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“So, you came for me right before the end of the battle with the Five Decays of Heaven and Man You even clean up the mess, beat the guy with seal attribute, and chased him away”

After questioning Water Ghost for a long time, Meng Po felt a little touch as she concluded the entire situation.

However, she was still in doubt.


Water Ghost shook his head and said seriously, “Everything you said is true, except for the part containing the wordsfor you.”

“Then, why did you do it”

“For the sake of overall situation, the big plan, and of course, the sacrilege!”

Meng Po was speechless.

The touch feelings in her heart dispersed in thin air instantly.

Indeed, she had owed him too much that she could not return the favor at all.

Therefore, she had no choice but to be manipulated by others.

“Just tell me what you want! Haha! Man!”

Meng Po said indifferently as she instantiated clear water to wipe the blood off her face.

At the same time, she fiddled with her energy reserve and spiritual source, intending to break the seal in order to gain herself some energy.

It was such a pity that she failed.

She had become the one and only mortal in the Yunlun Mountain Range now.

Any trial-maker could kill her with a single move now.

Let alone Water Ghost!

This man before him could not be tempted with wealth and lust, not even power.

Meng Po felt that she resembled a clown now right in front of Water Ghost.

She could not think of anything else that could benefit Water Ghost except for amusing him like a fool.

Water Ghost looked at the woman, who had recovered from her injuries after consuming the elixir.

She revealed her seductive and mature appearance after washing her face with clear water.

However, Water Ghost was not tempted.

He said calmly, “Now that your ability is sealed, there is no way for you to go anywhere else.

If you choose to walk in Yunlun Mountain Range, you would either die of starvation or become the meal of the beast in the mountain.”

He then continued, “Why dont you stay with me here At least, I could still protect you.”

Meng Po felt so touched again upon hearing it.

She felt so fortunate to know Water Ghost.

Suddenly, a flash of thought struck her mind again.

She felt like marrying him instantly.

“How about…”


Before Meng Po could finish her word, Water Ghost interrupted.

He rejected her directly without hesitation.

Meng Pos face darkened instantly as she stared at him fiercely.

“By the way.”

Meng Po dispelled the idea of becoming Madam Ghost in order to return the favor she owed him.

She looked around and found that one person seemed to be missing.

“Where is the Five Decays of Heaven and Man” asked Meng Po.

“What Five Decays of Heaven and Man” Water Ghost was stunned.

“The Five Decays of Heaven and Man, one of the elders of the Yamas members.

The symbol is orange…” Meng Po halted all of a sudden.

Then, she raised her eyebrows as she looked at Water Ghost, who was in stun.

She continued, “Didnt you see him when you saved me just now”

Water Ghost gave it a thought and shook his head after some time.

He said, “Nope.

I have not seen him anywhere.

When I rushed to the battlefield, I only fought off a ghost beast host body that had lost most of its power before saving you.

I did not see anyone else at the scene except you.”

“Is that so”

Meng Po glanced at Water Ghost in doubt.

She lowered her head as she thought about it.

Suddenly, she lifted her head again and glanced at Water Ghost.

She was in doubt.

“Haha!” Water Ghost laughed.

“You can…”

“Stop! Its okay.

I believe in you, okay” said Meng Po as she waved her hand.

She seemed to have a headache now.

Perhaps, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man abandoned her and ran away when he realized that things were not going well.

Well, it shouldnt be the case.

Even though the Five Decays of Heaven and Man mentioned by Lord Huang Quan possessed weird abilities, he was a good man.

Meng Po shook her head and did not think further about it.

After all, it was useless for her to think too much too.

Later, she found a big rock and sat down with her legs crossed.

She started to medicate to break the seal in her body.

As long as she did not regain the energy reserve and spiritual source in her body, she could not use her spatial ring, communicator, and everything else.

She would be an unarmed and weak mortal woman now.

As she could not use any of her abilities now, she could only entrust her safety to the man beside her, who showed no interest in her at all, in such a dangerous terrain like Yunlun Mountain Range.

Could she entrust her safety to him Was he reliable

Meng Po opened her eyes and took a glance at the man who took out the communicator beside her.

He seemed to be calling someone, but she had no idea who was it.

However, since the Water Ghost was not interested in her, she had an answer in her mind.

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