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Chapter 204: The Second Time the Sword is Drawn

“A Master Swordsman”

As he was on his way to the Spiritual Library Division, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly turned around and looked toward the Inner Yard at the back of the mountain.

He sheathed his impetuous sword, Hiding Pain, into the Black Scabbard and kept it at the ready close to his person.

With consent from the dean, he was allowed to wear the Black Scabbard out in the open instead of hiding it.

“Xu Xiaoshou, has someone just achieved the level of a Master for the Sword Will”

Mu Zixi asked out of curiosity.

The power of a Master Stage Sword Will still frightened her even now, for her experience encountering Lei Shuangxing taught her to fear it.

The blind young man had survived even after being confronted by someone at the Sovereign Stage and escaped in one piece.

She was not sure where Ye Xiaotians Heaven Travels had sent Lei Shuangxing.

But she knew that if the blind man could survive such an ordeal, he would return as someone formidable.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in response to her question.

The Sword Will he had just detected was inferior compared to Lei Shuangxings level of prowess.

But while the formation was still crude in form, likely from someone at the Master Stage level, it was far superior to what he could conjure.

“A Master Swordsman.

I bet only a few in the Spirit Palace can reach such a level.”

“If it came from the back of the mountain, then could it be Su Qianqian who executed it” whispered Xu Xiaoshou.

He shuddered at the thought.

Wasnt it be such a coincidence that Su Qianqian made it to the level of a Master Swordsman just when the Holy Vassal attacked them

It did not seem possible!

Something must have happened at the back of the mountain!

Xu Xiaoshou could not stop analyzing the situation.

If he were with the Holy Vassal, would he organize such a massive operation merely to rescue Luo Leilei

He decided he might do it, for it made sense to kill two birds with one stone.

His eyes suddenly looked focused, and it was a sign that he had figured things out.

“Epitaph of City Snow,” he whispered.

He recalled the reason for the last visit by the masked man, who appeared determined to get his hands on the famed sword.

He was convinced that the masked man would try to steal the sword again, for he had now shown up.

“Sister Mu, get to the library and look for the old fart.

If you can find him, tell him to get to the back of the mountain.”

If you do not see him around, then stay where you are,” Xu Xiaoshou instructed the girl.

“You are heading over to the Inner Yard” Mu Zixi asked, immediately becoming anxious.

“What can you do if you get there Can you beat them” she continued.

: Ridiculed, Passive Points 1.

Her blunt remarks surprised Xu Xiaoshou.

He was at a loss for a reply.

He wondered why this little sister of his had to be so forthright.

Could she not be a bit more diplomatic

While he knew he would not stand a chance against those people, he still had to go there all the same.

After all, it was his new home.

Besides, Su Qianqian was there.

He could not help feeling a little concerned about the young girl.

He did a quick check on the Information Bar.

: Passive Points: 15944.

He had already collected thousands of passive points.

These came from all the surprised looks he received from the crowd when he emerged from the Tianxuan Gate.

However, most of the points had come from the Sword Aura Jade.

That item alone contributed up to 10000 points.

However, given his current situation, the points did not seem to be enough.

He then took a brief look at the skill module.

: Passive Fist (charge point: 3.14%).

It was a spiritual technique granted by the System after it devoured two of his Innate Elemental Powers.

Xu Xiaoshou was unfamiliar with its power and still gauging it, but he believed its force would be formidable.

When he last checked it, it was only at 2.11 percent.

He had accumulated it by withstanding the 280 thousand blasts of sword aura at the Black Cliff.

He never imagined that one Sword Aura Jade alone could add over one percent to the charge.

“I could probably use this as a last resort in a battle with someone of my level.

Who knows, it could even serve as a finishing move if I go against someone from the Holy Vassal”

He took some time to weigh his options.

After he had allayed all doubts, he decided on his course of action.

Often, one needed careful preparation before heading into battle.

After all, one had to be strong at crucial times.

Such a mindset was necessary to protect ones family, friends, and anything else one needed to defend!

“Go to Elder Sang.

This is now your mission.


Mu Zixi opened her mouth but could think of nothing to say, for she couldnt think of anything she could do to help at such a time.

She got out of the deans illusion through sheer luck, and the truth was she didnt know how she did it.

All she knew was she wouldnt always want to leave it to fate from hereon.

But at such a dire time, she could only nod and leave in exasperation.

If she could find Master Sang, Xu Xiaoshou would have a chance to make it back alive.

It was the only thought in her mind as she moved as swiftly as she could.

Xu Xiaoshou felt relieved when he saw her take off.

He hurriedly made his way to the back of the mountain.

He started talking to himself as he rushed to the Inner Yard.

“I cannot be the only one who suspects the masked man seeking the Epitaph of City Snow.

I am sure Elder Sang, Elder Xiao, and the others might already be there to protect Su Qianqian in secret,” he muttered.

Yeah, I am sure they are there.

What if they are not…

I best remain unseen and just observe from afar.

Yes, this how I should go about it.

I cannot act impulsively on this one, he thought.

I know she calls me Brother Xiaoshou.

But it is not like we share some profound connection, so I do not need to risk my life for her.”

Right! This is how I will deal with it.

And if the tide goes against us, well, I guess someone will have to retrieve her body then.”

It was a dark and cold night in the mountains.

The Master Stage Sword Will permeated the place.

Tens of thousands of swords conjured out of sword qi were hovering in the air.

They were everywhere, and their presence was ominous.

As soon as he broke the Sword Will formation, the masked man flicked his finger at Su Qianqians forehead, and blood spurted out.


The girls strength left her as she slumped to the ground limply, passing out immediately.

The masked man stood there for quite a while, lowering his head and sighing.

“Vengeance is truly the greatest motivation to drive a person to make breakthroughs,” he said to the unconscious girl.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.

Everything suspended by the Sword Will fell back to the ground where they belonged, kicking up clouds of dust into the air.

Even someone with Master Stage Sword Will could not avoid getting knocked down instantly when faced with the masked man.

“Time is upon us and I must go now.

I will take the sword with me, and when you become powerful enough, you are welcome to take it back.”

The masked man looked at the little girl in white lying sprawled on the ground.

Then he picked up the sword and slung it over his back before he bounded into the air.

Before he could get far, he suddenly covered his nose and mouth and started coughing violently.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

Dark clouds covered the moon as the masked man changed into a new mask in the dark.

He crumpled the bloodied mask and discarded it to the ground below.

“Now, there is just one last thing…”

A glint of interest flashed in his eyes as he looked up at the moon shining through the clouds again.

“Wen Ming, where are you”


It was the sound of a sword being unsheathed.

The masked man turned around and saw a bloodied figure standing not far away.

He looked quite familiar.

Only when the person pointed his sword at him was he reminded of who this person was.

“You have recovered, then” the masked man asked, and the corners of his lips twitched.

Xiao Qixiu appeared to be shaking for he had not expected the masked man to strike again.

The move he had just executed was identical to the one used back then, but strangely, his state of mind seemed different this time.

However, Xiao Qixiu had little choice.

He was drawing his sword, not for himself, but Su Qianqian.

“It looks like you now know who I am.

So why do you still dare to point your sword at me” asked the masked man as he chuckled.

“Put down the sword!” Xiao Qixiu shouted angrily.

“Heh, you have quite a temper.”

The masked man turned to look at Su Qianqian, who was lying on the ground, and said, “I left her alive, but I am not leaving the sword behind.”

The Epitaph of City Snow rang on his back.

Despite being tied with an ordinary rope, it dared not to do anything rash.

Xiao Qixiu levitated Su Qianqian toward him with his spiritual source, and she floated toward him.

He quickly checked her pulse and felt relieved that she was not severely hurt.

It was a good thing that she was safe.

But Xiao Qixiu could not allow the famed sword to be taken away just like that!

“Put the sword down!” he repeated.

The masked man looked as if he intended to toy with him.

He took a step forward, and it filled Xiao Qixiu with trepidation, but he stood steadfast and did not back away.

“You are interesting.”

“Among all my enemies, you are the only one who dares to point your sword twice at me.”


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