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Chapter 215: Quick, Get Elder Qiao!

Ahhh… sunshine!

The young man had a good stretch as he sat up in his narrow wooden bed.

He picked up a bronze mirror to check his looks even as the morning sunbeams filtered through the room.

The young man had a glow that emanated radiantly with spiritual energy.

“Such a handsome face!”

Xu Xiaoshou pushed the window open and looked at the rising sun.

He then realized that he had probably slept for two nights.

Xu Xiaoshou had gone through a harrowing journey of testing situations beginning with the battles in the Tianxuan Gate, right up to when the Holy Vassal attacked the Spirit Palace.

The experience left him mentally drained and there was no way just sleeping for half a night would have helped him recuperate and get back in top shape.

He stared at the gaping hole in the ceiling with sunlight streaming through and heaved a heavy sigh.

“Hm, good thing it did not rain last night.

Otherwise, I would have had to sleep in the library,” Xu Xiaoshou murmured.

Everything at the back of the mountain was in shambles.

Xu Xiaoshous new home was already in ruins—he had not even had time to get acquainted with it.

And it was for this reason that he remained in the Outer Yard.

He was sleeping in a guestroom.

It was a room with no roof or windows.

Elder Sang had said little that night.

He left as soon as he learned what Xu Xiaoshou went through in the Tianxuan Gate.

Judging from the prickly reaction of the Elder, it appeared that he was looking to find fault with the Holy Vassal.

Xu Xiaoshou wondered if anything would come of it.

Su Qianqian and Rao Yinyin were both in critical condition.

When Xu Xiaoshou paid them a visit, Su Qianqian was still unconscious.

Rao Yinyin was hardly any better, and she was in a dazed, semi-conscious state.

He left them a jar of honey and left soon after.

With Rao Yinyin around, he reckoned Su Qianqian would be somewhat comforted.

So he headed off and decided he would be back later.

It was a pity that Xu Xiaoshou could not dupe the masked man into handing him the famed sword.

Yes, the sword was still in the possession of the masked man.

He walked out of the guestroom and found the compound laid waste from the devastation of the Holy Vassal.

He frowned at the sight of countless craters that marked the ground.

He had an immediate urge to fix the damages, for it was still his property after all.

There would be occasions in the future where he might need to stay in the Outer Yard.

It was a thought he harbored as he pushed the door open and considered going to the Spiritual Affairs Division to see to it.

A place of his own, in both the Inner Yard and the Outer Yard.

Not bad… not bad at all.

People streamed in and out of the Spiritual Affairs Division all the time.

The process of getting anything done there was exceedingly complex.

Around a hundred people could enter the building at once, and outside, there was constantly an endless stream of people waiting.

And, given that the Spirit Palace had just recruited a group of new trainees recently, people were excited as many were there to either give or accept assignments.

Whatever the reason, the place was filled with people.

“Look! It is Xu Xiaoshou, our Big Brother Xu!”

“Where Where”

“Huh Why does he only have one head”

“Yeah, and where are his wings”

“Wings Did he not have golden horns and dragon scales Does he need wings to fly”


As soon as Xu Xiaoshou made his appearance, the place was abuzz with chatter.

: Doubted, Passive Points 146.

: Impressed, Passive Points 66.

: Envied, Passive Points 48.

Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss for words.

There was a flood of confusing information pouring into his Information Bar.

Listening to the others gossiping about him, Xu Xiaoshou wore a sullen expression as he stepped inside the Spiritual Affairs Division building.

Well, it looked like Im already famous, huh

But why are the rumors making me out to be like Im some other-worldly creature

He mulled over that.

Whats all this talk about me having three heads and six arms, golden horns, and dragon scales

What sort of nonsense is that They know Im still human, right

The only solace he got from all the uproar was that he had racked up his passive points, and his numbers skyrocketed as expected.

The trip he made to the Spiritual Affairs Division building had already racked him several thousands of points.

: Passive Points: 19899.

Just as he expected, not leaving with the masked man had been the correct choice, after all.

And evidently, the Spirit Palace was the best place for him to develop himself.

[At counter number one]

“Huh Isnt Elder Qiao around”

Xu Xiaoshou was rather startled the Elder wasnt there.

He saw the girl in front of him appearing quite nervous.

Elder Qiao hardly ever left the place without good reason.

After all, there was hardly anywhere else for him to go, and it was not like he could go out on a whim.

“The guy sure is taking his sweet time, given all that has happened in the Spirit Palace… He really is carefree.”

The girl who wore a green dress blushed, stealing glances at the young man before her as her heart raced madly.

It seemed like Brother Xu did not quite have the poisonous tongue, as everyone claimed he had.

Honestly, he had a pleasant voice, and he sure looked handsome.

Even the troubled look on his face was enough to make anyones heart flutter.

He was like the Prince Charming in her dreams, whose face she could not see clearly.



Xu Xiaoshou looked at the girl.

It was not the first time he saw someone fidgeting in such a fashion.

He had encountered a stream of them on his way in.

What was wrong with them, anyway

“Whats up”

The girl was all flustered.

Her hands trembled as she fished out a small book from her chest and said, “Could you”

Oh, she wanted an autograph, eh

Xu Xiaoshou smiled then.

Well, there was no reason shed have to be so scared about asking for an autograph.

Did he look like he ate people

He took her book and flipped it open, and asked, “Where do you want me to sign”

The girl immediately looked stunned.

She got surprised that he was so amicable.

She gleefully took out a brush.

“Anywhere would do!” the girl gushed excitedly.

Xu Xiaoshou waved the brush away dismissively.

He brought his own with him.

He took out the brush that he got from his first fan in the ring.

But when he saw how disappointed the girl looked, he instantly flashed an awkward grin.

“Man, why is this brush suddenly not working Well, Ill have to use yours, then.”

The girl flashed a beaming smile after he took her brush.

He signed quickly and nodded with satisfaction.

It looked like he was gaining experience at it as his strokes were increasingly more elaborate.

That should do!

However, he quickly sensed that something was amiss.

: Envied, Passive Points 44.

: Envied, Passive Points 86.

: Envied, Passive Points 177.


He turned around to find a gaggle of girls flocking behind him, glaring with bloodshot eyes.

And that was not all.

There were also guys among them!


What was going on Should they not be jealous of her Why was it all on him

“Xu Xiaoshou signed his name Does he not treasure his words like gold and is a man of few words I heard he could blow someone at Innate level to death as soon as he speaks!”

“Man, I had thought he was not that nice.

G*dd*amn it, I should have asked him for an autograph when he was on his way.”

“Huh G*dd*amn it!”

“No, no, no.

You heard wrong!”


“Oh my gosh, I am so envious! I want an autograph, too!”

“Me too! Me too!”

“Get lost.

You are a guy.

Dont even bother!”

“Yeah, I am a guy.

So what Whats wrong if a guy wants an autograph too Do not go about discriminating against me! I will, I will… hey, hey!”

“What the hell”

The crowd was in a frenzy as they rushed toward him.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and finally learned about the trials of being a superstar.

He thought of pushing all those hysterical people back with Recoil.

But these were his fans, and in any case, his passive points were skyrocketing like crazy.

It meant that using his Recoil would be a disservice not only to his fans but to himself.

It was not like Xu Xiaoshou could use his powers as he pleased in the Outer Yard.

If he caused any injury, he would be sent to the Tribunal of Spiritual Law Division even though he had technically been admitted into the Inner Yard.

It would be the end of him.

With that thought in mind, he saw no other option.

He then gathered his spiritual source, causing his clothes to flutter, and shouted at the top of his lungs.


Everyone stopped speaking.

The place fell into a brief silence.

“Wow, he is so overpowering!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, I love you.

I have been cheering for you since you participated in the group matches.

Please give me an autograph!”

“Get lost! Xu Xiaoshou is mine!”

“You get lost!”


The crowd quickly overwhelmed the young man, and with the people rushing toward him, Xu Xiaoshou got lost amid the sea of bodies.

“Holy sh*t, whose hand is that Do not touch me!”

“Damn it, do not box me up, or I will be forced to use my powers!” yelled Xu Xiaoshou.

No one paid any heed.

The entire building was rumbling, and it felt like it was about to collapse at any moment.

The disciples serving behind the 108 counters were all dazed, looking at the sea of people with a befuddled expression.

“Quick, get Elder Qiao!”

A terrified head bobbed amid the sea of people, looking ashen and shouting as loud as he could.

“Help me… Oof!”


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