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Chapter 233: The Broadsword Beheads Xiong

“Holy sh*t!”

Everybody looked astonished when they saw a mist of blood in the sky and the occasional pieces of flesh falling to the ground.

The giant Zhang Xinxiong met the fate of being punished by Xu Xiaoshous Infernal Heavenly Flames.

Everyone there could not help recalling the night when Chao Su died.

If they were to compare the scenes, it was like a display of fireworks during the night being more appealing than one during the day.

But the one in the sky was different this time, and the shock the crowd felt was indescribable!

Everyone felt a sudden tightness in their chests as they watched Xu Xiaoshou smiling slightly on the competition platform.

He was a demon!

He had used the Heavenly flames on someone after a minor argument.

They wondered if they could still enjoy watching the full moon without thinking of the incident.


Then, Xu Xiaoshou, who was still on the platform, suddenly wiggled his ears.

He heard a suppressed groan.

In a split second, he disappeared from the platform after shaking his body once, leaving a vague image of his figure on the spot where he had stood.

The speed at which he executed the move was not in the least inferior to how swiftly Zhang Xinxiong had moved earlier.

The people under the platform realized the situation had changed.

After scanning the place with their spiritual thoughts, they sensed a long-haired monster standing on the spot where Zhang Xinxiongs body had fallen.

The giant Zhang Xinxiong in his original form was already quite terrifying, and presently, his body had transformed again.

Along with the coarse and thick black hair that had grown, the size of his body was now even more massive.

The unusual clothes he had worn on his body cracked open as if the shadow of the black bear they had seen earlier suddenly materialized.

“He has swallowed the blood”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes as he recalled the drop of divine blood which Yuan Tou had swallowed back then.

Could it be that Zhang Xinxiong had provided the item His body transformed after he swallowed it.

It was probably the case.

Through Perception, Xu Xiaoshou had seen Zhang Xinxiong blown into pieces.

Taking another look at Zhang Xinxiong, Xu Xiaoshou could see that his opponent had undergone a complete resurrection.

Other than the divine blood, nothing else could achieve this.

Xu Xiaoshou appeared in front of the red-eyed monster who stood on the platform and thrust his fist toward it.

In size comparison, Xu Xiaoshous body was merely the same as an arm of his opponent.

However, he had the body of a Master, and that was hard to combat.


Hearing a muffled sound coming from the rear, the giant black bear turned his head and grabbed Xu Xiaoshou.

The blood and pink flesh on his palm seemed to have remarkable power, and it could diffuse Xu Xiaoshous force.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little shocked by the outcome.

“Bear… The bear palm”

Poof! Although it was a little inappropriate at that moment, many people in the arena laughed aloud.

Zhang Xinxiongs palm had lost human form, and it now looked like a pink and tender palm of a bears paw.

Suddenly, the laughter stopped.

Zhang Xinxiong forcefully thrust with his palm, and Xu Xiaoshou, whose fist was in his grasp, was blasted away like a cannonball.


As his body sailed back, a mist of blood burst from Xu Xiaoshous body, demonstrating just how horrifying the force of the throw was.

“As expected, it is indeed the Ancestral Bloodline of the Xiong Family!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

He wondered if the power of his Master body had somehow been suppressed.

The guys physique was now altered!

But only a little!

The injuries on his body were not serious.

They were quickly neutralized by his passive techniques and healed quickly.

Zhang Xinxiong had intended to emulate Xu Xiaoshou and wanted to launch a series of strikes.

Instead, he found himself in a predicament after his forceful strike.

He was knocked back through the air!

But he flew in the opposite direction toward a pit in the earth!

“What the hell is this spiritual skill” Zhang Xinxiong yelled in astonishment.

Although he was in a red-eyed state, he still had his human senses with him.

The present situation was the worst he had ever encountered.

When Xu Xiaoshou struck him, Xu did it effortlessly.

But when he attacked Xu, the kid resisted him all the time.

It was most annoying!

The Recoil force on his body finally subsided.

Zhang Xinxiong bent his legs and launched himself out of the dark pit.

He wanted to pummel Xu Xiaoshou to death.

Unexpectedly, before he could move, he saw five beans streaking with violent energy toward his face.

Zhang Xinxiong was frozen in shock.

He almost went mad at that point.

What technique was it this time

Although he got hammered by the Recoil, his powerful strike should have at least inflicted some injuries on Xu Xiaoshou.

Should he not lose his ability to retaliate

How could someone, who was merely in the early stage of Origin Court, repeatedly launched such terrifying explosive flame seeds

Did he get his spiritual energy for free

This is not freaking fair!


The ear-splitting explosions had drowned out his thoughts.

It was not until all the five compressed flame seeds had exploded that the crowd could feel their terrifying power.

Like being at the epicenter of an earthquake, they felt the ground shake violently, and a thousand crevasses appeared in the dark pit.

The Life and Death Platform could not withstand the force, and it blew up.

The spectators were in a worse condition.

They were falling on one another in their haste to get airborne.

The effects of the earthquake gradually subsided.

Those from the Outer Yard and far away from the epicenter were vaguely aware of the tremors or that something had gone wrong in the Spirit Palace that day.

Xu Xiaoshou stood with his brows furrowed.

He saw through his Perception the merging of flesh and blood as his opponents recovery process was going on at a frantic pace.

The skill did not appear to be inferior to his Eternal Vitality.

“Isnt this annoying”

Xu Xiaoshou finally experienced the feeling of helplessness that his opponents had when facing him.

Zhang Xinxiongs recovery was so swift that Xu Xiaoshou figured his small fireball technique was not effective enough to kill his opponent at all!

“He is far more powerful and skilled than Yuan Tou.”

Xu Xiaoshou remembered Yuan Tou.

However, the two of them were undoubtedly not at the same level.

It looked like Zhang Xinxiong became stronger each time he recovered.

It seemed his body could adapt as soon as he reached a new threshold of punishment.

Even if the Infernal Heavenly Flame had burned uninterruptedly, Xu Xiaoshou would still have difficulty combating such a quick rate of recovery.

“I cannot let the fight go on for too long!”

Xu Xiaoshou decided he had to end the duel quickly.

The five compressed flame seeds were the most severe damage he could inflict.

His other techniques were not as powerful.

If here were to use those techniques, he would merely allow his opponent time to recuperate!

He watched Zhang Xinxiong stand up with hatred on his face.

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his body slightly and put his hand on his bosom.

“Zhang Xinxiong, let us have a showdown!”

Zhang Xinxiong felt so mortified that he had almost lost his temper.

He paid no attention to Xu Xiaoshou and took a deep breath.

His aura of Master had risen at that moment.

The outcome of the fighting had made him go mad.

None of his techniques had been adequate throughout the duel, and he was repeatedly stymied.

He had not experienced such a level of embarrassment for many years.

He felt the urge to pull the people floating in the air down to the ground.

His frustration drove him crazy.

The barrier for cultivation could no longer hold.

It snapped open suddenly.

Zhang Xinxiongs energy, like the flood breaking through a dam, was rising nonstop.

The outflow of his dark force spread like dark clouds over the sky, and as it gradually descended, it forced the spectators down.

Everyone looked stunned.

“Is it the Master level”

Xu Xiaoshou felt a chill running down his back.

Xu Xiaoshou might claim that he was invincible at the Innate Level.

But it was difficult to predict his fate if his opponent had broken through the Master Level.

“Ma Ma.”

Jie was becoming impatient.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately pulled him from his robe and threw him into the air.

“Go ahead, Pika Jie.

Chop him up for me!”

“What the hell is that” The crowd started droning, feeling a little petrified at what other tricks Xu Xiaoshou had hidden up his sleeves.

While facing Zhang Xinxiong, who had progressed into the Tiansang Level of Master, all Xu Xiaoshou did was throw out an iron ball

Is the guy desperate

Is he trying to attack a bear with a stone

Zhang Xinxiong had mockery in his eyes.

He thought his opponent had merely thrown out an iron block!

He felt a surge of relief throughout his body the moment he entered the Master level.

Then he attuned his anguish to the Heavenly Dao into a roar that resonated throughout the sky.


The spectators were all shocked by the noise and staggered backward.

But the black iron ball was unaffected and came straight down.

The speed of the descending ball was neither fast nor slow.

Zhang Xinxiong did not even bother to look at it.

He fixed his eyes on the person in the air, the hatred in his eyes growing.

He had to unseal the cultivation level, which he had concealed for three years.

He did it ahead of time because of Xu Xiaoshou.

It was destiny that he would have nothing to do with the Eastern Heavenly King City.

Zhang Xinxiong gritted his teeth and then slapped the ground with his palm.

His entire body launched into the air.

“Xu Xiaoshou, your time to die has come!”


The black iron ball floating between the big black bear and Xu Xiaoshou quivered once, and the obscure markings on it lit up.

Suddenly, the iron ball transformed into a massive ten-feet long broadsword!

Zhang Xinxiong looked startled.

The thing had turned out to be a broadsword!

After a fleeting moment of soaring through the air, blood sprayed as if a bloody flower had bloomed in mid-air.

The broadsword sliced through the air and hewed Zhang Xinxiong in two.

His head and body fell separately from the sky.

“Ma Ma.”


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