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Chapter 133: System Upgraded

Xu Xiaoshou comforted the source of his soul and emerged out of the Origin Court, his face deadpan.

He could curse and yell all he wanted.

It wouldnt change anything.

But, he nonetheless noted, that was the first time hed seen the System do something like that.

“There has to be some reason for it…”

The System usually didnt do anything besides make messages pop up in the information bar.

The rest of what the System did was just that wheel and allowing him to buy skill points in the mall.

Hmm, the System could also mess up his rate at drawing prizes.

There was one thing undeniable about the system—it had too little presence.

Its presence was so unbelievably low that hed almost forgotten that it was called the “Passive System,” not “Information Bar.”

Yet, it did that outrageous thing today…

But, before he could further mull it over, the System, which had gotten full from the “meal,” popped up again through the Information Bar.

[Passive System] upgrading.

Please do not interfere.

He was stunned by what he read.


His eyes lit up, and he wondered if the System had repented after eating up his two-fold Innate Elemental Powers and was about to compensate for it by upgrading his success rate at draws.

But his heart soon sank.

“No, no, judging by the Systems habits… itll probably lower the success rate of the draws instead.

“No, dont!”

He wanted very badly to get in the way of the Systems upgrade, but it didnt give him the chance to do so.

As soon as the line appeared, the entire red interface subsided from his mind.

Just when it was about to disappear completely, a line appeared below the Information Bar, catching his attention.

Passive Points: 66666.

The very “lucky” string of numbers caught him off-guard and almost blinded him, figuratively speaking.

Why that many

He recalled the last time hed seen such a string of numbers.

It had also appeared to be all sixes.

Yet, thered only been four digits then.

There were five digits this time

He rubbed his eyes and peered at it again, yet the red interface had completely gone.

He was so flustered he immediately took out Hiding Pain and stabbed his hand.

He pulled the blade out and the wound healed.

“Good thing the passive skills are still around…”

From the looks of things, the System had truly gone somewhere else for upgrades.

It became clear that there was no point mulling over it, so he ignored the matter entirely after that.

He recalled what hed last seen—his Passive Points at over 60 thousand—and calculated the time, thinking hed only been at the Black Waterfalls for about six to seven hours.

He recalled that hed spent most of those hours getting hit, resting, resting more, then getting hit again.

“I managed to wrack up that many Passive Points through all of that

“Well… not actually that many.

If I were to calculate the number of Passive Points at the rate of 30 to 50 points a second, being at it for six to seven hours would mean… around a million points!”

He jumped at the result of his calculations, but calmed down before long.

“Thats just insane!”

He noted that itd be impossible for him to stay standing in the waterfalls and let the sword aura cut him up the whole time.

Generally speaking, even if he were to remain there for just half a minute, hed end up with cuts all over his body.

Hed spend a good deal of time recuperating, as it took almost half an hour every time.


He then chuckled all of a sudden, recalling that inside the Passive Systems mall there was a “Level Two Skill Point” that had been around for a long time but was greyed out, thus making it unavailable for purchase.

“That means I could probably buy it after the upgrade, right” he thought.

Hed wanted that thing very badly for a long time now, and thought of upgrading “Eternal Vitality” after that.

“Hehehe, wouldnt that mean a continuous flow of Passive Points, then” He giggled sheepishly.


“Right, the upper limit of passive skills is atInnate, Lv.1 before the upgrade.

So with the upgrade…Master, Lv.1 then

“Master Level!

“Holy sh**!” His eyes immediately lit up at the thought.

“‘Strengthen at Innate Level brought me Innate Level Physique.

Does that mean that at Master Level it would become theMaster Physique that Elder Sang told me about in his story

“Thats a limit the entire continent has a hard time breaking through!

He got extremely excited, thinking that it was alright for the System to gobble up his two-fold Innate Elemental Powers.

So long as it was able to upgrade his current powers, he could even give the source of his soul…

“Ptuih! No, not that one!”


His head felt like itd been pulled, and it hurt, as if his brains had been twisted into a knot.

The pain immediately snapped him out of his thoughts.

He peered inside his brain, finding nothing around.

He willed and sent his spiritual sense into the Origin Court, and the red interface suddenly appeared above his source of the soul again.

The Passive System.

“Upgrade completed” He gauged the system with anticipation, but was stunned the next second.


Wasnt it going for an upgrade So why did it look the same as before, like something you could pick out of a street stall Was this so-called upgrade just a change in location

His bright eyes darkened.

This could be bad news!

He went on to check the Information Bar, which was the only medium the System used to communicate with him.

The Information Bar read:


Upgrade of [Passive System] successful.

New module unlocked: Awakening Pool.

Special Passive Skill acquired: Passive Fist.

Three lines and one filled with bullsh**.

The word “special in the line “special passive skill” immediately caught his attention.

There were only three major types of passive skills that he currently had at his disposal: basic, extension, and expertise.

So, from the looks of it, this was also a type in itself

“Special passive skill…”

He took a look at the red interface, and a new module actually appeared below.

There was only one message:

Passive Fist (upgrade unavailable).


Upgrade unavailable

“Well, well, isnt this something A passive skill that helps save me points.

This is quite a bargain.”

He then scanned with his spiritual sense and immediately acquired detailed information regarding that passive skill.

Passive Fist: Real Damage.

Passive Fist: Charges when attacked, depletes all charged points when unleashed.

You cant just stay on the defensive all the time.

When one has to take the initiative, one takes it.

When patience no longer suffices, theres no need for patience.

Passive Fist (charge points: 0.00%)

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know what to say.

“I get it.

All the passive skills I drew before were meant to get me prepared, and now youre just giving me a reason to get myself pummeled, eh

“What the h*ll is with thatWhen patience no longer suffices, theres no need for patience anyway

“You stupid System, what the h*ll are you really trying to get me into, man”

Regardless of what he thought about it, however, he tried to figured what “real damage” meant.

“Real damage like how it is in games Does it negate defense altogether

“If thats the case, then this passive skill really is quite formidable.”

He clenched his fist and punched the ground.


A massive crater resulted.

That was his Innate Level Physique at work.

He took a deep breath and berated, “Passive…

“Why the h*ll does it sound kind of dumb…

“Whatever… Passive Fist!



A massive crater resulted again.

The resulting crater was hardly different from the one before.

He was flabbergasted.

“Is it because there are no charge points to it 0.00% charge points, so no amplification in damage potential, then”

He shook his fist and looked at the Black Waterfalls.

The place was capable of hurting him, so it should be able to add to his charge points.

But, instead of heading to the waterfalls right away, he looked at the second line in the Information Bar instead.

New module unlocked: Awakening Pool.

He searched for a bit, but didnt find anything on the red interface.

Suddenly, he recalled that red wheel from the mall and immediately went inside the mall.

There was indeed a pitch-black, small pool lying quietly below that red wheel.

“Awakening Pool!”


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