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His words were so influential.

After Bazhunan finished his words, people standing right in front of the Void Gate started to sink into unconsciousness.


Rao Yaoyao was stunned.

She had always believed that her greatest enemy in Dongtianwang City was the Saint Servant.

She did not expect Bazhunan to come forth and clarify everything.

The Saint Servants plot had ended with the battle with the Saints of Yunlun Mountain Range.

Everyone felt that it was Saint Servants underhanded means that caused the never-ending mishaps that happened on the Lone Cliff.

That was right!

Could it be Yama this time

Rao Yaoyao was confused.

She could not figure out what exactly had happened.

Her first reaction to such an incident was that Bazhunan was lying.

Who would have made such a tedious choice They even submitted to the leader of another faction and treated him as the leader of their own faction.

However, when she came to think about it.

Bazhunan seemed to be telling the truth!

In such a complicated terrain at the Yunlun Mountain Range, faint traces of Yama and Huang Quan could be found.

He had an eye on Ye Xiaotians Spatial Upanishad.

He craved for the secrets of the Night Guardian too.

He even mentioned that he had the intention of trading the mysterious Cang Godhood Sword on the Lone Cliff.

Huang Quan seemed to be behind all these.

Most importantly, Yamas aim was always the Lei Familys Eyes.

Even the Jiang Clan of Pu Xuan in the Northern Region did not know about it.

But, Rao Yaoyao knew that somehow the Lei familys tragedy had something to do with this Demi-Saint Family.

Because of this, they obtained parts of the Eyes of the World and the Three Loathsome Eyes.

Perhaps, it was absolutely normal for them to want more in order to become stronger.

“Wait! The Three Loathsome Eyes”

Rao Yaoyao was shocked when she came to think about it.

The demi-saint descendant of the Jiang Clan, Jiang Xian, lost the “Three Loathsome Eyes” during the nighttime battle in the Heaven Prayer Forest in the northern region of Dongtianwang City.

Yama killed him that night and the “Three Loathsome Eyes” was nowhere to be found after that.

The incident had gone viral among the upper-class people.

However, none of the lower class had heard about it.

Comparing the battle at night in the Imperial City, which had caused a stir among the people, it could be said that none of the people below the demi-saint level had ever paid attention to the Heaven Prayer Forest.

However, that battle in the Heaven Prayer Forest did exist.

The Jiang Clan sought help from the Holy Divine Palace, but to no avail.

The Jian Clan then joined forces with Yama to show the world that the “Three Loathsome Eyes” had gone forever.

It was all for the sake of the battle at the Lone Cliff now, which implicated the Voidness State and the Abyss Island.

Did the Jiang Clans demi-saint gain something from it

“Not only that they wanted the Lei Familys Eyes…”

“The Jiang Clan had set their eyes on the Abyss Island too.”

Rao Yaoyao was so agitated.

She was terrified.

It turned out that it was all beyond her imagination and assumption.

However, the relationship between the two parties was so strong that it made people feel a chill down their spine.

However, as the person in charge, she had no choice but to think more thoroughly about it.


Rao Yaoyao wanted to say something, but she swallowed her words eventually.

Suddenly, she missed her brain trust so much.

In her mind, the possibility of the sudden appearance of King Yama and her greatest enemy, the Saint Servant was 50-50.

Who would play the tricks

Rao Yaoyao was confused and helpless.

She concealed all her uneasiness in her heart as she turned around and looked away.

Teng Shanhai was shocked.

He could not figure out the truth as well.

However, he had a feeling that Bazhunans words were shocking and exceptionally influential.

Ye Xiao seemed to be calmed.

She lowered his head to hide her face in the dark.

However, everyone could feel that she was in shock and in deep thought now.

Perhaps, there would only be one person who could figure out what was in her mind, not to mention Rao Yaoyao.

That person should be the one who could figure it all out.

Why didnt they treat him as a member of their brain trust then

What a joke!

It was so unrealistic!

Rao Yaoyao had no choice but to turn around and gazed at Mu Ling and Bai Lian, who stood on the other side of the Holy Palace.

As compared to the rest, their thoughts seemed to be more reliable.

But, when she looked over in the direction…

Mu Ling stood still as if it had nothing to do with him.

He was only a trial-taker of the Holy Palace.

He wanted to show concern for the trial-taker from Dongtianwang City in the first place.

But somehow, he was dragged into the situation.

Therefore, there wasnt a need to ask him about it.

As for Bai Lian, he seemed to be in deep thought.

His lips trembled as if he wanted to say something.

However, after he took a glance at his Supreme Master, Mu Ling, he seemed to have understood something.

The Holy Palace was isolated from the world.

It would only be responsible for nurturing the continents talented spiritual cultivator and nothing else.

The Holy Divine Palace should be the one in charge of the conflict between the Light side of the Force and the Dark Force.

Elder Sang had not even returned yet.

So, what made Rao Yaoyao have the right to meddle in the continents situation

Rao Yaoyao was speechless.

Her face darkened when she saw the scene.

Even though she was surrounded by geniuses, none of them were willing to stand out.

She felt so disappointed at that moment.

“Do you think I will believe in you” asked Xiner.

Rao Yaoyao had no choice but to take the burden.

She then sneered at Bazhunan.

The leader of the Mobs had submitted to the leaders of the other two mobs.

Regardless of what was in his mind, it had nothing to do with her.

How could Xiner believe in him then

Even though Rao Yaoyao trusted him a little, she could not show it at all.

On the other side, Xu Xiaoshou was staring at the messages containing “suspicion”, “speculation”, and “intuition”.

Then, he looked at the drastically changed expression of the people who stood in front of the Void Gate.

He burst into laughter all of a sudden.

“Of course! You dont have to believe in me.

After all, we are not on the same side.”

He crossed his fingers as he spoke confidently.

“Even though the Saint Servant is bad, Yama is no better as well.”

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