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Chapter 123: Boiling Soup and Cultivating Magic Pills!

It had to be said that the passive techniques of the proficient class were really like a wonder, and knowledge that was forcibly instilled could save a lot of practice time.

It was the same with the “Mastery of Cooking” fire control, the proficiency of which shouldve been achieved by practice and sweat, but he already had it as if hed been at it for many years.

Xiaoshou put a compressed fire under the tripod.

The invisible flame started to burn, making the herbs in the tripod give out a sizzling sound and turn into ash.

However, a drop of condensed medicinal liquid was successfully left behind!

He was overjoyed.

Hed succeeded after only the first trial.

“According to Elder Sangs experience, just extracting a drop of medicinal liquid after refining the several small mountains of herbs inside the ring would be a success.”

“How many resources have I… saved!” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

He tried several more times with various fire temperatures and didnt fail even once!

“A perfect result!”

Xu Xiaoshou wrapped the medicinal liquid with the spiritual source and dragged it into the tripod.

Then, he took out the “Method of Magic Pill Condensation” that Elder Sang had given him.

In it, the crude “Infernal Method of Magic Pill Condensation” was recorded.

It instructed one to condense the medicinal liquid and then bake it into a pill, like what Xu Xiaoshou had seen Elder Sang do twice before.

No seal, spiritual array, or other accessory techniques of the regular magic pill cultivators were needed, and there was no special skill involved.

All one had to do was just one word: baking!

“This is really impressive.

This flame…”

In addition to the “Infernal Method of Magic Pill Condensation,” there were two other magic pill cultivation recipes inside the scroll for cultivating the Red Gold Pill and the Spiritual Magic Pill, both of which Xu Xiaoshou had taken before.

One of them was the tenth grade, and the other the ninth grade.

Xu Xiaoshou skimmed the instructions on how to cultivate the tenth-grade Red Gold Pills and found that he had the spiritual medicine in his ring that he could use to practice his magic pill cultivation skills.

Refining medicinal liquid was merely a matter of time, so he tried to carry out two tasks at the same time and found it worked.

But when he tried to refine three spiritual medicines at the same time, he found it was a bit overwhelming.

Having barely managed to do three at a time, he decided that there was no need to try to refine four spiritual medicines at a time.

Thus, he went on with three medicines at a time.

By now, hed realized how strong Elder Sang was.

He could blend hundreds of pills together and refine them all and separate them into different categories without mistake.

“Well, theres no rush.

Ill take my time.

Ive only just begun…”

He made up his mind.

As time went by, all sixty-four types of acquired spiritual medicines needed for the Red Gold Pill were refined.

In total, the medicinal liquid hed refined collected together was about the size of a fist, which was no match for the medicinal liquid the size of a human head Elder Sang had refined the other day.

Moreover, Elder Sang had refined several magic pills at the same time.

The key to the “Method of Magic Pill Condensation” was to make it in one trial.

The magic pills were manufactured with instantly raised temperatures, scorching the surface and condensing the inside!

But it wasnt quite…


Xu Xiaoshou looked at the empty tripod and found that the medicinal liquid hed refined with a great deal of effort had all evaporated…

“D*mn it.

Its not working.

I thought it would be easy to succeed!”

Yet, he didnt feel dejected.

He figured it was a process where practice makes perfect, and he felt that hed already made some sort of shortcut.

“Carry on!”

After the sun set and more than ten attempts, Xu Xiaoshou was able to condense a magic pill the size of a bean.

“I can be considered a half tenth-grade magic pill cultivator now!”

Hed made unexpectedly swift progress, but Xu Xiaoshou was still unsatisfied to some degree.

“Though this thing can be consumed and is somewhat useful, the condensation process wastes too much medicinal liquid,” he mused, unable to help falling into deep thought.

“Try a different approach

“Instead of using theMethod of Magic Pill Condensation, I should use… the methodMastery of Cooking”

Xu Xiaoshous expression turned peculiar, but not because he thought this approach wouldnt work; on the contrary, his brain felt like it was being poked by a needle as this great lot of ideas suddenly poured out.

Yet, he felt it was a bit odd.

He had a mild toothache at the moment.

However, he would regret it if he didnt give the idea a try.

Maybe something amazing might happen.

“Just give it a try then,” he decided.

The steps to refine the medicinal liquid remained the same.

After the process was completed after a great deal of effort, Xu Xiaoshou didnt use the “Method of Magic Pill Condensation.” Instead, he chose to use the most reliable approach, which was, according to his thoughts, to maintain the flame at “simmering.”

The method of boiling soup used to cultivate magic pills!

“But I dont know if my idea will work…” he thought to himself.

Xu Xiaoshou was somewhat excited.

If this approach succeeded, he would make history and could set a new trend of cultivating magic pills in the future.

“Goo, Goo, Goo!”

The medicinal liquid rolled up and down, the thick spiritual mist steamed, and the gas circled around the surface of the tripod.

Though it looked empty above the tripod, it was covered by an array to ensure that the medicinal properties wouldnt be lost, which was why Xu Xiaoshou had dared to adopt the “boiling soup” approach.

The spiritual mist flowed back and then was constantly collected back to the original medicinal liquid.

As time passed, the medicinal liquid grew less and less.

“Collect the juice…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt hungry when he saw the gold and red sticky medicinal liquid.

Looking out the window, he found that night had arrived, but this pot of soup…

Ahem, this pot of medicinal liquid had been boiling for several hours.

When all the medicinal properties were recovered, the tripod showed a drop of red-golden liquid… No, this could no longer be considered a liquid.

It was something in-between a solid and a liquid.

Very Q-bomb.

The exciting instant condensation hadnt happened.

What had happened was the natural process of “boiling soup.”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled out this drop of “red gold liquid” and held it in his palm, thinking that its medicinal properties were much stronger than those of ordinary Red Gold Pills!

Feeling excited, he took out Hiding Pain and stabbed his sword into his palm.

The blood oozed out.

Eternal Vitality was acting up.

Yet, Xu Xiaoshou waited until after hed drunk all of the “red gold liquid” before pulling out the black sword.

One breath later.

The lad collapsed to the ground with his elbows by his ribs, his knees touching each other, and his shoulders pushed high while he tilted his head to one side.

“Giggle, giggle…”

The medicinal properties of the red gold liquid turned out to be many times more terrifying than those of the Red Gold pills.

Hed thought his immunity to the medicine was strong, but he couldnt stand this wave of pleasure attacks.

Xu Xiaoshou slowly recovered after several breaths, and he found that the wound on his palm had disappeared and that there was still a large amount of medicinal residual left in his body.

He stabbed his palm with the sword again.

The medicine swarmed to the wound, and the wound was repaired instantly without a scar.

“So amazing.

A drop of red gold liquid is probably as good as ten Red Gold Pills!”

He had eaten Red Gold Pills, so he well knew the value of red gold liquid more than others.

He seemed to have succeeded after having tried the new approach, and, moreover, he seemed to have exceeded the upper limit of Red Gold Pills!

“This is only the Red Gold Pill.

If I can use theboiling soup method to cultivate the spiritual pills and the Origin Court Pill…”

Xu Xiaoshous mouth opened wide, and his eyes flashed with greed.

“Im rich.

Im rich!”

He suddenly realized that the “boiling soup” method didnt have the last step of condensing the pills and that the efficacy after the formation of drops was dependent on the amount of the spiritual medicine boiled.

“Thinking about it, it seems that I can cause a qualitative change through a quantitative change.

“For example, if I put in more of the herbs and merely condense a drop of liquid, then the efficacy of this drop must be better than the one I swallowed earlier!

“Its quite possible!

“However, the cultivation of magic pills has developed for so long, as such, someone must have thought of theboiling soup method.

Or maybe nobody carried it through”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered this, doubting that he was the only one who had thought of this method.

There must be geniuses out there whove thought similar ideas.

“Could it be that its not easy to preserve”

Many thoughts flashed through his mind.

In the end, he decided to wait for the completion of the method of “Infernal Pill Condensation” and then ask Elder Sang all of these questions.

“If I try to figure all of this out on my own, I might make mistakes and go astray, which would be a worse result.

“The method ofInfernal Pill Condensation is the only one left…”

This was something he must learn.

He figured that he had no choice but to learn it no matter what.

“Though I should continue the study of the method of “boiling soup”, I cant lose sight of the essence of the magic pill cultivation technique.

After all, the outside world only recognizes the magic pills so far.

“If I took a drop of liquid to the outside world, I dont think anyone would want it!”

A look of determination appeared on Xu Xiaoshous face.

“Ill learn it in three days!”


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