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Chapter 135: Master Physique

Attacked, Passive Points 1.

Attacked, Passive Points 1.


Passive Points: 100861.

Passive Points: 200404.


Xu Xiaoshou was feeling so good at the moment that one could say he was having a high.

He left only a bit of his spiritual sense in the Information Bar and used the rest of his remaining mental focus on evading supersized attacks from the falls.

It took little more than 15 minutes for his Passive Points to near 200 thousand.

As to why the number was only 200 thousand…

The white sword aura blasts came in such a frenzy it was like they were on steroids.

They blasted him in a fit of rage, happening at a rate that easily exceeded 500 points per second, and that rate was still climbing.

He wouldve been in utter glee if only this were the case, but the supersized blasts were coming a lot more frequently as a result, so much so that one came every second.

At times, the blasts came from all directions, and he was completely unable to evade them, resulting in him having to leave the Black Waterfalls to avoid these maximal attacks.

“Keep it up, Xu Xiaoshou!

“Just stay in there for a little while longer.

Youll get all the points youll need.”

His eyes were filled with steely determination.

Fearsome attacks were incapable of deterring him entirely.

If it hadnt been for trying to avoid losing pounds for pennies, he couldve simply upgraded “Strengthen” to the fullest, yet doing so wouldve been irrational.

Pfftt, pfftt!

Two massive gashes were wrought on his body again, and the pain was so intense that he hissed.

Before he left the Black Waterfalls, all the white sword aura coming from above disappeared all of a sudden, which baffled him.

“Whats happening Youre done already

“Come on, man.

You gotta keep it up too!”

He was immediately flustered.

However, he shuddered all of a sudden, and the spiritual sense in his mind threw up a red alert.

He immediately looked up and saw the top of the Black Waterfalls turn completely white as an enormous white blast of sword aura came down on him.

He was completely frightened and knew that his eyes werent fooling him when he received confirmation from his Sense.

That wasnt just any white sword aura.

This was a white sword aura of a size unlike any other, and it was all over the place.

“What the f**k You really are doing this, eh”

There was no time to escape the waterfalls, and he dumped as many of his Passive Points into a single skill as he could in the nick of time.

Strengthen (Master, Lv.1).

“Its truly gotten to Master Level…” He was dumbfounded by what he read on the Information Bar.


But he didnt get to be happy for long, as he was brought all the way to the bottom of the Black Lake by that utterly terrifying enormous white sword aura blast, which caused an explosion of water tens of meters tall.

His surroundings were all dark, and he couldnt see anything.


He cracked his neck to straighten it, then realized that hed ended up being lodged deep into the bottom of the lake.

Completely stunned, he rubbed his neck.

“That kind of hurts…” Other than for his neck being slightly crooked from being brought down by that unbelievably terrifying blast of sword aura, he was actually totally unscathed.

“Thats the power of Master Physique, eh”

He then recalled Elder Sangs Infernal Heavens.

In the past, hed never thought much of the frightening might of that torturous spiritual technique, but now hed come to see things differently after acquiring Master Level.

“That technique is indeed godlike!”

All that pain hed suffered before was nothing if it meant making a breakthrough and gaining the Master Physique, which was something few across the entire continent could reach.

“Pain for a time, but a resilience that lasts for life.

Who wouldnt make that trade, eh”

With a physical body of such terrifying resilience, he figured that spirit weapons of tenth and ninth grade probably wouldnt be able to do him any damage.

“This is rather definitely insane…”

After dumping his skill points and obtaining Master Physique, he became utterly impressed and had nothing but reverence for those whod made such breakthroughs and reached such a level through solely their own might.

“Those are true men indeed.”

That step from Innate Level Physique to breaking into Master Physique was nothing short of insane.

Given that at such a level hed emerged totally unscathed from that enormously supersized white blast of sword aura, he could only imagine just how much pain the others had gone through during their pupa stages before emerging as butterflies.

He detected a stench that made him aware that his body had just detoxified itself again.

“A body of Innate Level Physique, something deemed near-perfect, can actually wrack up such a level of stench… boy, this is horrifying.”

He then leaped like a monkey and burst forth from the bottom of the lake, shooting up to the skies.

His body was indeed covered in black goo.

After getting into the falls to wash himself for a bit, his entire body practically sparkled right away.

His build was solid and wiry, sparkling with a mystical light, and had a vague fragrance, making the phenomenon very surreal.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded, very satisfied.

“Hey, somethings not right

“Why arent the blasts coming at me”

He looked up and found that the white sword aura no longer took him as a target.

They dropped down without a care, as if the blast before had been the last of it and the falls had completely lost interest in him.

“Oh, come on! Im not dead yet.

Keep it coming!”

He then glanced at the bottom of the Information Bar.

Passive Points: 288666.

“It hasnt even hit 300 thousand yet!

“Thats quite a ways away from reaching 400 to 500 thousand points, man!”

Even though he called at the white sword aura and even blasted his sword will in a frenzy, he didnt get a response.

It was as if the waterfalls were totally done with him.

He was furious beyond description, and he cursed at the falls for being useless.

But then again, he noted that he wouldnt be getting any more Passive Points without the falls responding to him.

He leapt outside the waterfalls to the ground, feeling rather displeased.

But, in general, he was still happy with the results.

While he did lament that the points hadnt yet reached 300 thousand, this was still the first time his points had gotten to such a height, and he was nonetheless happy about that.

If the points were to be converted to draws…

That would be nearly 300 draws!

After doing the calculation, he was completely shocked, and the answer comforted him considerably.

“Thats quite a loot.

At the start, I didnt intend to exchange my body for Passive Points.

Thats just so not me.

Getting inside the waterfalls was mainly for training… Points and whatnot were beside the point.”

He waved his hand dismissively, then seemed to recall something.

He checked out his special passive skill.

Passive Fist (charge points: 2.11%).

“What the h*ll”

All those hits and only 2.11 percent worth of charge points

He was feeling rather dizzy.

The upper limit of the “Passive Fist” was rather terrifying.

Even if he were beaten to death, would the points never exceed 10 percent

He wanted to test the skills power, but he stopped himself from doing so.

Despite being only at 2.11 percent, he nonetheless believed that the tones of beat-downs hed taken had definitely accumulated terrifying energy, and he couldnt afford to waste it.

“I should throw just one punch at Zhang Xinxiongs face to see its effects.

Boy, that would be fun.

“Lets check out the loot, then.”

The Black Waterfalls ignored him altogether, and he was also feeling rather tired.

With a smug look on his face, he glanced at the red interface, nearly 300 thousand points in his pocket.

He didnt need to level up all of his Passive Points in one go.

There was still a long way to go, and he didnt need to rush.

Prioritizing what to level up with the 300 thousand points would be enough.


Lets reserve 100 thousand for the Awakening Pool.

Ten awakenings… hmm.

Even if it ends in a failure, I still need to test the new function out.

“Well then, 180 thousand points left…

“‘Strengthen is already full, so that ones out.

Eight more to consider, then.

“The three basic passive skills look very promising, but I cant afford to allot them much.

Lets first go withEternal Vitality. This is a godlike skill, after all.”

Life and death still mattered the most, so he dumped the points into Eternal Vitality without hesitation.

Eternal Vitality was a passive skill that could save him at critical moments.

Having super-high attacks still paled in the face of solid survivability.

Eternal Vitality (Master Lv.1).

Raging lifeforce surged inside him, making his body glow even more mystically.

He moaned from the pleasure of it.

“Yep, 50000 points gone…”

The corners of his mouth twitched.

Hed gone through all that pain just to have his points all dumped away like they were nothing.


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