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Meng Po could not hold it any longer.

She opened her eyes and stared at Water Ghost fiercely.

She pointed at herself as she asked in disbelief silently, “Me Are you talking about me”

Water Ghost turned around and stared at her coldly.

But, he did not respond to her, nor turned on the protective shield of the spiritual source.

On the contrary, he continued with his conversation over the communication bead.

“All right.


I think you could come over once you are free.

It is not necessary to wait for one more day.

I am pretty sure that you will benefit from it.”

Meng Po felt relieved all of sudden.

One more day

She remembered that Water Ghost told him about the plan of sacrilege.

It was limited to half a day.

Moreover, if Water Ghost intended to sacrilege the saints, how could it be possible for him to contact a demi-saint

Most importantly, it was obvious that he knew she was eavesdropping.

But, he still treated her as a friend, without shielding his voice.

Wasnt it the best guarantee and answer for her doubts

“What am I thinking”

Meng Po sat back on the big rock.

She was thinking.

Even if she had guessed wrongly about him, there was no way for her to defend herself now.

Therefore, she would leave everything to fate now.

She could not help but sigh.

Suddenly, the guy with the seal attribute struck her mind.

She worked for intelligence, yet she fell for the wrong piece of information and came face to face with a master of seal attribute.

What a joke indeed!

Water Ghost was still talking through the communication bead at the other side while her imagination went wild.

“Good! If you could come over directly, it would definitely save a lot of time.

I can mediate between them.

You might even receive a big surprise by the time you arrive.”

The person spoke at the other end of the line.

“All right.

It is possible.

But still, I have to remind you of something.

Lone Cliff is different from other places.

Your primary target had already gone down.

As for the Spell Forbidden Barrier…”

The person on the other side of the line spoke again.

“Well, I could put my mind at ease at last.

I shall wait for your arrival.”

Water Ghost ended the communication after he finished his words.

He then twitched his mouth into a smile as he looked somewhere afar.

“Who is it” asked Meng Po casually.

Meng Po did not dwell over the conversation Water Ghost had just now.

“A friend.”

Water Ghost had no intention to explain further about it.

He just looked at Meng Po with a smile.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something.

So, he walked toward Meng Po quickly and sat beside her.

Then, he asked curiously, “By the way, I have a question for you.

How many Lei Familys Eyes has Yama obtained Does every Yama member has it”

Meng Po rolled her eyes instantly.

Was this something that she could reveal

“You cant reveal it” Water Ghost sounded a little helpless.

“In fact, based on my network, I could find it out easily.

But of course, it would be faster and more accurate by asking the member in person.

Am I right Remember that I saved your life just now, okay”

Meng Po was so speechless.

How could there be such a way to ask for repayment for his life-saving grace

However, Water Ghost was true about it.

Since all of them worked for intelligence, she strongly believed that Water Ghost had the ability to find out all these secrets in a jiffy if he wanted to.

However, it would not be a good idea to sell information about her organization privately.

“Forget it then if you dont want to talk about it.

Just treat it that I have saved an ungrateful person then,” said Water Ghost as he stood up.

Meng Po sighed helplessly upon seeing his attitude.

She then said, “Actually, it is not that exaggerated.

Well, I do not have one of the Lei Familys Eyes though.

But, the new generations are all equipped with it.

But for me, I think it is a hassle.

In addition, I dont think I could protect the Lei Familys Eyes well with my combat ability.

Thus, I rejected it.”

“Could you reject it It seems that Huang Quan treats you well.” Water Ghost halted as he turned around and said, “How about your senior The Five Decays of Heaven and Man Does he equip with the Lei Familys Eyes as well But, you call him senior, right So, he is not considered one of the new generations.

Am I right”

“Of course not.

He is someone that even Lord Huan Quan is afraid of…”

Meng Po hesitated for a moment.

After all, she owed him so many favors.

It would not be good if she did not tell him anything.

So, she said immediately, “In fact, he is afraid of the hassle like me.

However, we obtained a better one recently.

So, Lord Huang Quan gave it to him…”

“The Three Loathsome Eyes” Water Ghost interrupted.

“Well, you seem to know quite a lot.

Dont you” Meng Po was surprised.

However, when she came to think of the Visitor from the Netherworld and the Hundred Ghost Night Walks final operation conclusion that said one of the Three Loathsome Eyes was snatched by the Saint Servant, she suddenly realized something and was displeased about it.

But, she was so helpless at this moment and Water Ghost was an Intelligence freak.

His combat ability was ridiculously strong.

Meng Po did not dare to complain at all, not even a single word.

“Are you saying that Huang Quan is not equipped with the Lei Familys Eyes even though he has it On the contrary, he gave all of them to his subordinates.

Seriously” said Water Ghost as he smiled.

He was so surprised about it.

In fact, Lord Huang Quan did not need it at all!

Meng Po mumbled in her mind.

She was distracted at that moment.

However, she did not dare to reveal any information about Lord Huang Quan.

Hence, she could only remain silent.

As for Water Ghost, he did not expect that he threw someone who was equipped with the Lei Familys Eyes into the water accidentally.

It was so…


Well, things did not always turn out as one would expect though!

Now that there were the Three Loathsome Eyes under the water, Xu Xiaoshous fake Huang Quan, the power of Space-Time, and also Xu Xiaoshous little girlfriend, God Devil Eyes, they were quite confident that the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan would be tempted by all these.

However, he did not show it on his face.

On the contrary, he continued to say casually, “The Three Loathsome Eyes is so powerful.

How could your senior abandon you”

“It is not that simple,” said Meng Po as she shook her head.

“The Three Loathsome is too powerful and we obtained it not long ago.

Hence, my senior has not fully adapted to it yet.

So, he could not execute it and use its abilities yet.”

Suddenly, Meng Po halted.

She felt that she had talked too much about it.

She should be more cautious instead.

“Why are you asking so many questions” said Meng Po as she glanced at Water Ghost in doubt.

“Who would not be curious about Lei Familys Eyes Am I right” Water Ghost chuckled as he said, “If I had it, I will definitely put one in each of my eyes.

Furthermore, I will dig another place in between my eyebrows to put the third one in.

In that case, I will possess three kinds of different abilities in one shot.

Isnt it”

“Haha!” Meng Po sneered in her mind, “Arent you thinking too highly of yourself If one did not have the capability of adapting it, one would die on the spot anytime!”

Realizing that Meng Po was on high alert now, Water Ghost did not ask any questions further.

To him, the person who worked for intelligence right in front of him right now was merely a puny little person who worked in the same line as him.

He did not need any favors from anyone whenever he needed information.

He could get it easily by tricking them into telling him.

“Once upon a time, I was so naive as well…”

Water Ghost smiled in his mind.

He came from a serious faction.

Thus, in terms of combat strength and intelligence training, no one in the world was comparable to him.

Meng Po might be a figure in the intelligence field.

However, she was hiding in the dark.

So, she could not learn much at all.

In addition, Meng Po owed Water Ghost too much.

So, he did not need to go through a lot of trouble to obtain the information he needed.

Comparing the two of them…

Water Ghost burst into laughter as he shook his head.

It was of great difference indeed!

There was not even a need to compare him to Meng Po.

Currently in this world, perhaps there was only one person who could be on par with Water Ghost.

That person was the chief of the Transformation Division.

Even the chief of the Dark Division was barely comparable with Water Ghost.

However, the chief of the Transformation Division had died and the chief of the Dark Division had lost his mind as well.

Thus, Water Ghost was invincible in the world now.

“I am sorry…”

When he came to think of the plan that might sacrifice the lady right in front of him, he could not help but feel sorry for her.

However, he knew that as an intelligence officer, he could not leave a trace of evidence behind.

Let alone Meng Po came to him on her own account, she even intended to marry him!

It was so irrational!

Well, Meng Po could only blame herself for owing too many favors to Water Ghost.

Yet, she did not have the ability to return the favors.

Water Ghost paced around the ruins of Lone Cliff as he counted down the time.

Suddenly, he settled down and approached Meng Po, who was meditating and intending to break through the seal with her eyes closed right now.

Water Ghost then patted her cheek.

“Dont waste your time trying to break through the seal.

The seal is bounded.

You are not able to break through right now!” said Water Ghost as he leaned over and smiled at her.

Meng Pos eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly as she blushed.

Then, she said angrily, “How would I know if I am not able to break through if I dont try”

“Ask Lord Huang Quan to pick you up right now.

I had made an appointment to meet him here.

But, it seems that something is going to happen here in no time.

So, I might not be able to protect you by then.

I think it is better for Huang Quan to come earlier,” said Water Ghost in s serious manner.

“I do not have a spiritual source…” said Meng Po awkwardly.

Without the spiritual source, she could not open the space-time barrier to getting her communicator.

Even if she could, she could not activate it as well.

“Use mine then.”

Water Ghost took out his communication bead and connected it to Huang Quan.

Then, he handed it over to Meng Po.

“Beep… Beep… Beep…”

The communication bead rang three times before getting through.

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