tsk, tsk.”

“Its so delicious!”

If it was possible, he wanted to leave immediately after killing the man.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dozens of military guards dressed in black and red armor landed on the ground with thuds.

They were led by a woman with short red hair.

She was the only one without a helmet.

She held a knights longsword.

She looked gallant and formidable.

“Dont let any of them escape!”

Hearing the loud and feminine order, dozens of military guards behind her stomped their feet in unison.


With a swishing sound, the black and red figures disappeared.

By the time they reappeared, they had landed before the crowd on the black street.

Like the woman said, not a single one had been let go.

Seeing the scene, Xu Xiaoshou lowered his eyes and told himself it was a bad situation.

It was abnormal for the military guards to arrive so soon.

Shouldnt they have come later and taken care of the aftermath

He thought, “What the hell.

I cant leave even if I want to!”

“Is it possible that you people would stop the fight if Aje didnt strike”

Xu Xiaoshou was startled, thinking that he was really careless.

This conjecture was not totally impossible, and it was a high probability.

He jotted down another entry on the small book in his mind.

“During combat, if I can kill the opponent with a slap, dont do anything else.”

The red-haired woman put the sword into the sheath.

She took a few long steps with her long legs and came before Xu Xiaoshou.

She narrowed her pretty eyes as if she was waiting for the young man to stop eating.

After a long while…

“Tsk, tsk.”


Cursed, passive point, 1.

The woman raised her willow leaf-like eyebrows and huffed, “City Guard, Fu Yinhong!”

“Tsk, tsk.”

Fu Yinhong was perplexed.

She wondered how he could continue eating when the City Guards were here and if he was mentally ill.

Cursed, passive point, 1.

A terrible idea suddenly occurred to her, and her cold temperament softened a bit.

“Is he a deaf man”


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