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Chapter 248: Getting out of the Mountain

Ten days later…

Tiansang Spirit Palace, main entrance to the Outer Yard…

It was the end of summer, but autumn could strongly be felt.

When the morning sun shone, dew could be seen in the pits and holes everywhere.

The dew was rolling down the grass, plants, flowers, and stones like tears.

A flowing green was harmoniously mingled with everything of the world.

Mu Zixi still wore light green clothes, but more beaded hairpins and hanging ornaments could be seen on her.

She had also applied some pink powder to her cheeks, which were already tender and pretty.

In so doing, she looked more mature, even though she still appeared small and delicate.

Like the fruit on the top of the branches, though they looked tender at the moment, they could, according to the trend of their development, be imagined to be delicious and juicy in late autumn.

Mu Zixi, who had dressed up carefully, became impatient to wait.

She paced back and forth.

It was imaginable how irritated she felt.

“The damned Xu Xiaoshou.

You said that we would get down the mountain during the moonlight so that we could watch the sunrise the next morning.

Its been two hours already, and he is nowhere to be found!”

She looked to the horizon and found that the morning sun had risen in the east.

The purple energy had also headed west.

If the two of them could watch the sunrise together, they would be able to experience the joy of the last moment no matter how long she had waited.

But one person…

After feeling overjoyed to see the rising sun for a moment, she felt lonely for the rest of the day, as well as extreme annoyance afterward.

“Abominable, abominable, abominable… He dared to stand me up.

He is a dumb melon, a dumb melon.

I curse you to lose feet in heaven, lose strength on Earth, choke on water in the sea, fall on your face when walking, chock on food when eating, vomit when drinking…”

“Mu Zixi!”

A deep, gruff voice rang out behind her.

Mu Zixi paused drawing circles on the ground while squatting.

She popped up from the ground, her twin ponytails bouncing up and down.

“Argh! What Why do you speak so loudly Im not deaf!” She crossed her arms and pouted, showing an arrogant expression on her face.

It was the other partys fault to be late, so the little girl was justified to be angry and upset.

Xu Xiaoshou walked over with a gloomy face.

He checked the curses in the information bar and felt unable to complain.

It turned out that he was being cursed in this way daily.

She must have thought that she could throw any kind of curse at him since she felt free to do so.

“Where have you been” Mu Zixi asked.

“I didnt sleep in, that is for sure.” Xu Xiaoshou excluded the option that was most likely to drive anyone crazy first.

“Hmph, I think it is the case!”

“I dealt with an important matter, which couldnt be delayed.

Lets go now.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt give further explanation.

He waved his hand and flew down the mountain.

Mu Zixi hastened to follow up.

“What was the important matter”

“The important matter was something that I cant tell you.

On the other hand, even if I told you, you wouldnt be able to understand it.”

“If you dont tell me, how can I understand it”

“The Yuan mansion, do you understand”

“What is the Yuan mansion”

“Ha-ha, I told you that you wouldnt understand it!”


Mu Zixi was very angry.

Following behind him, she irately said, “Xu Xiaoshou, you must be lying to me.”


Xu Xiaoshou turned around and suddenly held down the little girls head.

He stared at her face while commenting, “You are kind of good-looking today.”

Mu Zixi was surprised at the unexpected compliment.

Did he see it

The little girls pretty face turned red as she murmured, “Oh, are… Are you sure”

“Yeah, Im sure!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

Seeing the reddening cheeks on his junior sisters face, he hastened to explain, “Do not misunderstand me.

Ive only responded to your last remark.”

“The last remark” Mu Zixi was baffled.

“Yeah, didnt you ask me if I was lying to you” Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment and said, “Yes, I was lying to you.”

Mu Zixi was confused.

“Cursed, passive points, 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Xu Xiaoshou hastened to keep some distance from her while glancing at the silent and repressed girl, who might explode in anger in the next moment.

He slowly pulled out the Hidden Bitter.

“Come on, draw your sword.

Dont hold it in.

Let your anger out.” He pondered for a moment and added, “You cant beat me anyway.”


The little girl clenched her pink fists tightly and gritted her teeth so much so that one could hear the rattles.

Her eyelids twitched uncontrollably.

It seemed that she was on the verge of losing control of the raw force in her body.


The entire mountain forest trembled, including the grass and plants.

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

“Damn, I forgot this is a mountain forest…”

Seeing the forest growing insanely fast, Xu Xiaoshou turned around and ran away as fast as his legs could carry him, shouting miserably, “Joking! I was just joking.

Dont get excited!”

“You look good.

You look good every day! Stop! Stop doing it!”

Mu Zixi clapped her small hands emotionlessly.

Her indifferent voice rang out, “Little trees, burst!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions occurred in the early morning, which had almost made the disciples of the Outer Yard who woke up early to cultivate go mad.

They turned their heads one after the other to look at the horizon.

Confusion was on their faces.

“Could it be that the senior brother and junior sister are practicing martial arts”

Inner Yard…

Ye Xiaotian was filled with joy as he retrieved the Heavenly Moving Mirror.

“Hes gone.

That lad is finally gone.”

“Old Man Sang, I admit that this is the best decision youve ever made in your life!”

Elder Sang held his conical hat while looking to the horizon, saying expressionlessly, “Ill be gone for a while as well.”

“Hmm” Ye Xiaotians smile stalled.

“Where to”

“Ill go to many places.” Elder Sang turned his head around and said while looking at him, “Dont worry.

Its impossible for Saint Servant to come back in a short time.”

“What if he comes back”

“Its not going to happen because there is nothing in the Spirit Palace that is worth his coming back.”

Ye Xiaotian, “Hmm…”

He wondered, “How come he also speaks in such a manner Who did he learn it from He has learned to retort others more effectively.”

“There is one more thing.” Elder Sang had suddenly remembered something before he was about to leave.

“We want two quotas for the White Cave.”

“Two” Ye Xiaotians eyes immediately widened.

“But that will be the battle of Tiansang County, including dozens of the surrounding cities and the foreign forces that had heard of the event.

Do you really want to send two newbies in it”

Elder Sang smiled disdainfully before he flew up while holding the conical hat.

“No matter how many people come, Xu Xiaoshou will make a great fuss in the White Cave if I let him in.”

Boom! Boom!

Two earth-shattering booms resonated in the distance.

Ye Xiaotian fell silent.

What Elder Sang said made sense.

Spiritual Law Division…

In front of a cluster of flat and long, black buildings was a hideous beast lying on a table.

A long sword with dripping blood was hanging in its mouth.

A murderous aura could be sensed everywhere.

The birds and beasts didnt dare stop by.

A woman in a black skirt stepped into the front door.

The disciples guarding the gate on both sides retreated in fear.

Her skirt and hair were black.

Even her nails were dyed black.

Yet, the woman had a pretty white face and red lips.

Otherwise, she was covered in black.

The endless blackness and a little bright color exuded an extreme pressure on the disciples on both sides so much that they had a hard time breathing.

It wasnt until the woman disappeared behind the door that the two disciples could breathe again.

They were drenched in sweat and panting.

“Who is she Am I mistaken Is she Lan Xianzi”

“My God, I didnt see here delicate shoulders.

My youth is over…”

“You are sick! What the hell are you focusing on Cant you see that she has changed her temperament”

“Temperament Only the temperament Did you notice her cultivation”


“Master level!”

“Crap… Whoa!”

Before the disciple could utter “Crap,” the two of them were dragged to their guarding positions.

They bowed their heads and remained silent.



The woman in black moved her forward gently, leaving a footprint with each step.

Her skirt was long enough to cover her ankles.

The white spots on her black boots could only be seen when she took a step.

She walked out of the Spiritual Law Division emotionlessly.

The narrow black lines around her eyes and the flat eyebrows made her eyes look morose and deadly.

Her pupils were motionless.


An extremely enjoyable and perverted hissing rang out in the rear, followed by a dry voice.

“How nice.

The smell of sunlight.”

The disciples on both sides couldnt help but steal a peek.

Following behind the woman was a man with hair covering his face and shoulders.

His eyes looked like stars, and his eyebrows were like swords.

Even though his face was dirty, it was still apparent that he was handsome.

His arrogant sword will was unreservedly rampant, greedily absorbing the long-missed sunshine.

The man frowned when he heard the tearing sound of two disciples clothes rupturing.

He retrieved the Sword Will, picked up the longsword, and put it on his shoulder.

The man wore a tattered blood-stained white prison uniform and walked by casually.

It wasnt until the woman and man were far away that the disciples on both sides swallowed their saliva with difficulty and breathed deeply.

“Is he the Madman He”

“Well, it should be him, but his sword will seems to be a bit too powerful.

I feel that its even more powerful than Su Qianqians…”

“Have more confidence in yourself.

You dont have to feel it!”

“But didnt Su Qianqian break through the sword will of master level that night”


After a moment of silence, one voice finally rang out.

“Speaking of Madman He, how long has it been since youve seen him strike”

“Uh, I forget.”

“Have you heard of the legend of Madman He”

“Uh, no… What legend”

The disciple who asked the question looked retrospectively for a long time.

His body shivered suddenly before he started speaking.

“According to the legend, the No.

1 swordsman in the previous Inner Yard was the only person in the entire Spirit Palace who was not afraid of the torture platform.

Whenever he felt bored, he would make troubles on the spur of the moment…”

“What for”

“To get into the torture platform to cultivate!”


The listening disciple was dumbfounded.

He asked in shock, “Is that where his nickname Madman came from”

“Thats right!”

“Oh, my God.

The torture platform… Such a ruthless person has been replaced by Su Qianqian for the title of No.

1 swordsman of the Inner Yard.”

The other disciple shook his head and sighed.

“Some people do not need to pursue the goal you aspire to.”

He Yuxing carried his sword on his shoulder.

He tied his disheveled hair with a borrowed bond, recovering some of his former elegant aura.

However, the hideous wounds and dried blood on his body couldnt be erased by the bond.

He followed the woman in black closely behind, his eyes showing an immense amount of tenderness.

Although her dressing style had changed, as well as her overall physique and temperament, she was still the same girl in his eyes.

She would make a fuss for no reason.

“Did Zhang Xinxiong bully you again”

A dangerous beam suddenly flashed in his eyes.

No one in the Inner Yard but Zhang Xinxiong could make Lan Xinzi change so much.

“No.” Lan Xinzi shook her head.

Her voice was cold.

He Yuxing didnt doubt her.

If Lan Xinzi said that she was not bullied, then it was certainly not the case.

However, if it was not him, who would be the wrongdoer

Since the woman in front of him had no intention to say more, he didnt want to ask more questions.

All he needed to do was follow her.

After they had come out from the Inner Yard and passed Goose Lake, the man couldnt help himself any longer.

“It seems that this is not the way back to the spirit site.”

“Were descending the mountain.”

“Where to”

“To the Zhang family!”

He Yuixing paused his footsteps, wondering why they were headed to the Zhang family.

It seemed that this was the first time Lan Xinzi wanted to get out of the Spirit Palace in seven years.

What had happened

He wanted to ask some questions, but he held back his doubts when he saw the speechless Lan Xinzi.

After taking a glance at the bloodstained prison uniform he was wearing, He Yuxing looked around.

A hesitant expression showed in his eyes.

“I havent cleaned…”

“Theres no need.

You look pretty good this way.”


The long sword dropped to the ground.

He Yuxing was stiffened.

A sense of ecstasy showed in his cold eyes.

“Look good”


With a booming sound, the masters Sword Will exploded.

Many big, fat geese in Goose Lake fainted instantly, rolling their eyes upward.

He Yuxing pulled out the sword and coldly spoke.

“Go to the Zhang family! Ill help you kill them all!”


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