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Chapter 160: A Trigger! The Raging Giant!

The grey mist figure was baffled.

The “Celestial Dragon Seal” itd hidden from the heavens to cast had completely disappeared after entering that kids body.

How was this possible

What just happened here There was some kind of treasure… inside that kids body But what kind of treasure could block his Six Paths Sealing Arts strongest attack and even devour that dragon

“What the…”

The grey mist figure was stunned.

If Xu Xiaoshou had any strength left to resist after all of that, then maybe it was its turn to run.

All of the spiritual source in its body… was truly completely gone, given that itd even spitted blood.

There was simply no way it could squeeze out another attack.

However, the grey mist figure looked at Xu Xiaoshou, whod been rendered immobilized where he stood, and hesitated.

“Is he truly sealed now Or is this… some kind of trick again” The grey mist figure felt rather scared.

Given that the dragon had been completely snuffed out, it doubted whether that attack had actually sealed everything inside Xu Xiaoshou.

If this really was just a trick he was pulling to lure him out at his weakest and then kill him directly, then…

The consequences would be unthinkable.

There was no on else around at the moment besides for the girl who was in a coma.

The grey mist figure took out several pills and swallowed them.

Some bit of its spiritual source regenerated.

Seeing that Xu Xiaoshou still wasnt moving, it gritted its teeth and took out a sword from its ring before charging at the kid.

This one strike would determine who lived and who died!


Thump, thump.


The dragon had been snuffed out, yet Xu Xiaoshous consciousness was still trapped inside the Origin Court.

He was still able to think, but he couldnt feel or move his body.

He couldnt even open his eyes.

It seemed like… his soul had been separated from his body.

At that moment, he suddenly sensed danger and knew that the grey mist figure had definitely made a move.

Yet he was unable to do anything.

“So I just have to wait here to be killed”

All his passive skills were sealed, and he had no idea if the effects of his Master Level physique were still there.

If the effects were no longer there, the grey mist figure would probably be able to skewer him right away with the blade.

Even if the effects were still there, if he were unable to regain control of his body, the sealing power would probably just keep wearing him down and he would still eventually die.

“I need a trigger.”

He needed only a single trigger to enable himself to regain consciousness.

Then he would be able to take that grey mist figure down.

If his guess was correct, that thing probably had little to no spiritual source left, even if it was at Master Level.

He looked at that red interface above him, wanting to call out to it, but was unable to make a sound.

No matter how anxious he was and how desperately he wanted to call out to it, the thing was unmoved!

“Stupid System!” he shouted angrily.

At that moment, he sensed a rumbling in the depths of his consciousness.

There seemed to be some kind of primitive, rumbling energy awakening, and he felt like he needed a release of some kind.

“What the h*ll is going on” he thought.

The image before his eyes was restored for a second, and he saw the grey mist figure stab its sword through him, and then it was dark again.

Was this his chance

He came to wonder if the System wasnt asleep and also wanted to do something.


He finally felt pain in his body, and that raging, primitive desire resurfaced again.

He then saw that grey mist figure stab another hole into his body.

“Godd*mn, are you insane” he thought.

“Just how many times do you wanna stab me

“Are you trying to torture a vegetable here”

The image before his eyes continually flickered, and his consciousness became cloudy.

He could sense this his life force was starting to leave him.

“D*mned System, wake me up already!

“Youllbe in deep sh*t yourself if that thing ends up killing me!”

The red interface remained unmoved, seemingly having no desire to do anything at all.


His mind buzzed, and that raging power appeared again and woke up his dormant consciousness.

He immediately realized something.

“Something isnt right here.”

This definitely wasnt the red interface trying to help him.

He knew that thing wouldnt try to do anything to help him, as it was only out to gobble up his powers.

This was…

Raging Giant!

The awakened effect of “Strengthen,” something that had yet to be seen!

“Is its raging power something that will only appear when Im in mortal danger”

He sensed pain in his body again and no longer allowed his raging consciousness to disappear only to reappear again, instead going out to connect with it on his own to try and take it into his body.

“A trigger!

“Come on, I need you!” he thought.

The grey mist figure was shocked.

It was only when the kids body let out a clanging sound when it stabbed its sword through him that it realized that the kid was more than just very, very good with a sword; his body was extremely durable as well.

It realized that his body was actually a Master Physique, something rarely seen on the entire continent.

Just what kind of a monster was this kid

Itd already stabbed him several times over, yet that kid was able to stay alive simply because of the regenerative powers of Master Physique.

It had to do something else.

After realizing that itd finally recovered some of its powers, the grey mist figure finally siphoned some of its sealing power into its sword.

Instead of stabbing him, it took to cleaving him instead.

It brought the blade down hard on him, trying to cut him into two.


But before the grey mist figure was able to bring the sword down to bear on him, a loud rumble exploded right before it.

Golden, glittering light went everywhere, and a massive force sent it flying backward.

“What the h*ll” it thought.

The grey mist figure was baffled, and he wondered if something had happened with Xu Xiaoshou, who was already completely immobile.

It turned around and was shocked by what it saw.

The golden light had faded, and Xu Xiaoshou was nowhere to be found.

In place of where hed been standing was a golden Buddha statue of 10 meters tall standing there instead.

No, that wasnt a Buddha statue.

That face…

The grey mist figure almost fell over from shock from what he saw next.

That face was none other than Xu Xiaoshous.

In that golden giant form, he looked like a god of war.

A raging aura emanated from all over its body, and it had blood-red eyes.

The giant roared at the sky and locked its blood-red eyes with the grey mist figure.

The grey mist figure searched its energy reserve and found only a minuscule supply of spiritual source left.

It gulped and uttered, “Thi-this is all a misunderstanding…”


The golden giant let out an anguished roar that uprooted the trees within a radius of several kilometers, destroying everything within its immediate vicinity.

The grey mist figure was sent flying by the resulting gale and felt as if his soul were being crushed.

It managed to halt in midair after it was sent flying.

By this point, it was completely stunned, but it soon came to its senses, its eyes filled with nothing but a golden color.

Its legs started to wobbe.

It figured that the golden colors before its eyes were probably the fingers of that giant Xu Xiaoshou.


Doubted, Passive Points 1.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

“This is all a misunderstanding! Dont do it!”


As soon as it finished shouting, the grey mist figure felt itself being thrown to the ground, and then felt as if all the bones in its body were about to splinter.

That wasnt the end of it.

The grey mist figure was hoisted up again.

Xu Xiaoshou roared at the sky, churning up a gale, and pinched the grey mist figures head before throwing it to the ground again.

Boom, boom, booom…

The ground continued to rumble, and the Tianxuan Gate trembled yet again, seemingly sensing a power that was every bit on par with that of Master Level.

Yet, when the heavens peered at the source, it found that Xu Xiaoshous powers were but at early Origin Court…

“What is happening”

The disciples from the Inner Yard, who were training on the several training grounds nearby, were rather curious.

The Tianxuan Gate had been trembling continuously for quite a while, and now there was even an earthquake.

Even though it was quite a distance away, they could still feel it.

Was there like some giant pounding on the ground causing the ground to quake

“Okay, youve been overthinking things.

The Tianxuan Gate is about to be opened, then”

“… Hmm, not quite right.

Although I havent been keeping track of time, at best only two days have passed.

Dont we have three days to spend in here”

Their curiosity wasnt enough to get them moving elsewhere.

Those three days were precious, and while they were all shocked and surprised, they went back to their training nonetheless.


Yet another quake from the ground snapped them all out of their training state, and they almost lost control.

“What the f**k! Quit it already! Cant you just let us train in peace here”


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