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Chapter 232: Young Master Zhang was Knocked Away

“Oh, my goodness!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked startled.

This place was not the Chuyun Platform, that was enveloped by a barrier.

Here, Xu Xiaoshou could still receive real-time feedback from the spectators at the bottom of the ring.

As a result, he had heard the talk about the Ancestral Bloodline of the Xiong Family.

To everyones astonishment, even facing the formidable Zhang Xinxiong, the young man, who looked weak in comparison, displayed neither hesitation nor timidness.

Xu Xiaoshou was moving forward courageously!

A real man never retreated!


When the two fists clashed, flashes of lightning seemed to flash from the two striking fists, making the vast space shake.

The next moment, the crowd could hear the ring of explosions in their ears, as if they had problems with their ears.


At the point where the two fists clashed, a horrific surge of shock waves gradually expanded in the shape of a ball.

It was as if a bomb had detonated on the spot.

Along with the sound of the blast, a deep crater was formed in the competition platform under the feet of the two competitors.

As the shock wave billowed outward, the spectators below the competition platform fell to the ground.

Zhou Tianshen, who was hovering in the air, was the first one swept away by the shock wave!

He finally stabilized his body after tumbling through a dozen somersaults in the air.

It was then that he looked down in shock.

The two competitors stood separated on the platform.

However, the scene differed somewhat from what he had imagined.

Xu Xiaoshou had only staggered back a few steps, but Zhang Xinxiong flew back more than several dozens of feet!

Zhou Tianshen was stunned by what he saw.

“What is this”

He was not the only one who had such thoughts.

The spectators below the platform were just as astonished by the outcome of the colliding fists as well.

“What Has Young Master Zhang been knocked back”

“My goodness.

Just how far has Xu Xiaoshou cultivated his Innate Level body How on earth did he even blow away someone like Young Master Zhang”

“Look, guys! Young Master Zhangs hand is bleeding!”

The crowd strained to look when they heard this.

Everyone saw that Zhang Xinxiong had steadied himself after landing on the competition platform.

A long furrow was gouged along the floor where his body had slid from the impact.

His right hand, which he used to smash into Xu Xiaoshous fist, was not only bleeding but the wrist was dislocated.

It appeared his fingers had been fractured from the impact of the strike! They looked twisted as blood dripped from them.


Everyone felt chills running down their spines.

They turned to look at Xu Xiaoshou and saw that he was still looked excited and raring to go.

When Xu Xiaoshou noticed the spectators turning their attention to him, he quickly got a hold of himself.

He put on a stony expression on his face.

Suddenly, he waved the sleeve of his robe and turned his thumb up at his opponent, and wiggled it.

“Zhang Xinxiong, you fought very well!”

The spectators became more excited when they witnessed the underdog fighter making such a provocative gesture.

From the outcome of the clash, everyone suddenly realized that perhaps Xu Xiaoshou had a trump card hidden in his sleeve.

Or else, why would he have dared to take on Zhang Xinxiong.

Zhang Xinxiong had a grave expression on his face.

“The body of a Master”

Though he still could not believe it, he thought that the horrific blow he had received earlier was not a punch someone with the Innate Level body should have been able to deliver.

Importantly, he noted that the ordinary fist punch executed by Xu Xiaoshou had an abnormally strong Recoil force.

It was a remarkably profound spiritual skill!

It is a technique at the Master Level, at least!

“Xu Xiaoshou,” Zhang Xinxiong growled as he narrowed his eyes.

He had to admit that he had been careless in the first exchange of strikes.

He could not treat the lad as an ordinary Outer Yard disciple.

The lad was someone who could hold off him just by using his physical strength alone!

He was a wolf in sheeps clothing.

A wolf of wolves!

“It turns out that you are someone who tries to eat a tiger by disguising as a pig.

I guess no one in this Spirit Palace has noticed your disguise yet!” shouted Zhang Xinxiong as he stood up again.

His eyes glared at his opponent with dread.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

With a serious expression on his face, he replied, “No, you are wrong.”

“First, there are many people in the Spirit Palace who can recognize talents at first glance.

You are nothing but an arrogant man who sits at the bottom of a well, watching the sky.”

“Second, I am not pretending to be a pig.

However, you are a cat pretending to act like a tiger!”

The crowd stood aghast when they heard his mocking words.

Many rubbed their eyes to check if they were actually looking at the person they knew to be Xu Xiaoshou.

They realized what they were witnessing right then was the true nature of the man.

No way! Was this guy the real Xu Xiaoshou

Why was he so short-tempered He even dared to belittle Zhang Xinxiong repeatedly… Is he high on drugs

“Very good!”

Even if Zhang Xinxiong knew it was a scheme, his pride still made it difficult for him to control his anger.

He hunched his back, and the enormous specter of the black bear behind him entered his body with a swooshing sound.

Soon after, Zhang Xinxiongs body and muscles expanded and he grew much broader and taller.

“Ancestral Bloodline of the Xiong Family, open up!”

Everyone was rather surprised to see Zhang Xinxiong summoning the Ancestral Bloodline of the Xiong Family after just one clash.

It showed that he thought highly of Xu Xiaoshou.

But was Xu Xiaoshou that strong an opponent

It was a fact that it was never easy for people to look beyond the stereotype of Xu Xiaoshou as a weakling.

Even after everyone had witnessed Xu Xiaoshou knocking down his opponent with a single punch, they did not believe that someone with a mere Innate body deserved such respect from Zhang Xinxiong.

The two fighters on the platform had no such thoughts at all.

Both of them were trying their best to kill each other.

As he saw the change in Zhang Xinxiongs body, Xu Xiaoshou told himself that it was not a good sign.

Xu Xiaoshou finally mobilized the surging spiritual energy in his body.

The compressed spiritual energy immediately burst as he lowered his eyebrows.

“Infernal Heavens!”

He could not achieve the result of burning the sky and boiling the sea in the way Elder Sang could do.

However, the impact of his execution cracked the Life and Death platform.

The stone slabs started cracking and the platform burst apart from the intense heat.

Puff! Puff!

As soon as Zhang Xinxiong had finished transforming his shape, he felt a sharp pain in his body.

He detected a waft of burnt flesh, and he felt a burning sensation deep into his lungs and throughout his entire body.

He hurriedly employed his spiritual source to resist, but his spiritual energy was instantly incinerated!

“What the hell is this The Ancestral Body of the Xiong Family cannot even resist it.”

Zhang Xinxiong could not even see clearly at that moment.

He glared at Xu Xiaoshou and realized he could not delay things any further.


He sped away so swiftly that his figure became an illusory image and gradually faded away.

Before the crowd knew what was happening, Zhang Xinxiong had already appeared above Xu Xiaoshous head!

“Such tremendous speed!”

Everyone dropped their jaws and was amazed by the speed that had surpassed the Innate level.

It could easily match someone at the Master level in the least!

While the crowd could not keep up with the speed of Zhang Xinxiongs movements, Xu Xiaoshou was keeping track of every one of his moves.

He watched as the enormous body sped toward him, reminding him of Yuan Tou.

Xu Xiaoshou did not back away.

Instead, he approached the oncoming body with his fist.

Zhang Xinxiong sneered when he saw what Xu Xiaoshou intended to do.

The physical impact was what he was aiming for!

How was possible that the body of the Xiong Family could not be weaker than Xu Xiaoshou

The two fists clashed again.

Upon impact, the layer of spiritual source wrapping around Zhang Xinxiongs fist broke open, exposing the violent black energy inside.

The concentrated power on the fist was like a black snake encircling it.

The explosive energy it contained did not belong to Xu Xiaoshous Seeds on All Five Fingers at all!

The Master Spiritual Technique!

“The Heavenly Black Explosion!”

“What nonsense!” Xu Xiaoshou did not panic.

He immediately inhaled deeply, dissipating the black energy on the fist of his opponent.

Zhang Xinxiong looked confused.

What the hell was this devilish technique

He looked dumbfounded.

Suddenly, Zhang Xinxiong felt the strange overpowering spiritual energy within his body and rushed to suppress it.

It was then that he saw Xu Xiaoshou giving a gentle puff to the fist.


With the body of a Master and full strength of the thrusting fist behind it, the Recoil force had smashed the platform under Xu Xiaoshous feet into smithereens!

A spiraling shock wave shot up into the sky.

As Zhang Xinxiong dropped from the sky from that force, he only remained for less than a second in front of Xu Xiaoshou before he got thrown back into the air once again.


Blood spurted out and bones cracked audibly.

The sight and sound of the assault left everyone awed and dumbfounded.

Did an ant knock the giant out

Zhao Xidong looked stunned and could not believe his eyes.

He had planned to protect Xu Xiaoshou at the end of the duel.

The last thing he expected was that the fight would be lopsided.

From beginning to end, Zhang Xinxiong was on the losing side!

What the hell!


Before Zhao Xidong could finish his thoughts, he saw Xu Xiaoshou turn around, smile slightly at the crowd, and then snap his fingers.

: Suspected, passive points, 78.

With the crowd still abuzz after what they saw happen, Zhang Xinxiong was still soaring up in the air, when he started trembling uncontrollably.

His legs suddenly tensed up as his body went into spasms.

Suddenly, several loud explosions echoed above them.



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