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Chapter 155: Senior Brother, Help Me!

Itd taken Xu Xiaoshou, whod ridden all the wind and cloud waves, half a day to get here.

In such a short period of time, hed already stabilized his initial entry into the Innate Level by employing Breathing Technique, and his level had improved.

This was probably the difference between active and passive cultivations.

When he was in an environment like this that had such a high concentration of spiritual energy, he could improve his cultivation, even if all he did was stand still.

Though the “Moro Secret Forest” was very large, finding two people was very easy.

Looking down with a birds-eye view from the sky, he could see a deep green with a bald patch in the middle, which was rather conspicuous.

Xu Xiaoshou stopped atop a tree.

On one side was the surprised Mo Mo, and on the other was Mu Zixi, who wanted to leap but didnt dare to move.

“Xu Xiaoshou, help.

She wants to rob me!”

Mu Zixi had finally found a savior, and that savior was none other than her senior brother, with who she shared the same master!

Xu Xiaoshou looked the small girl, who was in the midst of the gray mist crystal, up and down, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him.

Why had she grown smaller again

He quickly focused on the gold-green seal in the hands of Mu Zixi.

If he was right, the two of them were fighting for this thing.

The life energy inside was so strong it was just like the magic pills.

Just by looking at it, one could feel themselves become a few years younger.

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and cupped a hand behind his ear, shouting, “What did you call me”

Mu Zixi paused for a moment before crying without the slightest shame, “Senior Brother, help me!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction.


You wont die because of this answer.”

Wont die

Mu Zixi was dumbfounded.

She wouldnt die, even without his help.

All Mo Mo wanted was to rob her.

The worst that could happen was her having to trade the seal with Mo Mo for something else, so why would she die

A second later, Xu Xiaoshous voice rang out again.

“Can you throw me the item in your hand” he called.

“This senior brother wants to have a look first.”

Mu Zixis expression turned gloomy.

She wasnt stupid enough to let her Senior Brother take the “Life Spiritual Seal” from her hands.

She believed that Senior Brother and Mo Mo had the same intentions.

Curse, Passive Points 1.

“Get me out of here first, then Ill show you!”

“Hey, this girl is quite clever,” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

Shed realized what his plans were, and now he couldnt do anything.

He looked to the other side.

Mo Mo also floated up to the treetop and looked at this uninvited guest who intended to break the deadlock.

“Xu Xiaoshou, this matter has nothing to do with you,” she said calmly.

“Dont interfere.”

She didnt know that Xu Xiaoshou was also a disciple of Elder Sang.

She thought the two calling each other brother and sister was simply them following the habit established in the Outer Yard.

Hearing this, Mu Zixi almost laughed out loud, thinking it impossible for Xu Xiaoshou to do nothing.

It was impossible!

She passionately looked at her own Senior Brother, but Xu Xiaoshou simply took a step back after hearing what Mo Mo said, and then stood aside with his arms folded in front of his chest.

“Okay, you guys go ahead and fight.

Ill watch from the side.” Xu Xiaoshou felt that since he couldnt get what he wanted, he should simply be a fisherman and wait for the fish to drop on his lap.

Mu Zixi:

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

She was so angry that her twin ponytails flew straight up and she almost rushed out of the grey mist crystal to fight Xu Xiaoshou.

But, fortunately, the little bit of sanity she still had left suppressed the impulse.

“Xu Xiaoshou, youre crazy!” she shouted.

“Break this grey mist crystal with your sword energy right now.”

It seemed that the only thing that could blast this crystal was a long-range, high-output attack.

Melee combat wasnt desirable while encountering sealing power.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“Why should I help you” he asked.

“Yeah, why” Mu Zixi, thought, pausing for a second before becoming furious.

“Youre my senior brother now.

How can you sit back and watch your little sister being bullied

“D*mn it!”

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1.

Mu Zixi looked back at the grey mist crystal in despair, feeling somewhat hesitant.

Although shed tried it earlier, she might be able to force her way out of the “Dust-Sealed Gates” with the protection of the “Life Spiritual Seal.” But what if she failed

She couldnt afford to gamble!

One mistake could end her life!

On the other hand, since all three of them wanted the spiritual seal, whoever made the first move would surely be the first to fall.

Thus, itd be better to let these two people fight for it first, as shed be the one to at once benefit from their misfortune!

There was a cunning look on Mu Zixis face as she rolled her eyes.

She said to Mo Mo, “Senior Sister Mo, help me to untie the seal and Ill give you the spiritual seal!”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned, unsure what this girl was trying to achieve.

Mo Mo slowly shook her head.

“Throw me the item first, then Ill unseal it.”

“Hehe, thats fine too.” Mu Zixi revealed another devilish grin, then threw the spiritual seal.

“But you have to keep your word!”

The “Life Spiritual Seal” passed through the grey fog gate and instantly fossilized, but, the next second, the stone cracked open with a click, and a rich life energy leaked from it.

The seal cut an elegant parabola as it fell.

Its destination was neither Mo Mo nor Xu Xiaoshou, but the middle of the two.

Xu Xiaoshou understood at once.

“This little girl is quite clever.

She wants to swap places with me to become the fisherman who will benefit from others misfortune!”

Once he and Mo Mo started to fight, this girl would be in his current position.


There was an odd look on Xu Xiaoshous face.

He wondered if she had the ability to benefit from a fight between two powerful swordsmen.


Xu Xiaoshou and Mo Mo moved almost at the same time, yet Mo Mo was surprised to find that Xu Xiaoshous speed was many times faster than itd been in the last battle.


She immediately changed targets and slapped Xu Xiaoshous back with her palm of highly concentrated sealing force.

If he insisted on taking the seal, then he should expect to receive such a blow.

“Xu Xiaoshou, dont interfere!” she advised.

“Hey, the treasure is always reserved for the one whos destined to obtain it.”

Xu Xiaoshou saw the impending strike behind him, but didnt care much.

He grabbed the seal first.

As anticipated, the item didnt have the pure spiritual attribute yet.

Yet, because of previous lessons hed learned, Xu Xiaoshou wasnt foolish enough to put this seal into his ring, as it would be too late for him to regret it if it came out.

By the time Mo Mo approached, hed curled up his body and enveloped himself in a large bathtub.


A prolonged shout echoed throughout the secret forest like an ancient bell being struck, and Xu Xiaoshous brain buzzed, and he almost passed out.

Yet, he managed to strike, slapping his palm through the tubs wall.



Weird sounds mingled.

From Mu Zixis point of view, she saw Xu Xiaoshous palm clash with the thrusting palm of Mo Mos on the surface of the bathtub, and Mo Mo was knocked flying backward.

Mo Mos eyes widened, and she wondered what…

“Isnt this the large bathtub in the Spirit Library Division No, the Magic Pill Tripod” she thought.

“Wait a second.

This is a smaller one!”

“It turns out that the magic pill tripod can be used for fighting and it had incredible power!”

She felt tremendous regret.

If shed known, she wouldve taken it herself when cultivating medicinal liquids in the Spirit Library Division.

As expected, the situation was the same.

After missing her chance to strike Xu Xiaoshou, Mo Mo had apparently lost total control over the grey mist crystal.

The next moment, Mu Zixi threw the seed in her hand up and then hugged it.

Soon after, the seed broke open and turned into a huge ancient tree that was difficult to be held.

Mu Zixi held the pillar-like tree and violently swept it.

With a loud boom, the grey mist space shattered.


She instantly jumped out of the circle, and her connection with the outside world was restored.

“Im out again!” The little girl sounded very joyful.

“Xu Xiaoshou, give me back the Life Spiritual Seal and Ill help you block Senior Sister Mo!” Mu Zixi shouted.

Xu Xiaoshou had just retrieved the Magic Pill Tripod.

Seeing the impressive strike, he thought she was indeed a violent girl.

The moment he flew up, a white light shot out from his body and he said, “Okay, your Senior Brother was just testing your strength.

Now its up to you.”

Mo Mo, who was still, saw the white light fly toward Mu Zixi, and immediately flew out.

“Youre giving it back to me!” Mu Zixi shouted happily, and grabbed the white light.

However, for some reason, Xu Xiaoshou turned around and ran away right after giving her the item.

But there was no time to wonder about his odd behavior.

That was because Mo Mo was already catching up to her!

Mu Zixi grabbed the item and was about to run away when she discovered that the item didnt feel right.

She lowered her head.

A spiritual crystal!

Mu Zixi:

She watched, petrified, as Xu Xiaoshou flew further and further away.

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1.

Missed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1.

Seeing the spiritual crystal in Mu Zixis hand, Mo Mo stopped and swayed once in the air.

She turned her head around and looked at the youth flying in the distance, a doubtful and suspicious look on her face.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.


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