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Chapter 153: The Life Spiritual Seal

The Moro Secret Forest.

The ancient trees were lush and green, their canopies completely covering the heavens and the earth.

Unlike the sullen deadness of other trial secret realms in the Tianxuan Gate, this was the only place with life.

Almost every hole under the big tree could accommodate several nests of squirrels.

Under the dim light beneath the tree canopy and above an ancient well, spiritual energy and life force were riotously converging as if they were being sucked in by a black hole.

The direction of the airflow was clearly visible; it was coming in all directions and converging on a small girl.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Mu Zixi, who was covered with all kinds of greens, trembled with relief and joy, bubbles frothing from her lips.

She was like a salted fish on the grill.

Involuntarily, she turned over and over again, receiving a roasting of life force on all sides.

The most direct source of life force was coming from the ancient well underneath.

The gold-green energy was rushing into her energy reserve.

Mu Zixi had been in this state for more than a day, and her cultivation level was improving from the infusion of energy.

Her cultivation level had skipped the middle stage, reaching the late of the Origin Court Level from the early stage, and just kept improving.


In the ancient well, a commotion suddenly occurred.

It seemed like the water bubbles were rupturing.

The gold-green energy column grew bigger and thicker, as if something inside had ruptured, then leaked out an even more majestic life force.


Suddenly, the ancient well shook violently, and a gold-green light shot out.

The light coincidentally shot directly into the mouth of Mu Zixi, whod just so happened to turn over face down.

“Whoa!” Seemingly choking, the careless girl instantly came back to her senses and stuck a finger down her throat.

“Vomit, vomit.”

Mu Zixi tried to vomit twice, but the stuff seemed to be stuck in her throat and wouldnt come out nor go down.

Drool dribbled out of her mouth while her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“I… Im going to die like this.

This is ridiculous.”

Her eyes were dark red, and hot tears were pouring down her cheeks.

Its said that your life flashes before your eyes before you die, so Mu Zixi struggled to keep breathing to see all the scenes from years before that she could remember.

Yet, all the scenes ended with the familiar entrance to the Tiansang Spirit Palace and didnt show anything before this.

“Sure enough, its all a lie.”

She wiped the tears off her cheeks, intending to shake out the thing that was stuck in her throat by employing her spiritual source, but the thing unexpectedly released an amount of life force that was larger than whatd she absorbed by the ancient well earlier!


Mu Zixis pretty eyes were full of disbelief.

She straightened her entire body and pushed out her stomach as far as she could.

A fragrant aroma leaked out from various parts of her body.

The tall ancient trees in the secret forest rustled, dropping their branches toward the source of it.


An alluring moan rang out.

If Xu Xiaoshou were here, he wouldve empathized with her temptation to groan.

The spiritual energy swirled, and her cultivation experienced a breakthrough, reaching the peak of the Origin Court Level!

Anyones jaw wouldve dropped to the ground if theyd witnessed such swift cultivation progress.

In fact, at the level of the Origin Court, even if it was the early and middle stages, the spiritual energy contained at the level was much more than the sum of all the spiritual energies at the tenth level.

However, this kind of cultivation breakthrough was happening to this girl.

Her twin ponytails stood up as Mu Zixi pushed her whole body higher and higher until she almost reached the top of the tree.

Then, she bent forward like a deflating ball.


She vomited out a fist-sized delicate seal.

She hastened to grab the wet object, and, after checking the items size, her eyes suddenly widened.

How could such a large seal have gotten into her throat

She was totally stunned.

She landed on the ground while holding the seal, and it was then that she found something was wrong with her surroundings.

It looked like the ancient trees were a few inches higher than they were yesterday.

D*mn it!

Or had she shrunk

“No way,” she thought.

“Did I suck too much in again”

Horrified, Mu Zixi slapped her chest with her hands, then heard a snapping sound—the sound of bone meeting bone.


Her shriek pierced the air, startling the birds resting amid the ancient forest, and was followed by a choked and desperate sigh.

“Woo, woo, woo.

Why have I grown smaller again”

The little girl squatted next to the ancient well and helplessly hugged her knees.

She stuck her head into the well.

Although it was dim inside the well, she could still see her own reflection on the surface of the water and found that her own cheeks looked a bit more tender now.

“Woo, woo, woo…”

A hint of regret could be heard in her sobs.

It was the flesh, but how come the grown flesh was gone

She grabbed her twin ponytails with one hand and fiercely waved her other hand, which was holding the gold-green seal, in the air.

“D*mn it.

Ill never suck it again!”


There was the sound of a tree branch being trampled.

Mu Zixi lowered the gold-green seal from under her nose and curiously looked in the direction of the noise while flicking her twin ponytails.

“Senior Sister Mo”

It was none other than Mo Mo.

She was in a green dress, and the small copper furnace was still in her hand.

She looked calm and elegant.

Seeing the gold-green seal in Mu Zixis hand, Mo Mo couldnt help but utter in surprise, “The Life Spiritual Seal.

You got it”

It was the Life Spiritual Seal! Mu Zixis long lashes fluttered as she looked at the small seal in her hand and subconsciously held it more tightly.

“Its mine!” She turned her body sideways, obviously vigilant.

This was something shed obtained after painfully dragging it out of her throat.

Although she had no idea how itd appeared, she was certain it was a precious treasure since itd demonstrated such a strong life force.

With this stuff, she could save herself the large expenses for the “Shengxuan Pill,” which meant many more skirts and snacks for herself!

“Can you give it to me I could give you something in return,” Mo Mo said while coming closer.

Mu Zixi hurriedly backed up, slightly alarmed.


She didnt have much contact with Mo Mo.

In fact, she almost had zero contact with Mo Mo.

But since the outer yardWindcloud Competition, shed always kept an eye on this elder sister.

The woman seemed rather unusually dangerous.

Mu Zixi didnt know why, but she had such a feeling for some reason and thought it was her sixth sense.

Even though Xu Xiaoshou was very powerful, in her opinion he wasnt as dangerous as Mo Mo.

Mo Mo looked very serious.

“I really need it.”

Mu Zixi wrapped the “Life Spiritual Seal” in her arms while moving backward.

“I also need it,” she said solemnly.


It became quiet for a while.

The wind was blowing up sand and stones, and the grass and trees were slightly bent.

Mo Mo looked at her.

“Ill make a move.”

“Okay, go ahead!” Mu Zixi leapt to the top of the tree and smiled slightly.

“But this is my territory, so you may not be able to beat me.”

Mo Mo hesitated.

Even though Mu Zixi was only at the peak of the Origin Court Level, aided by the favorable Moro Secret Forest her true fighting strength might be unmeasurable.

Not to mention that she was merely at the Unoccupied Void Level.

Even someone at the Upper Spirit Level might suffer a defeat in her hands!

However, before she could give up on the idea of attacking, her right hand tremored slightly, completely dispelling the thought.

Mo Mo looked at the girl in green atop the tree again and said gently, “Be careful!”


She instantly disappeared after making this remark.

Mu Zixis eyes were ablaze.

From the bottom of her heart, she had no intention to fight Mo Mo, but she wouldnt back down if she had to.

She clapped her small hands and said delicately, “Dear trees, rise!”

Charge, charge, charge!

All the trees within a hundred-foot radius instantly became agitated.

They twisted their trunks and branches like they were possessed and went mad, growing higher at once.


The endless branches crisscrossed like innumerable carps crossing the river, vying to be the first to reach the bank.


Though Mu Zixi couldnt see where Mo Mo was at the moment, all she needed to do was launch an attack in the nearby surroundings.

Under the relentless pounding of the uncontrolled branches, even the air would explode, not to mention Mo Mo!

A silhouette could be seen flying up into the sky and getting close to Mu Zixi.

Yet, Mu Zixi didnt panic.

As she watched Mo Mo fly up into the sky with a stunned expression on her face, she felt pleased.


A devilish smile crawled across her mouth, and two tigers teeth glittered between her lips.

Mu Zixi lowered her gaze, fixing her eyes on the tree branch that was wrapped around Mo Mos waist.

Then, she clapped her small hands.


Mo Mo was pulled down.

“Little trees evolve into big trees!”

With a booming sound, a dozen ancient trees moved into position after being forcibly blended together and circled around Mo Mo!


After another booming sound, hundreds of ancient trees were called in and violently bombarded Mo Mo! It was like a monument built with giant trees on the ground.


Thousands of ancient trees shook.

The fire blazing in Mu Zixis eyes dimmed slightly, and she calmed down.

Not so much, not so much.

Yet, she relentlessly clenched and unclenched her hands.



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