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Chapter 250: Perceptive Dragon and Cat

“Welcome, dear customers!”

Xu Xiaoshou was startled by the warm greeting.

Before he could speak, a receptionist approached him with a smiling face.

“Plenty Gold Company is ranked in the top 10 on the continent.

The service and the quality of treasures are the best.”

“This is the Tiansang branch of Plenty Gold Company.

There are nine floors.

The lower six floors are the service area for the general public, and the upper three floors are the service area for the Spiritual Cultivators.

May I ask what level of service you require”

Xu Xiaoshous face twitched once.

He had the urge to turn around and leave.

No matter what level of service he wanted, this place looked very expensive.

All he wanted to do was buy some clothes.

After all, he promised to have some fun.

This was the first time he had left the Spirit Palace.

He had heard of Plenty Gold Company.

As such, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but stop in his tracks before the shop.

Since he was there, he thought hed check out the prices in the outside world.

Anyway, he still had a lot of stolen goods, which were all treasures he hadnt gotten rid of.

“Spiritual Cultivator.”

“Okay, Ill get a Spiritual Cultivator to serve you.” The receptionist smiled more broadly and stayed in the same spot for two more seconds before emitting a burst of energy.

Innate Level Physique…

Innate Origin Court Level…

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded, wondering why the receptionist needed to get another cultivator.

Mu Zixi was stunned as well, thinking that a random receptionist had Innate cultivation.

This Plenty Gold Company really was something.

“Please follow me.”

The receptionist led the way while smiling.

The two of them followed behind while looking at each other in shock.

The seventh floor…

Unlike the spacious six floors underneath, this floor, a service area for the Spiritual Cultivators, was even more spacious.

The buildings structure seemed to employ a spatial array because the size of it was not different from the six floors below, judging from the outside looks of the floors.

Yet, the size of this seventh floor was definitely abnormal.

Seeing through the perception, Xu Xiaoshou found that this floors area was as big as the sum of the six floors below.

It was truly amazing.

Xu Xiaoshou thought that a random branch of the Plenty Gold Company in the outside world was so amazing that its headquarters would expectedly be much more marvelous.

This company was probably not even the top business.

“It seems that most of your business here is done for the Spiritual Cultivators,” Xu Xiaoshou said as he walked along.

“Thats true.” The receptionist bowed his head respectfully and said, “After all, to support us employees, it is impossible to rely on the business of ordinary people alone.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

He checked out the receptionist and said with surprise, “You seem to be rather young.”

The receptionist smiled, “You can regard Plenty Gold Company as a sect.

We merely cultivate and behave differently.

Im currently just an outer disciple.”

It was a sect that had business across the entire continent.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned and thought that the company was more than amazing.

Such a young person had such a cultivation level.

If he were in the Spirit Palace, he would be an Inner Yard disciple, but he was only a receptionist here.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “Well, you cant think of it that way.

The receptionist is merely a superficial identity.

In the end, ones cultivation level will depend on their unique cultivation style.”

“Is it the rumored Show Method”

Xu Xiaoshou walked while thinking.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks.

The seventh floor was full of treasures of various kinds and colors, different showcases, and special tables displaying them.

The floor was divided into many zones like the magic pill zone, the spiritual artifact zone…

The three of them were apparently in the miscellaneous items area.

Xu Xiaoshou was staring at a purple crystal ball on the display table.

To be precise, he was attracted to a small and delicate cat on the crystal ball.

“Spiritual beast” he wondered.

This snow-white spiritual cat was only the size of two fists.

It stood on the purple crystal ball like a sculpture.

Using his perception, Xu Xiaoshou discovered that the crystal ball and the cat were not one entity because the peculiar purple eyes of the white cat were following his movements.

“What is this”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the item curiously.

He wondered how the spiritual beasts were not placed in the spiritual beast zone.

Although the white cat seemed unable to attack, what if it hurt people accidentally in the miscellaneous area

The receptionist looked in the direction he was pointing.

He pulled up the corners of his mouth, came before the display table, and picked up the purple crystal ball.

“You are very observant.

This is an extremely rare treasure in our store called the Perceptive Dragon.”

“This is a life spiritual artifact containing an extremely majestic life force.

However, its cultivator is quite radical and cultivated this life spiritual artifact based on the principle of fortune coming from the extreme misfortune and into a fifth-grade master spiritual artifact capable of perceiving the nearby killing intent.”

“Dont be fooled by the ordinary look of this purple crystal ball.

After instilling it with the spiritual power, it will reveal the beautiful Perceptive Dragon inside.”

Having said that, the receptionist instilled it with a spiritual source.

The purple crystal ball instantly shattered and created a starry sky.

A lifelike white dragon was flying inside it, which was truly exquisite.

Mu Zixi was mesmerized by the scene.

Though she didnt care so much about the white dragon, she was really interested in this life spiritual artifact.

Among all the treasures she had seen, it seemed that only Xu Xiaoshous Life Spiritual Seal was a bit superior to it.

If she could get her hands on it, she would not have to take the Life Generating Pill so often.


It was a fifth-grade Master spiritual artifact.

The beam in the young girls eyes dimmed as she thought that she couldnt afford it even by selling herself.

Xu Xiaoshou was dazed as well, yet he was amazed by the white cat still standing in the purple starry sky.

Even with its head turned away, the little beast was still staring at Xu Xiaoshou with its purple eyes.

When he approached the cat, he could see the saliva on the floor drooling from its mouth.

“What the hell Can others not see this except me”

Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

He felt like this situation had occurred before.

When he was in the Tianxuan Gate, the Gray Fog Man slapped at Mu Zixi, and it seemed that the little girl couldnt perceive it.

Thinking of it, Xu Xiaoshou hastened to sweep it with his spiritual thought.

His heart skipped a beat.

The naked eyes couldnt see it, and the spiritual thought couldnt see it.

He could only see it through his perception.

“A ghost beast” he wondered.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils dilated.

Seeing the white cat hesitant to strike, he jeered inwardly.

It was clearly a special spiritual beast interested in the life force.

Though he didnt know what abilities it had, it was definitely attracted by the purple crystal ball.

If this little beast liked the life force, it should have been fascinated when it saw Mu Zixi.

However, it had also seen him standing by Mu Zixi…

The beast should have been even more interested.

Judging by the behavior of his own junior sister, the Eternal Vitality must have had a great attraction for the beast.

He was bewildered when he thought of the ghost beast.

“How can a creature that is supposed to exist only in the sub-dimensional space appear here And its also so weak.”

Seeing the two of them being attracted to the crystal ball, the receptionist was rejoiced, thinking that this idle item had finally found its owner.

He continued to explain, “The function of this Perceptive Dragon is to perceive the killing intent of people nearby.

It can detect even a slight intent, so its very useful.”

“When the killing intent is present, the Perceptive Dragon will turn red.

The more killing intent, the darker the red color.

The Perceptive Dragon will also become more irritable and restless.”


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