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Chapter 136: Get Strong! Stronger! Even Stronger Than That!

Xu Xiaoshou decided that if he were to allocate 50000 points to “Sword Technique Expertise,” it would definitely become something awesome that he could use for a killer move of sorts at key moments.

Yet, he definitely couldnt afford to do that at present.

If he were to make a breakthrough into master swordsman level, he would definitely be in a very dangerous situation.

“Su Qianqian is such a genius, and shes yet to reach this level, whereas I just joined the Inner Yard a few days ago and have already reached it.

Yeah, Im still fundamentally an Outer Yard disciple.

Becoming a master swordsman is just ridiculous.”

“It would catch too much attention.

“Even if I have Elder Sang backing me, I can hardly be considered safe.

“Furthermore, theres just no telling if that old fart is stable.

What if he just goes crazy all of a sudden and wants to dissect his disciple—me—instead

Xu Xiaoshou felt that the likelihood was rather high.

There were 50000 points left, and he wondered where he could put these points.

He thought about it long and hard.

The remaining skills all served their own unique purposes, so it was difficult for him to decide at the moment.

“Breathing Techniques”

With the others being more or less of the same importance, he could only return to his most fundamental passive technique, yet he quickly dismissed the thought.

His training didnt actually have much to do with the level of his Breathing Technique.

On the surface, it wasnt hard to tell that the higher the levels of his passive skills, the faster he could level up.

Yet, that wasnt actually how things worked.

Cultivation resources were still the key.

While his Breathing Techniques were useful enough for absorbing ambient spiritual energy, he still had to suck in some other things, like Spiritual Cultivation Pills, Spirit Cultivation Juice, Red Gold Pills, Infernal Fire Seeds, and so on.

Regardless if any of those could actually help further his training, there was no doubt that anything that contained a good bit of spiritual energy would have a portion of it converted into his powers when they were absorbed into his body.

As such, despite the level of his Breathing Techniques not being all that high to begin with, he was nonetheless able to make breakthroughs at such a breakneck speed that anyone wouldve been astonished at his rate of progress.

“Getting from Spirit Cultivation Level three to Innate Level seemed to have taken me less than a month, I guess…”

He was feeling rather sheepish.

If someone had pondered this, they wouldve quickly discovered that something was off with him.

He wasnt the Eighth Sword Deity, and he didnt think for a second that he had what it took to resist all those who bore him ill will.

“Well, if theres no actual need to upgrade…” He took a look at the mall and the passive keys, which had gotten more expensive.

“Have a go, then”

He decided that his first draw after the Systems upgrade would bring him good luck.

He recalled the time when hed first played the wheel and acquired a passive skill with just two to three keys.

“Well, the new System might have increased the chance of getting passive keys, and I could get five passive skills with just 10 keys.” He was invigorated.

Passive Points: 238666.

Passive Points: 138666.

He dropped 10 keys into the red wheel and put his hands together.

“RNGesus bless me!”

Thank you for your patronage!

You got one key!

Thank you for your patronage!

Thank you for your patronage!

You got one key!

You got one key!

Thank you for your patronage!

Thank you for your patronage!

Extended Passive Skill acquired: Agility

Thank you for your patronage.

He gasped at the result, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“I actually got something


“Thats like the godlike technique of my dreams!

“Agility… that should mean enhanced movement speed, enhanced reaction time, enhanced movement techniques, and some more such things, right

“Or is it to say that everythings enhanced”

He was no longer a novice when came to the System.

According to the Systems habits, every single passive skill should be able to boost a certain, specific part of something.

Which also meant that the possibility of having everything in said part enhanced was greater.

“Is that to say that this one technique of mine is worth the same as countless movement-type spiritual techniques and others deliberate combat training

“RNGesus! This is definitely the blessing of RNGesus!”

He was elated and felt fortunate that he hadnt thoughtlessly put in his points before.

That decision had allowed him to gain a super passive skill that could almost rival “Strengthen,” and his combat prowess had definitely been considerably boosted.

He then put all “Level One Skill Points” into that newly acquired passive skill.

Agility (Innate, Lv.1).

His mind seemed to have been showered by an elixir of some kind, as it felt refreshed and seemed to work a lot faster.

He shuddered and made another draw with the remaining three keys, but, as expected, he got nothing in return.

Passive Points: 178666.

He finally realized that he shouldnt focus on putting points into skills.

The system had just been upgraded, which meant the rate at which new things could be drawn would definitely be somewhat higher.

“The Awakening Pool!”

His eyes lit up as he looked at the Awakening Stones in the mall.

One for 10000 passive points.

“Lets go!”

His Passive Points were deducted accordingly, and an azure stone of irregular shape appeared.

Its surface was shimmering, and, after he took a good look at it, he found that the stone was shimmering with all the Extended Passive Skills hed acquired.

He willed, and only Strengthen remained on its surface.

Given that hed been able to get this far mostly thanks to Strengthen working so well in battle, he saw fit to focus on that skill first.

He then threw the Awakening Stone into the Awakening Pool, causing splashes.

He subconsciously checked the Information Bar.

Awakening failed!


“10000 points all for nothing just like that!”

But he restrained himself.

Hed be able to at least awaken once in 10 times.

If the probability was lower than that, then hed only be able to afford to try it out one more time when he had one million points to spare.

Another one, then!

Awakening failed!

His eyelids twitched.

This System was brutal enough to not even wait a second before giving him another failure.

“Keep going!”

Awakening failed!


Awakening failed!

There was no one below the Black Cliff, yet bubbles suddenly appeared in the lake.

His face was already red, as hed failed his seventh try at the bottom of the lake.

Hed tried throwing an Awakening Stone in every place he thought might have good Feng Shui to where the only place that remained was the bottom of the Black Lake.

He prayed devoutly for quite some time, then threw an Awakening Stone at the pool yet again.

Awakening failed!


Having had enough, he viciously threw another stone in his hand into the Awakening Pool, then shot forward out of the lake.

Fresh air shot into his nostrils, and he took the moment to check the Information Bar.

Awakening succeeded!

Strengthen (Awakening: Raging Giant)!

He was very shocked.

Boom, boom, boom!

Over a dozen craters appeared on the ground, and he looked like an ape in some mountain as he beat his chest in utter joy.

“Raging Giant.

Whats this thing” His face was all red as he lay in a crater and then bent Hiding Pain into a U-shape.

“Never mind.

If a System thats so awful at naming gave the skill a name with such a temper, then the awakening effect must be something decent.

“I wonder if Ill turn into a giant when I get attacked, eh”

His eyes widened, as he was unable to believe what had popped into his head: Attack on Titan.

“Cant do.

But I probably need to order more clothes just in case.”


He took a deep breath and yet another one.

“Sh**, calm down already!”

He forcefully calmed himself down and climbed out of the crater.

Passive Points: 88666.

The awakening of that one skill had cost him 90000 passive points, which was within the range he found acceptable.

He wanted to reserve 50000 points for “Sword Technique Expertise,” but then he figured he would get frustrated unless he did something with his remaining points.

“Well, since Ive decided to take it slow and easy, Ill just leave 10000 points, then, and I can use my knowledge to figure something out and get myself out of a pinch at critical moments.”

He took a look at “Agility.” Undoubtedly, the passive skill had the potential to rival “Strengthen.”

Agility (Master Lv.1)

His body moved and he felt like he was flying, which shocked him.

He looked ahead of him.


The distance of several hundred meters was covered in an instant.

“Holy sh**! This is frickin teleportation, man!”


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