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Chapter 196: Death


The sword light swept over at a high speed, so high that even his Sense could only catch a flash of a silver line.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even have time to feel shocked before feeling a pain in his chest.

The sword in the cane had broken through his Master Level physique reinforced by several passive techniques.


There was a clash of flesh and sword, but the sound of blades rang out when they met.

Hearing this, the group was baffled.

What kind of a body was this

Lei Shuangxings face was full of disbelief.

He hadnt expected there to be something his “divine cane” couldnt penetrate.

As Xu Xiaoshou had guessed, the cane was one of the twenty-one famous swords on the continent!

The Cane Sword, the God Whipping Cane!

“So he has a Master Level physique” Lei Shuangxing found the thought of this mischievous lad having the legendary Master Level physique a little absurd.

But apart from this explanation, what else could explain him being able to withstand a thrust from the famous sword

Even if this thrust wasnt the true blow of the “God Whipping Cane”!

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoshou was surprised at the speed of the thin sword.

It was completely beyond his expectations.

Even with his Master Level Agility, hed failed to react in time.

“Famous sword.”

He believed that this sword wasnt simple at all.

After all, this was the first time hed met such a sword.

Even his Recoil couldnt knock it off.

The “God Whipping Cane” was extremely thin.

Even though he had a Master Level physique to protect himself, a large part of the sword had still pierced through him.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt feel anything, but he heard a gurgling behind him.

“It hurts.”

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

Mu Zixi!

All this time, hed hardly felt the existence of this little girl.

After shed transformed into a wooden snake and wrapped herself around his back, hed no longer felt the weight of her body.

Judging by the way shed woken up, he wondered if shed been stabbed.

He lowered his head and found that he could only see the hilt of the sword.

He was afraid that she hadnt just been just stabbed, but pierced through!

Mu Zixi, whose eyes were tightly closed, looked like she were in pain.

But she, with the “Life Spiritual Seal” in her mouth, wouldnt die, even though shed been pierced through.

Instead, shed woken up from a coma because of the stabbing pain.

As if she were freeing herself from some sort of nightmare, she suddenly opened her eyes.


Mu Zixi blinked her eyes after exhaling some warm air, her eyes completely dull.

Sweeping with her spiritual thoughts, she came to learn the situation, but she also felt more puzzled.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what happened”

Xu Xiaoshou: “You were stabbed.”

Mu Zixi:

“Dont you believe me Look down!”

She was on his back.

To lower her head, she had to climb over Xu Xiaoshous shoulder.

Yet, as soon as she moved a little, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

The pain caused her mouth to open wide.

“Xu Xiaoshou! Dont you know how to pull it out”

“Well, I wanted to.”

Xu Xiaoshouhu found that this thing wasnt as simple as imagined.

His Master Level physique being able to partially block the sword was pretty good.

But if he wanted to pull out this sword…

Hed have to kill the blind man!

As he was pondering this, he found that Mu Zixi, who was on his back, had suddenly fallen silent.

Checking with his Sense, Xu Xiaoshou found that the girls attention was drawn by Ye Xiaotian.

To be more precise, she was probably shocked by his black and white pupils.

“Dont look! Hold me tight and be careful!”

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed the cane sword and tried his hardest to prevent it from going deeper.

However, Lei Shuangxing was obviously quite powerful.

He curled his finger, and the God Whipping Cane thrust deeper.

“I think I can dismantle it,” Muzi Shi suddenly said, her focus obviously still on Ye Xiaotians black and white pupils.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

Was she making a joke

The Dean, who was at Throne Level, couldnt even dismantle it.

How could she do it

Lei Shuangxing was also stunned by this statement.

After a long pause, he sneered, “Haha, you two imbeciles…”

Before he could finish this remark, Mu Zixi opened her beautiful eyes wide, and the black and white fog in Ye Xiaotians eyes actually started to fade.

However, bloody tears came out from Mu Zixis eyes a second later.

Seeing this scene, Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

“Dont force it!”

Mu Zixi closed her eyes from the pain.

She felt that sharp pain in her brain again, but the difference this time was that she clearly knew the source of the pain.

The pupils!

Lei Shuangxing was shocked.

How could this little girl dismantle the unique “Divine Magic Pupils” invented by the Tear Sect

“Who are you”

He suddenly trembled all over, and he wondered if this girl was also from the Divine Hall, and a beneficiary of that incident.

No, that was unlikely!

Then that left only one other possibility.

It was just then that Ye Xiaotians body suddenly quivered, interrupting Lei Shuangxings thoughts.

It was obvious that this white-haired Daoist boy had been struggling hard.

What hed needed was an external intervention, and Mu Zixi had just offered that.

The moment he opened his eyes, the color of the heavens and earth seemed to change.

The power of Throne Level pressed the entire sky down, and the ground started to crack.

There was an angry look in Ye Xiaotians eyes.

When he extended his hand, the space of several miles around was sealed!

“Since youre here, stay!”

Realizing that the situation had gotten out of control, Lei Shuangxing reached out his hand to call back the God Whipping Cane.

He never expected that his final defeat would come from this little girl.

This was something no one could have predicted.

Without the hindrance of hostages, who could resist the Master Dean

He would be like a wild beast out of its cage!

“Dean!” Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.

Ye Xiaotian could take over now that he was awake.

“Can I get out of here now” he thought.


The discordant sound of a stone echoed in the empty space.

Without turning his head around, Xu Xiaoshou knew from his Sense that the jade stone of sword energy had shattered.

As Lei Shuangxing wielded his fist, the formidable and magnificent sword energy arrived a second time.

The energy had almost touched his forehead at a terrifying speed by the time Xu Xiaoshou found it!

“Be careful!” Ye Xiaotian shouted, flexing his ten fingers.

The power of space displayed the advantage of not needing to care about distance.

He transferred Xu Xiaoshou, along with Mu Zixi on his back, to the rear of the sword energy!


A black gap was created in the empty space, and the terrifying black hole sucked Xu Xiaoshou inside.

Ye Xiaotian waved his hand, and the space instantly repaired itself.

“My goodness!”

Xu Xiaoshous clothes were drenched in a cold sweat, and it wasnt until then that he realized that his earlier action had been the same as courting death.

That wasnt a blow he couldve blocked at his current level.

He couldnt even react in time!

Ye Xiaoshoutian felt relieved, yet he didnt dare to transfer the sword energy.

He couldnt afford to gamble.

If Xu Xiaoshou died on the spot because of the broken space, he would have to face a stormy Elder Sang!

Not to mention that Mu Zixi was on Xu Xiaoshous back.

Two of his disciples.

While everyone let out a sigh of relief, a corner of Lei Shuangxings mouth lifted upward.

“As I said, this sword energy can lock onto the target.”

Almost at the same time, as if he were trying to prove his words, the white sword energy that could tear the sky apart came back and shot toward Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou instinctually recoiled and pushed Mu Zixi away from his back.

Horrified, the little girl shot out the vine from her hand in an attempt to hook Xu Xiaoshou again.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Ye Xiaotian didnt expect him to do so either.

Hed forgtten what Lei Shuangxing had said earlier during their confrontation.

Who wouldve cared about such a comment in all of this

He reached out his hand in an attempt to transfer the tall and thin figure again, but at the same time…

It was too late!

The white sword energy was rapidly expanding in Xu Xiaoshous pupils.

Like his own sword energy, its speed couldnt be resisted.

The only thing he could do was reach out his hand slightly, like a mantis trying to block a boulder.


The sword energy arrived with a whistling sound.

It was deadly silent!


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