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Chapter 144: Something Only Grown-ups Can Play

Things had… gotten out of hand!

The Holy Vassal

Xu Xiaoshou hadnt expected his casual deception to reveal such a shocking truth! He hadnt expected the young woman to be a part of the Holy Vassal.

He couldnt be blamed for being distracted.

This revelation wouldve blown anyones mind.

Hed just said he was a part of the Holy Vassal a moment ago, and then his cover had been blown because the person standing before him was actually a part of the Holly Vassal…

Who alive couldve withstood that kind of mind-blowing shock

Luo Leileis heart skipped a beat when she saw Xu Xiaoshou plunge toward the ground.

She wasnt an idiot.

She instantly realized what was going on.

The Holy Vassal had few members.

Both the young and old in the Holy Vassal were powerful cultivators with incredible means, and all were generally familiar with one another.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand… was someone that Luo Leilei had never seen before, and his reaction to her outburst clearly pointed to something being amiss.

“You tricked me!” Her lovely eyes shone with incredulity.

Xu Xiaoshou tried to ease the tension and said with measured calm, “Thats not true.

You shouldnt accuse me of something I didnt do…

“Youve got a masked man in the Holy Vassal.

He thinks highly of me.

Im not lying.

“Erm…” Xu Xiaoshou found himself floundering.

The shock had rendered him speechless.

“Well, weve all got a long way ahead of us.

Till we meet again!”

After a short pause, he raised the scabbard and clasped his hands.


Then, he turned tail and ran.

Luo Leilei shook violently.

She didnt bother to say anything else.

With a sudden loud thunder, a pair of flashy Purple Lightning Wings sprouted from her back.

She fluttered her wings and, within the blink of an eye, reappeared right before Xu Xiaoshou and stood in his way again.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the beautiful lightning wings on the young womans back as if he were staring at an angel that had descended upon the earth.

His eyes flashed with envy, and his tone was hostile when he spoke.

“Get out of my way! I wont get into a fight with you on account of your being part of the Holy Vassal.

Dont force me to fight you.”

Luo Leileis fingers curled into tight fists.

Lightning flashed and thunder boomed deafeningly around her petite form, her dark hair taking on a tinge of purple.

She was ready to battle.

“You dont want to get into a fight with me.

Well, I have plenty of reasons to get into a fight with you.”

Shed been tricked into revealing her true identity.

It didnt feel good to be played for a fool.

Luo Leilei wasnt interested in talking anymore.

Without any hesitation, she sent her fist flying at him.

Purple electricity sped across the heavens at a speed as fast as that of lightning… No, it was racing at the speed of lightning!


The sound of her fist hitting Xu Xiaoshous chest resounded in the air.

Xu Xiaoshou hardly had a chance to react before he was struck by the fist and assailed by waves of numbing pleasure… It felt so good that he nearly moaned out loud.

He staggered backward a few steps from the force of the blow.

Luo Leilei, on the other hand, was sent flying into the distance from the impact.

“Are you trying to tickle me…” But his smile froze before it could fully unfurl on his lips as he saw a black bolt of lightning as wide as a bucket descend from the heavens and then pierce right through him.

“It tickles… hahaha… oh my god, it tickles!”

Xu Xiaoshou stiffened.

His body was scorched black while his hair was standing on end.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head.

It felt as if his soul mightve been charred from that lightning strike.

Luo Leileis eyes were filled with disbelief.

She couldnt believe that Xu Xiaoshou had emerged unscathed from her punch.

She had summoned Thors Form.

Every punch that she unleashed would be followed by a bolt of lightning.

The lightning bolt was what gave the attack its destructive punch.

Perhaps mere punches and kicks wouldnt work on this guy… Perhaps she needed to resort to spiritual techniques instead.

But didnt he have an Innate Level Physique That punch of hers shouldve gone right through his chest!

Realization struck Luo Leilei then.

“You dont have an Innate Level Physique, do you”

Xu Xiaoshou had finally recovered from the electrifying and burning numbness of the lightning bolt.

The attack hadnt caused him much damage, but the paralysis that it had inflicted on him had been something.

He looked at the young woman, also known as Thor incarnate, and nodded solemnly.

“Thats right.

I have Innate Level Physique.”

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

“Heavens… youve attained a Master Physique, havent you” Luo Leilei murmured to herself in disbelief, not seeming to have heard what Xu Xiaoshou said.

She had only come across two cultivators with the Master Physique in her lifetime.

The first was her father, and the second, her elder brother.

But they were reclusive hermits who were living the dream of a secluded life.

She hadnt come across anyone her age who possessed a Master Physique.

In fact, even cultivators with Innate Level Physique were few and far between.

Yet standing before her now was an Outer Yard disciple who possessed the same ability as her elder brother and father.

“Xu Xiaoshou, come with me!

“Your talents will be wasted if you remain at the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

You deserve a bigger stage to showcase your gifts!”

Luo Leileis eyes shone with approval and respect.

Her desire to develop and put talent to good use had been ignited.

This fellow might have tricked her, but the fact remained that he was a smart and talented man.

She was confident that he would gain someones favor and regard if she recommended him to the powers that be.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Admired, Passive Points 1.

Invited, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou froze momentarily.

An invitation

“I refuse.”

Only an idiot would accept this offer and seek out the masked intruder.

She must be joking!

There was an earnest look in Luo Leileis eyes.


Xu Xiaoshou waved his arm.

How he wished he was wearing an impressive cape now.

Regardless, he put on a solemn expression and said, “Im doing it in the name of justice!”

Luo Leilei stared at the stupid look on his face and couldnt help but smack her forehead with her palm.

This guy… might just be as idiotic as her brother!

She started to regret extending the invitation…


This was a talent.

The Holy Vassal must have him!

“What do you know about this world What you think is just and right might not be true justice!” Luo Leilei said seriously as she folded her hands behind her back, and her eyes flashed dangerously with purple lightning.

Xu Xiaoshou was momentarily distracted by how pretty the young woman looked then.

“Just look at those enormous wings of purple lightning,” he thought.

“I want those too!

“D*mn this system!”

Luo Leilei wanted to say something more, but the odd, burning look she caught in Xu Xiaoshous eyes made her swallow the words on the tip of her tongue.

“What are you looking at”


Xu Xiaoshou yanked his thoughts back to the present, then stared unblinkingly at her.

“Are you trying to convert me Its not going to work!”

Luo Leilei fell silent.

Xu Xiaoshou was simply too infuriating!

Luo Leilei sighed.

“Im serious.

If you want to pursue true justice, come with me.

Ill show you true darkness and true light.”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head profusely.

“Im not interested.

I didnt mean what I said.”


Cursed, Passive Points 1.

“Well, youve got no choice in the matter.

Youre going to come with me!” she said angrily.

“Is that so” Xu Xiaoshous lips curled upward.

“Are you going to kidnap me Do you really think youre up for the task”

“We wont know until we try, now will we” At that moment, a thought flashed through Luo Leileis mind, and a sly look appeared in her eyes.

“Lets make a bet.”

“I dont partake in prostitution, drugs, or gambling,” Xu Xiaoshou coolly shot back.

Luo Leileis pupils contracted, and you could almost hear her collarbones creak.


She was going to blow up this very instant!

Purple electricity crackled violently around her as she fumed.

She told herself she was going to control her temper and pretend that she didnt hear what hed just said.

“If I win, you have to come with me.

If I lose, you can do anything with me!” Luo Leilei said.

“Anything I want” Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up, and his gaze slid down her body before flying up to meet her eyes again.

“Are you sure”

His stare was making Luo Leileis hair stand.

She caved and replied weakly.

“Well… not that.”

“That What”

“… …

“Xu Xiaoshou, dont go too far!”

“Haha!” Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes and turned away.

“Little young, why dont you run along and get back home Bets… are something that only grown-ups make.”

“D*mn him!” she thought.

Luo Leileis eyelids twitched violently, and she felt a sudden clarity take over her mind.


Its a deal!”


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